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  1. I like having melee mode back but holy balls did they butcher stances. Especially Tempo Royal and Blind Justice. Holding block and forward needs to go back to being the double flip into slam on Tempo.
  2. Clearly there's only one solution. Auras for guns. And perhaps some of said pexilus mods could be reworked into such auras. like the ammo mutation mods.
  3. While 1000 might be a bit much it would be nice if they'd test and showcase with something a little higher than 30.
  4. I gave reasons why one would do so. There's also the noncombat platforming sections on certain tilesets as well as sections where you'd rather rush past. Why would you want to glide with melee? No zoom. Whether it's an improvement or not is a matter of opinion plenty of people feel 2.9 is a massive downgrade. I also mentioned situations where the slam is less than ideal because once again: 1.Pits exist. As well as just particularly long gaps that aren't above pits but you still have to clear. 2.It's often faster to bullet jump rapidly than to lock yourself in a slam and be stuck in place for a second after hitting the ground. Some of us also only like to use our guns on the enemies where you CAN'T melee and use our melee for everything else. And as for the many people there are still people coming forward saying it's bad. The only reason it won't change anything is this "upgrade" is clearly someones pet project and they won't hear criticism of it. And it's funny people get so defensive about it considering most are asking just to have the OPTION to use the old controls or the new ones as people please so both people who like the new controls and people who don't can still enjoy the game. And you could do it instantly without shoehorning the controls together. Removing holster time and making it cycle all three instead of hold to melee would have achieved the same thing without destroying the controls although there was never a problem in the first place. And that is what would have made sense.
  5. Autoblock forces you to ALWAYS block and it interrupts certain actions. It also doesn't typically kick in until you've been hit once and triggers gliding at times you DON'T want to glide. There are also some situations where you don't want to be immediately returned to the ground such as clearing a large gap. Gliding is also used to interrupt bullet jump animations low to the ground so you can jump again immediately for fast movement. And just as important I don't want the game to automatically do anything related to how my controls work. This system makes basically impossible for me to have the game do what I want and ONLY what I want and ONLY when I want it to do it. It feels clunky as hell to go to glide for ANY reason and have it whip out my gun and zoom in. Or to use a charge attack(usually gunblades or throwing weapons but I occasionally throw one out on my Galatine) and have the game block whether I want it to or not. Or if you felt like fighting the stalker in melee just for funsies? Enjoy getting staggered everytime you automatically block because that's what he does when you try and block him which you now do not have the option to not do. Before it changed the control based on the context of "Is melee or gun out?" which is the better way to do things. It gives more potential control options and has less buttons shoehorned into doing multiple things at all times. There's quite a few reasons that have been put forth MANY times by MANY people. Especially if you view the main feedback thread that got unstickied long before we got any input from DE and when we eventually did get something it was just a long winded non-answer that told us nothing and was just a polite way to handwave everybody off "Yeah sure we're totally listening guys" is basically all it amounted to.
  6. Three buttons when we only need one actually. The shoehorned it onto what used to be channeling and shoved channeling to where any secondary fire/attacks should be.
  7. Never said I was trying to convince the rest of the world. If something as simple as logic was enough we wouldn't have half the problems in the world we do. The reason the issue exists is the same reason it will continue to do so no matter what anyone does. But the point still remains that it has no place in a game where one commits mass genocide as easily as one might stroll over to the counter to pour his afternoon tea.
  8. That's because it existing at all is already getting it wrong. I am VERY firmly against censorship and believe there's no such thing as bad or offensive words. Why? Because the word only has as much power to offend you as YOU choose to let it have. All the concept of bad words does is give power to said words by putting it in peoples minds that the word is offensive. They are only bad because you think and say they are. To me nearly all forms of censorship are almost as bad as burning books because it's one of those slippery slope type deals where all it does is snowball out of control until you get to that point before you're even aware of it. One second it's "Oh noes he said a cuss" and the next you're pouring gasoline on Tom Sawyer. Edit in: But it's even worse when it's on something NOBODY but you will see anyway like loadout slots and it's a word that isn't even bad but like in OP has three letters that by themselves STILL isn't a bad word but for some reason people act like it is.
  9. You could also have them work similar to Garuda's claws where they function as melee when you don't have a weapon equipped. Perfect for those one weapon only missions.
  10. That's what quick melee was for. Actually switching weapon modes gives us more potential hotkey options as long as they have the sense to let us bind functions separately from each other and based on what weapon we have out. Which is a boon for controllers and pc players alike.
  11. How about using the weapon switch button....switches your weapon? I'd really rather my weapons not switch unless I give the game an explicit command to do JUST that.
  12. Self damage just needs to not be based on how much damage you do but a relatively low flat value or percent of your health . Something like 15-25% per projectile so you can eat a mistake here and there and not go down in one shot but you still can't just ignore it entirely unless you are specifically a tank frame. And tank frames SHOULD just be able to stand in their own explosions and not care. Make use of that durability.
  13. Let alone that it's as part of the augment and the "fix" doesn't even apply to the core ability. Just like "Just unequip your guns entirely" is also not even remotely something resembling an acceptable fix for the issues at hand.
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