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  1. @DoomFruit. @DeltaPangaea @Maxim_M_Payne@Ofeban @YourFriendlyNoggin I believe this is where our feedback matters now.
  2. agreed indeed. Great job DE, my respect has been earned, I'll try to be present in the forums as much as in-game unlike before where I was just in-game. What melee hero Ofeban speaks of is true indeed, would love a fix for it but overall excellent job. Loving melee more than ever for me.
  3. Change to melee mode when using melee to disable aim glide and bring back block glide. if you use "quick melee" in "ranged mode" it will keep quick swapping and aim glide.
  4. you have to change your weapon state to melee by manually swapping to melee. Aim glide is not there when you change state. Read the patch notes.
  5. well there is a "quick melee" when you are in ranged mode. So it's a bit harsh to say it is so slow.
  6. Melee is finally back! I can do something like a ninja instant transmission and slash my enemy dead and keep my back turned to them, and for the pesky too far away ones the ranged will handle them. no more snipe scoping through glides with my sniper and I can still rock my nikana!!!!!!!!!!! This is really awsome!!!!
  7. We should get a "quickshoot" when in melee state, and a "quickmelee" when in ranged state. Upvote if you like this idea. a quick shot or 2 close range from the shotty or the Vectis prime when slicing and dicing, or a slice and dice from the nikana while shooting when they get too close. No matter the state you have a contingency.
  8. Personally I think this should be a toggle. Currently it's still auto block. Not too sure what will happen after the update or if we still will get an update anytime soon as the ETA changed from "this week" to "we're close but not this week"?.
  9. Not bashing your idea at all, but rather adding to it, Blocking anytime anywhere yes, I think that would be useful for ranged, but it is not fair for ranged players to have ranged, scope and block at the same time UNLESS in ranged mode and not taking the blocking mechanism from melee mode, all melee mode has is their block close range and attacks so there are pros and cons to both states just to choose the right one at the right time, so if the blocking will be from a different source, like say an energy riot shield or something when in ranged mode this sounds more appealing, realistic and feasible to work as a block anytime anywhere when in ranged, but to magically whip out your sword to block whilst hold your sword with both hands already holding the rifle? At least for me that is totally unnatural. So neither A or B. Ranged mode should have it's own blocking of some sort. Also yes DMC, NG and Nier Automata are great games, really great, but not legendary. DMC has a massive following, NG has it's name stay since NES days, Nier Automata? A VISUAL AND STORY MASTERPIECE OF ARTWORK. I played them all and finished them so long ago, I don't play them again nor feel like I want to play them again. Warframe I will play for way longer than those again and again and again for EVERTHING ELSE WARFRAME HAS GOT THAT THOSE 3 LEGENDS DON'T. At least when melee is fully returned.
  10. The glimmer of hope.... the last 2 words though, lol such great sarcasm implemented, please bear that in mind. On a serious note, Thank you for the response. My thanks was delayed but not as much of finally a response to this mess.
  11. I really don't want the nightmare to come back, it has been so so sooooo long already, I am hoping update 26 is indeed the light at the end of the tunnel that has finally become visible. To hear that "we'll reach the tunnels end by next week" change to "ok not next week but we are close!" is definitely a cause for concern.
  12. No. Just horribly no. I like my weapons how i like my car, manual transmission. oh yeeeeah! The special effects are actually pretty decent to be honest, presumably as time progresses they will be tweaked to look more realistic or appealing or however suits them best, but we need to see those weapons being drawn out all drastic it's showtime! lol
  13. Oh my word.....another wait for a new season all over again, I get the feeling this will be like GOT finale.*cries in fear for what is to come for melee*
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