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  1. One or the other? how about I only have the choice of using melee ONLY just to utilize block glide. I CAN'T take a sniper with me or ALL right mouse button functions for melee will be gone. I have ZERO exclusivity for melee when I take a ranged weapon along. If I take a ranged weapon with me I have ZERO purpose for melee as it become USELESS without it's vital functions. Ask DE? As do you? please, look around. From page 1.
  2. precisely what I said in earlier pages, nothing more than a supplement to gunplay is what it is now.
  3. First of all, The graphics is not an issue, just the cheesy animation, fine you like it? do you, Secondly, I wasn't trying to convince you that autoblock is garbage, point blank it is, what I was doing is stating that we have "less depth" not more. Less choices, less gameplay and overall less functions. Finally, I don't need to ask anything, I am not the only one being affected by these changes and I know I am not the last by a long shot. people will keep speaking about it and the increasing decline in playerbase has grown since the update. I need to do nothing as all you have suggested is futile to me at this point. I have been on this thread since early pages. I stopped playing warframe since the after trying the update only to come to this thread, Jest at me if you like, the price of rice will remain the same.
  4. adds more depth? "as the number of funtionally distinct choices a player has at any time"? you say this as if it is more depth, as if we have more choices, which is far from reality, we have a very shallow and narrow gameplay now, way less choices of what a player can decide to do and actually do. We can't block glide if we choose to carry ranged with melee along with all other melee functions, only melee attack and that horrid auto block. If I choose my sniper with my melee I am always gliding in a scope too zoomed in, this is beyond irritating. What I actually "want" to do I cannot choose and what I "can" do is what I never "want" furthermore I have so much less to choose to do that I did before.
  5. This is my exact sentiment. Been saying this for a while now. Feels like melee has no place in the game and only there for show and tell.
  6. if this is the case and animation means nothing they may as well use java and make minecraft block graphics. For me animation is a part of the game play. Especially when you have to time what you want to do and think ahead what you intend to do. Assassin's Creed captures this very well, and Warframe did have it to some extent but not anymore. "sped-up" animations not remove them entirely. also it was never janky for me, but it surely is now ten fold ESPECIALLY with polearms and dual daggers or dual swords.
  7. Well, clearly DE is the the one playing the game, not the players... I don't play DMC or Nier Automata more than once. Looks like Warframe is just that now for players like myself. By all means they should continue to change the gameplay for how they want it and not how the players want it. For me the animation was a part of the gameplay, it made it more realistic. It is becoming more comparable to an android hack and slash game.
  8. it wasn't necessary though, animations could have been faster in any case. It didn't hinder me in any way before and now it just feels like incomplete programming or simply unfinished/unpolished.
  9. please don't forget to put back the animation of Tenno grabbing the weapons themselves. This teleporting weapon thing is cheesy and cheap looking lazy programming.
  10. So far this thread looks like just a place to put all the dirt. This thread is just a "rug". Guess who won't be listening to feedback? At least not listen if it is kept under the rug. GGWP Warframe.
  11. Wow page 51? need some melee area 51 meme on this page to top it off.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/PlayWarframe/ They sure are active with their social media pages than they are on the forums.
  13. fellow mortal Tenno, the gods of DE hear nothing. another question I would like to add is why were the animations for the Tenno grabbing arsenal from holsters removed? This teleporting thing seems unfinished and unpolished. Would much prefer having them grab the arsenal.
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