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  1. Yes Animation was changed. Supposedly still the same but the general feel of the frame is slower
  2. Logging out and back in should change your glyph to what it is in game
  3. DE you can have your update back in return for my customised settings and controller configs I set up. Set them all back to default. Thanks so much
  4. Presentar un ticket para el soporte de warframe, no verán esto aquí. Sin mencionar que lo publicaste en el comercio
  5. That exploit was fixed before it hit console. More likely an exploit that allows more players than 4 in a squad. One look at the leaderboard and it looks like that was the case with players filtering out during the run
  6. Also for using exploit on hostile mergers leaderboard run.
  7. Yeah give it to Pablo, make atlas a nuke like saryn that makes everyone else mere spectators.
  8. Why not show us the stats, so that we don't have to waste time contacting you just to find out in the first place
  9. Thank heavens, guessing can be solo then too. Relief
  10. Send prices via PSN Also WTB Phage Riven cc/sc/dmg
  11. 150 max maybe. Paris doesn't really have a market aside from -puncture hipsters. Nice qol in -zoom but +infested is poop so just crit basically
  12. 120+ is the required status for 2 dual stats so that you don't have to add heat/cold for 100% status. Also no negative so positives are pretty low. I'd say 300 max personally, always one person willing to pay crazy amounts
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