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  1. Think it was the people trading away their lich couldn't if they had an active lich. If you want to buy one you still cannot have an active lich as far as I'm aware. This fix is for sellers not buyers
  2. I buy the contracts so my fun is knowing I'm getting exactly what I want
  3. All must have a harmless negative dmg ms - dmg ms tox - cd dmg - cd dmg ms - Send pics/price over psn. Thank you
  4. Kohm was popular with Umbra for afk index credit farms that riven sellers would often do after selling rivens for huge plat that would swallow their credits
  5. Some good points however for now When you load in to a ship or out, you can still pre cast. For example leaving a crew ship I can cast amesha 1 before the screen has left the black state. Not a fix but some thing useful. Also when your RJ doesn't spawn in dojo, it will do, but usually takes some seconds for it to load in, PS4 is slow af atm unfortunately.
  6. Chill, take your time. I still need to abort farm my intrinsics and use rush repair drones before they are both gone
  7. The Loner Ranger I guess. For the rare time I experience co op I'd be The Berserker
  8. Vasca Kavat X2 red energy Smeeta kavat X2 pink energy (female) Also looking for a decent dera riven with -punc and Rattleguts satiata or visican riven with negative. Send anything with prices to my psn. Thanks
  9. Played for awhile,pretty much done everything solo. Looking for an active helpful clan for general farming such as kuva etc. However mainly looking for people to run Railjack with, haven't even begun yet cause I know I'm too dumb to solo the harder stages so require a squad. Also it will be more efficient with some of the synergies I've seen possible. Thanks
  10. Just need taking to acquire the BP. Will pay 50p
  11. Not sure if anyone else has had this, but when I try to use the decoration it's invisible. Even if I confirm it stays invisible.
  12. LF veil proxima carries for MK3 gear, I'll stay in ship putting fires out. I can join party and you are free to shout at me for not being quick enough. I'll take any abuse for the carry
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