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  1. guys we may all just be idiots (or at least i am) the control keybinds for railjack are separate from the normal ones i just had to rebind it there :p i never used ordnance in normal missions so i just never noticed it wasnt working till now
  2. yep having the same problem the default keybind is mb3 but mines broken so ive had it rebinded on my keyboard idk if thats whats causing the problem or if its a different bug either way i cant complete the quest until a bugfix or solution comes around
  3. As it stands now I can assume Kuva Liches are fun to fight for most people until it just starts getting repetitive like most other grind in this game it provides a decent amount of challenge to mid game players but is as easy as usual for veterans. Considering the fact that murmur drops from thralls and Liches are affected by resource boosters and that Lich missions can easily start off at sortie levels having them added to Steel Path would not only add a small additional amount of challenge for people who want it while also increasing the rewards for a resource that veterans may actually
  4. Going to rant a bit here, you don't need to agree with these facts but that is what they are as far as I'm concerned: A very small minority of people people like Octavia. This is evident by the fact that she is one of the least used frames despite being the single strongest. People who like her hide behind the fact that spamming crouch to win isn't the only way to play her and that it is sub optimal, but in reality it is the most efficient way to play her and its not even anywhere near being close, any other way of playing her is done better by other warframes anyways so just pl
  5. i dont think grendel is great but most of what you said is poopoo (unless you are being sarcastic) -he can neutralize the entire map -less shields means more shield gating so thats a plus if anything :p -nourish heals him -energy drain isnt a problem if you have proper mods (like any other drain based frame) he has uses and hes not absolute garbage but the bar for new warframes has just been raised too high by the current meta
  6. Grendel isnt a bad warframe there just isnt something hes particularly good at that another warframe cant do better than him and thats what people are complaining about there are other warframes like nidus that have the same problem but in that case they were simply powercrept on while Grendel was just introduced as a warframe that wasnt the best option for anything (even if he was never the worst either)
  7. you dont need personal experience all you need to do is read 90% of all negative reviews this game gets on steam and notice they are all by people who got turned off early on bcs the game instantly convinced them that everything is pay-to-win
  8. I'm really sorry m8 but even if its not your intention, it really does strongly at least look to us like you expect people to bend to you.
  9. just my opinion but i think nidus doesnt need a rework he needs to get a reason to be played for he specializes in drawn out endurance missions especially survival the problem is that specific other frames specialize in those categories even harder eg: nekros/khora/hydroid for survival mesa/saryn/equinox/limbo for defense nezha/nova/gara/frost for excavation etc... whereas nidus is just generally good at all of those game modes but never as good as those frames in the specific ones the only thing he was ever meta for was the sedna arena endo farm squads but he lost even
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