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  1. too strong CC and being unable to attack enemies outside of it kinda balance out dont u think? in that case since Vauban does better CC that dont restrict u from doing dmg would u want him to be nerfed back to his dark days? I dont play limbo all that much but when i do play him i hardly ever feel overpowered it feels more like if i dont have a whole other dimension between me and my enemies im as vulnerable as a Nyx in an Eidolon hunt. him being able to separate enemies into a different dimension is only annoying if u dont know how his skills work or just fail to adapt to them it may not be fair to u but its still something that can be fixed if u just use your brain a bit more. that being said i think he does trivialize some content when in the right squad so maybe something like preventing warframe skills from working through the rift could fix this problem.
  2. guys plz dont fight we can all be smart and dumb, right and wrong at the same time no need to get so serious its just a forum post 😄
  3. Grendel as Wall-E and moa as Hal anybody ever realise how grendel is basically just wall-e cept he stores trash in his belly and curls into a ball instead of storing trash in his belly and folding into a box?
  4. who even runs efficiency on chroma for eidolons? primed flow is much more effective since chromas main purpose (Currently) is to deal damage and tank not for healing, energy provision or any other use that requires you to spam the skill, also if anyone intended to kill eidolons without a squad wouldnt they just use volt/oberon instead? i agree but chroma literally just went from being the best eidolon hunter to that inefficient frame who cant ever get his buffs up on time and time is key when killing bosses that are only given limited time to be killed he needs to be more versatile but lets be honest hes never giong to be better at defence, crowd control, or even aoe dps than meta frames but the one thing he can be the best at is killing the eidolons and orb mothers. I do agree with everything else u said tho, agin idk sh!t bout how chroma should be doing his job but that he is currently only good at 2 things (tanking and single target damage) and now other frames can do the latter more efficiently than him. also he is far from the only damage sponge in the game and is relatively difficult to tank with compared to other frames.
  5. thats y i revoked the topic m8 it may be the best now but it used to take forever to kill a lvl 60 armored unit with 200+ power str while other exalted melees took 1/20 the time to kill those enemies with only 100 powr str, the new changes to status and armor scaling have definately made him much stronger and your claim of having 130% status now would mean nothing before the update also something is wrong with your idea fo a good exalted weapon if it needs to rely on a kavat and zaw arcane to make it worthwhile
  6. agin why would you use energy on a different skill if u just make this really expensive one even stronger than it already is?
  7. also this is the only skill he is ever used for (aside for the second to tank a bit) so i think it is a very big prblem if it becomes harder to use than using ivaras dashwire to move across the plains
  8. you may be right and it could probably be just me sucking at using him but it seems almost impossible to get his buffs up in time to shoot the weak points on bosses now, even with minimal shields enemies just fail to do enough damage to chromas health fast enough, and having to use 30 energy pizzas per eidolon just to keep the buff going for the entire hunt is a really crappy way to play imo
  9. thats y i revoked the topic m8 it may be the best now but it used to take forever to kill a lvl 60 armored unit with 200+ power str -ignore this post read the next one 😛
  10. We all know Chroma has lost his place as the kaiju killer godzilla frame with the removal of self damage and he wasnt already the most fun warframe to play in the first place having only 2 useful skills both of which were required to be active at all times and both had the same duration and provided more tankiness so it was only 1 skill anyways. So im going to give a suggestion on how he could be reworked to become more engaging to play and get his place as a boss hunter back as well as see some use in normal missions. -1st skill: we can all agree spectral scream is kinda useless so it would be better to make it a low energy cost skill that works like volt/ember/oberon/ash/frosts first skill (all of which should scale with enemy level like vaubans needle shooter tom make them all worth using) its no longer an energy drain skill and uses minimal energy to cast so it can shoot a single projectile that explodes to do aoe dmg. -2nd skill: not a useless skill but as it is now why would you ever use energy on a different skill? so now it works like an aoe explosion that is guaranteed to proc the status Chroma is currently using while providing Chroma with a dmg reducing coat of romor that increases its max health based on how many enemies are affected by the skill. Also reduce energy cost so he can actually use other skills d: -3rd skill: this is the skill that got wasted by the death of self dmg, so now it works like inaros's 4th skill providing dmg and armor indefinately and the skill can be recast to give even stronger boost to his armor and dmg but this time for a duration. -4th skill: its a cool concept and all but why would anyone use it? reduce the energy drain or nobodys going to ever use it, also holding the skill button should allow players to swap from the effigy to the pelt which works like hildryns 4 except u now have an ignis attached to it while the effigy moves around like a specter, the damage of his breath should also be increased and given a status chance that scales with power strength 100% at 100% str and the dmg should scale with enemy level just like the first skill this will allow toxin more of a reason to be used as it would be more effective against corpus units now. Upvote if u agree wif me! 😉
  11. ive got 2 themes in mind: 1- this one leave a lot for the imagination *a warframe based on lasers imagine hildryns balefire but its 2 built in gammacors instead, they heal based on damage dealt to enemies and become stronger the more damage you take. *other skills include a single phat lazer that is charged up by draining health to deal bigg aoe dmg and a few deployable companion drones who fly around and provide coverfire and absorb all damage taken by him and increase their damage as their health goes down *obviousley this is another dps tank warframe but lasers are cool so who cares. *i kinda think a more heavy machine like appearance would be fitting something like a combination of gauss and the reapers from mass effect but with more human like proportions to make it easier to create tennogen for it. 2- this one is a more detailed design *another stealth based warframe with ninja themes like ash(i mean honestly most warframes in this game are so far from being ninja like it hurts) so far the only warframes that actually feel like ninjas are ash loki and ivara. *passive that makes you invisible while crouching/wall latching shooting/sliding/doing anything that is not crouching/wall latching will turn off invisibility(no wall running either) *first skill: releases smoke that blinds enemies who get too close to u and opens em to finishers *second skill: teleports to whatever surface the player is aiming at (only 10m base range) *third skill: frame and his allies get a 5% increase in melee range for every enemy killed with melee attacks stacking up to 100% decays over time (drain based) *forth skill:the blade mentioned in the first skill except its a dual wield sword now and it works like valkyrs talons but without the god mode, synergises with 3rd skill *this frame is basically what would happen if excalibur traded some survivability for more stealth *i want him to look like some sort of savage witch doctor assassin that has bony textures and a helmet(possibly alt)that has a frill like the angel of deat form Hellboy II ive tried to keep the second one as balaced as possible without reducing the fun factor i know both of these frames feature exalted weapons and not everybody is a fan of throwing exalted weapons on every frame but here is an equal amount of people who like exalted weapons and if those exalted weapons dont completely leave the other skills in their shadow but instead synergise with them i doubt anybody would complain about the playstyle of these frames. srry for long post i have a habit of getting too into typing stuff 😋
  12. Thanks for the updates guys but could you fix how the gas status is now applying gas damage instead of toxin bcs gas sux against anything thats not infested its not like it was overpowered in the first place lol.
  13. i guess the best way to test this would be to parazon a lich with a booster active as they give 10X the murmur count thralls do which should make the difference (if there is one) more noticeable.
  14. IMO the game is perfectly fine difficuulty wise but there are 2 problems: - that people who arent willing to put in the time and effort to become better and stronger by avoiding the grind that naturally comes with a co-op looter shooter like warframe hit difficulty walls very easily want less difficulty (tho i dont blame them; farming rare mods, hunting a kuva lich, formaing its weapon 5 times, deciding if its worth the potato, killing more liches tho max out the dmg bonus all after mastering as many warframes as possible for a versatile arsenal is very time consuming) -long time veterans who have already minmaxed their arsenal will instantly breeze through any new content DE releases adjust to new metas in a matter of days and be left with no more reason to get stronger and finding all other content in the game get increasingly easier over time thus the ratio of content that is difficult vs easy continues grows *picture it like this: -DE releases kuva liches -veterans struggle to kill them for a day and then adjust to the lich hunting metas ie. bring tanks instead of dps frames and powerful crit based single target damage weapons like the balla zaw or rubico prime -newer players who just barely completed the war within are now able to summon their own kuva lich and are instantly torn to shreads by an enemy out of their league who gets exponentially stronger over time if they do finally manage to be mercied reaching up to lvl 95- 105, and when this person finally gets their kuva weapon they barely have access to the mods potatoes and forma required to make it worth using within days of its aquirement there is simply no fix for this at the moment aside from giving newer players a better explanation on what they should be doing at their level and giving veteran players something they can actually spend enough time doing that DE can release new content, all things the developers are activly working on im not saying the game is perfect but complaining about something that is subjective wont change anything since for all the players who want easier content an equal amount of people will want more difficult content
  15. I farmed ivara, harrow, khora, gauss,and nidus from scratch and although i do feel like it made finally getting the frame feel like much more of an accomplishment than it did for other warframes i do understand that it is possible for a person to never get the frame after 5k hrs of grinding which would really be a major bummer. I think DE should make more frames that are rewarded by completing challenges like they did with grendel since these missions were genuinely hard engaging so they did take many tries to finally complete giving the same satisfaction for collecting all the parts without the RNG. What i mean to say is that i get where DE is coming from with RNG but grendel is already a perfect solution to that problem (he was the last frame they released so far so maybe they just figured it out and we might get more frames that are rewarded this way, only time will tell i guess).
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