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  1. why not the whole duration? i agree with you on certain defense and interception node tilesets but honestly i prefer the larger maps for everything else since it allows me to use my ninja mobility and stuff more often and easily, also parkour is fun in this game whenever i get the chance
  2. Nekros has always been in a weird spot, everybody plays him only when they think they need to and never because they want to which is a shame since he has such a cool and unique theme. im not saying he cant stand on his two feet because he can, im saying his playstyle falls short of other warframes in terms of fun and efficiency (outside of resource farming ofc) so im going to try to rework theory on Nekros to make him more fun, engaging and viable 1. soul punch is pretty lacking even after the recent changes, it has negligible effects on single targets in a game where you are consta
  3. i dont have any opinion on the topic (not one i want to share anyways) but as expected the post devolved into back and forth between 2 parties each with their own beliefs and neither capable of convincing the other so can people stop telling DE their game is going to die and instead stick to just giving them constructive criticism even if DE wont listen they at least are more likely to consider reading the latter
  4. tbh i played it just cos i was out of stuff to do and to my surprise it was actually the most fun ive had playing this game since forever (didnt feel that way at launch cos of all the bugs and shid and i never touched it after farming the weps till recently) its a shame we still only have 1 actual game mode, assassination targets that are boring and 1 dimensional, and there is no actual connection with the rest of the game much less reason to play it at all currently hopefully DE expands upon it soon
  5. steel path is ok and all but honestly umbral forma and kuva arent enough to keep me coming back for more since ive already got all the cosmetics so i was wondering if we could just get more reasons to go there rather than the normal starchart SP gameplay suggestions: -have nodes with fissures active allow eximus units to have a 50% chance to drop void traces (since i dont think completely allowing us to crack our relics there is worth it unless there is some bonus reason to do it) -have kuva floods/siphons be available in SP so i can fight lvl 200+ enemies right away also would like
  6. they are spawning quite consistently for me although ive heard from others that they might be unable to spawn on certain nodes (havent confirmed as i dont know which nodes they were referring to) if this is true it should be looked at
  7. I want floofs, can never have enough of them, but also... they hold less actual value compared to son tokens that i need for grandmother tokens that i can also not ever have enough of since there is no limit to how many orbiter decorations i can have However they both require the conservation tags to purchase So can we just get son tokens from a different resource that we get alongside the tags ...plz
  8. done (after a few mins of getting over crippling depression)
  9. this isnt something that is that much of an issue but i also dont think it would be that hard to fix currently some of the operator hairstyles look pretty lacking in volume especially from the back and sides i dont want to be able to see my kiddos scalp and ears through their hair there is a hairstyle id really like on my operator if it were fixed but alas ive been avoiding buying it for a pretty long time now and that really bothers me tbh bad example, im too lazy to take another shot tho: but yall know what i mean ...right? edit: better examples:
  10. honestly i agree although i didnt enjoy actually playing it due to all the bugs and issues it had it did have a really nice theme and was generally fun when it wasnt bugging out id love for it to come back less broken but i also dont hate eidolons so id like them to also give more unique and worthwhile rewards before the event comes back and makes them even more irrelevant ....again
  11. should be called wet tissue-paper path as it is rn ngl
  12. tbh im not bothered by either the glassed enemies or the acolytes but... i can see why the glassies are annoying to people since they give virtually no reward to kill if you already have the vitrica however in the case of the acolytes they drop Steel Essence and reliably too they also help add some semblance of difficulty to what was supposed to be a hard mode and unlike glassies they dont spawn in assassination missions or open worlds so they are no more annoying than just having stalker spawn more often if anything id just like them to spawn less often, be tougher and drop more
  13. personally id think the opposite is true tho she is fun at the start but people take issue with how repetitive her play style is and thats something you wont notice unless you play her for much longer than what you would normally consider a "noob" in this game
  14. the issue isn't with her being strong or not, in fact she might just be the single most powerful warframe in the game but... her play-style is just way too repetitive: press 1 > press 3 > spam ctrl > win (everything else she does is just black pepper on the grill) she is the ultimate macro to win frame music is fine tho just get a good consistent song off the internet and buy some instruments (default ones suc) she seems fun when you start out and see big numbers but it gets boring once you've spent more than 200 hours doing it and your left pinky now looks like a third thumb (i
  15. It's not that the game has changed just that when referring to "the good old days" we actually mean "the newbie days" the game is just more fun when you're starting out, but once all the story quests are done with all that's left is grind, minmaxing and fashion-frame. The game does have some really nice captivating cinematic quests and up until that point the sense of progression also happens to stay intact. ofc crazy people without lives like us still play this game since we've invested so much time into it that we cant let go, thats something that can happen with any game, especially in
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