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  1. wow didn't just nerf M4D, but buried it so far into the ground it won't see the light of day ever again lol.
  2. Speaking of cosmetics though, I am still really unhappy with the pistol/shotgun/whip skins designed by Liger Inuzuka that I was so hyped for from the reveal in the tennocon art stream..............only being on the for-money Deimos Supporter Packs. And the best one is on the costliest tier pack. I was aware the infested drone was on it, and kind of didn't mind... but these beautiful skins ;-;
  3. Also, don't forget wisp can teleport to her motes as long as you have line of sight, same as with mechs. So no distance cap.
  4. Wuclone and chill. Also don't equip a melee, because spear counts as ranged weapon, and the clone will have melee out. So remove melee, put on kohm/acceltra/whatever and chill with clone bud. Bonus points for getting a buddy in your fish catch photos.
  5. I use earphones. I considered this was a possibility, but nope I seriously do not think it is. On the other hand, beeping from Demolysts on disruption? That I can comprehend instantaneously.
  6. Oh man DE please, I only just discovered that those gorgeous weapon skins from Liger Inuzuka were actually in the game, but also to find out that they're only in these packs? Absolutely devastating ;;-;; I hope they're added into the plat market someday!
  7. yep that's pretty good QoL indeed. Also they promised to add it to the Tranq but god damnit they totally missed the point there AND IKR man poop finding is only a problem if the game broke with bugs. We need so much more UI help to find the blinking yellow disasters in the yellow-orange deimos open world. At least make the huge arrows that are around the reticule useful, telling is which way to look for the bleeping. aaaaaaaaaaaaagh.
  8. TBH The wyrmius poster and happy zephyr ones are harder than getting John Prodman's
  9. This is beautiful. Good job @Szunatoo. I mean sadly, to DE, it encourages them because that's one more successful plat purchase telling them their model of fear-of-grind works, but chuck that, i hope DE still hears our words. and regardless of that, good job tenno, you did a kind thing and helped someone's weary heart, I understand the feeling, and appreciate you for doing that.
  10. I know ;-; It's called the sunk-cost fallacy and god DE really needs to fix this so badly I feel so sorry for you, my first nidus farm was a sickening continuous 6 hour grind on launch day, and it made me hate the gamemode and not touch it ....until ofc i had to farm a second Nidus, and i DID with a friend. this time i was lucky and got it in prolly 2 hours worth of farm. super lucky. BUT I've been grinding away at trinity's Ambulas fight EVERY SINGLE DAY AND THE DARN SYSTEMS WILL NOT DROP and it's a booooooooooooring af bossfight, just sitting around wasting time at stupid mechanics and
  11. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO until now i was CONVINCED that my memories of double tapping shift to roll were my brain playing tricks on me, because at some point I was accidentally rolling all the time when i did NOT intend to, and I asked people if something was changed, but they all said this is how the game always was. In the end i began to believe my shift key was broken or something, but clearly that isnt the case anywhere else so i just gave up on it and slightly adapted. Still do the accidental roll when i want to feather my sprint but finally some proof that this isnt me, it was a le
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