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  1. PLEASE make Eximus units drop RELICS! If I recall correctly, back when void keys were turning into relics and fissure missions, it was mentioned that you guys were planning to put relic drops on eximus units. Please add that too! (especially better if rare relics of course hahhaha)
  2. OMG YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSS ACTUALLY FIXED A LONG-STANDING BUG that had 2 of my entire kdrives (that ive even forma'd) not counting for my mastery. I legit can't believe it, even support had turned me away. FINALLY! Thank you so much! hm now I'm actually motivated to go for 100% completion for the first time in a really long time.
  3. Nice. Can you also please add the same for Cetus Wisps?
  4. so, whom to contact when claiming these drops don't work? asking for a friend. They claimed 6 days ago, and yet nothing has entered their inbox or inventory. Yes, checked even equipment>orbiter>decorate>1 to see if octavia noggle was there. nope. Umbra forma BP too.
  5. yeah, the first junction requires applying 3 mods and fusing a mod to rank 2, but it still explains NOTHING: like how to get to the modding screen in the first place, or what modding does.
  6. Please make the Neon wings an ephemera/syandana too! Even if it keeps the box like the Flox syandana
  7. Hey thanks for taking the time out to write this. It's sad to hear it may not help me. I did get to play once with that friend, during the 9hrs this test was up, and it worked for me, so I guess somehow it either does end up helping...or we just got lucky. Anyway, time will tell. And yeah I live in India, and ipv4 scarcity is BIG here, because the population density is insane, and internet access has been booming in the past few years. I do know they use a CGNAT, that is the "double", in the "double NAT" here. And yeah their excuse is that they create more security, but that's only as
  8. So is this out for PC, or only Xbox? I am confused, since the quoted post said it would be for PC too, but this post here only mentions Xbox in the goal/ But yes I have been looking forward to this!! My ISP has Double NAT and most of the ISPs in my country do too. Makes it literally impossible to play with friends in my own city on my same ISP because they have Double NAT too. Double NAT + Double NAT = impossible. But I have a 50-50 chance of connecting to other players. Anyway, I hope this network update helps with that. You all would have my gratitude.
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