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  1. yes for me, it bugged definitely because the wukong celestial twin killed it. It worked on not using the twin.
  2. The Defense one was the one my friends and I had most fun on! :DD yes, please dont change these for defense, Gara can rack up both defensive and offensive capabilities so it went by really fast but a good trin was a necessity.. marking enemies before ev-ing them. Octavia also did a lot of DPS, via mallet, and squad assist with the invisibility, and her passive. All in all, I had so much fun on these missions, especially in the planning and thinking phase, remembering basic weapon passives and abilities :') and warframe augments.
  3. huh i have the opposite problem (i mean it's not really a "problem" because it was their intention, and will take time to get used to is all) It actually feels like it's lacking contrast. darks are not dark anymore. But yeah sometimes it's a bit bright, but still, dull because no contrast. anyway, fps drops are normal for mainline updates. few weeks should fix most of it. I'm getting 2 fps on earth tilesets, so i feel ya.
  4. let's see what happens when you try the new finishers
  5. thanks a lot! was considering feeding all this into a spreadsheet to compare stats but the thought of that manual data entry tired me out xD needed this.
  6. Would have to be local, is my guess.
  7. If needed, will do, thanks haha. Might even make a spreadsheet for this 😅 Would be really neat to see in-notes though. For comfort, and comprehension.
  8. Just a minor suggestion for the patch notes that will be coming with the update. I know you've been working hard on this update, notes included. One of the things I'm most excited for with the update is that you will be revealing the range stats on all melee weapons But, it's also coming with the changes to these stats to those weapons. I am sure you will include old and new stats in the patch notes. But I was especially hoping you could add a line for each weapon, to show the weapon's old range WITH a maxed Primed Reach, and the weapon's new range stat WITH a maxed Primed Reach. Since the stat reveal coincides with the stat change, we will have no way to mathematically comprehend and compare the range change. This is especially relevant because it's not just these two things that are changing in the case of range, but also you're changing HOW Primed Reach affects melee weapons. My understanding is that instead of being a percentage buff (low range weps getting a low boost with the mod equipped, and high range weps getting an incredible boost with the mod equipped), it's going to be some sort of flat buff, which will benefit low range weapons much more than higher range weapons. This^ is specifically why I'm suggesting you add a comparison of the weapon's old stats with old maxed P. Reach, alongside the weapon's new stats, with new maxed P. Reach. Purely for comprehension and readibility's sake. This would be a big favour because I'm sure many of us would love to know how our weapons will be doing at maximum range, compared to how they were ranged before, in addition to looking out for new weapons that can compare in range. It would also help comprehend the reworked mod's mechanics. Thank you so much for your consideration! ^_^
  9. Basically what the title says: Played 55 mins arbies surv today with a clanmate. (We were both Wukong P) Both of us noticed (I was host) that our Iron Staff refuses to deal any damage (not even 0's) to some enemies sometimes. They do not have the red drone protection aura around them They don't have any drone in range, but sometimes there may be one far enough to indicate that they have left a drone's field of effect They do not show invulnerability in HP bars, and are vulnerable to weapon attacks. They are immune only to abilities/skills. This lasted the whole mission. Lua Survival, by the way, so this bug could be related to leaving nullifiers' field of effects too, because I first noticed it on a nullifier unit who was stripped of his bubble. But I later noticed it across various enemy types, and my friend pointed it out to me too. So my best guess is something to do with the arbitration drones. Thank you for looking into this 🙂
  10. I absolutely agree They mentioned something like this when talking about spin2win, that people use it because of its benefits, and they want to bring the rest of melee up to par so there's no reason to only resort to spinning. Why do they not preserve that logic when it comes to the popularity of catchmoon? Catchmoon is FAR from OP. It's only decently strong. But it's the ease of use, and comfortable gameplay that makes it a clear winner. Nerfing all that shouldn't be the way... raising up other weps should really be the goal, at least in terms of gameplay...
  11. I've reworked the sheet to apply the 120% per status buff that was shown on Prime Time I've also drawn up some examples from the boosted stats shown on the stream. Clearly, there will be no consistent across-the-board buff for all melees and will be different per weapon. So these are purely examples. they showed boosted stats for something else too... redeemer, glaive, sigma&octantis, etc but I didn't catch em, they just flashed across the screen. so everything really depends on by how much they're going to boost the base damage now. ofc, I haven't accounted for actual base dmg values. These are just comparative multipliers, which are really still relevant, considering that you do know your weapon in it's present state. You can edit the base value and experiment in the spreadsheet in the original post if you want. Or you can download the sheet here: Because it has fancy conditional arrows that help readability. I couldn't figure that part out on google sheets lol xD I actually feel comfortable with this system now... It might be okay after all! 🙂
  12. Maybe it's not the Stalker that got weaker, but the you that got stronger. *x-files music plays*
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