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  1. really nice with the custom tap/hold inversion! Love it! Thank you so much. I guess there isn't much hope this late into the operation, but would you please rebalance the phasic cell costs on the arcanes? it is SEVEN TIMES worse than scarlet spear, in terms of time investment for arcanes... Still slightly beats the pure stupid RNG of eidolons...but still.. please?
  2. How are the networking changes that were supposed to come a hotfix ago going? Please put em out soon ;~; am unable to play with friends or squads properly. Lots of problems with my double NAT, here's to hoping it helps.
  3. What does one do if they have Double NAT? I have fought with my ISP for months, and it's to no avail. And it also looks like practically every other ISP in my city are using CGNATs because they're short of IPv4 addresses in my country (India) And don't want to move over to IPv6. So they NAT one public IP among multiple homes, and then within those homes, wifi routers Double NAT those private IPs further into more private IPs. This makes my entire game experience awful. Most trading and squad-joining is an absolute pain. When I host, I can only imagine the pain it is for others. I
  4. OMG YES PLEASE! After months and months of testing and studying up on network stuff I've finally figured out that my ISP has a CGNAT based system, giving me Double NAT-related problems, that were so hard to pinpoint. Which means terrible connection to normal players (but still possible to connect) and literally IMPOSSIBLE connections to my friends in the same city on the same ISP, since they are behind ANOTHER double NAT. My ISP has totally turned a deaf ear, and I was feeling quite hopeless about this situation. I hope something of this sort ends up helping out! Especially because it
  5. I have a 60% toxin nukor and i regret making it toxin lol. I would say going heat is more important if you're going to dps with the nukor itself (as opposed to magnetic for CO primer nukor. i would make a 2nd nukor for that) You see, a toxin nukor raises the priority of viral procs, but viral procs cap at 10, while heat procs are the real damage dealers, stacking infinitely. So you'd want to prioritize heat damage, to increase the heat proc chance and count per tick.
  6. well sure, for their mocap studio in construction? But honestly sounds like an easy basic animation to me. (Plus, they added two new animation SETS to gara deluxe, i doubt anyone asked for that. Made sense for zato and maybe khora deluxe.) aaaaaaaanyway yeah I'm not pressing for urgency, just for it to happen someday and not be forgotten and abandoned.
  7. yes this absolutely when i heard it was being added, my imagination weld wild when i saw the implementation....I can see it was a very lazy add. PLEASE DE, add something creative, even if simple. I'm thinking like mothwing cloak from hollow knight :D
  8. also don't forget, there was some (undocumented?) change that requires you to move to get up if you are flat on your butt instead of automatically getting up. IDK why this was added to the game at all lmao and is a minor annoyance, but yeah if you remember it lol.
  9. who is the artist for the operator skin? Is it also Liger? EDIT: bahahahah ok Liger's logo is right there, my bad.
  10. What do you mean? Is this a question asking why people want forma? or Why people want a way to farm forma? I don't get it. Why would you not want pre-built forma? OR is it about the fact that this event has been labelled a replacement for plague star, which means people expect it to have plague star's rewards, and incidentally, it DOES have all of plague star's rewards...except pre-built forma. Forma was the only reason I ran plague star after getting my necessary plague zaws and exodias. I would farm and stock up to around 200 forma which would last me a few months. I would
  11. YES YES YES! Always wanted this. It's the only reason i dont sell any frame or weapon Ive used a forma on, even if i get a prime and have the opportunity to subsume, or sell for slot because I want to be able to count em all xD
  12. Yeah after seeing the drop rates, and the chances 40 minutes for a zero point two chance? (considering only 10% chance to even roll for a mod) 3 mechs at tier 3, actually equals 0.592% (EVEN LESS for gold 0.2% mods on other tiers because fewer mechs) so 1 out of 179 runs of 40 mins each, will drop a necramech streamline. That's like 112 hours of grind. So yeah seeing the stupidly insane drop chances, I decided it's not worth the effort. Either DE does something to fix this, or I don't touch mech mods at all. I just farmed till i got all 3 cortege parts, and never looked back. Ofc
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