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  1. Eathian

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    What happened with the hair? I don't see any differences
  2. Sad day for potatoes
  3. Eathian

    more announcers when?

    Do you like anyone?
  4. Eathian

    Tridolon as profit taker

    They could just time lock the instance when you take the bounty. I'd run Eidolons more, but it's hard for my group to get online at the same time much less try to coordinate so everyone gets on with the night cycles
  5. I sure hope they add an alternative way to farm these
  6. Eathian

    Weapons you hope to get primed next

  7. Eathian

    Profit Taker Squad Compositition?

    I solo it with Chroma. Going public just makes it faster. Anyone who comes is a bonus. Chroma with x2 Arcane Guardian Operator with x2 Magus Elevate Tigris Prime - Tombfinger - Redeemer Prime - Imperator Vandal - Wyrm Prime No issues unless the pug group is laggy.
  8. Eathian

    My Account got hacked,Help

    Put a ticket in and hope for the best.
  9. Eathian

    solution for host migrate; let us toggle hosting

    I never found it a problem until Fortuna launched. Orb Vallis is a nightmare with pugs. So much lag that everything bugs out constantly.
  10. Eathian

    Are there more bosses like Kela De Thaym?

    Not really. It's certainly the best fight in the game. You'll probably enjoy the Eidolons and the Orb Spider, but they're not the same. That being said the Trails (raids) are supposed to be coming back to the game after a rework so maybe there will be something in the future
  11. Eathian

    Zarimann 10-0 Open World [Post-WAR WITHIN SPOILERS]

    I could see parts of this a quest, but certainly not an open world.
  12. Eathian

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    We have various tools to negate this. I'm not even sure why it's a problem. Throw in some different mods and be happy.
  13. And those people will learn, and tweak, and gear, and then they'll be able to solo it no problem.