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  1. trndr

    Kubrodon hunting bug

    That's not a bug, it's sadly a feature. Kubrodns have ability effect reduction and require 2 tranq shots. I get 4ish seconds with a high duration sleep Equi.
  2. trndr

    I am thoroughly sorry .. (Community feedback)

    I see you're rocking that XBox tag, do you happen to have multiple accounts? If not, be glad for the noise. Fortuna part 1 turned out great after multiple iterations aka the version consoles got. Fortuna part 2 was pure torture on release, it got better with skipable cutscenes, but it's still a long way off. Ofcourse some of the noise is unwarranted, but getting warranted complaints without unwarranted complaints is impossible.
  3. What made you think unskipable cutscenes were a good idea when the matchmaking is after the cutscenes? Why do the mission transmissions continue after you enter fortuna? Why is it not possible to check the "cache" for clues in Profit-Taker part 1, until Biz is done talking? Why does Profit-Taker part 4 have 1 hour of briefing and not any usefull information about the fight? Is there any chance we can help Nef on Orb Valis in the future? He is likable and actually takes incentive to get stuff done, compared to the lazy ones hiding in the backroom. Do you plan on making the other Orbs like Profit-Taker, or do you plan on it containing more gameplay and less useless dialogue? Balancing the rewards with less usefull ones makes sense, but why with mods? At least credits, endo and kuva would be kinda sorta almost rewarding or a Corpus T-shirt which would be fun the first 3 times, compared to the 1 time you want a mod. Looking back a year or so, have you guys considered starting your holidays in early november? Seems like your energy for good ideas is rather drained at about that point. Have a merry Christmas/Winter Solstace/whatever.
  4. trndr

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4

    Dear game developers you make games, we like games you're good at games, stick to games. Thanks for going the reasonable route.
  5. trndr

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    So the rates are still poop, there is still no incentive to do the Profit-Taker rather than other tiers and cutscenes are still not skipable. 15% and 17% for a nonreward. Or how many of the same mod do you think we want?
  6. trndr

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    The Fortuna special enemies including but not limited to Profit-Taker are missing. Profit-Taker bounties still have the newly vaulted relics listed.
  7. trndr

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    Profit-Taker is missing in the table. The rewards from the hiest are not worth the forced cutscenes and without having an estimate on Profit-Taker everything just smells. PS the 6k Toroids were made useless by the wait for part 2, also it's much faster to just farm the 1k toroids.
  8. trndr

    My feedback

    Titania rework is in development. Mag does not need a rework. DE know Wukong isn't in a good spot atm, but reworking him now is a waste of effort since melee rework is in development. All the released primes are in profile->equiptment. Which relics drop the parts can be found in codex, no relic or no place where the are rewards = vaulted.
  9. trndr

    Config A,B,C Change name?

    Press the button to the right of the rightmost configuration. You can also drag them arround there if you want to change the order.
  10. trndr

    Anything with good rewards will be played.

    But conclave has exclusive skins, skins that I would walk on glass to get, but conclave I won't do. PvP in a f2p enviroment is dead on arival.
  11. trndr

    Fortuna defence objectives and extractors are too squishy

    tl;dr git gud There are multiple new enemies on Orb Valis, learn which to prioritise. The alarms will be your death if you don't have them at a level you are comfortable with, given your kit and the mission parameters. All bounties can be completed with bonus, solo with any frame, when you learn how the Valis operates.
  12. trndr

    Kuva store.

    It would have to be a resource that can't be bought with plat or traded. (To stop $ for slotmachine) The exchange rate would have to be insanly poor. (So long time players wouldn't lose all incentive to do kuva missions) The net result would be outcies like with the amberstar bp. So all in all, nothing would be gained.
  13. trndr

    We Deserve To Be Blessed With Unicode

    I assume were speaking past each other a bit. I agree on utf-8 and not local ascii extensions. I don't agree on full utf-8 suport since the internet tends to have an obsession on aubergines, sweat droplets, peaches and hindu symbols for good luck and prosperity. Which have a tendency to derail conversations.
  14. trndr

    We Deserve To Be Blessed With Unicode

    It is a bit strange the chat uses local charactersets in 2018, when it also uses html tags for < and >, but I don't see the need to go full utf-8. Keeping the current fontset and switching to uft-8 mapping should be enough.
  15. trndr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Is there any chance of getting the game launcher to be WINE compatible or getting an official statement if 3rd party launchers are allowed? I assume the Switch team are using DXVK anyway, so getting PC users to know they can test Warframe with DXVK on Linux, without risking an account loss would be usefull for both PC and Switch users.