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    Limbo tweaks

    There are indicators of all buffs (including banish) on the player list. Only npcs are missing an indicator, but it's hard to tell where it should be placed. There is a faint aura, but it takes colour from energy and is more transparent than bubble. Bubble is classified with frost globe and bobben baselisk, and wisp buffs. Placed abilities get popped. AOE abilities go round.
  2. This is caused by host hardware not being able to handle the AI and some graphics while processing network traffic. Hard to fix without increasing minimum hardware and or allowing people to chose not to be host. Choosing not to be host gives problems in public games where host starts and the rest join later.
  3. Workshop questions: Is there any chance you'll reconsider using half the stats screen on pictures of frames we've seen? How will valance transfer infusion work when the element is different?
  4. Will infusion still switch elemental and will the damage still go up? Looks good, I have a feeling the popup will be a bit hard to read at the start in frantic mission, but something you get used to. The grind seems to be on a reasonable level, at least your numbers don't seem to indicate an exponential and not logarithmic gain curve. Didn't care if the fail animation killed me, though the pace reduction for what feels like an hour when the animation played I did care about.
  5. 6 Slots are not enough. 4 are needed for "normal" syndicates 1 for simmaris, 5 for equipment and 2 for gear. This is what we want to know, we don't care about what our team mates look like, we have seen them for 1 hour. Having team mates rendered above stats makes sense to know which player is which.
  6. If armor got removed there would be more consequences than just grineer would be easier to kill. 1. Corrosive Projection would become useless. 2. Corrosive proc would become useless. 3. Heat proc would be worse than before it got armor reduction, recent addition with damage tick reduction. 4. Frost globe would become weaker. 5. Valkyr would become paper. The list goes on... Having just grineer lose armor would frankly make them too easy, and it would make no sense for frames to keep armor if the enemies lose their armor.
  7. Mate it helps shotguns. If they don't work like this, they'll never get 100% status. Are you one of the players who doesn't have a 120% kohm riven and therefor noone should have 100% status?
  8. There was a short time where it was changed. But to "ballance" the status got nerfed so bad, there was outcry and the stats and function got reverted to what it had always been *since first change and is now. **The why is a probably a matter of implementation, ie it's the shot that has properties and not the weapon. **The weapon only sets what type of shots and the count. I've never met any player who disliked the way it works. **If anything should change, it's the ui to just say the pellet stats with a massive x24.6 or whatever the pellet count is after multishot mods. **That just changed the ui, and the stats were also changed to not be garbage. Original status chance on quartak was 2.5ish% per pellet. **brain fart. Confused with original implementation where a 30% status shotgun couldn't get to 100% status as the mods worked per pellet.
  9. Nope, need rank 4 tactician due to bugs. Piloting seems like it doesn't give anything so people abandon it at 3. Resource grind is a grind so getting 25% extra from engineering is a priority. Gunner cos guns kill. Was it a surprise to anyone at DE that switching from outside to inside and inside to outside would bug so bad teleporting back to ship was the only way to fix it? Was it a surprise when you nerfed AW guns it would be a priority to un neft them?
  10. Vote kick wouldn't work here. If host DCs, "clients" still can't use navigation terminal so you would be just as stuck.
  11. And non of the end-game players you talked to mentioned Profit Taker?
  12. No fix for missing experimental flight toggle 😞 Assuming it's a bug as it wasn't mentioned as a change.
  13. Where the .. is experimental flight? Nerfing Itzal ok, but going back to truck simulator in archwing before archwing getting content?
  14. I would prefer if we could have experimental flight back with roll, without roll you can't have the up you want/need. The new/nonexperimental flight has a higher turning radius when afterburners are on, which they almost always will be. It doesn't allow for tracking enemies over and under you. But worst of all it removes any hope of getting JV back in any form. Without experimental flight archwing feels like a truck simulator, which isn't helped by it Itzal getting hypernerfed to the point where it's just barely faster than Amesha.
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