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  1. What made you think unskipable cutscenes were a good idea when the matchmaking is after the cutscenes? Why do the mission transmissions continue after you enter fortuna? Why is it not possible to check the "cache" for clues in Profit-Taker part 1, until Biz is done talking? Why does Profit-Taker part 4 have 1 hour of briefing and not any usefull information about the fight? Is there any chance we can help Nef on Orb Valis in the future? He is likable and actually takes incentive to get stuff done, compared to the lazy ones hiding in the backroom. Do you plan on making the other Orbs like Profit-Taker, or do you plan on it containing more gameplay and less useless dialogue? Balancing the rewards with less usefull ones makes sense, but why with mods? At least credits, endo and kuva would be kinda sorta almost rewarding or a Corpus T-shirt which would be fun the first 3 times, compared to the 1 time you want a mod. Looking back a year or so, have you guys considered starting your holidays in early november? Seems like your energy for good ideas is rather drained at about that point. Have a merry Christmas/Winter Solstace/whatever.
  2. Dear game developers you make games, we like games you're good at games, stick to games. Thanks for going the reasonable route.
  3. So the rates are still poop, there is still no incentive to do the Profit-Taker rather than other tiers and cutscenes are still not skipable. 15% and 17% for a nonreward. Or how many of the same mod do you think we want?
  4. The Fortuna special enemies including but not limited to Profit-Taker are missing. Profit-Taker bounties still have the newly vaulted relics listed.
  5. Profit-Taker is missing in the table. The rewards from the hiest are not worth the forced cutscenes and without having an estimate on Profit-Taker everything just smells. PS the 6k Toroids were made useless by the wait for part 2, also it's much faster to just farm the 1k toroids.
  6. Is there any chance of getting the game launcher to be WINE compatible or getting an official statement if 3rd party launchers are allowed? I assume the Switch team are using DXVK anyway, so getting PC users to know they can test Warframe with DXVK on Linux, without risking an account loss would be usefull for both PC and Switch users.
  7. What about the bot? The humans are not the only things making us not use relay and region chat.
  8. Thanks, this makes me the happiest tenno above Orb Valis
  9. Loved fortuna on release, some unintended features were a bit of a challage, but you guys fixed them fast. Ignore most of the text below, you fixed the intended feature as well, flying like an eagle with R. Kelly blasting in my headphones. Now there is one possibly intended feature that makes Fortuna much less enjoyable. I'm guessing you saw us using Archwing and not k-drive, this is due to Archwing being faster, and us having weapons and abilities, on k-drive we are basicly naked until we dismount. To an outside observer it seems like you looked at the data, and instead of giving us a way to protect ourselfs while on k-drive and buffing the speed mods, there was a call made to change the flight characteristics of Archwings to that of a kiwi, is there any chance this gets reverted? A big picture plan would also help us understand this call, if I'm way off base, and internal testing has showed the "good" archwing was unsuitable down the line. I like the scenery of Orb Valis, but while doing bounties it feels like a glorified loading screen, when I have to use extra time to go between the places where the action is. Hoping for the best outcome, both short term and long term.
  10. Boost on archwing on Orb Valis, is it intended to only make a woosh sound, or is it supposed to give boost? Last archwing change didn't clarify what was intended. Not that I dont like woosh sounds, in fact I love woosh sounds, especially when they make me go fast.
  11. Thanks or the fixes, especially that ^ one. Hoping my scaning issues were related to the distance, more testing later.
  12. Thanks, does this fix also include Vacuum? I assume they are "the same mod" but confirmation is always nice.
  13. No vacuum or fetch fixes? Both of them disable other abilities. Reverting back to pre Warframe centred would be better than it is now, as we have to choose between getting items or scans/buffs. Thanks for the other fixes though.
  14. The partners got to try a development build, which means the stats of the new things were not nessicarily the ones we get in the release build. They might have been told to stay away from some things with known bugs, and given they knew it most likely contained game braking bugs they would have given sensible bug reports. As is, for all we know, the dev build may well have more bugs than Plains of Eidolon had at release, and noone wants Fortuna to have as a rough start.
  15. Why do you need to know the date to prepare? Not like the game isn't about preparing your gear for bigger and better baddies. Yes
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