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  1. I can't help but facepalm to all the players that want everything in the Arbitration shop... THIS IS THE RNG YOU HAVE DEALT FOR ALL THOSES YEARS ! And as everything need to be more precise, i checked arbitrations Endo Drops rate: Rotation A : 90% - Rotation B : 88% - Rotation C : 76.5% Rare drop will becore more rare, yet the majority of what will be added isn't worthy... Kinda reminds me of credits caches in normal survival/Excavations missions. Why do people complain of a lowest rate of 75% ? Endo comes in huge amount with arbitrations, you can maximise a primed mod with one or two well rounded arbitration... Now this endos just look like trash reward as we get them too much. Yet decreased to 75% doesn't seems enough for me, a endo drop at 70-65, or even 60% will suits me more, regarding the number of added rewards, despite the fact they are useless, this is the point where i disagree. One thing to do about the future rewards : If remains the same, go to shop, if not sent to shop, then make them worthy. This is just RNG and not a sick RNG, stop complaining without knowing. It just look fine to me... exept of course, the fact they are kinda trash mods and arcanes EDIT: just saw original post was edited - Welp, just Vitus farm remains, better like this if the mods remains the same
  2. Exept aura for charged weapons... they are trash yep... But the most important thing is for what you use Vitus.
  3. This mod have no use to me, use a precious slot, expensive for... nothing because basic mod is enough.
  4. As a veteran... truly veteran... i have no more need of endo so that's ok to me. I don't think rare existing mods rate drop will decrease.
  5. Well, we have quite an interesting aura for Lanka user in Eidolon hunt. Actually with the 3 projections, we use the aura for sniper rifle dmg, wich is totally crap with chroma buff. That will be a nice addition. But i don't see any point for the others 😕
  6. The big downside i ever felt was the twice longer rotation, this will be really enjoyable. Ahhhhh... Feels farm man ! Thx for that update (SOONTM).
  7. Bon c'est un peu dépassé mais oui, la Maj a foiré les ombres et reflets métalliques De plus que l'éclairage J'ai fait un cabaret avec un éclairage rose violacé dans mon dojo, bah il a tourné en rose pâle et c'était vomitif. Ce n'est pas un cas isolé, beacoup de dojos ont perdu de leur superbe à cause de l'absence d'ombres. Cependant cela a été corrigé.
  8. Aujourd'hui j'ai voulu tester ma mêlée au simulacre... et je remarque que le combo s'en va d'un seul coup, je suis pourtant bien pourvu du focus naramon et de Pic de Puissance. Est-ce intentionnel ? Cela fait bien longtemps que Pic de puissance existe. Si non, c'est à corriger du coup.
  9. Riven trading is awfully painfull... only due to rolls. So that's why i returned to farm prime to get rivens. If we can no longer make sustential patinum with Prime trade... then with what can i get the overpriced rivens ? I got enough being botanist and i just had tons of relics. I farm prime with no much pleasure too because i would like to feel kuva farm rewarding as I use platinum to get rivens, alongside of cosmetics. if the gains are halved (like often it is with unvaults) then... urgh i don't have words but pain >_> That unvault rotation change just give pain in the prime farmed and easy noobs that can't trade so they can have or buy it at lower price... while there is other prime older... It's just to f*ck up the premeditations.
  10. That's exactly what i am complaining about... >_> Already got Saryn price destroyed by the Relics alerts weekends... How can we could predict that ? no way and so i'm done with that... I'm completely mad. If the Saryns dissapears from WF market, it will probably be me, picking the lowest prices to finally be able to seel them at a decent price. I knew a nice period when every 6 months there were an unvault... Platinums here had a value...
  11. Read one of the comments... i made a list for it There were 2 unvaults to be made before Saryn, and between Saryn and Valkyr, 2 others I'm #*!%ing cursed, even if i use my brain to plan my sell orders
  12. I'm just cursed Not a conspiracy Never got really lucky...
  13. Fuk me then... i missed the last prime time and so i lost 1000 platinums (or even more) I made a page for the planned Prime vault/unvault FOR 2 YEARS GOD SHAKE !!!!! And i couldn't even use it much, but once i was stocking prime, strangely Saryn and Valkyr since i had more relics... they got unvault with changed rotations... Get my platinum bacc !
  14. NOT AGREE AT ALL Where is the VAULT ORDER ? We never had an unvault of Vauban / trinity that went into the game BEFORE ! Also WHY VALKYR ? Never had any unvault of the 5 warframes previous ! I was planning to get platinums from that and now that plan is reduced to ashes because no logic in this unvault Thx DE... lost hundreds of platinums !
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