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  1. Yeah I'm really wondering how long it will take them to bring this in line with Cetus.
  2. Luminous dye still doesn't work most of the time in caves and why did you make fishing bait single use consumables again? Make bait work the same way as in PoE so we can just buy the blueprint and build as many as we need!
  3. lmao no this is trash because there's thousands of these out there, it's no Artax riven lol
  4. So first you took Artax rivens out from the pool (which made them as overpriced as Primed Chamber) and now you are pulling all the other sentinel weapon rivens too? Hey how about actually BUFFING those sentinel weapons instead? Has that thought ever crossed your minds???
  5. Make Halo recastable while active and don't forget to look at the augments again!
  6. THANK YOU for a Corpus event without nullifiers!!!
  7. Looking forward to a 30-minute quest and some more terribad RNG lol
  8. Still waiting for news about the kingpin system, the sentient arm weapon, shield gating, IPS rework and whatever else you have teased in your streams but haven't delivered.
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