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  1. The event has finished. Nothing changes since the first week. And finally, leaderboards have a lot of cheaters. http://content.xb1.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php Numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6, 17 and 18 are cheaters but no problem. They have their points and their rewards. As far as I know, nothing happened
  2. Would be amazing, I´ve been actively reporting cheaters (incluiding one of your team mates, I was texting with him and I apologized for that), but sadly nothing changes. Guys without Necra, alone... we all know what is possible and what isn´t. I dont expect any change before tomorrow, because the event ends today, but it has been a shame. 40% more effort to get the rewards than they had on pc Cheaters since day one, just one reset to the table. Now it seems we can get few more points, but it´s too late. And cheers for the great score you have guys. Was it on a perfect ti
  3. http://content.xb1.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php Numbers 1,2,3,4,9,10 are cheaters. I´ve been asking for a solution for almost 10 days. Nothing. The event will finish this week and they are going to have more phasic cells than us (they could still cheat with an inferior score and no problem), so they are going to get more rewards. Is a win win for the cheaters. There are 4 players with more than 25000. I don´t know if they do it legit, I tend to believe, but in more than 50 events (running with my clan mates) never get more than 24530. We also tried to look f
  4. This comes on a rotation. 8 weeks between the first one and the next. Expect the blueprint in March, first or second week.
  5. The rules are really good to me, but everybody tends to play the way they like, thats the reason why I usually play with my clanmates.
  6. One week later and the leaderboards remains the same. And no bans. Sometimes is better being the "bad guy", at least they have tons of points to spend in the expensive Orphix Market...
  7. I did watch your videos, very informative and with fps on. I agree with you, it´s not 2 to 1, is about 35-40% more so your assumption of 3/8 is right for me. The problem is we have people in the leaderboards cheating the runs, obtaining 45000 points in Xbox. We are reporting that, but if they continue doing cheats, we won´t have the adjust. Thanks for the vids by the way.
  8. I told that, we should have reduced price in every reward because we need double time to get the same amount of points
  9. Good morning tenno http://content.xb1.warframe.com/dynamic/orphixVenom.php Number 1 and 2 appeared together. 30000 is not achievable on xbox. They played together and have 1 point difference. Not true. Number 3, definitely imposible to achieve that score ALONE. At least that person wasn´t greedy to get 30000, point for him/her... but in the end, not true. We still try to beat our score, but seems complicated. There´s time to improve but honestly, we (and I mean all of us, players of the event) need a perfect tileset with 3 good orphix to do.
  10. Not at all. You can get 21-23k using this method, but we have managed to get 24500 LEGALLY in the event. In full well coordinated and prepared squad, killing sentients and killing fast some bad orphix (talking about respawns). Just need a good tileset and practice. That being said, we would like to know if the developers could ask the players the next questions: 1.- What is going to happen with the "cheaters" on the leaderboards? Are they going to be punished? Should we do (the legal players) the same in order to be in the leaderboards? If you go to the inspect mode on players w
  11. I think they need a vacation like every one needs, that being said, lets give them time to make things the way they like. It´s a free to play game, probably the best FTP ever... and we keep asking for more every time they give us content. I can´t believe everyone in this game is MR 30 and have everything else in this game...
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