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  1. exploring some alterations to the design,
  2. thanks mate, i'll get right on that!
  3. alrighty, submitted it to the workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1610142355
  4. Almost there. The Volt body isn't PBR'd, is it?having a little trouble trying to match tone to it. also,has Volts emissive always been red?
  5. low poly is sorted and UVed currently figuring out the shader stuff in substance ehh, you're not wrong, but I was aiming for that plug prong motif going on, and was originally going to hang dangly bits off them.
  6. time to get crackin' on the low poly.
  7. trying to make the teeth more abstract, like circuitboard connector plates also regarding effects, is it possible to get a scrolling texture plane between the horns in a jacobs ladder style effect? kind of, i was aiming for an asian style straw hat, with a little tesla coil on top
  8. huh, i'm hosting them through imgur, no idea why that isn't working (is there a specific way i need to link it?) no steamworkshop yet, it's still very much WIP does that one work? hopefully that fixed it
  9. making a volt helm! trying to make the horns reminiscent of lightning bolts and plugs horns will get some minor detail still at it, any pointers/crit? also,I want to try and make this one after, when i feel more of a proficient Zbrush jockey (tesla hat)
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