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  1. hmm derilect without keys and easy to access, nope im not worried
  2. not wrong... they said the kubrows design as influenced by lions and the kavats mouth can expand open or unhinge iirc?
  3. yea i really had a lot of fun on that one
  4. i never felt the sting of betrayal till that day
  5. morality of feeding 3d printed clones to a mad science experiment monster living its life as an operating room and needs to be fed guess its the same reason people feed mice to pet snakes , or insects to pet tarantulas i guess?
  6. its been proposed for years and many so im not surprised it got in
  7. i mean its an ability we already have on another pistol that does it so why not
  8. the mechs are gonna be like archwing, so maybe operator can pilot while my umbra guards it
  9. yeah i was rather sad about that also the alt fire dosnt trigger it
  10. to my understanding tenno are capable of wielding void energy and taping into it, but in the amounts required and how is unkown
  11. np honestly be cool if we get to keep one and customize it to what they said the heart is by which the void energy is "pumped" into our reality such that we can use it in our frames and various tech
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