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  1. sorry must have hit quote , my bad Umbras are and will be always a side grade to primes primes and umbras stats are identical, and both have a power Prime deathorb is useful in void and Umbra anti sentient power is useful against sentient, its situational in when and were these are handy umrbas combat ai is double edged as it can take damage when you return to operator and isnt the best AI ... while a prime and normal frames take no damage while in operator form umbras have innate umbra polarities making them easy to mod for those sets, but likewise prime
  2. honestly i dont understand this UMBRA> PRIME mentality ive been reading recently they are side grades and parallels to the primes , both have advantages and disadvantages for various reasons
  3. when multiple umbra warframes were brought originally was in devstream 58 , with stating excalibur is just the 1st and will be obtained in a specific way (to handle details chinaframe) and more umbras were to follow . always been the plan, though how de wants to implement and make them accessible is still up in the air they did initially state the umbra line would be more limited than the primes, while every frames geta prime, not all get an umbra. so we dont know the exact amounts in 125 it was brought up again and now 152 , im personally ok with the team trying to do qol and re
  4. kind of the reason alternatives exist, make a choice to work on a prime to be umbra forma or not and use a premade umbra . use a prime that ahs normal forma polarities for other build types operator and even the necramechs take time to get out and operators can be squishy if not ranked up and loaded with arcanes xatas whisper also requires you to sacrifice an ability (and a frame) , counter to it an umbra dosnt require an ability to be lost and enhances one. its not ground breaking but handy to have when needed , otherwise its just a normal radial blind with audio think
  5. using a squad with CC , and survivability was another method , plenty of ways to have one focus a team to do it well without cheesing it. via ai or hidey spots, in solo invisibility was nice , but cc was king , as even invisible you can still get hit by stray shots and 1 shot. i never said it wasnt hard, but it was fun. i wont say old naramon shadowstep didnt make it easier when that was a thing, skiajati can help do that also now so meh? now with the way things scale its much the same and the rewards are not worth it past a certain time anyway, so the game in a way makes it unneeded t
  6. umbras have innate umbra polarities (less work to put them on it) , the anti sentient powers as such, we also have no indication of the universal sentience as echos was trashed and might resurface at a later date in a new way. so till then they are the only ai sentience type . and the others could have altered stats to make the play style different still and could be an easier way to get a frame upgrade before a prime is released as there is no umbra frame release order ,and de has already stated the third type will come , umbra excal was just the 1st. so more will follow regardless , but tak
  7. how i do miss spending hours against the 1k + level enemies in old towers
  8. cross save wf next big thing, i do recall that being the case. probably shelved as with other things deemed not a priority
  9. problem is it also hurts the exalted melee , melee is powerful but problem is most people dont have to fight anything to high level and steel path seems empty on pc/xbox when i play . primary and secondary just need scaling factors and their own combo IMO , but ill wait and see what happens
  10. i liked the art, implementation is not very ..eye pleasing
  11. UMBRAS (are more umbras in the works?) https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticObservantLyrebirdKevinTurtle-eDbwnBDnrRK5VMDG basically more umbras will come (eventually..) , but other things at this time take precedence , none are in the works right now
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