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  1. try to get it out asap and well de is usually a bit tightlipped when we draw toward tennocon , hopefully more answers q n a there side note (i was being attacked by kittens while doing this so if i missed something sorry)
  2. 155 devstream (15th home stream) last devstream before tennocon Gift of lotus Reddit Fan Merch Tennocon Warframes Prime trailers: Game changes Cosmetics Misc
  3. Warframe | Gara Prime Access Now Available On All Platforms! - YouTube so with this we have broken the prior hypothesis that the white and black colored frames differ willing and unwilling which was a basis for the concept that possibly the white colored frames got umbra variants in prior discussions have to say i rather liked this trailer and the nice tidbit of lore
  4. not sure of that myself, though they stated in a recent devstream, " We have had internal discussions about creating new Umbra Warframes, but there are no plans yet! It isn’t likely that any new ones would be lore dependent like Excalibur Umbra." so they are planning to do more umbras (just not lore based ones) as also pointed out in devstreams 58,125,152, they ahve stated more are coming (someday) but due to covid, and staff restrictions, they are focusing on other projects at this time. like deimos , railjack, system QOL and changes ect. duvirii and other projects were also shelved last ye
  5. we do have an umbra megathread on discussing umbra frames if you wish to join in ^ some have made speculations, such as primes colors to be the point of who gets an umbra, darker powered frames, or those whose primes were favorited, soem bieng the origional set of frames ect currently one thing thats perplexing is how will they be incorporated/obtained imo though if i had a hope nyx umbra would be nice....
  6. they did a livestream with her creator , he showed his development stages of her as she progressed down the years to the current model and the higher ups gave it the thumbs up.
  7. yea i dont notice the radius increase
  8. i use gas with glaive and or stealth seems good still in that regards
  9. dunno, i know khora was in dev for like 5 years (ish) and they nerf/changed her days before release
  10. it honestly would be a great frame ,design and powers are good concepts
  11. they do them once a month now at the end technically de can make a exalted weapon and a summonable mount / movement form be a thing . given titiania and even other frames can have multiple modable exalted items its not hard to think its possible xaku kinda does that with the floating gun thing in a way imo no drop date announced could be before or after
  12. Welcome to another devstream overview Warframes Game Changes Cosmetics Devstream & Misc
  13. personally i use rage/hunter adrenaline and keeps my energy filled ,i just melee to get my hp topped off
  14. maybe this is like a stepping stone to the duviri , as HOD gave us some nice lore info and some more concepts at this time concepts of parallel and paradox realities have been discussed, makes me wonder if de can use that angle for the umbra implementation
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