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  1. personally i like his stuff, and it is "ninjas play free" game so it does fit , review previouse hired artist ignious it also has asian designs styles, so its not like it isnt already done prior
  2. not sure as this is a new thing, might be all reset or might be max just polarities stripped
  3. updated : sorry, i missed that due to a issue i had to resolve
  4. Nightwave- Intermission Monday Warframes -vauban and ember reworks in update 26 -grendal :You must complete a challenge related to his lore from the levarian Deluxe Skins Hydroid Game Changes (update 26 major focus) Rail jack :multiple skin variations (1 example) Melee big changes(all get buffs) >>(link to workshop)<<(read for full details) (forma, boosters, legendary core, to respec) Stat changes, exalted changes Blocks-manual block returning (hold to get manual block) 100% damage based on angle of block (cone) Dodge: can interrupt melees, also if blocking manual shorter rolls for tactical dodging Stance changes -easier to attain them Parazon -lethal mods going to this(removed from daggers) Combo buffs to give air stun Channelling (changes) (lifted status on slams) Parazon (data spike form rail jack) Able to kill kuva liches & use immortal mods (stack them together to create kill phrase) Convert lich to become your follower Vaska kavat (?) teasonai has the needed gear (update 26) Also floofs nightwaves Kuva lich-railjack Exilus slot weapons -utility mods (update 26) Arbitration additions -update 26 (new sculpture) HDR-tone mapping shareable (link) ~hope it helps Mako
  5. reading around and chatting with xbox,pc, ps4, switch communities creation wait times in foundry lack of tutorials (video or verbal) figuring out modding (anything) grind of the start chart junctions and the overhead of some content drought grind walls of ingame open world islands aka POE & Valis increased grind levels nightwave chores console tennogen wait / limiting pet dead due to bad tmagatchi setup having a nuke frame kill everything list is rather varied
  6. some for reworks come to mind are, trinity and loki, they have older kit styles for personal frame reowokrs excalibur, baruuk and valkyr are ones i hope for. baruuk just needs tweaks to his 4 honestly, but Excalibur and Valkyr need better internal synergy between powers. as it stands in excaliburs case 2 &4 are used then 1 semi and his 3 is useless , valkyr is in a good place just needs synergies to further encourage using the other powers but this IMO
  7. they said end of october iirc for next mainline which is 26 it seems
  8. they were stating next update so id assume in a mini update soon or mainline at end of oct
  9. i can answer that per dev 58 & 125 yes more umbras are in the works , but no news on when and who
  10. my questions how is the zephyr deluxe and liger Excalibur deluxe coming along ? can we see some WIP ? whats the status on umbra warframes to come, has more discussions come about, anything we can hear about? enemy AI saw a major rework around earth revamp, any plans or developments to further the develop the enemy ai capabilities to say along the lines or better then FEAR ai style? will embers rework receive some tweaks, many noted issues with micro management potential of the rework shown via max gauge and expelling powers
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