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  1. i dunno . i interested in the kits and how they play, if devourer scales more he eats could be fun
  2. rule 1 : if not agreed to a strategy , anything goes
  3. would be nice, im on everything except ps4 so would be helpful
  4. spectars in general need rework (like umbra excalibur & duality)
  5. Warframes: New Warframes [2] New Warframe (runner) PH : Redline , machrunner , energy transfer , throttle (normal and speed mode) New frame [devourer] Eats enemies , like kirby Warframe changes Wukong Rework (ship with new control scheme) Iron jab ->Hair of the king (spawn clone) Defy - > taunt and retaliate damage (clone also) / more tactical but still has invulnerability Cloud walker ->fast Primal fury -> faster , clone also copies and has new damage combo (iron jab seems incorprated) Deluxe Skins wukong Tennogen next round soon Weapons: grineer saw blade (melee ?/gun? , soon -indev) [ghouls] New tileset : sentient , regrowth theme new movement gate implementation General Improvements: New render method -[tennocon demo] Nightwaves "arlistiens?" series 2 soon UI: Finisher “hero moments” , extended drops if you do finisher on this enemy (rare type) [bonus rewards] Winners: Misc: Prime trailers [we got busy and they take a lot of time]-Geoff Plague star to return june 12th Enable two factor authentication for free euphemera console cert ASAP , its in dev for all three damage 2.0 soon clem noggle[tennocon exclusive to start] 4 alerts after stream new update on pc Hope it helps - mako (link to doc for those who want to share or have issues reading OP) >Link<
  6. isnt the point of umbra passive for the umrba frames the reason youd want the umbra frame for the sentience ? honestly i think sentience should be an unlockable and then a toggle on off
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