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  1. https://www.pikpng.com/pngvi/hxwiTow_sketch1526838122647-width-562-height-562-warframe-excalibur-umbra/ well seems my umbra meme i made for the thread got popular fast ...its already being used on sites without credits ha
  2. well you do have a idea of the concept theme and base design i did try a monster frame a while ago , but having lots of details are great when helping an artist design even if its drafting to shape your idea how does the model evolve and were ? also the black nothingness limbs could be hard to use in game , is it just chunks or sections or whole limbs?
  3. but you could say that for a lot of things, tutorials, market, wiki, lore ect... i do understand as i proposed a market rework with graphs and other info but never got much traction (though it was geared to break riven market specifically)
  4. is it a secret? weve had other group projects on the forum so can you provide more info if thats not to invasive?
  5. well there is a negative specifically for the scammers and others who do profit of ignorance of their victims , and love that market is in darkages of game trading so to speak... granted we do have wf market , so there is resources available out of game like the wiki we use (just stating it as a fact, not that im against the ideas you have proposed)
  6. there are plenty of artists on warframe, twitters, reddit, deviant art ..ect though some artists only do commissions, aka you pay them for their work, as you didnt specify if this was paid or a "free art" it might need to be stated in your original post as that might help artists figure if they want to do it
  7. it fires a plasma shot like a cannon so far that i can tell i think i got a pic of it firing on devstream overview
  8. actually would like a gunblade in archwing all joking aside
  9. it depends on how you wanna look everyone has different tastes
  10. could be corpus founder is resurrecting as in was cryo froze and waking up i guess. honestly lore wise i have some suspicions on orokin
  11. they did say something about raids + railjack on twitter IIRC a few weeks back they didnt say much just shared images and that its coming really, no specific details as whats shown is wip is it wrong i care more about baruuk prime ? well lets hope its an explosive year ! more sounds! your welcome !
  12. Welcome to Another Devstream! BARO: Primed Chamber | 3k ducats Tennocon 2020 Corpus themed update (deadlock protocol) Sound Team Show and Tell (some new cinematics to come, ones soon to ship) Warframes Coming Soon (™) to warframe Weapons Misc Best Regards(and happy V day) ~Mako
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