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  1. well , hope you enjoy the return to the game, and the grind
  2. personally if the dash had its own combo of strikes and attack's then scaled up by factors of repeated use , much like atlas does . it would be nice
  3. you know i enjoyed playing hydroid but ive not understood the irrelevance i mean on paper and in basic solo use he works fine. 1 ranged aoe dot, (also with aug stirp armor) 2 distance closer with damage and cc (aug strip status off self and allies) , 3 (scaling damage) become a puddle and invulnerable to damage while dealing scale factored damage to a decent area (aug heals allies) , 4 summon a cc/damage krakken that can also with aug buff drops. though when 3 used to let you shoot attacks out of the puddle it was nice , though 3 has movement and some interesting tricks still it d
  4. currently in ash you mark and hit 1 mark per target, this just stack 1-2-3 on sight
  5. Welcome to another devstream overview (11/6/2020) Warframes Game Development Cosmetics Misc Hope it helps ~Mako
  6. a good qol changes to a nice system, now if only single arm melee and guns in general can be used simultaneously it would expand this
  7. we can just learn and try better practices but we all lower our guard around family/friends in varying ways
  8. Question (A) : with the state of things, how likely is new channeling mode for next year? (aka new empowered/devil trigger state) Question(B) : as per devstream 125 more umbras are in the works, has the team had any developments in progress of the umbra line of frames, design/implementation/ discussion?
  9. wanted to get some more wallpapers for my pc so enjoy the umbra tenno also of note i hope the bugs ive seen with eclipse and exalted blades stance get fixed
  10. Yes i am aware of the ash/ember gender bending via the early part of the game, ive mentioned it a few times over the years here myself. As well as what De wishes to slap the label on, pokemon go also has a non binary character so that is NOT what i am speaking on and its apparent . 1st of all i am not caring about whatever mentality/labeling or current social agenda is to date. its not what im talking about and is a topic for another thread now yes the concepts seem very basic but your not getting it which worries me , so please ignore you baser logic to argue and actually listen to t
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