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  1. they did recently iirc give various ones small tweaks , not major but little buffs
  2. anyone else ponder that signature weapons are supposed to have unique buffs yet skijiati hasnt got one with excalibur umbra ..? like maybe a 2 sec duration buf over normal or something would seem appropriate
  3. personally i pute smite on her 1 with this using 2 + 1 to literally just melt enemies in waves at low energy cost is handy , scales also
  4. subsume her 1, (player preference) use 2 (100+ strength) to strip armor + weak over 100% use 3 to cc + open to attacks use 4 with assimilate for valkyr like tanking
  5. to what i recall 2 masculine and 2 feminine voice packs were available at launch, the problem is down the years they couldnt always get the original voice actors to do new lines, so some newer actors mimicking the old were done
  6. if you reset a frame it has power 1 at lvl one, with this you get powers + their level based on your MR = frame rank youd normally get abilities
  7. welcome to another devstream overview ! Volt contest Warframes Game Development Cosmetics Misc
  8. this is a feedback in regards to what could be a better QOL feature for dual melee stance weapons, example being the dark split sword. when this was introduced I thought more of this type would be on the way given its possible uses and adaptability , which it hasn't and left in a set and forget sort of state so instead of a single melee stance slot i would suggest two (one of each "type") could be placed either overlapped or in a stage 1 & 2 slots side by side , similar to aura and exilus slots now this would be specific to dual stance weapons, and with a toggle in mission to switch modes between stances (changing weapon form) we already have primary and secondary alt mode/form weapons for projectiles that exist in game and have on the fly combat use , so i thought why not dual stance melee. This would simply be allowing dual stance melees a similar capabilities , which I think would allow for more varied builds As a example say your using the dark split sword in combat as a dual blade, hacking and slashing the cannon fodder units, you then parkour and mode change to the heavy blade to do a attack against a bigger unit thats more of a bullet sponge, to then split it back to dual blades to go back to the fodder grind this would be both aesthetic and combat use as players could adapt their weapon to better fit combat conditions of use as they become present another benefit to this could be the expansion of this melee type to include a variety of weapon type combos gunblade + nikana, or whip + single sword , or dual daggers + hammers , the possibilities are very promising this is simply a feature suggestion, perhaps people wont like it or will i cannot say. simply voicing a personal thought in regards to what seems to be a fun possibility best regards
  9. Questions so far that come to mind is there a timeframe for crossplay/save drop this year many players speculate NOV how will cross save work ? steve mentioned in a tweet about account merging when cross save is enabled, how will that work? due to impending sentient army in route, has the team discussed umbra frames obtainment beyond excalibur umbra ?
  10. Hello my fellow Tenno! I did this on my discord also, but im curious as to what peoples projected time for certain drops At this time we were told at tennocon this year for new war and cross (save/play) so i wanted to ask the community their thoughts on projected time of release of these Now some further info on cross save steve did state thay are working on account merging (so pc + xbox+ ect) would all merg into one with equipment and items so joke or real what is your take on when these 2 things will drop? together or separate? for me I think delivering the cross platform system is a higher priority since destiny and other competition games already have done so, and when the kinks are worked out then new war will drop , oct-nov cross play and nov-dec new war is my guess , what is yours ?
  11. the sound guys at DE do a great job, they have done some videos and streams showing how they do their stuff and its really impressive, they put adio emitters in stage points in tiles,a nd create audio using actual simulated movement to effect
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