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  1. This technically isn't a bug but i couldn't thing of anywhere else to put it
  2. Fully upgraded, looking for offers around at least 100or over Not upgraded or re-rolled looking for at least 50
  3. This is true but sometimes you need more and the few you get from invasions aren't enough sometimes. Just as i said sometimes the invasions aren't enough and i need to build more
  4. In all honesty Mutagen Mass and Fieldron blueprints need to be reusable if they take 12 hours to build. Or just make them take less time, 12 hours for 1 Mutagen Mass or Fieldron is painful. especially when you need to make multiple. I need to make Mutagen Mass 5 so that means that's 60 hours of building. That's 2 days and 12 hours of building just to use them and have it take another day so the gun I'm trying to make builds and then use that gun for like a day and not again because I'm just trying to level guns to get mastery. I get the game is grindy but sometimes its a bit too much. Som
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