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  1. This issue should be fixed, let me know if any additional mods are missing. A typo caused the vast majority of mods to not appear (was tagged warfarme instead of warframe, oops)
  2. It has been quite some time since the last site update, and it is finally being worked on. Got busy with other projects and things but with the summer here and it being blazingly hot outside (humidity doesn't help) I have a bit more time to sit around and work on the update. This post, just like some in the past, is a reference on the upcoming update and what all it includes for the site. It does not mean it is live now. A proper full on post (and news item on the site) will be included when this update is completed. The goal is cover U29.8 all the way through to U30.3 - More may be added depending on game updates but as even the latest says its unlikely to happen til the next major release any additional hotfixes probably wont be included. Note: The spoiler formatting is literally copy/pasted from our update PR on the sites private code base, as such, it is intended for markdown via github compared to warframe forums. Attempting to replicate the display here without being a proper update post is needlessly time consuming of a process that could have been spent doing the update instead, as things may be added to this list for the update at a moments notice or rarely removed due to a complication.
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