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  1. Combo adding into damage is a leftover pre-melee 3.0. I'll have to add that to our issue tracker for things to fix, same goes for the max combo. Blank melee weapon not having heavy attack stats being in it is another result of it being added pre-melee 3.0, where heavy attack wasn't a thing at the time. I'll also add this to the issue tracker. Same problem goes for the initial combo issue with heavy attacks. Conversion between the old melee system and new one had a lot of random changes that took place over time. Not surprised random bits and pieces were overlooked or became buggy. The combo du
  2. Issue fixed. Thanks for the report.
  3. H29.6.8 - U29.7.0 Small update today, as progress is still being made on the major rework of some of the core files used by the site. This update is targeted at a bug report mentioned about Hysterical Assault, adding a couple missing weapons, as well as a mod that got released via Baro that I was unaware of. Weapons Added Morgha Added Prisma Dual Decurion Mods Added Mark of the Beast Fixed Hysterical Assault breaking the builder This was due to a bad value that tried to make it incompatible with the Enraged mod, but was pointing incorrectly to anoth
  4. yw yw yw :) Interesting issue if it's only in that one slot. Will take a look into this and what may be causing it. Hopefully to get it fixed within the next day. Edit: Issue was found and resolved, much faster than anticipated. Issue is fixed on the site. Do note however, since I see you have Enraged equipped, that those two augment mods cannot be equipped at the same time, at least according to the wiki. If they can, feel free to report it and fix the wiki. On the list for the next site update. Hopefully within the next day.
  5. Mod Images + Bug Fixing (U29.6.6-U29.6.7.1) Weapons Added Arquebex Fixed Simulor throwing an error Fixed Synoid Simulor throwing an error Fixed Blank Pistol throwing an error Added missing Karyst Prime image Mods Added Spectrosiphon (Gara Augment) Added Blood Forge (Garuda Augment) Added Enveloping Cloud (Wukong augment) Updated Extend for new mod description + values Fixed Dread Ward appearing as a mod on the Dread weapon Updated Mach Crash to fix typo in name Updated Everlasting Ward (Chroma augment) mod text
  6. As a heads-up, the next site update is being worked on. The next actual update to go out mostly focuses on getting missing images for various mods that have been accumulating over time. It will also include some various fixes for bugs that were ran across during information gathering on missing mod images. Note: The spoiler formatting is literally copy/pasted from our update PR on the sites private code base, as such, it is intended for markdown via github compared to warframe forums. Attempting to replicate the display here without being a proper update post is needlessly time consuming
  7. Necramech Builder Bug Fixes & Misc Todays site update is mostly targeted at the necramechs! There were a various number of issues with them that got brought up and after some days all the issues should be crushed. If you do come across a site issue, please do let us know! Frames Fixed an issue where necramechs couldnt be saved Reported by (NSW)Gamer-Steve Fixed an issue with a particular necramech slot resetting rank Reported by (NSW)Gamer-Steve Fixed undefined text for necramech mods Reported by (NSW)Gamer-Steve Fixed b
  8. Thanks for the report! It has been fixed.
  9. Double-posting for additional commentary on the previously responded post This is just due to the way the site handles stat displays. Order matters in display, but not for anything else important. We dont have a list of stats that dictate the display ordering. This was due to an error on the mod itself, Slipstream actually had the efficiency modifier to it over Streamline. The ability doesnt tell me what that damage actually means. To be quite honest I thought I removed the damage info completely from the ability with the intention of any reports being gi
  10. Typo is typo lol - Should be fixed on live. Ah, yeah, some of the mods have stats tied to them that i never gave language data for. Workin on getting that done for live. Edit: Made live This is related to that damn 9th slot being classified by code as an aura/stance slot, which affects total points etc. I thought I had nailed it down before the update went out but apparently my addition of the extra 10 ranks post-fix shows there were another spot (or two) where the rank is being forcefully reset for some reason. I'll respond to this with a line from
  11. All of the mods listed have been updated on the live site. Thanks for the report. It appears my remembrance of the identifiers we use were incorrect at the time. List below is organized by mod and the change it went to. Mods Update a list of necramech mods polarity & cost All reported by (NSW)Gamer-Steve Necramech Aviator — Vazarin Polarity Necramech Deflection — Vazarin Polarity Necramech Drift — Vazarin Polarity Necramech Efficiency — Vazarin Polarity Necramech Enemy Sense — Naramon Polarity Necrame
  12. U29.0 to H29.6.3 Part 2 Frames & Companions Added Voidrig Added Bonewidow Added Medjay Predasite Added Pharaoh Predasite Added Vizier Predasite Added Crescent Vulpaphyla Added Sly Vulpaphyla Added Panzer Vulpaphyla Added Antigen + Mutagen selectors Antigen selector will override and change the default polarity of the top-left most mod slot Mutagens: While this will be saved with a build, it is uncertain if mutagens properly modify the resistances of companions, as such it is there as a visual thing only until it
  13. It appears I may have stumbled into this issue during my checking of another fix relating to the stats. Need to look into it some to see what's going on, but just know that I have now had it happen to me.
  14. I checked into it some more, and still it always loads the information for me. So I'm really not sure what's going on on your end besides possibly a weird cache problem. That's the only thing that comes to my mind in regards to your issue with it. If you are able to come up with a methodology to reproduce the issue it would certainly help try to figure out what may be going on. Aye, there are a lot of weapons with explosions attached that have their projectile itself also deal damage, its why i even brought up Vauban as thats one of those weird cases of yeah, it does do some damage. I
  15. I'm not able to replicate this issue that you're experiencing. I'll add it to the issue tracker we have as something to look into but with it loading just fine for me in all attempts and browsers I have for development purposes, it always loads the riven details. The % boost vs flat boost is something that was changed but not implemented on the rivens on the site actually, its been overlooked on my end to have on the to-do list. As for combo duration, it was a % boost last i knew, but upon inspecting some random rivens I have it appears to be a flat bonus as well. I'll make note
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