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  1. Upcoming Site Maintenance Maint. Time: Monday, February 24nd, 2:00pm Central - For your time, click here The warframe builder site will be down for approximately 10 minutes or less as we are doing some back-end changes that have been talked about here recently that will allow us to code in a much more faster and efficient manner with all of us and to get going on features, updated systems, and the like to bring you better and faster tools. Giving ample heads-up to make sure everyone knows about it before hand rather than dropping it without notice. And with this change it will also correct some various issues that have been reported and updates that have been completed but waiting for this to come into play. We do apologize about the downtime the site will experience but it'll be better for all of us in the long run!
  2. Thanks for the reproduction steps! We were able to get it to happen and are working on figuring out how to fix the issue. Update: We have fixed the issue in our dev build and it will go live with the rest of the site update per the post below. The energy cost has been corrected for base non-charged value. Unfortunately some of the back-end stuff doesn't easily allow for ranges to be indicated as simply "x - z" (see some of the newer changes DE has made and the listing we had to do, such as on Ember) - This is on the list of things to do at some point to make it look nicer.
  3. Weapon's Added The following weapons are now available: Quellor Pennant Shedu Kuva Bramma Kuva Nukor Kuva Hind Courtesy of Stoi doing the legwork.
  4. That sounds like the problem I had experienced on the site a few times randomly. I was never able to pin point the problem to have reproducible steps. If you know exactly what you did for the builder and it reproduces the problem that would be most helpful in correcting the issue. Especially considering it seems to be mostly random when it starts happening. Edit: Also, that "+" button next to "Quote" lets you quote multiple posts all at once. That way you don't need to double post. Double posting is generally frowned upon by most forum communities but I generally don't care in this case (I used to). Just an fyi in case you don't know about that feature. It's not the most obvious thing.
  5. Unfortunately not at this time. They are on the to-do list, along with the Shedu and the three new Kuva weapons (Bramma, Hind, Nukor). I will be trying to push for us to get things done within the next few weeks so we can update the site faster rather than lagging behind like we currently are. If this was fixed I was made unaware of it from Stoi. It's possible there is another bug at play here as there are a few things we are aware of that are being fixed and reloading the builder page fixed it. We're nearing completion of some back-end changes that'll make it easier on the three of us working on the site to make more rapid updates.
  6. Augment Updates The following list of mods have been updated, as previously mentioned. If there are any problems with these mods still, do let us know.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, this is actually on our to-do list in the long term as it's something myself and others have suggested for the site in the past. We are unsure when we will be getting to this for tying in stats from other builds or offering additional options to set these types of parameters.
  8. As per my previous (quoted) post, and what is in bold, I have gone through the entire list of Warframe augments while working on some internal things and have made a list of things that we will be adding/changing/updating when we get a chance. We are currently working on some important back-end stuff that will allow us to have better development times between Stoi, Dark, and myself for pushing updates to the site that way it isn't just on Stoi for manually doing it after we give him the info. This is the reason why the other issue of Coaction Drift w/ Power Donation bug mentioned a few posts ago has not gone live yet along with some other things, even though we have resolved them in our development environments. We hope to be nearing completion of this back-end stuff relatively soon, however we do not promise any particular dates on this stuff as of right now. So, the following list of augments are known issues and do not need to be reported to us at this time. Edit: Some mods have been updated that used to be in this list. Please see the post that's a few down.
  9. Not true. The mod Shattering Justice adds +20% flat to the result after all other mods. Meaning status chance becomes 55.1% when Shattering Justice and Shotgun Savvy are equipped. The wiki states this as such in the notes and is reflected properly both in-game and on warframe builder.
  10. Minor Server Change A server change was done to help improve loading times for most pages. However, if there are any issues with pages not wanting to load or suddenly looking funky or odd that used to work please do let us know here immediately and I will revert what was done. Otherwise, enjoy the faster site performance in most cases. Hopefully it's noticeable! (for the more tech savvy: enabled gzip compression)
  11. We'll take a look into this when we get the time. Thanks for the report. Edit: We have confirmed this being an issue, and saw that Coaction Drift shouldnt be affecting Power Donation at this time (possibly a bug, per wiki notes) and will be working on a fix when we have the time as mentioned above.
  12. Alright. I looked into it and I saw that the data Stoi entered when entering in the Kuva Ogris information got flipped, so the rocket impact stats were marked for the explosion and the explosion stats were marked for the impact. I've flipped them around and relooked at what we had being stored, it should be all correct now. Let us know if there's still an issue.
  13. Are you talking about the weapon comparator page? found at: http://warframe-builder.com/Weapon_comparator
  14. Site should be back up and running, I apologize about the downtime. The changes I did was actually benign. An updated application I needed for the server I had to compile from source (no repo! woo!) and it exploded in size by the end of it causing no free disk space to temporarily put information that the webserver, along with other systems running on the server, needed to disk and thus it was failing. It should all be fixed now and in the event I need to do something similar again I will be letting Stoi know what to do to fix it.
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