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  1. Thanks for the report, seems something is broken in the script. It would otherwise be hidden from view. As for Cutting Edge it'll be added to the next site update. I'll see about making the bug on the arch-melee weapons be fixed on live, depending on what happens it may wait until next site update. That value isn't there because it wasn't an option initially when Stoi did the riven system. I believe there are a few other things missing from rivens that they ended up adding or changing. Especially when it comes to melee due to the 3.0 changes and unknown riven changes at the time. Edit: Added this to our list for the next site update to verify all the riven options.
  2. U27.4.X TO 27.5.6 Frames Updated the following frames for their Defense Target healing info: Gara, Hildryn, Trinity, Equinox, Khora, Hydroid, Harrow, Oberon, Inaros, Nidus, Wisp, Volt Titania was skipped due to the site not fully supporting passives at this time. Updated the following frames for their Defense Target damage reduction info: Trinity, Mirage, Gara, Ember, Baruuk, Harrow, Nezha Valkyr Talons weapon now has new tab for bonuses from the mod Revealing Spores Updated Equinox's Mend ability to show shield restore to allies Updated Inaros' Scarab Swarm to indicate swarm damage, spread range, spread duration, and health restore Weapons Updated the following archguns and archmelee stats: Agkuza, Centaur, Corvas, Cyngas, Dual Decurion, Fluctus, Grattler, Imperator, Imperator Vandal, Kaszas, Knux, Kuva Ayanga, Larkspur, Onorix, Phaedra, Prisma Veritux, Rathbone, Velocitus, Veritux Updated Simulor & Synoid Simulor stats Updated Twin Grakatas stats Removed ability to use Stance forma on exalted weapons Garuda talons can still use them per H27.4.3 patch Updated Bolto stats Updated Akbolto stats Mods Updated the following conclave mods to be usable in PvE: Rumbled, Prism Guard, Purifying Flames, Power of Three, Deceptive Bond, Singularity, Recharge Barrier, Purging Slash, Ambush Optics, Brain Storm, Directed Convergence, Focused Acceleration, Shrapnel Rounds, Skull Shots, Double Tap Double Tap has text for non-PVP stats that are currently Text only. Added the following augment mods Rubble Heap Abundant Mutation Enraged Added the following Nightwave Mods Deadly Maneuvers Dizzying Rounds Precision Strike Fixed Condition Overload mod that was not affecting the innate elemental combination damage on weapons Updated the following mods to be Exilus Hawk Eye Ambush Optics Known Issues Snap Shot is not yet on the site. This will be in the next site update for U28.x when that is completed. Double Tap isn't fully implemented for non-PVP stats Thanks again for everyone reporting issues with the site, we are working as quickly as possible while doing our other responsibilities and obligations to get things on the site updated as fast as possible. I hope everyone of ya'll are staying safe from the ongoing world issues! Keep killing those new greedy corpus, Tenno!
  3. Thanks for the follow! You're the first afaik. We'll fix this in the next site update. Just as a link to it, see this post for the current progress. I set aside time today to continue working on this update to get it finished. Edit: Update is done except one frame and defense modification. Awaiting on a response from Stoi for a couple questions I had. Hope to get this month-long-waiting update out in the next few days.
  4. We are aware of the 27.4.x changes and are making progress toward completing them. This post will serve as a mostly updated reference to what has been completed and what is still on our to-do list. Note: The spoiler formatting is literally copy/pasted from our update PR on the sites private code base, as such, it is intended for markdown via github compared to warframe forums. Attempting to replicate the display here without being a proper update post is needlessly time consuming of a process that could have been spent doing the update instead, as things may be added to this list for the update at a moments notice or rarely removed due to a complication.
  5. Was there a problem with the warframe builder site for you to make this post or? Because if there is a problem, it is unclear what the issue is by your post.
  6. Site Updates: H27.3.9 to H27.3.16 Frames Fixed Hildryn abilities not capping as reported here (thanks ru2cool) Weapons Updated Kuva Quartakk Aiming Firing Mode status % reported here (Thanks XennethKeisere) Mods Added Spellbound Harvest Added Tribunal Added Catapult Added Blazing Pillage Added Balefire Surge Updated Gladiator Set to be 10% bonus reported here (Thanks Uwtig) Updated Wildfire description reported here (Thanks Soraxel) Updated a ton of mods descriptions to match in-game and for icons (EN only at this time) For full list, see spoiler below
  7. Blazing Pillage is already on our to-do list per the H27.3.14 update but was unaware Balefire Surge got missed in 27.1 - Thanks for bringing that up. Current progress on next site update can be seen in this image: https://imgur.com/6JNwvk5 Edit: The augment mods have been marked off the list compared to when that image was taken
  8. Thanks for the reports all! All three problems have been fixed and are live. Let us know if there are any further issues.
  9. Don't worry about! Without reports a lot of things like incorrect stats would never be fixed unless one of us happens across it. Thanks! Should be corrected for that now. Side note: need to see why it didnt have it because i used Stoi's tool I've talked about in the past in a previous post. Either it wasn't on the wiki at the time or theres a problem with the tool, hm. Edit: Looks like it might be the tool Stoi made not accounting for something or other or the wiki did something odd or i have an outdated tool file.
  10. Thanks again for the reports you have been giving us, they really do help with improving and fixing the site! The Hildryn fix that Stoi did has not been implemented at this time as the location he did it in may have had unintended side effects for other abilities but I can confirm that the lowest the game reports is 6.25 even with maxing efficiency and duration. We'll check out the possible side effects of his change for this over the next week or so when we have time and address it then. The other two issues mentioned Stoi fixed should be live now though, let us know if there are any other issues with those.
  11. Changed to 300, thanks for the report!
  12. U27.3.6- Updates Frames Added Titania Prime Weapons Added Corinth Prime Added Pangolin Prime Fixed Heavy Attack Wind-up Mods not affecting stats Fixed NaN Status / Shot reported here NOTE: This label has been reverted to "Status Probability" - this label means the chance of getting at least 1 (one) status effect in a shot. Therefore this value caps out at 100% as the math behind calculating this errors for anything bigger than 100% (hence the NaN result) - this will be changed in the future for a new definition of what I thought status probability meant. Stoi and I had a discussion about it but the math is a bit out of immediate grasp for the time we have available. If you're interested in helping with this one feature's math specific component, let us know in this thread and we can give details on what we want to do with it. Mods Added Split Flights Note: Site is not prepped for a mod like that to allow stacking up to 4x while also having an event of on hit, so its not presently available, bear with us on this Updated Killing Blow + Amalgam Organ Shatter to work on heavy attack wind-up stat Other Fixed Short URL codes not redirecting properly due to relative directions due to a prior change Fixed Short URL codes not redirecting properly when running across a private build that you do not own Added Public Builds Account Sharing So this is one of those features on my wish-list for a long time (before I was a dev w/ the site) that I got around to doing! In the Top Right Corner of your builds page when logged in, you will see a new button labeled "Share Public Builds" - Clicking on this will open a dialog with a link that you can copy and paste to friends. When you visit this link or they visit that link, all builds that are marked public for your account are listed there for easy browsing! No more needing to individually link every single build you ever made for your friends one at a time! This link will automatically show new public builds for your account too so no needing to resend link or anything. One time send and as long as they have it, they have your public build list! To reiterate, the following are changes done by Stoi that were already live, you can see the original post here Fixed a typo in the name for the mod Preparation Ironclad Flight had the wrong name and max rank value New utility mods for specific Warframes is fixed Fixed an issue with the French language Additional Comments Some additional things, for the sake transparency, that are on our to-do list but no ETA are things such as: Railjack Builder, Kitguns, Zaws, Amps, Arcanes, Stat linking between builds, Multiple config tabs (like in-game offers), and more. But these are the more major ones. The railjack builder is being worked on by me and I will have at some point a beta version available of it that I would like to go live for initial testing and feedback on how its laid out etc. There is no ETA for this beta and/or release but I am currently working on it as long as DE doesnt introduce more things and there arent any other bugs found
  13. Alright, if it does happen again do let us know and include a link to the build along with anything you were doing for editing the build. Edit: If anyone wants an update on where Titania Prime and the two new primes are, he's our current list of things done image for the next site update. Got some stuff to finalize before it all goes live.
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