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  1. Originally, the status % in-game referred to the overall shot status chance. Leaving per bullet calculations up to us. This is one of the reasons why it felt like shotguns were very under powered status chance wise. As each pellet was either really low %ages, or 100%, no real between. Since DE has changed it to display and use it as status / projectile, we technically don't need to calculate the percentage (as it's known now) based on weapon, but that doesn't solve the >100% problem issue the formula has. As the number (1 - status) for the base of an exponential isn't entirely defined for s
  2. I'll add it to the list. Add me to Discord for info about the db stuff, Kalbintion#8371 this is the math we're using to calculate status chance. status = nStatusBase * (1 + nStatusBonus / 100); statusParBalle = (1 - Math.pow(1 - status, 1 / nPelletBase)) Consequently, that 2nd line is what is causing a problem for >100% status chance calculations. There's more to it than just this, but small portion of the overall code to give an idea. This was code initially written by Stoi more or less when the site was first made and since DE has changed things quite a bit over tim
  3. The English side still needs to be updated and validated itself, It'd be ideal overall knowing either or having access to either language of warframe (and some sense to deduce at the very least the mods and their text) for validating purposes but regardless, English side still needs to be worked on. It would also give an opportunity if you want to learn to code some insight on how the project works on the database at the very least. Entirely up to you though. Deadly Efficiency is still on the list to sort out, the main thing with that is the riven bug for sure. While I use the
  4. The issue should hopefully be resolved. Let us know if there are any other problems with it or if there's still a problem. We have gotten it down to something that got removed accidentally during the riven validation of this past site update. It wouldn't of been something I had ever noticed personally but with the help of Stoi we were able to track down the issue and what was happening. Stoi actually made a suggestion on something you could help us with. Mod texts and translations (if you know French and/or Russian) - as there are mods that may have been missed in updating, or texts no
  5. Wanted to let you know that this issue has been resolved! Let me know if theres any other problems!
  6. Here's the post to look to for anything U29 related in terms of update progress. There's some things marked off already but still plenty to do. Just like before, this post is literally a copy/paste from our github PR on the matter and thus it isnt the best suited for the forums here. When the update is finished I'll then spend the time making it look pretty here rather than the markdown that Github uses. As a refresher or for those who don't know, those marked with an [x] are complete. Those marked with an [ ] are incomplete. Just because its completed on the list doesn't make it ava
  7. So this is interesting. The issue is reproducible only on the Kuva Ayanga. Tested it with other archguns and it didnt fail. Tested it with other kuva weapons and it didnt fail. Even tested the ayanga with only the riven mod on and it failed. Even changed the element to something non-heat and it still failed. I say fail though, however its not entirely failing. The value is being saved but upon the build being edited (or saved the first time) when it goes to reload the information because it was stored, it is failing then and only then. Going into "My builds" page and clicking back into t
  8. Polarities have been corrected! Let us know if theres any other issues! Thanks again for letting us know. Gotta love a typo. The builds don't technically need to be public. A link to the build would be enough info to get it as the link includes all the mod etc data we need to get the build itself. Even using the short url (which respects private builds and wont show someone it if they dont have permission, ie: not you, which is what you experienced) is enough as we have the ability to see what the short url actually is intended to link to :) If u wanna re-mark it as private it is perfe
  9. Must've been a typo when I went to add Inaros Prime! My bad, will update in about 5 hours from now to correct the problem as I am currently busy doing another thing. What stats are you using for the Ayanga build riven? As it was working locally with that mod before the update went out. Rivens is something i had to test due to the changes with them and i tested some of the mods at the same time. Providing the build link would be helpful in tracking down what exactly is going on with that. As for the Deadly Efficiency mod, I am unsure why it wouldnt toggle damage for archguns but I
  10. U28.x Changes are now available! Are you a developer looking for a project to help out with? See bottom of post for more information! Frames Added Protea Added Inaros Prime Updated Trinity's Well of Life Weapons Added Xoris Added Velox Added Stahlta Added Stropha Added Helstrum Companion Weapon Added Panthera Prime Added Karyst Prime Updated Kuva Bramma Updated Gardua's Talons Updated Ivara's Artemis Bow Fixed Kuva element + value showing on Archmelee's Fixed Baruuk's Desert Wind Polarities
  11. Thanks for the information, I will take a look at it after finishing U28 batch of updates, so soonest it will be out will be in the U29 updates, or sooner if it turns out to be something simple that can be corrected without causing major problems for the update. It is not. You can see this post for some more information on why the update has been delayed, as well as this post to see current update progress. Edit: Update completed, should be live. Writing up update post now. Thanks for the report! I am finishing up the current batch of updates, but assuming this is a simple mist
  12. Just a heads-up! This change has been made live as of right now! Please let us know if there are any other issues with Baruuk's Desert Wind!
  13. thanks for the report, added to the list! I see some exilus mods (albeit nolonger tagged that way due to the way the system is) show up as available, like Overview, but other mods like Twitch, are not available. Part of the reason for this is that these mods are classified as pvp (whereas Overview was demarked as such) and sentinel weapons weren't allowed to equip pvp mods at one point. So definitely an oversight. Will add to the list of things to look at resolving. It is missing due to it being added in U28, which has not gone fully live to the site yet. It was also missing fr
  14. There was an issue with access to the base source code of the site due to the way we have things setup. In attempt to correct this issue, I modified a file (.htaccess) to prevent access to said information but I am not an expert at Apache so my change ended up erroring out the server configuration because my change was done incorrectly. However, change is done in a different manner now. Everything works, we can rejoice woo! lol. My apologies about the downtime.
  15. Issue found with the Bronco Prime. The fix has been made live. Let me know if there is still an issue. Also some additional updates to some mod texts and a few weapons changes (Kuva Bramma, Garuda's Talons) have been made live from the U28.1.x line of changes.
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