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  1. I agree on the problem. Seeing as quite a few Augments feel more like bandaid, taking a slot is a tall order. It makes a lot of Augments simply not worth using, or, if worth using, make many seem like they should be included in the standard kit. My proposed (longterm) solution: Give every Warframe four (or at least two) Augment slots. Then introduce more Augments for the same abilities, so you have to choose your preferred playstyle or for the right situation. This would not only give Warframes more flexibility and individual playstyle, it would also make bandaid - augments or sid
  2. I speculated about the "1 extra rank in everything" with a friend of mine, since that was my first guess as well. He pointed out, that it makes little sense, that that wouldn`t already be in the game. It most likely is something, not yet integrated, or we would likely already have it. With that in mind, the most likely thing would be the option to use captured Queenpins as crew members. I am not completely sold in that idea, since I don`t really see why Queenpins and Liches should be treated separately, unless Queenpins are vastly more powerful to excuse their use in Rank 10. In
  3. I am all for it! More things to find, that don`t become completely useless (Cephalon Fragments, Framefighter, Somachord Tones) after finding them only a few times, are always nice! Gives a nice, little feeling of happiness, if you find a random Ayatan. Why not more things? I swear, I had several actual dreams over the past few years of finding a LOT of different things in a Warframe missions (several medallion-like things, miniature-statues, miniature-picture, Ayatans..) and I think it would be a nice addition to make more things for us to randomly find. I also don`t think it would
  4. The unique quests are special for your Tenno. Most missions, events and so on are not. There are indeed many Tenno and many more were/are waking up. For example: When we are trying to survive in... Survival, we are doing it, in order to give other Tenno Operatives time to do/find stuff. (Of course they are often scamming us, which is why we only get so little rewards for keeping the life support high!) Some Factions speak, as if there are a lot of Tenno and Warframes running around. There being a quite big network of Tenno, seems to be the canon, with single Quests being uniqu
  5. I agree with OP. I have no idea, why those two Syndicates even exist as factions we are supposed to ally with. From a worldbuilding or story perspective, it makes sense, that they exist. They have potential. But as allies?! They both use Infested as weapons! Which is so hypocritical from New Loka, that it would be funny, if they weren`t so serious about their whole "cleanse the impure" thing! Red Veil are unrepentant mass murderers. From their flavor text (Warframe.fandom): A result of humanity's last vestiges facing the brink of extinction, they seek to cleanse the O
  6. The targets die far too easy for such punishment. Sure, there are people who kill them deliberately, but I am pretty sure, more often than not, killing them is an accident. The warning message doesn`t help either, since it often only comes when the target is already dead. There are other solutions. Possible examples: 1) Give the Synthesis Target a HP-gating mechanic, similar to Liches, that makes accidents less likely to happen. 2) Make the target immun to damage, except for players who are currently looking for that target. That way, only someone who is the reason it spawns can k
  7. Not sure, if that is the problem, but: The Challenge only counts different bounties, so if you do the T1 Bounty three times, it only counts as one. But if you wait for the current bounties to run out, you can do the T1 bounty and it will count again, because it is a different bounty.
  8. What do you mean, "nothing happens"? No story? No changes? Here is a summary of Updates to the game: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Updates You say, the game is the same, for several years. Let`s take a look at the biggest Updates from the past few years then: Update 22.0, October 2017: Plains of Eidolon. Introduced the first open world, amps, new bosses, a way to get Arcanes, Articula, gave us fishing and a new way to explore Warframe. Update 23.0 June 2018: The Sacrifice (Quest) Gave us story and exalted weapons. Update 23.10 October 2018: Arbitratio
  9. Yes, please let us replace Ordis-Lotus! It is seriously creepy, borderline obsessive and more than a little unhinged. If your partner leaves you and you program your Alexa to use his/her voice to pretend to give you commands for years, it is somewhat concerning. If your surrogate-mother turns out to have been brainwashed to love you and/or was using you to kill her enemies to soften the whole solar system for destruction and invasion, and you still make your buddy pretend to be her, you might have serious mental issues. Which, to be fair, the Tenno have. But they are supposed to gro
  10. Nerfing speed seems strange, since speed is one of the most obvious feedbacks players feel. Range, cc, damage, condition-stacking... those are all important, but they are mostly things that affect the enemies, while weapon speed is something that the players feel. Who wants to run around with a cumbersome weapon? It doesn`t feel good! Except maybe, if a slow hit can deal a LOT more damage. Maybe that is the point? Nerfing speed won`t kill melee, because melee gets weak, but because players don`t want to use it as much? But not wanting to use your own weapons is not a good thing.
  11. I am not sure, who you are writing these guidelines for specifically, so I am not sure how to adequately read them. Most of what you are saying sounds like general protocol for missions where you want other players to play a significant part, instead of just doing as much as you personally can, in order for everyone to have fun, or for missions that might fail, if the team isn`t coordinated. Or for people who don`t know what they are doing in general. I will still try to comment: 1: Extermination: Quote: >In a Corpus map, however, it is expected that the person le
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