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  1. So, I have been thinking that Sorties should work the same as Bountys in terms of how it gives you rewards. That is, after each stage you get a reward. How DE dose this could be done a few ways. 1. Split the rewards into 3 groups with some of the rewards overlappings. 2. Split it into 3 groups with no overlap. 3. Have the same pool for all 3 with slightly less change of the top tier stuff in the first and second missions 4. Have the same pool for all 3 with no change to the drop ratios 5. do both somehow.
  2. If a Moa and a Kubrow are in the same game, the Moa pats the Kubrow. If it's a Kavat, the Moa trying to do it too, but the Kavat hisses at it, and it falls over in shock.
  3. mmmm, yeah, I feel like they should be waiting till the Quest is ready.
  4. I have noticed a few things with K-Drives. When you go to do tricks, it's not always going the grabs, like it's locked out from doing them. Also, the engine effects on the K-Drive is starting a decent distance behind the K-drive itself.
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