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  1. You do actually keep the credits from the last Nightwave. There just not usable in the new one. Thats how it works. You can convert them to Kuva or to Credits in your inventory tho, so there still worth something. Nightwave is basically a Battlepass. IF you don't know what they are, then look them up.
  2. did you buy anything else before hand tho?
  3. Nightwave dose work the same way as factions. Every 10K you go up a level, but you don't actually need the faction rep to buy anything. Instead, you need Nightwave Credits, witch you get by levelling up your Nightwave level. This is the same for all previous Nightwaves, so you must be new to them, or never noticed before, witch would be odd. In your screenshot, you can see how many Nightwave Creds you have next to your Credits and Plat in the top right.
  4. .... Pinball in Warframe... Could have different tables. One for each faction. Tho, that might be more work than they want to put into it. lol But definitely like this idea.
  5. Hubrowyes, but the Kavats are cats. I think its counter to there nature to do that. And they already have bonuses to resource drops, so ALSO giving them some kind of backpack is kind of OP, in terms of resource gathering. Not really sure I want the Hellminthto to touch my loot either. Mind you... Infested mods could be cool...
  6. Pets 2.0 is happening anyway. They need to do it so the Moa pets work, as they will be the first pets to have ranged weapons and be able to roam on there own. And there also changing other things, such as how you get the pets. The example they kinda talked about was how you get kubrows by killing kubrows.
  7. That's partly due to them seeing Vac as one of the biggest mistakes they made to the game. They have said as much on dev streams from time to time if I remember right.
  8. Not sure there is any real lore around it, but in my head, the Transference between the Frame and the Tenno crats a pocket where all the loot is kept. :P As for that, I am not sure how well that would work, given the dogos can get lost, and the Kavats are cats, so there not gonna do what you want anyway. This is why I think it's better to wait for Pets 2.0, as the AI, hopefully, will be improved along with everything else.
  9. You could do that, but does it really makes sense that they can do that lore-wise? Like, the Lore needs to dictate why that would be possible.
  10. Warframe is not just about loot though. It's also about exploration. Running around and picking up loot promotes exploration, something new players should be doing, as you will end up seeing more of the map than if you would with it. Now, you could make it locked behind an MR level, but then at what MR would it be appropriate? Or should it be tied to doing all the nodes on the planets?
  11. That does not solve anything I am talking about tho. lol The pets do not collect the loot. ONLY the Warframe can do that. You would still have the problem of the dogos and kittys being TO FAR from the Warframe to collect the loot. So it's just a pointless thing to have on the pets, as they are not attached to the Warframe in the same way the Sentinels are.
  12. Right. So, if they made the passive on frames bigger, I doubt they will ever go to 11.5 meters. 6.5, maybe 7 max.
  13. Not talking about that. In fact, I miss remembered it, so sorry about that.The passive was put on all sentinels, but it was dropped from the max range 11.5 meater radius the mod has to a 6, which was lower than rank one (6.5).
  14. I think it would be interesting is they allowed for it. If Pets 2.0 was built around that idea, you could even end up with synergy between Sentinels and Pets. But I think we need to see what they do with 2.0 before we ask this.
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