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  1. Its a real shame that this is not the whole teams kills, as this only makes it in to a kill steal fest with team mates competing when they should be working together.
  2. I would prefer them to just remove the AWings from the open worlds, and then bring in K-Drives on the plans. Add a prime speed mod for K-drives so you have a mod people can get to make them as fast as the AWings, and your one.
  3. #*!% YOU DE FOR MAKING MORE CONTENT! I DON"T WANT ANY MORE CONTENT FOR MY FAV GAME! STOP IMPROVING IT! WHY YOU MAKE ME MAD! For real, dope update. All we need now is the ability to race the hoverboards in the plains. And maybe Plains boards too! XD
  4. If you find new players doing them, ask to help them out. You can re-do at least the co-op parts with them then.
  5. That's how full melee has always been. It won't change.
  6. If a Moa and a Kubrow are in the same game, the Moa pats the Kubrow. If it's a Kavat, the Moa trying to do it too, but the Kavat hisses at it, and it falls over in shock.
  7. mmmm, yeah, I feel like they should be waiting till the Quest is ready.
  8. I have noticed a few things with K-Drives. When you go to do tricks, it's not always going the grabs, like it's locked out from doing them. Also, the engine effects on the K-Drive is starting a decent distance behind the K-drive itself.
  9. I would like to know when the Plains is going to get the quality of life things that Fortuna has. In particular, the ability to start a bounty on the plains so we don't have to keep going back into Cetus. Also, is there any plans to bring the Animal conservation stuff to The Plains as well?
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