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  1. Hey DE I've just reached MR27 and all I've got left to do are fissures but I'm really missing old void keys/towers, specially survival and defense (since I love the void and has the most difficulty on starchart) so I was thiking, why not bring void keys back but just to let us start any void mission as a fissure? we still gotta use relics but at least we have both modes in one, the old endless void towers "endgame" and the relic poping rewards. This would make the game more fun and give us vets something to do (specially while waiting for new updates) and in fact might bring back som
  2. He spawned on Delerict Capture while running alone with the 4 keys, at least I was running limbo and had my op catchmoon with radiation, he was low level but took around 5 mins to kill shooting him, getting in and out of the rift, rinse and repeat lol.
  3. Recently I can't skip the starting cutscene on old corpus tilesets.
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