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  1. Hey DE

    I've just reached MR27 and all I've got left to do are fissures but I'm really missing old void keys/towers, specially survival and defense (since I love the void and has the most difficulty on starchart) so I was thiking, why not bring void keys back but just to let us start any void mission as a fissure? we still gotta use relics but at least we have both modes in one, the old endless void towers "endgame" and the relic poping rewards.

    This would make the game more fun and give us vets something to do (specially while waiting for new updates) and in fact might bring back some players that left after the fissures rework.

    Just my 2 cents.




  2. So

    I'm back to the game for the new update after a 2 months break cause burnt out and was wondering when is the Plague Star event coming back? I've already farmed Wisp (and the new amalgam mods too), built her and the new weapons so other than mastering em and putting some forma at Hydron, as a MR26 with 2k hours in game/6k on steam and everything farmed/done but the plague zaws, I don't really have any other reason to play tbh, so it would be fun to have the event running before Tennocon and New War or Railjack release.

    What you guys think?



  3. Totally agree, arbitrations are boring and the rewards are meh, I wish at least they made better cosmetics or ikd put another rivens on the vendor, not only archgun ones. What I think this game really needs as endgame content are raids but the kind destiny has with several bosses and where we can actually use our habilities.

    The paywalls are getting bigger and bigger and the content drought too, if you watch the warframe documentary noclip did, Steve said that when they were looking for publishers one of them told them that this game was too good for a fp2 and that it was gonna fail because they wouldn't be able to update it as fas as they should, well is not like warframe is failing, in fact is one of the steam's top sellers being a f2p game, but it's going that way with the time they take to release big updates and not only a frame, a weapon, some cosmetics, etc etc here and there, which I don't consider really new content. Imo if they are really making good money they should consider expand to bring big updates faster.

    And the other thing is that yea I don't think they are listening to the community as they used to, not even to the partners (which most are burnt out and even leaving the program) that give em a ton of feedback.

    Just my 2 cents, I'm burnt out too and taking a break untill New War but for what I saw on the last devstream recap from Shy, is delayed and not comming before Tennocon.

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    • hours played in missions, not steam
    • years since started playing
    • mr
    • ammount of kills
    • knowledge of the game, specially modding and game mechanics without using the wiki unless is a new frame, weapon, boss fight, etc, but even then if you know the basics and have the essential mods, you can mod everything without using the wiki at all.
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  4. Hope it comes back soon, I'm pretty burnt out and bored, only stuff left for mastery are the plague zaws, snipetron, zylok, zenith and sigma and octanis. Not even gonna bother mastering those S#&$ty kdrives untill we get a double affinity weekend again or they make it easier/faster to level up.

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  5. As a "veteran" with 2k hours in game/5k hours on steam I really want a real endgame so this is what I want: 

    • new raids with level 200+ mobs and level 500+ bosses (even several minibosses) not inmune to frames powers and not bullet sponges with intresting fight mechanics with new weapons, mods, rivens, arcanes, kuva, ayatans, radiant relics (axis mostly) and cosmetics as rewards. A dificulty slider with increased rewards with increased difficulty could be good too.
    • Waypoints/markers fix.
    • Scaling kuva rewards on kuva survival with time/dificulty / lower the cost of riven rerolls.
    • New tau system with tons high level sentients to kill.
    • Opèn worlds wtih at least 30 people per instance / Open world events with big bosses to fight with a lot of people.
    • Dedicated regional servers.
    • Clem Prime
  6. just git gud, any decent crit weapon with radiation damage can take him down pretty fast, specially catchmoons and tombfingers with haymaker and splat/killstream, to that you can add sharpened claws on your kavat and/or shattering impact on impact melees to take down his armor (specially sarpa).

  7. He spawned on Delerict Capture while running alone with the 4 keys, at least I was running limbo and had my op catchmoon with radiation, he was low level but took around 5 mins to kill shooting him, getting in and out of the rift, rinse and repeat lol.

  8. Had the same problem with the same nightmare excavation (Timed mode) at earth, 1st guy to get to the extraction point got extracted alone while the rest of the team couldn't extract but it's prolly just a glitch with the new "extract alone" option added to endless missions.

    And Warframe is P2P (Peer to Peer) so the players are the servers or "hosts" so stability depends mostly on the ping/latency/lag you have to that "server" (host), I recommend you setting the ping limit to 200/250ms max, over than that the game becomes laggy and unstable most of the time.

  9. Pretty sure it wasn't about the Korrudo farming, I got the blueprint in around 15 Doma/Bull kills on release day with all 30 days boosters running and never gotten a single ban for farming stuff in 2k hours played.

    Prolly was beacuse shady plat got into your account by trading (theres people that buys plat with credit card and then charges back the transaction, if you get any of that plat, DE then removes it, bans the plat buyer and if you got any of that plat and/or get negative plat balance, you get banned too).

  10. hace 19 minutos, (PS4)Lollybomb dijo:

    Shield Lancers are bloody annoying with their stupid plate of sheet metal that can manage to block literally anything without punchthrough.  Doesn't matter if your weapon does 5 damage, or 5 billion damage.  No punchthrough, no effect.  Which is complete garbage if you ask me.  They should at least be staggered if you hit em hard enough.  Especially with melee.

    This, I can kill level 80+ grineers on kuva survival with one slash of my cyath but no, shield lancers wouldn't take any damage unless I shoot em 1st.

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