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  1. Its her will, that decides when one earns a potato. Amber stares at the feather in your hand
  2. Ask Amber, i dont know how cat magic works but i did have a stock. Amber sits on your shoulder again
  3. Been a bit busy .. oh and the other thing Picks up Amber and hold her stretched out towards you My cat, you wanted to see again.
  4. Now that isnt a thing that has annoyed me, but i have never experienced it either. The most chat thing i have seen is the one in Warframe and Spiral Knights. Yup, though once i get past a certain border with someone, i can talk forever. I do find it easier to talk over the web compared face to face, as i can stay in my little comfy spot. I have tried walking on glass while being able to look 259m straight down, such an uneasy feel i get from doing it. Though i mostly dont have an issue with it, when im inside (like in a plane) but i do if its "open".
  5. We have unattended business to resume Dumps crates of sticky potatoes in front of you If i did play dark souls and get invaded, id instantly go nope. Heh, good for you i suppose. You are not alone on that, i feel somewhat similar, though it account not only pvp but for most interactions.
  6. Understandable, i dont like pvp either. "Come here and meet your new friends, dont be shy now" EEEEEEP What does it say if you go ALT+F4?
  7. This, i can recommend using a service like imgur to upload and then do as Viveeeh says.
  8. Story driven game with user interaction, thumbs up for that I agree, though it can be difficult to get there in the first place.
  9. Neat, then somebody can get lucky.
  10. Only loose the souls if you "die" too much, since you are this undead thing on a quest i dont know.
  11. Heh, though Dark Souls is nice but im not prepared to those kind of games, cant handle it. So guess i can say: Prepare To Die
  12. Its worthless to me now, as its not intact given it was torn out of the socket. Besides it has already been replaced. No, like something that is outside and can be shot at by the point defenses on the hull. Maybe.
  13. Id like to remain unaffiliated and come with input when i want, besides what kind of pay are we talking about?
  14. You get an updoot for that.
  15. I guess so, I'm just gonna loot somebody else for the lost mats. Well it's not like I would behave either and getting a hold of me here isn't easy. Now to find something to punch some holes in.. A cat gonna do what a cat wants to do, so it's not something I'd get stuck on. It will come when I feel like it.
  16. Taking my turrets, hmpf, good thing fabricators can construct almost anything in a moments notice. Not exactly free however and destroying the socket mechanism too as they are bolted tightly to the frame.
  17. You misunderstood my usage of slippery, im the slippery here. Turrets engaged with deflector shielding, waiting for target to return to thier dimension
  18. Talva does not get to prove a point on this slippery ship Fusion thrower turrets active, alongside small quad barreled railgun turrets firing custom AP shells.
  19. When i get rid of my stowaway, then yes Isolation mode initiated, blocking signal traffic Engaging defensive measures
  20. Well this time im on my homeground so to speak, with the ship abiding to my mind only. And with lockdown engaged, there is no way to hack into its systems. Yup But id like to be a free "bird", so to speak.
  21. She is fine, getting stimulated with a hunt. Intrusion detected Eeeep! Slips into a portal hatch, activating lockdown mode and warps the ship to a new place.
  22. Gonna be fun for Neffy and he better praise the void hard. Uh oh .... you would have to get on my ship first. Not a thing id willingly let happen.
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