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  1. Update : This bug frequently happens if you join Ash's Shadow Clone in Railjack missions, teleporting you out of any ship / station you're fighting in. For some objectives like Survival i mentioned in the first post, this will result in an immediate failure.
  2. Just what the title says. I was about to do a Survival Run at Lu-Yan for Ambassador parts, and i was using Ash Prime. In the Survival mission, i used Bladestorm + Teleport combo a lot of times and eventually, it teleported my Ash into outside of the Corpus Pillar, resulting in an immediate mission failed.
  3. So i was doing Thrall Hunting with my friend, and as his Lich is still the one before the whole Sisters of Parvos update, the lich still resides in Lua. We went for a Mobile Defense mission, and after the 1st data console, Lotus mentioned that we need to clear the Sentients first before being able to continue with the mission, and since that moment, the map doesn't show the marker for the Datamass anymore, and we couldn't find it in the end. Quite the shame since we have to abort after we've collected quite the murmurs and some Drift mods too along the way.
  4. I think it's a bug rather than a new setting because all it does is making the trading experience worse. And yeah, i also think it's not something we can fix. Hoping they address this in the near future.
  5. Yep, it's not the Node itself bugging out, but the devs didn't label the mission type clear enough. It's Crossfire Spy.
  6. Just what the title says. A Lancer Synthesis Target turns into the Lich's Thrall, and i'm pretty sure this is not an intended feature as this makes the Thrall unnecessarily tanky, and it makes a dilemma of whether to Synthesis Scan it or bring it down to Secret Mercy.
  7. Just like what Kespoco said, you probably missed the drone. I've done a lot of Cetus bounty in my whole playtime and sure, sometimes it's just located in a very sneaky place, but it's not like it's not there. And yes, Devs do read stuff here, and if you're pretty sure that the bounty was indeed bugged out and the drone didn't spawn / went invisible or anything of sort, you can help by making this thread's title a little bit more helpful, since you didn't seem to read the General Bug Report Guidelines.
  8. Sometimes it do be like that. But again, when you're only looking for that one particular resource, things will feel like the game can hear you or stuff because you only focus on that 1 resource you're looking for and other rare resources you get feels irrelevant to you, even though it's a rare drop. I'd say don't put too much mind to it and just farm without having too much expectations. That being said, for Necrathenes (or other rare stuff like say, Thaumica) i'd say just do Requiem Obelisks rather than mining. These pillars saved my ass when i just started farming Cambion Drift resources.
  9. The title literally has "Affinity" written, and nor did i mention the word "Crit" anywhere in my posts before. I really appreciate the will to help, but try to at least read my post please.
  10. Nope, as i mentioned in my first post the red affinity comes out randomly, most of the other enemies still have the normal white text with blue glow to it.
  11. This is the only screenshot that i managed to take since i was playing solo and the situation was quite hectic, and to add the red colored affinity comes out randomly. What does this mean? I was playing Void Storms on Enkidu's Ice Drift solo, if this information would help.
  12. I don't know if this is considered feedback or more like a bug report, but Yareli T-poses when using life-support capsules while riding Merulina. Also, she can't throw canisters while riding Merulina, effectively blocking her from the Exploiter Orb battle. I hope some changes would be considered to this.
  13. Joined the relay when its still in countdown, and when the countdown ends and it changes into "Live NOW!" every other player disappeared and i'm alone in the relay. No actions whatsoever in the relay after that. Thinking it was a bug, i got out and went back in, and there's nothing except "TennoLive 2021 Relay 1". Inside that relay is also the usual Rhino statue, not the TennoLive hologram. Will i still get my Tannukai set? I woke at 3AM just for this, and i think it's not just me, but a lot of people woke up really early just for this.
  14. I wasn't referring to that, but if you want to do that, holding Q should also call out "Set up shop" or something along that line, besides from your emote wheel when you're in a dojo. This functions similarly to the one you do in Maroo's. I was referring to the fact, that even after your trademate has joined your squad, you can't initiate a trade to them immediately, as they're are still loading into our Dojo. Sometimes even after you've finished loading and can already jump around in another person's dojo, you still can't initiate a trade with them, nor they can with you until some time passes. This basically happens when you're inviting other person to your dojo too, and this makes it really difficult to tell when can you actually initiate a trade with other person since every person has different loading speeds. Prior to the Sisters update, you can tell the other guy is ready for trading by looking whether their Warframe's icon has shown up on your minimap or not. But since the update drops, these icons stopped showing up, hence why i'm looking for another way to tell if someone knows, since the current situation is very impractical. (Not to mention with the "spawning in the railjack" bug still around)
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