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  1. Oh. I thought Nidus could infect anyone regardless of having any Cyst with him or not. Guess not. Also, if it's not too much to ask can you clarify the "1 mission anywhere or physical contact in missions" part?
  2. Hello, so lately another friend of mine got into Warframe and she's really excited about getting a Helminth Charger, so i just went for a quick mission with her with my Nidus, but after googling around, there's a lot of different answers from different sources so i am confused on how it really works. Does it only takes a game with Nidus or do i have to walk by her frame to infect it? And if my Nidus is already immune, would it still be able to infect other players?
  3. Just to add as one of the ways to do this Riven, i always use Itzal's Cosmic Crush (3rd Skill), it works well. Destroy the Dargyn, find the pilot and then just use Cosmic Crush on him while floating a little bit higher than ground level and that should do the trick.
  4. Thank you, this is what i thought but nevertheless i could never be able to put it into words any better.
  5. Today i clicked Nightwave after a few days of not checking it actively at all, to see where im at and what kind of missions are around, and it turns out i ranked up several tiers and it automatically claimed the 3 Days Credit Booster. So that made me think that it would be cool if we can claim the rewards (or just the boosters, really) manually so we can put it to effect whenever we're sure we have the time or motivation to make the most out of the said booster. Thoughts?
  6. Tbh yeah, i don't get why we can play Dog Days or Rathuum all alone without any specters following us, but not Index. I guess this is a slight oversight on DE's side.
  7. It does work "kinda" consistently when i play something like Survival where the enemies spawns and directly comes to you wherever you are, a horde of them gets petrified in spots where i smashed enemies before. But yeah, it's very incosistent. They definitely need to make the trails visible by adding visual effects or something like that.
  8. Well, i've never even experienced any of these at all despite being quite the regular to index, that's why i suspected you were exaggerating stuff, since exaggerated rants over frustration of things being too hard is quite the common sight here. I meant no offense at all in my previous reply, i hope you understand. Also, can you link this "post history" that you keep mentioning? I'd like to read that.
  9. Ayy, i'm around since 2016 and also haven't broken MR20, still at MR17 lol
  10. Weird, i also find the murmur gathering faster lately, but that might be due to myself not touching Kuva Liches for a long, long time and coming back after a while.
  11. I never had blackholes pull me through walls, floors or even ceilings, let alone constantly. They always just pull me normally, to the hole. Enemies teleporting "through the floor" is because the enemies can deploy teleportation points for them to well, teleport across the map, and these teleportation points are destructible so just destroy it to prevent that. I'm quite the regular to Index when i'm broke, and never i've seen any run through walls. Just because a single mode was hard for you doesn't make this game a mess, and don't rely on AI spectres as you would to players. They aren't smart, they aren't well geared, and they're just there to fill the numbers. Are you sure you're not exaggerating a lot of stuff here over frustration?
  12. Fishing. It's really relaxing, i get to go to open world maps on different daytimes with a reason, and it gets me plats from other people that doesn't want to bother with fishing. I usually just blast my YT playlist while fishing and just have a good time. And yeah, this is the very reason i have quite the low MR for my hours in-game...
  13. I have Mulciber Shoulderplates on my Atlas Prime and it doesn't disappear when i'm aiming, i'm literally blind lol. Also, other than that ephemera, Naberus also show the same behavior, folding inside when you're aiming and extends back again when you release your aim. I really hope when DE releases another bulky shoulder plates, they consider making these "folding" animations beforehand.
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