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  1. I agree with you on the going into missions part. I'm not exactly the super veteran or the guy with an astounding login day records, but i've been playing Warframe since Relics were still Void Keys...just with a lot of hiatus and coming back again. Now, i'm not even motivated to do Nightwave, i sometimes skip weekly Maroo's, i skip sorties, sometimes i don't collect daily standings at all. If anything, the only thing that still kept me to come back is to do some fishing and animal conservations, they're really relaxing to do and i can make decent plats with fishing. I'm tired having to re
  2. Honestly, it might be, but there's always the option to find another things to sell if primed mods or sets aren't selling well for you. Rivens, liches, fishes, ores, arcanes...i don't know how many is your target plats in selling stuff for, but surely one of many tradable stuffs in the game can earn you the sum you need.
  3. Unless i know one of the guy who's "keeping the average price". Otherwise i see no reason to not grab the cheaper one.
  4. If the guy posting the WTB or WTT message links the item, you can click on the link and see if you own the item or not. (and how many do you have if you have it.) I'm using a mod as an example right now, but if the guy links something like Warframe Prime Parts (i.e Saryn Prime Chassis), you can't use this method to know since the thing that is linked is the actual item (the Chassis), while what you're supposed to look for is the blueprint (Chassis Blueprint).
  5. Hope this will be a thing. It kinda sucks when i wanna play my Shawzin in the Dojo while selling stuff on Trade Chat, just to find out i equipped the wrong one and have to go back to Orbiter just to swap it.
  6. Oof. If it's really a coding issue then i guess it's not happening any sooner i guess. That's too bad.
  7. Corrossive + Heat works really well for me. I don't know about other explosive weapons but my Zarr just doesn't do really well on higher levels, especially on the heavies. I do really think you can't just blast through everything in Cambion Drift. For Saxums you have to destroy both of their shoulders before attacking the main body, for Rexes shooting the head (the part where some infested tendrils sprouts) works just well. As for Jugulus...i don't know any fancy tricks to face that thing. Just shoot and pray it doesn't 1 hit you with it's ridiculous damage output.
  8. Not exactly "Oh my god, i can't play without my little floating bois when i'm riding my skateboards" thing, but being able to detect enemies, loots and stuff through Animal Instinct while riding K-Drives would be neat. Or detecting fishing hotspots with Oxylus without having to unmount K-Drives all the time. For the moment i don't see what's so bad or potentially game-breaking by letting your Sentinels stay while you ride K-Drives so i would be really excited if this would happen. What do you guys think?
  9. I ain't upset or anything, i am just stating what i think after i've read the whole thread. Sure, on arbi runs Nidus is on disadvantage since all those drone thingy prevents him to build up stacks efficiently, but Nidus's "Immortality" isn't entirely tied to his Undying...Parasitic Link does really, really good on keeping him alive. And to start benefiting from Parasitic Link all you need is a stack and a single enemy, preferably a beefy one, and that's it. In the given situation, gaining enough stacks to use Undying multiple times might seem hard to achieve, but surely gaining a few stac
  10. is it just me, or you're basically also saying Inaros also has no answer for the drones? Nidus also can go run around on a killing spree while making stacks on enemies that aren't protected by the drone, and i don't know what do you mean by the "Answer", but i also don't see how Inaros having it . Also you're now comparing them outside the "Inaros is the better nidus" topic since Larva is not even viable on the mentioned situation...
  11. I am familiar with that already, what i wanted to know is whether Deimos fishes being untradable is a bug, or being intended by the devs. Because making them untradable while allowing PoE and Orb Vallis fishes tradable just doesn't make sense to me to be honest. Thanks for the reply though, hope that will help others that aren't familiar with it yet.
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