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  1. Aaaaaand now it not longer counts at a trick at all. Hard pass on bothering with that standing in the current state now. (Friend and myself tested, on handrails, trees, and the pipes. Tested with both holding left-click and not. 0 times Grindy counted as a trick)
  2. Had a weird/buggy interaction just a minute ago. Playing Nekros, using Shadows of the Dead brought one of the new enemies as an ally which creates a nullifier bubble on itself and one ally. The selected "ally" of the shadow is myself, causing a nullifier bubble to surround me. Beyond the fact it became hard to see out of the bubble itself, I could not "activate any vehicle" or some notification when trying to use and archwing launcher. The result being Nekros using Shadows of the Dead can end up unable to use some items because of the interaction.
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