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  1. So I got invited yesterday by like 5-6 players to join their session, I couldn't join a single one of them (even with rebooting game, pc, router, re-installing the game), I'm not enjoying this game, I can't play with friends, and I'm thinking quitting this game too if this problem is not fixed.
  2. can we fix the "please wait" stuck screen when trying to join someone ?
  3. or seems no one cares about this bug being here for sooo long ? I can't even enjoy this game like this now
  4. I can't join some players (including friends, clan mates) to their lobby or mission, when they send me invite, screen stuck at please wait, I tried to re-install the game, restarting my game, restarting my router thousands and dozens of times, I can't even trade with players or play with them. Can we drop a fix for this next hotfix/update ?
  5. Can u guys just fix this network issue, I can't join session of most players (stuck at please wait), this is very embarrassing to still have this issue in 2021
  6. Please consider fixing acolytes as soon as possible, this bug been here for more like a month now.
  7. Thanks for the hotfix Are acolytes bug spawning fixed ?
  8. Thanks for the update Did you fixed Acolytes bug ?
  9. Thanks for the hotfix Please focus your attention on : - Launcher now being slow to detect updates or launch the game since the hotfix 30.2.1. - Acolytes are still not fixed yet .
  10. Thanks for the hotfix Please fix acolyte spawning as soon as possible.
  11. As mentioned in many threads in this section, can we get a fix to the acolytes bug (stop spawning randomly) on next hotfix please, it's here like more than one month, I don't like spend like 1 or 2 hours in survival to get 4 acolytes only yes yes :) this is an urgent fix to be considered. Thanks for understanding. Some topics related :
  12. Thanks for the update Please don't forget to fix acolyte spawn that stops randomly in missions.
  13. It's basically on every endless steel path missions, I've been facing it on survival nodes.
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