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  1. Mayyyybe but then what would become of poor Helios?
  2. What is inconvenient about it? Whether you open the menu or gear wheel it'd still take just a few moments anyway.
  3. As many as it takes until our feedback is addressed.
  4. I literally cannot understand what point you're trying to make anymore. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with my topic, so let's agree to disagree.
  5. Is that a question or a statement? Either way, this entire forum exists to give feedback and offer suggestions to change the game. Responding to a potential change with "no that's not how the game is" is invalid, because obviously that's not how the game is, and why I'm making the feedback thread to change it.
  6. Why are you guys so focused on inappropriate stuff?
  7. One thing actually happens, one is just a daydream fantasy, so no.
  8. I'm pretty sure that DE said early on when Railjack was first announced that it would work just fine solo. I agree fully.
  9. Nope, because it would be purely client-side unless you deliberately let yourself hear other people's stuff. Don't like what you hear? Put it all back on mute.
  10. No. And what you describe right after that is emergent gameplay, not imaginary, because it actually happens. There's nothing to stumble upon in Warframe's open worlds, no crazy unscripted events.
  11. Well if it works anything like YouTube, then it definitely does depend on the monetary situation.
  12. Are you arguing in favor of literally imaginary content?
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