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  1. Because we continuously sabotage their efforts, exterminate their troops, capture their officers, and outright assassinate their leaders.
  2. Are you... Are you actually under the impression that Prime Access only gives you the Warframe? Are you forgetting the weapons and THOUSANDS of platinum?
  3. The devs very, very rarely reply to threads on here, even threads that actually have made an impact on the game.
  4. If DE actually made this part of the proper story, Warframe might become a real video game
  5. I just cannot imagine why DE couldn't simply keep Season 1 running until Season 2 was ready to ship. New players are kinda boned if they want Nitain or Aura mods.
  6. But ESO is an xp farm, why would you want to take away its only purpose?
  7. You heard me. Kinda like the mini-roller Latchers that Grineer Seekers love to toss around. Very smol, very fast, very angery. Alternatively, they could sit on your shoulder kinda like Kuva Jesters. They wouldn't be able to deal damage or anything, but considering the wacky direction that Warframe is taking in its cosmetic department, why not?
  8. It's a search bar, just like any other on any website or game.
  9. So just don't put it in the Chinese build
  10. Currently, the juice simply isn't worth the squeeze. Our unfriendly neighborhood spider-thing simply drops nothing of any value, other than a handful of okay Archgun Mods and the Bloodshed Sigil. Those, however, have very low drop rates, and you can just trade for the Mods and the Sigil looks pretty weird on most frames (IMO.) My main issue are the Debt Bonds that it drops. These are simply useless, especially since their main purpose is to help you rank up in Solaris United. I see two main solutions to this issue: 1) Make Profit-Taker drop something else instead of Debt Bonds - maybe all of the Toroids: a Vega, Sola, Caldi, AND Crisma Toroid. 2) Make Debt-Bonds actually worth something. Ticker currently sells absolutely nothing in exchange for them. If that character had a much larger, much more appealing inventory of items for sale, Debt Bonds would be good to stock up on.
  11. Can mods like Firewalker, Toxic Flight, and Lightning Dash please use energy color? It'd be incredible for fashionframe.
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