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  1. Everybody saying that the downtown between seasons and intermissions are for DE to work on the next one have to be trolling. That makes literally no sense. Nightwave challenges and rewards are clearly chosen at random. Just let the bot choose one more set of challenges and rewards. Even if they are actually hand picked, it couldn't possibly take more than 30 minutes to sort it out.
  2. Because this is feedback. Also, is everyone forgetting how forgiving Nightwave is? If you want to take a week off, go for it. If you want to take three weeks off, have fun. The catch-up system works well, and there's so much extra Standing you can earn that there is literally FOMO.
  3. If people feel stressed out or burdened over a video game, then they need to get help. What about everyone who actually wants to play the game and earn rewards next week?
  4. No, because we already had downtime between season 1 and the first intermission, and DE already said that we're having downtime again between season 2 and the next intermission.
  5. I'm not sure which logical fallacy this is, but I know it's one of them. I will ask again, what is the point of temporarily removing content?
  6. It's just a week where nobody can get any Nitain, Aura mods, or Vauban parts. Who benefits from this? Why can't the next season/intermission simply start immediately after the last thing ends?
  7. If you think that the game is so boring, you don't need to play it.
  8. How is it any more intrusive than the Alerts system? Both forced you to do random missions you otherwise wouldn't.
  9. It's some wild west s##t. You gotta be like Wyatt Earp and be ready to extract in an instant.
  10. Okay, let's say they remove MR requirements to build things. Next, you'll be complaining that you can't craft everything using only Earth resources. Also, your question "Is MR and it’s dependency on weapons and frames preventing there from being a proper endgame? " makes literally no sense.
  11. I was just bummed that Episode 5 didn't add to the rest of the plot. It just kinda summed up what has happened so far, then that was it.
  12. At the very least, let us trade without needing to "physically" meet the other person.
  13. No, none of the chat mods across any of the platforms were removed.
  14. DE has almost 300 employees. They are not, by any means, a small studio. They are a fully fledged company, owned by a big Chinese corporation.
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