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  1. Funny, you've got it completely backwards.
  2. I'm not here to discuss the rules. All I'm saying is that there needs to be more communication and transparency when it comes to suspensions. Quick-kicks aren't an issue, but suspensions can last anywhere from an hour to two weeks and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. 1) We deserve a proper warning before being suspended, not including extreme cases like overt racism or whatever. More often than not, the only warning you get is "That's not an appropriate topic for our space ninja game" which is way too vague to be useful half the time, and there's no way to get more info. 2) We deserve to be told why were suspended, no exceptions. 3) We deserve to be able to appeal suspensions that last 24 or more hours, considering that kickbot is very far from perfect and even the chat moderators are only human too; mistakes and unfair punishments happen. I've been suspended for two weeks from all channels unfairly, and I received no help. Maybe it wasn't unfair, but it sure seemed to be. There was nobody I could talk to to find anything out. Nobody looked into my issue to see what happened or gave me an official reason why I was kicked. I know that DE has extensive chat-logs, even for deleted messages, so it does not seem to be very difficult to pull up the thing you said which got you suspended. 4) We deserve to know how long were suspended. Trade Chat has a visible timer for the message limit, so there's no reason why suspensions can't function in a similar fashion. These are all easy things to implement which will give the chat moderation system a much more positive look and earn more trust from the community.
  3. If you want DE to read it, why did you decide to put it in General Discussion instead of the feedback forum? Doesn't make sense.
  4. If only they were stronger than normal weapons to warrant that badassery.
  5. It could have a rest feature, but I really wouldn't like an actual mechanic behind it. "Whoops, I logged out in the wrong room, gotta log back in."
  6. Make it a one-way street, where you can only go from regular to Prime.
  7. That... wouldn't be an awful idea. People could use their Umbral Formas and whatever without worrying about it going to waste when the Prime comes out.
  8. I mean, weapons are all about killing so yeah it's good to be able to one shot enemies.
  9. You sound very paranoid. What's insecure about the current system? If you lose connection during a trade, nothing gets lost. You mentioned scams earlier, and that only happens if someone tricks you into overpaying or underselling, and is easily avoidably by asking for pricechecks before trading.
  10. I told you that you're not meant to stay in Maroo's Bazaar for any extended period of time, and that it's much better to just paste your message in Trade Chat between messages. Can you explain again? What do you mean "wait around?" You make your post on the website, play the game until you get a response, and then figure out a time to meet and make the trade. There's no waiting around with warframe.market.
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