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  1. Between crashes, bugs, and people leaving before 8 I am fed up with SO entirely. All I need is her BP, but at the rate it's going I'm never going to get it.
  2. It seems as if Tenno can use Transference to an extent while in cryo. Rell was different and I think he was actually in the Harrow frame or that his bodied died, but his mind was still in his frame. At the end of CoH we destroy Harrow so Rell can be free and die. The transference in our Orbiter does not put us in stasis. The Tenno don't seem to age and stasis seems to weaken our ability to use Transference. There is a lot we don't know yet such as if Tenno need to eat, drink, if they age at all, etc.
  3. You guys might like this then: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=949824220 Tennogen for a Helminth Hydroid and Rhino skins
  4. Well isn't the narrator Ballas, an Orokin executor(?) who helped build the warframes? Up till now all the prime frame trailers have had their names said by Ballas.
  5. Awesome. Ended up sleeping in due to the time change and only caught the ending of Valkyr Prime trailer. One question on that: why didn't you have the narrator say Valkyr's name?
  6. In the first picture after Drop Sources it list Relic Packs and Syndicates so it's not that.
  7. You might like Equinox. Drops from Tyl Regor on Uranus. The Night aspect provides CC, damage reduction, and a heal while the Day aspect provides increased damage to enemies, increased power strength, and a really good nuke which comes with some CC.
  8. They had things like "Mining research station discovered", "Protect sensitive data", "Clear resistance", etc.
  9. The Corrupted are things that have been taken over by a Neural Sentry. What does TWW have to do with the Corrupted? I know that the devs have said something about revealing info about warframes in TWW.
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