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  1. WOW ! AMAZING !
  2. The Dual Toxocyst mechanic acting on Mesa's ult was a bug and is now fixed.
  3. Plastron Ki'Teer Épaulières Ki'Teer Pour les noms exactes :D (Oui, je suis chiant :x ) Sinon, je trouve que les armures et Syandanas Ki'Teer vont très bien à Vauban Prime.
  4. I would recommand the Gorgon, but only because I play the Wraith version with a Riven. I think if we just compare Gorgon and Tigris, Tigris is a lot better in term of DPS, but it dont really fit my playstyle.
  5. When killing a boss, you have x% chance to get a mark, regardless of which boss it is and if you already have a mark on it. So, you can spam the same boss multiple time to get a lot of mark, there is no "missing boss".
  6. Multiple boss are the best because each of them can give you a mark. So, Hyenna Pack or Lephantis. (but it dont have any link to the main topic)
  7. Considering the mod drop chance is 3% per enemi, regardless of level/mission, higher number of enemi will give you more mods. How @Extroahsaid, infested missions spawn a ton of enemis (and more if the mission has is high level), so just do survival/defense Dark Sector.
  8. I really like the idea and though about it a lot of time but I think it will not happen because most of warframe with auxiliary are made differently and have less details where you are not supposed to see (so, less work :D). As example, when you take Strega Trinity, she have a lot of details everywhere, but when you look under her skirt, there is lot less details because your are not supposed to see (yes, your are not, even if it's tempting >.>).
  9. I dont know if you have read (I can assume it's a bit long) but my idea is here to solve this problem and make them usable even with the lack of slot, due to their use as stance mod.
  10. On the last devstream, DE said they will add Melee Riven soon. This look to be a good addition but on melee, there is a huge problem. The main goal of Rivens mods is to make less used weapons stronger with high stats increase, like +300% damages, +150% crit damages, ect... so, these mods are worth to use instead weaker basic mods that just increase stats. But on melee, there are a lot of mods with unique mechanics like bloodrush, berserk, maiming strike or weeping wounds that will stay to use, regardeless of the weapon, so no balance between weapon by the use of Rivens. As example, if we take Blood Rush, after reaching a x2.5 combo (only 45 hit, so very fast), the mod give you +412.5% crit chance, so 7 time better than true steel. If we compare it to actual rivens that increase crit chance, it generally add 1.5 time the stat reached by the basic mod for a strong disposition if the mod only have 2 stats, so for crit chance on melee, it should only be +90% crit chance. Still really low compared to what Blood Rush can do. So, the main idea here is not to say melee Rivens should not exist but is to find a possible solution. My idea here is to make "Stance Rivens" instead regular "Melee Rivens". It can seem a bit weird and dont solve the problem but I will explain it. Melee stance are working like that : Base combo (spam "E") First combo (E E pause E E E, in most of case) Second combo (depending on the stance) Third combo (depending on the stance) Charged attack Slide attack In air attack Wall dash attack Ground finisher So, the idea is to make unique stance that randomly pick combos from existing stance of the weapon. At first look, it can seem to be a quality of life addition to melee, allowing you to have custom stances, and it's totally true, for faint disposition weapons. But for strong and neutral disposition, the possibles proc and damages multipliers of each hit could be affected. As example, if we take the combo "Slashing Wing" from the stance "Shimmering Blight", the first hit deal 100% damages and the 2nd and 3rd deal 200% damages. On a faint disposition weapon, the combo will remain the same. On a neutral disposition weapon, it should gain area attack on 2nd and third hits. On a strong disposition weapon, it should have 200% damages on each hit + various guaranteed proc (including elemental) or slam attack on the last hit. The goal is to give unique abilities on combo to underused weapons to make them viable without affecting them with huge number. It's a bit how Zenistar and Caustasyst are good with their unique ability on charged attack. I will try to be a bit more precise and list all the possible changes I imagine : For base, first, second and third combos : - Increased damage multiplier. - Guaranted proc (physical or elemental, including secondary elements). - Slam attack of first or last hit. - Some hits in the combo throws energy waves like "exalted blade", dealing x% of the base damages. For charged attack : -Throws a trail of x element trail in front of you, remaing for x seconds. -Throws an elemental disc in front of you, remaing for x seconds. -Release a shockwave in front of you that knockdown enemis. -Teleport to your target in x meters, dealing a finisher. For Slide attack : -Distance traveled is augmented and you leave an elemental trail behind you, remaining for x seconds. -Guaranted proc (physical or elemental, including secondary elements). In air attack : - Guaranted proc (physical or elemental, including secondary elements). - Release an elemental ring with 100% proc chance (similar to heat dagger and other heat weapons). Wall dash attack : -Guaranted proc (physical or elemental, including secondary elements). -Teleport on your target, dealing a finisher or to the wall you aim, reseting your wall latch duration. Ground finisher : -Enemy killed by ground finisher will explode, dealing damages to surronding enemis (like Nova's Molecular prime). -Ground finisher will give you x seconds of invisibility. Most of changes here are really strong but it most of cases, for strong disposition, only 1 or 2 combo will benefit from the "huge effects" like throwing an elemental trail and the other will only have guaranted proc slam attacks or increased damages.
  11. Totally disagree. Endo is one of the most rewarding thing we can have in Sortie with Riven and Legendary Cores, and it will more with the new Ayatan sculpture. Seriously, how can you say endo is useless when you prefer to have a Forma or even lens instead ? It make no sens. Endo is one of the most useful thing in the game and Sortie allow to farm it faster than everything.
  12. Sure, but restrict the gameplay of a weapon to slide attack is not a buff. It just allow you to play it at the cost of non fun. It's a bit like Telos Boltaces. The weapon is powerfull with Maiming Strike but boring to play because you have to spam slide attack. If you play a game, it's not for find the best weapon and play without effort. You play a game to enjoy it, for fun. And spamming the same attack to make a weapon viable is not fun (or at least, in my opinion).
  13. I think the best example of the mutagen sample drop chance was Zephyr. When she came out, Oxium drop only droped by 1 and now, it's around 25-30 per drop, and DE didn't do anythings to players who farmed her. I think they just have to assume their mistake and reduce the reseach cost. It's not really a problem for me but it will surely be for newer clans, forcing players to join big clans instead create their own.
  14. I agree, we need more cephalons weapons. I really like the design of Cephalons weapons and their uniquesness. I tryed to create 2 of them with uniques abilities, some times ago (the first one was featured in Prime Time #137).
  15. The main problem of DE is they talk about new features to earlier and then, hype people without reason, but they only do that (in most of case), to have feedback about it and it make the game grow faster. A lot of people says DE delay everything (and it's true) but it still the game that grow faster I even seen. Even if they dont release what they says in time, they always give us new content, each week. Sometime, just a weapon or armor set but still something each week and no other game do that.