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  1. That's what they said would happen, the +30 rivens slots from MR30 add on top of the cap. If it's not doing that, it's a bug and should be fixed soon.
  2. If you are looking for it and farm specifically for this mod, it's not that rare. Yeah, 0.22% seems impressively low, but if you want its and are willing to farm Kubrow on earth mission, there are generally 4-6 or more Kubrow dens in a capture/extermination, each spawning at least 6 Kubrow, which means the low average is around 30 Kubrow per mission you can do in 4-5 minute at a relatively slow path. This is about 30 chances to get that 0.22% loot, which is about 6.6% chance per mission (even it's not exactly right), and you can futher increase this by playing Nekros or other loot frames. Th
  3. Waiting to see how fast we can rush the "True Master Test" with unmodded default loadout, while some people complain it's IMPOSSIBLE with min-maxed gears on the forums.
  4. Regardless of your way of playing and the effort it imply, login simply take about 2min per day, while MR farming is time consuming (even if it can be effortless), without considering specific things that have low drop chance on rotation C. Considering it take 2min, to login, reaching 2000 days of login will take you a total of 2000min = 33 hours. Haven't done the maths, but I'm pretty sure that less than the time need to get ALL the the stuff behind rotation C drops that you need for MR, considering you have average luck.
  5. The idea is interesting, but why would you waste a melee mod slot for this, while the Synth set exist ? I mean, regardless of the changes you make to the mod, magazine capacity or reload speed is never a good stat exept on Soma Prime with Hata-Satya on, but it's not a secondary weapon. I think something like reduced recoil, slight fire rate buff or something like that would help the mod being useable. Because right now you have literally 0 reason to use magazine size or reload speed, and even less reason to waste a melee mod slot for that purpose.
  6. That would be cool, but as @Scruffel mentionned, there is no direct monetization, so to remunerate artists, DE would have to directly pay them. Also, map require a good level designs, some hitboxes additionnal stuff for rendering made directly in engine, and probably more stuff I'm not aware of, so it would hardly be doable. by a single person that is not part of the studio. However, something that could lighten the work and solve the monetization problem would be some Simulacrum skins that apply on the existing maps setup, sold separately. Simulacrum is a place a lot of people spend ti
  7. Smite, Shock, Fireball, etc... are technically not damage buff abilities, because they require their respective augment mods to act as such, while Xata Whisper is directly a damage buff. However, what I find weird is Saryn's Toxin Lash that work exactly the same as Xata Whisper, but isn't considered as a damage buff. Xata Whisper stack multiplicatively with your total damage after mods, while elemental augments are additive to mods. This mean Xata Whisper can provide a much higher damage output on a mod setup using high elemental mods values (such as the legendaries ones), while
  8. How does it work when applied with AoE weapons ? Also, it's still a problem because a teammate with Xata Whisper can prevent you from headshotting if he shoot and proc before you. A fix for both would be for the Void status bubble to be considered as a body part that provide punchthrough. So, it mean you can still headshot by shooting through the bubble, and also shoot to enemies behinds. This would be a buff to Void status, but it's not in a good place right now, so I don't think it's an issue.
  9. Steel Path do that already. What we need is just a Steel Path version of all bounties, not just a single one.
  10. You can upgrade mods from relays, so you don't need to go back to your orbiter, you just need to go back to the relay (which spawn you near the simulacrum), upgrade your mod and then go back in, which is pretty fast. You have access to the arsenal, but not the mod console, so if you want to upgrade a mod you need to leave the simulacrum.
  11. Yeah, spending 1.5s building up combo at the beginning of a mission is sooooo long... and if everyone die before you can build up, it means you don't need combo. That's why combo based build will always be better. As for other reason to not use it : It has one projectile and low status chance, so it's terrible for status and Shattering Impact (which is what make the two other gunblades good). The shot have low range and not so good DPS compared to guns, so unless you use combo based mods, it will scale poorly but you can't efficiently use them because shots don't contribute to t
  12. That's actually a good reason to prime it. They could also add a little plus like they did with Primed Regen and the additional revives. Something like +x% shield gating time for each rank above 5 would fit the mod and give it some new uses.
  13. Eventually, but take a look at Blood Rush VS Sacrifial Steel. Blood Rush is 100% better if you understand the game and make great use of it, but a large part of the community still stick with Sacrifial Steel and non-combo based builds, because they are much easier to use. In a lot of case including this one, a large part of the community choose ease of use over performance. It mean there isn't really a "best choice" because the "popular choice" isn't about efficiency but about comfort and ease of use, so the best option still have the drawback of being harder to use. That's why a lot peop
  14. These mods affect recoil, but recoil itself isn't the important part about what I explained. In the current situation, you will never trade a mod slot for sighly reduced recoil, unless you use a very specific weapon with insane fire rate and too much recoil to handle, like Grakata with Wild Frenzy equiped (which is the only example I have in mind where recoil mods are worth using). However, if you have access to variant of existing mods with a sighly tweaked value and some other effect to reflect that (in my example, a bit less damage for reduced recoil, and a bit more damage at the cost
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