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  1. What Are your Top 5 Favorites?

    Top 5 Warframes : Saryn (Prime) Mirage Oberon (Prime) Ivara Mag (Prime) Top 5 Primaries : Lanka Ogris Scourge Gorgon (Wraith) Top 5 Secondaries : Zakti Embolist Nukor Staticor Azima About melee, I can't really say which one is my preferate since I play a lot of them and almost love them all and just change my "main melee" when the stance isn't fun anymore to play. So, the only thing I can say is that Lacera is my current preferate.
  2. Atlas deluxe Skin

    Look nice :D If you consider making the shoulder spike as part of the helmet, making this a Tennogen skin may be feasible.
  3. Faction based camouflage

    It's an interesting idea but would make the game a P2W since most of cosmetics are only obtainable with platinums. So, unless the update also add a way to get at least on armor set per faction obtainable without plats it wouldn't be possible. About colors, it would be complicated because they would have to implement a complexe algorythm that decide what color combination look similar to specific enemies and then, let them consider you as ally at a certain distance, without consider it would make the game P2W for the same reason as armor sets. Adding to these factors, I dont want cosmetics to affect gameplay to not have to wear specifics outfits in order to be camoufled, and I'm probably not the only one, adding to fact some Tennogen skins as well could break the balance (hello Graxx skins). It initially look like a good idea but I don't think it is.
  4. Making a full fire head would be complicated since fire are generally juste an animatied texture on a flat plane. If you look closely at any fire on warframe body/helmet or weapon, you will see that fire always follow a certain plan, with of course, some bumps caused by the normal map texture. In the case of a full fire head, it would require a more complexe method to be realistic that imply physic, so it's can't be done with textures only. However, Tennogen items need to at least work correctly with only the model and textures given without any suplementary, even if DE can add some additionals energy things or animations later.
  5. I'm the person who posted and yes, it's photoshop. Simply a suggestion on how I imagine the design. Can't wait to see the futur progress of this skin. Considering how Corpus stuff is generally boxy, trying Corpus technology on a warframe body is really audacious and it's impresively well done. It's sad that we will have to wait Round 11 for non-halloween content :c
  6. I don't plan to do more Halloween submissions but it could happen, I dont know.
  7. Will more melee categories will be added for model swap in the future ?
  8. Corrupted mod idea

    By bleeding, he means when you're down. So, it be "+x% health, -y% bleedout reduction".
  9. Can someone make a new clan emblem...Please

    Done in 10 seconds, do you like it ?
  10. TennoGen Round 9

    In most of case, it's just late on wednesday but since DE is on Ontario where timezone is UTC-5, uptades may happen early on thursday for country over UTC+1.
  11. Penalties for leaving the game if you're hosting

    No. However, Limbo players that force you to leave when you're hosting because their stasis is too annoying should get a penality.
  12. Lanka riven

    Since the eletric damages of the Lanka is added in last because it's innate in the weapon, you have to put another electric mod to force corrosive to be there. So, what you have to do is a put an electric and toxin mod (regardless of the order) and the, add in last you Riven. In the case you dont add an eletric mod mod, electricity will be added in last, resulting to gaz (toxin + heat) and electricity.
  13. Why would you farm a support frame to play solo ? :0
  14. My tiny arsenal - Sketch's miniatures+

    It seems bigger than all others, compared to the glass support. Is the size not adapted to your other miniatures ? Edit : I didn't see your previous message but I was half right.