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  1. The real question is, why does particle number is affected by duration instead of strength ? It make more sense to have this number affected by strength a bit like Baruuk's daggers, since it's not really related to range or duration and provide a damage reduction buff that is always increased by strength on other powers (Mirage's Eclise or Nekro's Shield of Shadows, for example). Also, Nova already greatly benefit from duration on all her kit and need as much a possible on Molecular Prime, so moving it this to strength would encourage more build diversity on her.
  2. If I'm not wrong they come up when searching for "sniper" because they all use sniper ammo.
  3. Basically, shield is a secondary health while armor give a damage reduction to your health. Damage reduction is "armor/(armor+300)", which mean each armor point increase value of each health point by 1/300. It mean increasing both health + armor is better than increasing health + shield or armor + shield, because health and armor interactions are multiplicative, which is more beneficial as the values become bigger.
  4. All mods (exept a few that have different base values) increase their stat by the same amount as base value, per rank. So a mod final value is generall (1+level)*unranked stats. For a Riven, it's 1+8=9 time the unranked value, so : +54% multishot +28.8% damage to grineer +95.4% critical chance -45% status chance I would reroll it to avoid faction damage and negative status, but it's still usable.
  5. Augments in exilus slot would be bad in my opnion, it would punish people that use both augments and exilus, which are really few right know 😧
  6. It's true people rarely use them but it doesn't mean they are bad, it just mean people don't know how to use them or simply don't want. Something being more used doesn't mean it's better, it simply mean it's easier to use, more obvious or this kind of stuff. For example : A lot of people use tanking build with Vitality + Armor + Adaptation. It's not bad and you are tanky ok, but wouldn't it be better to replace one survivability mod with something else ? Maybe but it require a bit more thinking than putting all tanking mods and maybe a different playstyle because you have less health, but it's more efficient in the end. Some people use viral on 100% status Tigris and Drakgoon builds. Ok it work, you get slash and viral proc and it's good, but you end up with a better damage output with no slash and corrosive only. Corrosive only is better, but require a riven for 100% status with less status mods and maybe remove the slash or Venom Dose for additionnal corrosive procs so it's not usable in any situation. Heavy attack melee builds are strong with Sacrificial Steel, but you can get a better output with more mobility with Blood Rush, Condition Overload, Weeping Wounds and a few other mods. The second option is much stronger but require you to keep your combo counter high while also need rare mods which not everyone own. Overall, the strongest options are not the most used because they require rare stuff, more thinking, a more risky playstyle or other stuffs than don't make them the go-to option for everyone and that's the reason a lot of people think augments are bad. The truth is they are just underrated.
  7. Why exactly ? It's not like augments are bad, not worth the slot or not worth the capacity. A dedicated augment slot would be a a free mod slots since most of warframe get more benefit from 1-2 augments rather that fitting all slots with raw powers, and some build even work with 3-4 augments. The only issue with augments mods are the few augments that are bad and not good, and they just need to be buffed to be in line with other augments. I haven't took the time to review, but I'm sure at least 70% of them are worth using if used well and all warframe have at least 2 goods augments. Sure they don't all fit on any builds but that's the idea of augments, they encourage different play styles with uniques effects on each powers. Just taking a random exaple, Chroma's Vexing Retaliation can sounds really bad because you generally sacrifice range for duration on Chroma, but you can tweak your build, get a bit less duration and strength, but focus on range so you can knockdown enemy in big range and get good CC at the cost of a bit of duration and range, while still being super tanky with a good damage buff. Maybe augment slots would encourage more people playing with augments because some currently don't understand how powerful they are, but they certainly don't need a dedicated slot.
  8. It's cool but the mod is old and in my opinion, it need a little fresh up to be in line with other Primed Mods, especially since Baro Ki'Teer sell it. The suggestion is simple, rename it to "Primed Charged Chamber", change it from "rare" to "legendary" and give it 10 ranks, for a total of "+110% Damage on first shot in Magazine" when maxed (+10% per rank).
  9. So if I understand right, what you suggest is a +4% per rank above 30 (so total of +40%) additionally to the base weapon elemental buff, so a final +65-100% depending on base bonus ? If this is what you mean, it would be a plain buff to Kuva weapons and they really don't need that. Just to be clear, what I suggest is moving the Kuva bonus from being there at level 0, to start existing at level 30 and gradually increase until level 40. So it would be a nerf until you reach level 40 and get the value like they currently work. For example, a +28% toxin Kuva weapon, would have +0% from unranked to level 30, start getting a +2.8% toxin damage per rank at level 31 and end up with a total +28% toxin buff at level 40.
  10. This sounds weird to me, you get the ability to dismiss one Lich per Kuva weapon, so it give a reason to kill a Lich you don't but since that reason is the ability to dismiss one Lich, so you just end up skipping half of the Liches you spawn. Honestly, I feel levels above 30 shoud simply give the Kuva elemental bonus. So a Kuva weapon get no elemental bonus until level 31 and get 10% for the total bonus per level above 30, up to 100% of the value at level 40. Kuva weapons are already strong enough and linking the elemental bonus to level above 30 would make sense with their ability level up past the said level.
  11. I use the Mecha set too, but since I generally play Saryn with Venom Dose, I get a guaranteed toxin status not interfering with status distribution + corrosive to go full corro or corro+gas. In most of cases I go gas with the mods, but on 100% status shotguns, full corro is just better regardless of the situation. I'm a big fan of DoTs too but you know, sometime you really want to shred armor. Also, keep in mind each tick of DoT are individually affected by armor, which mean you can apply a bunch of toxin/gas status, switch to your shotgun and shred armor in 1-2 seconds, and then the rest of the damages from DoT will act on reduced armor and kill the target. If it's a Mecha target, it will then share a bunch of DoT + a bunch of corrosive to make then even stronger. Overall, Mecha set is strong but you really want to mix corrosive and gas for best damage output. That's interesting to see someone who actually want spread. For me, spread on a shotgun is just a drawback since it's just increased chances of missing a pellet and doing less damage. Also +90% from Vicious Spread over the +165% from Primed Point Blank is a bit of waste of slot. Also, Drakgoon can actually shoot like a normal shotgun if you don't charge your shot, so it's a 2 in 1. Overall, even if you like close range combat you still can do both and have more benefit with less spread.
  12. Drakgoon is in my opinion, the best Kuva weapon we have right know. It need a Riven with at least +74% status chance to reach full potential and achieve full corrosive 100% status with decent crit, but it's a beast if you can aim decently (which may be hard on Switch). The bouncing mechanic with augment + innate punch through make it a deadly weapon for killing enemies groups at any range, behind doors, in corners you don't see, etc... If you want to give it a try, here is my build : Not using corrosive on 100% status shotguns is a bit of a waste in my opinion. Also since you play Oberon, avoid Smite Infusion as it would mess up with your status distribution which is overall a huge damage loss when going for corrosive, gas or slash.
  13. If you plan on using Kuva Drakgoon, you really don't need the Brakk. Compared to Brakk, the Drakgoon overall serve the same purpose but have higher damage, boucing shots,and the possibility tighten the shots and land everything on head regardless of target distance, while Brakk has falloff starting at 11m. If you're going for a Mecha, set the Kuva Nukor chain effect with punch through can kills marked enemies you may have not seen, which make the set much easier to use, so I would go with this one. Also, what Warframe are you using in general ?
  14. Yes, but then it require you to press the [Switch Weapon] instead of simply pressing [Fire Weapon] to shoot which defeat the purpose of the option. Basically, what I want is the current fast switch between weapons and melee when using fire button and melee button, but not when pressing aim button.
  15. Right know when you have your melee equiped and press the aim button, it automatically switch to your gun (make sense for aiming), but that's not the only fuction of the button. Press the aim button in air let you aim-glide which is a useful parkour useful too but since it equip your gun, it mean you can't block with your melee while aim-gliding while also not taking advantage of "reload x% of magazine/s while hostered". Overall, it mean players using parkour are punished for this because they can't benefit for a specific brand of mods and protect front damage while moving, which is a bad thing. A simple simple solution would be an option to not automatically switch to gun while aim-gliding.
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