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  1. I agree we don't need more stat-stick, but I'm not sure it really count as stat stick if we have to use the weapon to get the benefits. I mean, it's just just a passive stat buff, it's a buff to another weapon on condition that encourage synergy, a bit like recent Baro Ki'Teer Glaive mods. Also, I think if introduced correctly, it allow a much deeper theory craft because you would think and mod your whole loadout depending synergies you want instead of just modding each item as best as you can separately. Converting combo into a universal " weapon devil trigger" is a clever id
  2. With primary weapons buff through mod being a hot topic, I want to share a few ideas related to that. Before starting, I want to explain the general idea around these mods, because they might seems off without said idea in mind. What I have in mind is to add a serie of mods that encourage using melee as a support for gun, like you would do with a status primary weapon as support for a condition overload melee. Or at least, encourage a good synergy between the two. (Melee) : Combo multiplier decrease your melee damage by -8% (-88% at max combo), but increase your guns damage by +22
  3. This make wonder if there is any plan for the ingame engine tennogen viewer. It's not that much of an issue for basic materials, but it become very complicated to get an accurate result when it comes to transparent emissives or unique materials like glass.
  4. Since the bolt pin dead enemies and move them in the direction of the shot, the 0.6s delay might be useful to kill enemies behind your initial target. This a very niche use, but definitely useful in some situation and it's good to have some diversity with the number of standard explosive weapons we already have. And if you're not happy with that you can always slot Thunderbolt.
  5. Well, it's just your choice have higher energy drain that you can ever store, and there is not a bug or issue here. Would you blame the game for making your weapon unusable if you decide to slot a +200% CC +150% CD -120% dmg Riven ? You obviously shouldn't because it was your choice to sacrifice more than 100% of your damage output ton bump your crit stats. The way to solve this is just to use a damage mod to negate the effect, and considering it as a "wasted slot" if doing isn't the right mindset. You asked for the issue by going full strength ignoring the efficiency drawback, and what
  6. Yeah we definitely need more mods with unique conditions or proprieties like this. It's actually the most reliable and interesting way to bring build diversity. Acolyte/Amalgam mods are just... mod that act on condition or have unique proprieties instead just being plain boring DPS increase. So yeah, any interesting mod concept looks like Acolyte/Amalgam mods, it's just weird we don't have more like these in the game already.
  7. It's not really a coop game. Like some other games in the same situation like Borderlands, Destinity and many others, it's playable on coop but it's designed to be fully playable on solo have less than 5% of the mechanic revolving around cooperation. In warframe, the only thing that are really problematic when playing solo are : - Lowered enemy spawn, that make some missions difficult, not because you have trouble managing the missions alone, but because there are not enough enemies for the objective. - One of the Lua challenge that require 4 "players", but this can be bypassed by using
  8. The reason they were first introduced it to tie your damage output with some kind of progression linked to the mods system. We could certainly have an innate +165% damage as we level weapons, but you won't have to invest endo, credits, and mod capacity, which are 3 valuable resources you might want to use differently as a beginner. So even if these mods seems like an unnecessary step that lead to +165% damage and 7 mods slots, it provide some interesting progression, especially as they are all 10 ranks mods that are expensive and not worth leveling too early. However, I agree it's not eno
  9. In my opinion, the lack of mobility is a good point that both translate what they are in the lore, and encourage the Operator/Warframe swap much more. Even if they need some adjustement, the way Operators are built make them an amazing support tool if used correctly in synergy with your Warframe, which make it an additional part of the gameplay instead of just being a choice between playing Operators or playing Warframes. So, what they need isn't an overall buff to make them viable on their own, but more utility that make them worth using in combination with your Warframe for a greater ou
  10. This is not true, if you test and do the maths (be careful about enemy resistances when do so), you will notice that the buff is just a +100% toxin added with elemental mods. This isn't true. There is definitely a damage increase, but it's just equal to "base damage * (elemental mods + lesion buffs + venom dose)". I don't know how you tested that stuff, but you should give it another try.
  11. For the requirement, the 4s duration is enough to make use of the previous jump bonus if you use parkour good enough (which is the goal of a parkour based mod). As for the buff itself being bad on weapon with low stats, it's just a general issue of mods and I don't I'm not sure doing that on one mod would solve it. But I'm definitely for more parkour based mods.
  12. It works sighly differntly, but Motus Setup is pretty much the same idea. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Motus_Setup
  13. You can max your combo counter in less than a second on a small enemy group if you they don't die too fast, and if they actually die (which generally happens) you don't need to max your combo. The sad thing about combo based mods is the fact they are always enough at the level you use them but can grow stronger, which invalidated all other possible setup. As for the main topic (gun VS melee), the thing is you should use both for maximum benefits, which just make this comparison meaningless. Sure there will be people prefering one or the other depending on their preference, playstyle or ot
  14. As I always say when someone complain about reload, just put these 2 mods on your pet and you'll be fine.
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