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  1. The dragon key is definitely an issue, but Rolling Guard need some changes too. The concept of Rolling Guard is really interesting, but I think it has two major issues in the current state : The long invulnerability period and cooldown encourage using it a "invicibility button" you have to use wisely instead of a dodge, which discourage the use of roll for the sake of rolling. For the same reason as above, it greatly disavantage players who use roll for actual movement, which is a flaw for a mod that should encourage rolling. To fix this, I would remove the cooldown and change the duration from "3s" to "animation duration + 0.5s". This change would still make the mod useful, but prevent any cheesing strategy and ease of use, as long as not harming people who use rolls anymore.
  2. 360% VS 165% is actually more 1.7x more damage (considering you only have one source of base damage increase). This big increase at the cost of pontential damage loss if you don't use it correctly seems like a fair trade. As for bosses, most of them have random enemies around you can kill to keep your stacks up.
  3. The weapon stats show 0% status chance, but it's a bit of a lie. The projectile have 0% status chance, but the explosiation have a unlisted 25% status chance. But I agree still agree with you. The weapon don't really have high end potential and didn't have self-damage when it was a thing, so adding self-stagger is a bit weird and don't really fit the weapon.
  4. Auto-aim mod won't solve the issue. The issue isn't the difficulty to aim or any sort of comfort, but how low the outcome is even when you aim perfectly. If you consider a player able to land every bullet on enemies weakspot, most of single target weapons (not only hitscans) are much weaker than AoE weapons. To fix this, we simply need more incentive to use single target projectiles over AoE, with game mechanics that promote aiming skills. Removing headshots on AoE was a great first step, but more could be helpful (innate or through some mods) : headshots grants critical hit successive hit on a same target increase damage it receive Overkill damage is spread out to surrounding enemies (mainly for sniper and other high damage projectiles) Missing bullets bounces on surface 3x, gaining damage for each bounce (either for killing crowd, or land skilled bouce shots for increasing damage) These are just a few examples, but overall we just need more reason use normal projectile guns over AoE. It doesn't physically make sense for a bullet to deal more damage than an explosion, but it's a game and we need game balance and fun over realism.
  5. I like this idea. In that philosophy, maybe some mods that buff other weapons to encourage switching could be interesting, things like : +60% gun damages for each melee hit (up to 5x) for the next shot x% of your damage done by guns while in air are stored (with a cap) for your next melee attack headshots instantly switch weapons and give them +200% headshot damage and +100% ammo efficiency for 2s
  6. The initiative of buffing primary without simply bumping damage numbers is good and I'm totally for it, but I don't think the recently announced changes goes toward this direction, let me explain why. So first, let's summarize what these new things are : Weapons arcanes : arcanes that provide up to +360% damage and some small buffs on different kill conditions. Galvanized mods : slighly weaker version of existing mods, exept they grow stronger on each kill/headshot kill for a duration. From there, even before diving into the details you can point out a big issue : everything is triggered on kill, which further increase the gap between good and bad weapons. It means your weapon unnecessarily grow stronger if it can kill but won't get that buff if it can't kill, it's just unecessary snowball. On top of that, since all conditions are on kill it means there is no interesting gameplay variations caused by the conditions of the mods you use and using multiple of these mods make no changes since they all trigger the same way. Both issues can easily be solved by adding variations of each mods with different conditions. To encourage players using different conditions, each mod stat increase could be influenced by the condition difficulty and also restricted to one mod of each condition per weapon (so only one mod triggering on kill for example). Here are a few examples of possible condition : Headshot (not kill) while in air A stack for each enemy hit with a same shot (which would stack based on the previous shot, until the next shot) A stack for each successive hit on a same target (reset on hitting another enemy) Stack with distance traveled and reset on shot (like Volt passive) After reviving an ally / being revived While hidden (same condition as the x8 stealth damage multiplier) While above an enemy (with increase depending on the height difference) Those are just a few examples but the possibility are endless. And the import thing to keep in mind is the way all those conditions might encourage different play styles instead of being "on kill" which basically mean "if your weapon is strong enough to kill". So now, let's dive into details for each of the two systems : Galvanised mods : I'm starting with them because there is not much to say. The only big concern I have is the way they are "sighly weaker" than normal mods if the condition isn't met instead of not being active like existing mods with conditions. Making them stronger variant that stack with a condition like Condition Overload but with different conditions would make them interesting to play with, but here they are just direct upgrade of their normal counterpart and I don't think it's healthy for the game. My proposed change is : Keep the current max value of each mod, but make them start from 0 instead of being a "sighly weaker" version of the normal version. Also change the condition for each mod according to the feedback about conditions above. Weapons arcanes : Those are a great initiative and are close to what we would expect from weapons stances (encouraging different playstyles), but they aren't enough to provide a meaningful change. Also, the idea of giving each of them a damage increase of +360% at max stack regardless of their duration and how they work is a smart move to make sure one isn't better than another, but it also mean you have less reason to play one that is harder to stack or stuff like that. For this part, I will simply list what I would do for each of the arcanes. The changes might be a bit extremes, but it's mainly to show the philosophy behind it : Primary Merciless Double magazine size and recoil +100% swap speed while trigger is held : +5% fire rate per second (stack up to +150%) +25% damage per second (stack up to +150%) on kill : +100% ammo efficiency for 3s instantly reload your second weapon with 200% of the magazine size The idea here is to replace the "kill to deal more damage" with a "shoot to deal more damage" with the damage/fire rate ramp up, but also with ammo efficiency that can lead to infinite magazine if used correctly. Pretty much turning any weapon into a machine gun. Primary Deadhead Double damage and half firerate (same DPS) +200% headshot multiplier On headshot : -100% recoil for the next shot +200% multishot for the next shot On headshot kill : enemies in a 10m around the kill go unalerted store overkill damages for the next shot The idea here is to keep the "sharpshooter" style with a touch of stealth, but also reward headshots at different degree instead of kill only. Primary Dexterity Freeze combo counter while weapon is held Enemies hit by the weapon receive double damage from your melee weapons After melee heavy attack : +75% damage per enemy hit for 3s (up to 5 enemies) +25% critical chance per enemy hit for 3s (up to 5 enemies) On melee kill : instantly reload your primary weapon +200% status chance The idea here is simply a melee support oriented layout that also get buffed by you melee to encourage playing both. So I'm obviously not claiming this is perfect, but this is my view on the recently announced changes and additions to primary/secondary weapons, but I really feel like these slight changes could really improve the intended changes.
  7. Why not make them available in both game modes ? The star chart completion to access these mods is an issue, but restricting them to Arbitration (that is a single mission every hour instead of the whole star chart) is also a big issue.
  8. Which is why I used the word "popular". From what we've seen over the game development, balance isn't really a concern while diversity is. This is extremly different because something objectively weak but still popular will overshadow less popular stuff even if it's weak, which wouldn't happen if we talk about "powerness" instead of "popularity". Plenty of stuff that got nerfed in the past wasn't necessarily powerful things, but the overpopular ones that overshadow the rest of content for the vast majority of the players, not because they are strong but because they are popular for other reasons (ease of use, early availability, recently featured by content creators, etc...). Things like : old Zenurik, exalted turret Excalibur, Tonkor, Valkyr ult, Wukong, etc... I agree it feels extremly dumb to explain what I said above because it's obvious, but there seems to be debate about "powerness", while this is clearly about "popularity" as OP said.
  9. They obviously nerf things because of popularity for a simple reason : diversity. If one specific thing is more popular than the rest (being because of strength, ease of use, fun or any other reason), it leaves no room for other stuff. In this case you either reduce popularity of said thing, or increase the popularity of everything else (through nerf/buff or other changes). The simplest option is obviously to work on ONE thing (the one that generally get a nerf) rather than changing everything else according to it.
  10. I agree we don't need more stat-stick, but I'm not sure it really count as stat stick if we have to use the weapon to get the benefits. I mean, it's just just a passive stat buff, it's a buff to another weapon on condition that encourage synergy, a bit like recent Baro Ki'Teer Glaive mods. Also, I think if introduced correctly, it allow a much deeper theory craft because you would think and mod your whole loadout depending synergies you want instead of just modding each item as best as you can separately. Converting combo into a universal " weapon devil trigger" is a clever idea tha would fix the current combo issue. It could also change the current combo base mods into mods that only trigger during the "devil trigger", so they are wasted modslots when you are in normal mod but have insane values in said mode. As for the mod problem slots problem, I think it's more a good point than a flaw. The limited slot count make the use of these special mods much more difficult to use efficiently together because of the conditions, or simply the too big DPS decrease if they are mostly utility mod. This have to be balanced wisely though, and it's not necessarily easy. I'm not sure considering these mods "useless" because they require more action is the right approach. If you think this way, 99% of the game content is useless because there is one specific loadout that is just enough to clear the game and is also the one requiring the less effort. I think these type of mods are aimed for more experienced players that want to increase their overall strength by using condition based mods, because they can reliably use them at their advantage. A very simple but good example is Hydraulic Crosshairs : it is only 12.5% better than Pistol Gambit (ignore prime version) and work on condition, but it's just a free damage increase you already reliably land headshots. I think we don't need a plain DPS increase for guns, but a buff in specific playstyles through mods encouraging their use, that could either be used alone comfortably, or provide a much bigger increase if used together, but requiring more skill and knowledge. The main issue about the arcanes you stated above isn't really the way they work, but the fact they aren't even good if used correctly : Blade Charge is just weaker than Condition Overload (even if stackable) and you're better replace it with Arcane Strike. Arcane Primary Charger is actually a good replacement for Serration if you have no better arcane to slot there. Residual and Theorems sets aren't that bad, the just need some tweaks, such as high spawn chance anrd range for Residuals, and maybe higher cap for the Theorems to make the multi stack mechanic more interesting.
  11. With primary weapons buff through mod being a hot topic, I want to share a few ideas related to that. Before starting, I want to explain the general idea around these mods, because they might seems off without said idea in mind. What I have in mind is to add a serie of mods that encourage using melee as a support for gun, like you would do with a status primary weapon as support for a condition overload melee. Or at least, encourage a good synergy between the two. (Melee) : Combo multiplier decrease your melee damage by -8% (-88% at max combo), but increase your guns damage by +22% (+220% at max combo). This mod is obviously intended for pure gun fight, since it drastically reduce your melee damage output, but also make combo build up easier on low health target for the same reason. (Melee) : Gun kills add +5 to the combo counter. This provide an alternative to build up your combo if you really don't want to get close to an enemy. Considering how fast combo building is, this mod will generally be a wasted slot unless you have a very specific startegy in mind, generally related to gun focused gameplay. (Melee) : Heavy attack buff your next primary weapon magazine with +25% critical damage per enemy hit. Increasing the effect per enemy instead of combo multiplier avoid just making it a brainless max combo build up followed by a single target heavy attack. It instead involve some placement and preperation for best results. If multiple heavy attacks are performed before reloading, the highest value will be kept. (Melee) : Heavy attack will create a 3m radius beam with infinite punch through and forced impact proc. 10s cooldown. Intended to provide an alternative to proc the mod above. Instead of stacking enemies and heavy melee them, you can just line them up. (Melee) : Heavy attack will recharge +1% of your magazine per enemy hit if your combo multipler is above 3. Allow the use of heavy attack to maintain some of the effect appening on the current clip, but only if you have a reliable way to keep feeding your combo counter to trigger the effect. (Primary) : Each primary weapon kill increase the range of the next melee attack by 2m. This mod is intented to provide a gun play alternative to stacking combo, or simply increase the range of heavy attack, either for damage or for triggering effects. (Primary) : When combo counter is empty headshot ignore armor, deal +500% damage and add +50 to the combo counter. This one is intended to provide an interesting way to engage combat with high damage single target weapons. It has the pontential to be extremly strong with negative combo mods, which is why I added the +50 combo on trigger. (Primary) : Manually reloading consume your combo counter to increase your critical damage by +20% per combo counter (+220% at max combo) for 10s. This one synergize well with some of the mods above, but also deplete your combo counter, which mean you will need a reliable way to build up combo fast if you want to combine this mod with others mod scaling with combo.
  12. This make wonder if there is any plan for the ingame engine tennogen viewer. It's not that much of an issue for basic materials, but it become very complicated to get an accurate result when it comes to transparent emissives or unique materials like glass.
  13. Since the bolt pin dead enemies and move them in the direction of the shot, the 0.6s delay might be useful to kill enemies behind your initial target. This a very niche use, but definitely useful in some situation and it's good to have some diversity with the number of standard explosive weapons we already have. And if you're not happy with that you can always slot Thunderbolt.
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