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  1. Let Baro bring a Bolto Prime bp

    Yes please, give us a single Bolto prime :D
  2. Ranking already give you some good things such higher syndicate cap or higher void traces cap and that's good. Adding ingame buff to your warframe would just incite player to rush mastery rank and that's not a thing DE want. Even without buff, people already rush mastery rank, so we don't need a mechanic that force everyone to do the same.
  3. I really like the skin but it need some tweak to better fit corpus. First, how Thecake64 said, you need deeper separation between each parts of the proxy arm. About shape, I have almost nothing to do, the previous picture describe well what I think. Just try to add more mechanical details on the black part to contrast between technology and organic like it currently is on Corpus Proxy. About the material of the said arm, it's too bright compared to existing Corpus machines and the blue should be break in 2 different materials to fit Corpus proxies. To create this effect with the color, you can make the diffuse and tint map darker on the area to make it a bit more gray and dark along changing the rougthness and metalness to give nice effect. For the body, the sculpt is nice, but the textures need some realistic details such as shadow and metallic/rougth variations on folds and stain on the cloth. You can also tweak the the color schem for a more corpus look (black to dark grey blue and white to light green, for example) but it's not really a necessity.
  4. Mirage Prime and her idles

    That's true (for weapon, not frame) but all dual weapons share the same pose, and none of them have the same pose as Mirage on the prime access preview.
  5. Mirage Prime and her idles

    It's nothing that exist in the game, just a custom pose for the preview.
  6. Riven disposition and weapon variants

    Yeah, that's seems legit and would work well with weapons that have multiple variant, such as Gorgon, Braton, Tigris, etc...
  7. Onkko est déjà là en faite, c'est le mec des plumes. Il explique d'ailleurs qu'il s'est volontairement isolé parce que d'après des prédictions de je ne sais plus quoi, c'était la seule alternative qui permettait un avenir heureux pour Cetus. D'ailleurs, c'est assez intéressant parce que d'après ce que j'ai compris et me souviens, Onkko serait capable par l’intermédiaire de l'Unum, de visualisé les variantes possibles de l'avenir à travers le néant. J'ai pas plus d'info mais savoir que les Orokins pouvaient lire l'avenir ouvre pas mal de possibilités pour de nouvelles théories.
  8. Replacing Mag as a Starter Warframe?

    To be fair, I think Mag is great on low level, she is just bad on mid-tier.
  9. Outliers Within the Relic-Naming Scheme

    Yeah, it's frustrating D:
  10. Why can I take damage?

    When stacking damage reduction, what you get isn't a direct stack but a damage reduction over another reduction. By using link and then blessing, what you get is 75% damage reduction and then, 72.5% damage reduction on the 25% remaing. So, what you get is 1-[(1-0.75)*(1-0.725)] = 93.37% damage reduction, resulting to 6.62% damages taken.
  11. Gambit: The gambler warframe from my dream.

    For now, 1st and 3rd power area really similar and supposed to synergize, but imply too much random, even if it's the intial goal of the warframes. 4th power also seems a bit out of place. I have some ideas to suggest in order to give it a bit more variety while still fit the theme. I can write the detailed changes I would do if you want.
  12. Gambit: The gambler warframe from my dream.

    I really love idea, especially the 3rd power, but I think the concept isn't exploited enough.
  13. Personnellement, je ne poste presque que côté anglophone pour avoir plus de réponse mais étant donné que presque tout le monde fait pareil, la section française est vide.
  14. Bolto Prime before Akbolto Prime ?

    Akbronco already exist and for Akvasto the fact single Vasto exist dosn't prevent Akvasto Prime from existing in the future, like it was with Lex Prime.
  15. As you may know, the next Prime Access is coming soon, including Mirage Prime, Akbolto Prime and Kogake Prime. What worry me is the Akbolto prime. I personnally like the single Bolto and it's quite weak, enough to deserve a Prime version in my opinion, but what we are getting here is the Akbolto Prime. If we get the Bolto Prime, nothing prevent the Akbolto Prime blueprint and link to be obtainable through a specific relic like Aklex prime, but the reverse seems a bit complicated and that's the problem. This mistake was already done with Dual Kama Prime and Nami Skyla prime and hope it won't be a thing again. Doing this would give more variety to prime weapon without necessarily require more work, assets are already ingame and the stat difference between mono and dual weapon is generally double clip for longer reload, not much reflection behind balance of weapons.