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  1. As long as it fit the overall size it should be ok. The "dual swords" category have double sword, sword + dagger, double axes, etc... so small axe as sword skin should works.
  2. I'm not sure any recycling method is welcome. The current system encourage using "unwanted relics" to farm void traces or get ducats, and doing so in public group help people getting vaulted stuff or anything they could want. I think the system works well on this side and any way of recycling or selling relic would go against that.
  3. If 100% of damages is prevented, you actually don't take damages, so it could not work, it really depend on how they code the new parry mechanic.
  4. People who really do high level endurence run generally run with a private squad or solo, so you rarely see them in public group and even recruit chat. Since Gara is not really fun to play and only viable on long endurence run before of her infinite scaling, people who play her are these private squad or solo players you don't see.
  5. My little baby Ogris of course ❤️ I don't know about the bonus though, if it's only elemental I would go for toxin (or gas if it can be dual element) or status chance/multishot if it can be something else.
  6. Charge rate itself is not bad, but it's not something most of melee players want and since the aura is dual stat, it have reduced combo duration because of the charge rate that is somewhat useless in most of case. That's why another stat or higher combo duration would be better in my opinion. Right now, it's not worth using unless you go for a status/crit build and really need some combo duration.
  7. lukinu_u


    I can't tell if you're joking or not :x
  8. Don't know if it's still the case, but when the cyst were introduced, Equinox were a bit special because of her 3 forms. Each form were considered as a separate warframe and therefore, each 3 were able to get and remove the cyst separately. Also, the cyst could simply be hidden inside the neck/collar/helmets like it does on some warframe like Saryn, Atlas, etc...
  9. The fact it's situation is what make it bad. Situationnal things are good, but only if the situations you need it actually exists. This mod is situational, have huge drawback (you can't use roll properly) AND have better alternatives that don't have these drawback. Why would you spend a mod slot, restrict yourself for using rolls and wait that 7s cooldown when you can instead non of those, go in operator mode, spam a few dash, stun everything and go back to you warframe in less that 3 seconds ? The answer is simple, you don't unless you want to challenge yourself, which mean the mod is not good.
  10. That's exactly what make this mod unusable. The mod is not bad if you rolls only as an escape tool, like Limbo unique dash encourage doing, but you are one of these player tha constantly use rolls to move around (my case), the mod is completely unusable because of the cooldown. The invulnerability stay 3s and have a 7s cooldown (starting after the effect end), so with the mod maxed you end up getting invulnerability 30% of the time randomly. Instead of rewarding players using rolls to move around, it punish in favor of player that don't know how to use them and give them another gameplay element instead. It encourage players not using rolls and save it for when you need to tank, which is not the purpose of rolling in a speed game like Warframe. I could work with a lower cooldown, but right now the mod is trash and I prefer being faster rather than "rolling at the right time" to benefit the effect of this mod.
  11. Steel Charge is never a good choice. The bonus stack additively to other damage mods, so if you use Pirmed Pressure Point you go from 265% damages to 325% which is only a ~22.6% increase. So Swift Momentum, or simply corrosive projection is still a better choice. However, I agree Swift Momentum is not that good,t it could be because you can stack it allies Aura, potentially increase this +30% charge speed and +6s combo duration to +120% charge rate and +24s combo duration. But that's not a good reason since running with corrosive projections will stay a better option, so a +10s could be fine without being too much. But I think the main problem isn't the value, but more the fact you get "melee charge rate" which is actually trash unless you play Zenistar. Maybe it will be useful with melee 3.0 but since it's not there yet, getting a currently useful stat would be better and make the mod more usable, even removing that stat and increase the combo duration would sounds like a better option to me. In the case we keep the mod as dual stat, a QoL stat that matter a bit more could replace it, something like range, parry damage block, jump attack speed or maybe status duration, something that is less used but actually usable. Currently, charge attack are just unusable and +198% charge rate (achieved with the 4 aura + 4 coaction drift + amalgam organ shatter) doesn't make them good, even on Nikana which get deal 1050% damages on charge attack. Conclusion : Steel Charge is trash and Swift Momentum is a better choice, but it still need a buff and get rid of the charge rate, because Corrosive Projection stay the best option.
  12. Yeah, always double check the UV before doing your concept, I hope you haven't worked too much on this one 😧
  13. By "separate mesh" (which is wrong), I mean separate geometry that is not directly linked the body. They are both the same mesh and share the same UV, but are not directly linked; you can select the scraf vertex, move them and it won't affect the body. About the symmetry on UV, it's not necessarily obvious but is pretty simple. What is visible insde the square is what is paintable and will end up being your texture. Everything outside this square will just tile, so every geometry outside of it will just get the same texture as the square AND your can't paint there. So what is happening there is inside the square, there is one half of the body (red) and the scarf (green), while the other half of the body (blue) is out of that square. It mean one half and the scarf is paintable and detail will replicate on the other side, while this other side can't be painted but will get paint for the paintable side. To avoid this kind on issue, I generally stack both side of UV inside the square, so I can paint on the side I want.
  14. I use an older version of Substance Painter, so I can't help with the substance file but can check if the high poly it properly set up. A lot of warframe parts use the same UV on both side, meaning you can't use asymmetric texture on these part. You can see what are these part by looking at the UV, or simply paint on your Substance Painter file and see if what you paint replicate elsewhere. I haven't checked but from how Garuda body looks, it's very possible that the whole body has symetrical UV exept the scarf that is separate mesh.
  15. This kind of issue can be caused by a lot of stuff. The first questions that come to my mind are : Do your low poly and your high poly properly line up ? Some import/export setting or error may scale your model differently. When I was starting, I had a lot of issues with this with my high poly scaling to x100 or x0.01 after exporting. Have you checked your baking setting ? Maybe your baking distance is too low, making stuff not baking at all. If these 2 are not working, I can't really help you unless you send my the files to check. PS : Your design looks really cool.
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