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  1. DE's Wednesday, so something like Friday of the next week.
  2. Well, the UI always show the polarity of the mod and not the slot. If you use a madurai mod on a vazarin polarity, the mod will show a red madurai symbol, indicating this is the wrong polarity, but now which one is the right. So changing the way it display only for univeral aura slot would make it inconsistant. I would suggest make the symbol another color (maybe blue ?) or add a light flowing energy effect to show the mod slot is actually special.
  3. This message is universal to all workshop item that are officially added to the game (so not mods or addon), such as Counter Strike, Rust, Unturned or other game where devs select what is ingame or not.
  4. A better solution, change how status chance is calculated on shotgun, so the status chance is actually the chance EACH pellet has to proc. This way, the weapon UI is more accurate and there no longer a huge jump between 99.99% and 100%. If necessary, rebalance and the shotguns so the status chance are actually matching what they should be. Aside from Arca Plasmor that doesn't work like a shotgun and Tigris Prime that already reach 100% status chance, shotgun are rarely played so this little change wouldn't really affect the stronger ones while making all other more viable, especially the ones with higher pellets number.
  5. Drop chance on the second alerte are x2 (exept for the mask).
  6. That's a great question. Maybe they don't want to provide prime parts to avoid restricting the artist creativity to the prime parts placements.
  7. I haven't done the change they asked for this one yet, so it had no chances to be added. It will probably be ready for next round.
  8. Thanks guys ! I'm not it would looks great with prime details, the parts cover all the front torso, shoulders, thighs and a huge part of the back, so almost all the skin would be hidden... About showing how it look, I don't have ways to do that unless I extract the prime model from the game myself.
  9. Seems like the game require you to own a normal Forma in order to use any other type oF Forma. I guess it will be fixed soon.
  10. I have plans for a staff skin that will match my Baruuk. Aslo had a sentient ide for fists, but with what happend with the recent sentient Volt, I probably won't do them.
  11. The prime details of Chroma override a lot of default body, meaning almost nothing is visible when using a skin. This happen with all Chroma skins when using the prime variant. Haven't tested yet, how cool does it look ? :0
  12. I would rather put Equinox parts on Vay Hek. It make sense to put her on the only planet that have a day/night cycle so day time can drop Equinox day parts and night time can drop Equinox night parts.
  13. You still do the skin like other warframe and will use the old rendering method, the only difference is that you don't have the default textures for reference.
  14. All warframe since Revenant use a different way of rendering which doesn't use these textures. (If I'm not wrong, they now apply materials on different area from a library) Therefore, the diffuse, roughness and specular map arn't provided for these warframes because they don't exist.
  15. That's actually not true for you, but if it work the way it does, it's probably because statistically, most people tend to act the way I explained before so they make more money this way. I can't confirm but this would be the smartest way to act.
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