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  1. Thanks for the suggestion of not using it, but is has nothing to do with the points above. I use this for a long time now and consistently get the Pulse armor running about 90% of the time as long as my dog is alive. It's just tough because the mark spawn and position are unclear, which lead to the few suggestions above. Also, keep in mind allies killing the target won't trigger the effect, which may be why your 5th point happens. It has nothing to do with mobility since pets teleports when you go too far. Also nothing to do with killing, because your kubrow will mark the next valid target after the cooldown, so "killing too fast" just make the mark reliable because it will happen on the next enemy spawn.
  2. Currently, at max rank, Mecha set effect let your Kubrow mark a target for 12s every 15s, with various effects when damaging/killing it. It's pretty cool and interesting to play but it has a big problem in my opinion : the targeting has very low feedback and is not always easy to see. Right now, when your Kubrow mark a target, as blue transparent Kubrow head apear above them forever (not the duration of the mark) and nothing else. This mean : You have no information about the target unless you directly look at it. You have no clear feedback when your Kubrow mark a target The mark can completely disapear into large crowd of enemies and other effect (fire, status, damage numbers, etc...) because it's really transparent. You don't know when the mark expire because it's stay forever. It also mean you don't know which one is the marked enemy if there are two mark Overall, you don't know how to find the Kubrow target, but even worse, you don't even know if there is one to search for. It's a big problem because the use of the whole set rely on finding this target and the way it spawn (for 12s every 15s) make reliable to use as long as you can spot and kill the target, but the lack of clarity about the target spawn and location make it uninterestingly unreliable. A simple solution would be to add a few more informations that make everything easier to understand : Add a sound on the target location when it's marked (similar to Demolyst), so you are aware of a new mark and know roughly where it is. Make the mark disapear when the time expire. Highlight the target with the Kubrow energy color (like Void Hunter). Add a unique mark on the radar for the target (like Saryn's Revealing Spores). It's not that much, but those changes would make the set a lot more enjoyable to use, rather than being constant "where is target ? wait is there actually one ? oh I found one, oh no this one expired...". The set is super strong, so these changes might require a few nerfs to the value since it make them much more reliable and easier to use. Reducing MEcha Pulse from +60% to +45% and Mecha Empowered from +150% to +100% should be enough.
  3. Here is your issue. Edit : Also Edit 2 : Just saw your melee build but don't want to talk about it, it make my eyes bleeding.
  4. But the devs aren't playing, they are working on the game, or at least not enough to provide a sufficient amount of devs to play against the players at any time. However, the idea of a 1vs4 (or 1vs7 ?) with a multiple Tenno against Tenshin or other kind of boss controlled by a player could be interesting.
  5. So, after rushing the whole starchart in Steel Path to test a few loadouts on higher level enemies that what the simulacrum provide, I start Mot (survival) which has a base 40-45 level that become 140-145 on Steel Path. After playing for about 15min, I noticed the level only went from 140 to 146, which sounds extremly low. I decided to do the same in regular mode to see how fast it grows there and it went from 40 to 46 in the same duration. So, it mean Steel Path level is "(base level * scaling) + 100" rather than being "(base level + 100) * scaling". It make a huge difference because the low growth rate actually make the gamemode pointless since you still have to wait for hours before reaching a meaningful level that defy well optimised loadouts. It's maybe not what everyone wanted, but for me Steel Path was finally a way to test stuff at very high level in short periods of time because of a higher level and scaling. I don't know if it's intended, but if it's it's a bit disapointing.
  6. Sure, but there is actually no mod that would suit the Exilus slot. Unlike primary/secondary that got recoil, projectile speed, etc... everything on melee directly increase your DPS or give to good features, asside from combo related stuff but they share the same place as reload speed on shooting weapon : they don't directly increase the DPS but can increase sustained DPS in some situation. Litteraly, the only mods that would suit on an exilus melee slot would be Dispatch Overdrive, Glaive things and maybe Guardian Derision if they remove the combo gain part.
  7. Can we actually replace the "+100 levels" a "+x level slider starting at 100" ? Currently, +100 levels is not enough to encourage the use of new strategies because you pretty much kill everything fast enough with any loadout. No additional rewards are required, maybe a small increase on the boosters to encourage increasing the level if you can handle it. A very low +0.1% increase for every level over 100 would be fine, so for example +300 levels would make the boosters +120%.
  8. Well, they can actually use a regular forma and see they can click on the aura slot while choosing polarity. Also, Aura forma specify it allow you to get a universal polarity on Aura slot, which indirectly mean you can already change it to a "normal" polarity by other methods. It sounds clear right now, and changing the description would need to include stances, exilus and weapons exilus slot as well, which would make the description unnecessary long.
  9. I totally agree on the fact Wisp is overall stronger and more useful, but she is still poorly designed compared to Mirage. She does better, but has nothing unique or interesting. If I take how you described her ult as example : It clearly show how less interesting and badly designed Wisp ult is. Wisp ult is an instant laser (no cast time) that does everything at the same time without compromise AND is better that Mirage ult. Mirage ult has a long cast time, split the effect in damage, then blind that can be used for multiple purpose with drawbacks on each of them, and a bouncing mechanic allow complexe use if you can plans ahead the bounces. Even is Wisp is stronger, what 'm saying here is Mirage has much more unique mechanics and is more interesting to play, which mean she simply needs a few adjustements to have a matching power level, rather than a rework that would most likely destroy these unique features in order to make her "easier to use" (see Saryn, Wukong, and probably more). That totally not what I was sayning, more unique features and interesting to play =/= better. The few Warframes in need for a reworks that I listed are cleary much stronger than Mirage, but still need rework because of their poor gameplay, that rely on super strong ability, rather than ones interesting to play that can be strong if used well. Let compare two hypothetical weapons, to make it easier to understand : One is a shotgun with moderate damage and great status, that become a sniper with bouncing shots on aim. Headshot kill with the sniper mode grant an instant reload buff. The other one has infinite ammo, magazine, a super high firerate and deal enough damage to OS most of enemies in a 70m radius. If you compare these two, the second weapon is objectively stronger because it's stronger and doesn't require the player to be good at the game. Sure it is, but the first one have some thoughts in it, the way it works make it stronger if you understand and master it, it feels rewarding to land headshots, etc... So in your opinion, which one deserve a rework ? The first weapon because it's too weak and require skill, or the second because it's just an obvious go-to choice on top of being uninteresting to play ? For me, the answer is the second one. Something strong always have to rely on skillful and/or interesting mechanic that make them complexe to use, rather than being a simple "cast and forget" or "press to win" buttons. (In case you didn't understood, in this example Mirage is the first weapon while Chroma/Wisp are the second)
  10. She is in a better place than a loooot of other warframes : Chroma : 1st ability is harmful (which is more than useless actually) 2nd ability is a passive buff 3rd ability is a passive buff too 4th ability is a bit fun and interesting, but halves your armor and consume too much energy for its function Inaros : 1st ability is small blind (effective and fit the character) 2nd ability is just a "immunity" button, with a small passive if you actually kill the target, which almost never happens 3rd ability is about the same exept it consume energy over time and doesn't works for allies 4th ability is passive armor on top of being a variant of 1st ability with lifesteal Trinity : 1st ability is a weak version of 4th 2nd ability is just press to get get energy 3rd ability is passive damage reduction 4th ability is press to heal Wisp : 1st ability is just passive buffs 2nd ability is meaningless 3rd ability is an area blind + CC 4th ability is just a random laser If you look at these frames, all of them are strong but lack of unique mechanic that make them interesting to play or mod with. Let's look at Mirage kit, and see how it compare : 1st ability make clones that replicate your actions. It can be seen as a random damage buff, but actually does more since it can be used as a way to increase your projectile counts, indirectly your status chances, your melee range, also you weapon area of effect with negative accuracy, etc... It's far more than a damage buff. 2nd ability is an interesting CC tool that rely on the map rather than being a dumb AoE blind or stun. 3rd ability is a blank damage/armor buff but both cannot be active at the same time. It's surely a problem with how light works, but it's still an interesting mechanic and only need a few tweaks to works (maybe a manual switch or light from 2nd ability affecting it ?) 4th ability is an AoE damage ability with a long cast time (so not always easy to use) that can be turned into a CC. Overall, Mirage is not in a super great places but have interesting unique mechanics and compromises in her playstyle which make her interesting to mod and use. She definitely would benefit from a rework, but she is fine compared to the few warframes aboves, and maybe more.
  11. Things don't need to be buffed, they need to be balanced. If you buff EVERYTHING so it match the power of one OP thing, it's the same as nerfing said OP thing exept it's a lot less work.
  12. It's true, but doesn't really apply to Warframe. A doubly-unbalanced system that negate iself to be balanced at the end definitely work if the work is done well, but there are two major things to consider : Since it's a case by case balancing rather than simple system that always works the same, it require a lot more work to be good. It require the devs to know what is needed and how to balance stuff, which is (not offense here), not the case. So, it require a lot more experience, time and work to achieve a somewhat similar result, while a simple, balanced, consistent system is maybe less interesting to play with but a lot easier to balance and doesn't rely on arbitrary decisions based on what the majority think and use rather than objective conclusion based calculations and tests in different situations. In this specific situation, it's 100% based on average/new players that don't really understand the game, who was like "oh it's OP" while it's just an "ok" alternative to other for semi-exalted weapons at the cost of using a bad melee. And dev reaction on this was "look everyone use it, it must be strong" while it's not and people will stop using as soon as they understand it's just an "ok" choice from a bunch of others. The smart move here would have been to just not touch the weapon at all and wait for people to gradually understand other options can be much stronger.
  13. That souds like a pretty bad move for me. Case by case balancing like this can be good when it's very obvious and make sense and is balanced, but here it completely get rid of consistancy on top of providing totally abritrary balancing and restrict the diversity by removing possibilities rathen than making them not worth using in most of situations. Xoris was a fair trade-off actually. You swap your melee weapon for a trash one, only to get infinite combo on your semi-exalted weapons and can't even use high disposition Riven. If you're good at the game, you clearly should use a fast melee with high disposition to build up and sustain combo, while getting interesting stats from your Riven.
  14. Tau damages have nothing special against enemies, it's a blank damage type with no modifier that can be reduced by Umbral mods, that's it. As for the mods/abilities, if it's damage on the weapon it can technically be affect by all mods that aren't type specific (being elemental of physical). So, what the idea behind this ? Maybe you mean Void damage instead Tau ? (which would make a lot more sense), but said type is supposed to be exclusive to Tenno and amps.
  15. Pretty much what SilentMobius said. I would advise to focus on sculpting since it's the most important part with the Warframe artstyle (unless you go for Corpus) I have nothing more to says, just practice, work from ingame reference to make sure it works. Everything else is just the regular process of learning and improving.
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