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  1. Imagine fighting a "completed" Eidolon

    A complete Teralyst would probably not look really different, just two cannon arm instead one + a tree and no transference root. What he is searching for isn't actually part of his body but more Teralyst body with their own part of the Eidolon hive mind. How you may know, sentient arn't actually small little entities but more a big intelligent mind that control a lot of fragment of himself. Until plains of Eidolon come out, the only sentients we fought (Oculyt, Battalyst, Conculyst) where only fragment of Hunhow, the only sentient we knew until now, (with Natah). So, basically, what Teralyst and Vomvalyst are trying to do isn't to repair the current Teralyst body but more to gather all part of Eidolon's mind to let him be who he was instead of being splitted into a bunch of mindless beasts that wander on the plains.
  2. Limited Time: Day of The Dead on All Platforms!

    So, nothing new ? I can understand the whole team were really busy with the PoE but halloween only happen once a year D:
  3. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

    What happened to Konzu ? :0
  4. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.4

    It's like you catch a fish and OH GOD THERE IS ANOTHER FISH IN HIS MOUTH !
  5. You can't equip Kavat armor or emblans on feral Kavat skin

    It's probably for clipping issue, but when Helminth charger can equip Kubrow armor, I dont see how it would be a problem...
  6. I already posted this draw on the forum but just made a video (my first on youtube) of the coloring process, wanted to reupload. It was about 2 week ago, so I didn't really know if I had to edit the old topic or create a new one.
  7. Hard-core free-to-players?

    I have a google sheet with the list of every single item I'm missing (including conclave mods and scans) and the total amount of plats I need to get all the "plat only" items I dont have :0
  8. I dont know, I will first finish the Saryn skin and probably get more information on what I have to change on my Mirage and Sword skin soon, so will do these. Once these are done, I will proably go for Chroma, Nidus, Mag or Equinox depending on the one that inspire me the most. What is a bit sad is I got a pretty interesting concept for Nidus but don't really want to work on him because of the multiple separate parts that are a bit complicated to work with and hard to reassamble for a correct preview. Equinox is on my to do list, but I'm not to be ready to work on 2 bodies for a single skin XD I'm not sure if talk about the details on the hands or the "hand details" (details made by hand). But if you means the details on hand, I goes on a latex like material for some parts of the body (boobs, biceps, hands) that currently look a bit weird, I will try to refine it and give more small details such as seams curves.
  9. Before you fix Shield Disruption...

    Yeah, a single Eidolon shard seem a bit trash compared to the time (not efforts) required to take them down. Also, what feels bad is the fact you are grinding for obtaining stuff to kill Eidolons faster (Tenno beam amp and arcanes) but you can actually kill them WITHOUT them, and even without Focus itself, so it feel a bit useless. I think Eidolon shard should be tradeable for huge amount of reputation to the quills, but also drop some cool rewards (not +120% impact mods set) that are both useful for new players and veterans, such as big amount of Endo or Veiled Rivens.
  10. Pas content de Warframe!

    Ce message contredis completement ton argument initial. Tu explique que DE favorise les nouveaux joueurs en offrant des objets primes de valeur a détriment de leurs prix sur le marché et ensuite tu explique que peu de monde peut valider cette offre ? Tu cite justement le point que j'allais aborder, des objets sont obtenables via Twitch prime qui requiert un abonnement payant (sauf si tu n'as pas fait ton essai gratuit) et qui demande une carte bancaire que pas tous les joueurs ne possèdent, ce qui diminue grandement le nombre de joueurs pouvant se procurer les objets en questions via l'offre, sans compter que la majorité on déjà utilisé leur essai gratuit pour Frost prime et la Vistapa prime. Donc cette offre ne risque pas d'affecter énormement le marché et même si c'était le cas, ça serait bénéfique pour la raison que GilgaMelchi a cité. Ce que je trouve injuste, c'est plutôt le systeme de prime vault en lui même, c'est une sorte d'excluvité limité qui en plus est limitée, donc laisse les anciens joueurs se faire de l'argent en vendant au nouveaux qui n'ont simplement pas été là pour farmer le prime en question. Je viens de me rendre compte que tu n'étais pas le créateur du topic et que ce que je viens de dire n'a donc aucun sens.
  11. Totally agree. It was already a problem with consumable and derelict key, but it's even more a problem right now. Maybe add this fonction via a foundry segment from a dojo research.
  12. Orokin Tower, Cetus

    probably linked to the sacrifice quest.
  13. What the Eidolon Shards are for?

    Nop, regular sentient don't drop them, only the vomvalyst.
  14. What the Eidolon Shards are for?

    no, you can't. You can only trade the 3 category of sentient core/heart that are intact, exeptionnal and perfect. Also, sentient shard are used for some of the new arcanes crafts.
  15. My daily rep limit with Quills is 0

    Ostron and the Quills share daily reputation, so if you did a lot of Ostron missions, you probably already reached the limit.