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  1. Sacrifice weapons for skins

    What ? How transforming a weapon into a skin for weapon of the same catergory is related to Riven ? This change won't affect the gameplay at all, it just let you convert a weapon you like the design into a skin for weapons you don't like the aestetic. About the idea itself, it's intersting but without involving plats, it probably won't happen as it would significantly reduce the sales of existing skins. Maybe doing this by the use of a consummable that cost x platinums ?
  2. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.13.0

    I would be fine with this.
  3. Please buff mote amp

    That's exaclty like the rest of the game. Start with bad stuff, farm for better stuff and get carried by other people to get it faster until you become that guy that carry peoples with bad stuff.
  4. a diva octavia head (+ doodles!)

    Look great :D
  5. MR Based Innate Vacuum

    As a MR25, I disagree. Lower level players definitely more need vacuum than higher rank. I think what we have linked to mastery rank is currently enough and nothing that affecte gameplay should be as it would incite MR rush (that is clearly not wanted).

    Solo and recruiting area a thing, but definitly not the solution to this problem. Limbo is a good warframe when played well, but stasis have enourmous troll potential and should be looked at. Or maybe a "avoid Limbo in matchmaking" option could be a thing.
  7. What is with the trash Baro has?

    The Sonicor skin is ok (even if it's a desapointement, considering the Sonicor Cliona skin exist and look a lot better), but the dual stats heat mods feels like an insult. At least we can save ducats >.>
  8. More Forced Operator Mode.

    You're not forced to play.
  9. Has DE lost touch with the community?

    I totally disagree. Currently they are doing something not everyone enjoy (maybe rework and "nerfs") but sometime, this is a necessary step to balance the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone in the future. For example, the "Chroma nerf" is a desapointement for a lot of players (especially those who had a ton of Forma on it), but it's here to incite different strategies for Eidolons and give more variety to the game instead forcing players to use a specific warframe to farm efficiently. As Warframe is (mainly) a PvE game, balance isn't as important as for a PvP game but nerfing over powered gears and raise up under used ones is needed to keep variety in the way of playing the game and even if peoples cry, they still benefit from these changes without even knowing they do. About the "forced plain visit", I see it more as a way to link it to the main game as it's now, something totally separated and have good ways to aquire unique resources, but those are currently useless for 99% of the content, so put them on some craft can be beneficial. The only thing I would complain about is Raid temporarily removal as they doesn't really impact the rest of the game (unlike Dark Sectors), but I unsderstand their choice as they may don't want to have unfinished content to remain in the game.
  10. The plains were quiet last night.

    For me, it was the opposite. Everything was fine exept there were no Teralyst.
  11. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Exept if they put salty RNG and do not force at least one arcane to drop on kill/caputre.
  12. This is an error that Hitsu already mentionned and should be fixed soon. Basically, the uncolored energy is blue instead white, so the color is always merged with blue.
  13. [Spoiler] Void Damage & Proc

    Maybe you wanted to says "over 10 seconds" instead "per second, for 10 sec", because it would means you just one shot everything with Void status as you deal 10*10%=100% of his HP as burst damages. Even "10% over 10 seconds" would be too much exept if the status can't stack and only reset (meaning each successive proc will just become less and less efficient as the remaing health is lower).
  14. But some other are double sword (Dex Dakra, Twin Krohkur) and still use the same stance.
  15. What ? All mastery test are super easy and doesn't require any stuff to be completed as they all can be done with unranked/unmodded starter stuff. Honestly, if you can't pass one of the test after multiple pratices, you just don't "deserve" to get to the next rank. They are named "mastery" tests, so you actually need to mastery the game. If there is a change I would make about mastery rank, I would make them harder to actually force player to improve their skill before getting the next rank and associated weapons.