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  1. I think the corrupted bombard specter blueprint shoud be reusable, exept if it become reccurent for each visit because the price is not worth for the use and Baro's visits are too irregular to let buy it when we need them. So, i think the BP should become reusable but for an increased price (maybe 600 ducats ?)
  2. I think the BP should cost more ducats but be reusable.
  3. No, they just have the full pack (with prime accessories) 1 week earlier.
  4. Maybe because these part will be uncommon on the Banshee prime's relics.
  5. I though about something to balance a bit the Mirage + Simulor combo and other OP weapons. What if the number of shooting clone were depending on the Riven dispotion of your weapon ? Faint : 1 clones shooting. Neutral : 2 clones shooting. Strong : 4 clones shooting. This may nerf the Mirage Simulor combo and incite Mirage players to use other weapons.
  6. I'm okay with adding some boss cosmetcis, It's a nice idea but NO, we dont need them to add stats. Stats on cosmetics is the WORST thing in the game and that's why arcane helmets are gone.
  7. The maya's default export setting for obj dont work anymore on the Tennogen tool.
  8. Maybe you are talking about helminth chargers ?
  9. It's would be fun if Valkyr and Banshee's trailer were fused in a single one with both warframes.
  10. A
  11. Maybe a SOLAR RAIL CREATION is active and considered as active project. How @-Platinum- says, I think they should replace the orokin lab with the new room.
  12. Click on the "wrapped" arrow on the right of each color to reset it.
  13. Do you says the augment should give you armor when you fight against grineers ?
  14. What you ask is to fuse all warframe power how we want in a single unbalanced warframe ? Plus, current stalker body will probably be linked with Excalibur Umbra.