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  1. Lacera, Mire, Machete and Prova,
  2. Most of qualitiy of life mod you dont want to use a slot for, so : noise reduction zoom recoil magazine capcacity reload speed (maybe not this one) The mod you are talking about give 15% status chance, not 20% >.>
  3. The less used because of the disposition.
  4. The picture is broken :c
  5. A-p-o-l-l-y-o-n (the owner of this Excalibur) exaplained it :
  6. added @duhadventure's Nekros Prime :
  7. Which timer ?
  8. The double stealth damages for slash and triple stealth damages for gas dont apply anymore.
  9. It's happend for The War Within too.
  10. There are many factors that affect how good a weapon is for status but there are some reccurent cases where weapons are good fore status : Decent fire rate and moderate status chance, because you would be able to procs many instances of various procs. In this case, you may use any element you want. (Example : Braton prime, Dera Vandal) High fire rate and low/moderate status chance because even with the low status chance, the fire rate will balance and allow you to proc multiple instances of procs that apply multiple time. In this case, you have to focus on status proc that stack instead reset the duration such as corrosive, blast and gas/toxin. (Exemple : Grakata/Grakata Prisma, Soma prime) Low fire rate and moderate status chance but high base damages to apply some DoT or apply debuff with duration. In this case, you have to focus on DoT status such as toxin, heat, gas or slash, or simply use viral, eletcrity or ice to debuff/immobilise your tarket. (Example : Lanka, Sybaris, Dread) Shotgun with at least 30% status chance because status on shotgun work oddly. For a shotgun, 20% status chance mean "at least one bullet will have 20% chance to proc a status effect". but once you reach 100%, for some reason in the calculation I will not explain here, it suddenly become "all bullet always proc a status effect". In this case, you have to build with corrosive + blast to reduce enemies armor while stunning them. (Example : Tigris prime, Boar prime, Euphona prime)
  11. You have to do it in a single mission.
  12. You would get 85% status chance instead 55% at the cost of a total 15% less damages. Even with the low fire rate of the weapon, it would probably better if you build for corrosive+blast and gas+electricity but not for viral+radiation because of the duration.
  13. On attarax, you dont want any elemental damages to maximise the slash proc chance. If you dont have Maiming strike, you should just use Weeping Wounds and True Steel because Blood Rush apply after critical chances mods, meaning you will get (25*(1+0.6))*(165*combo) crit chance.
  14. So, your idea is basically make all damages mods as ghost mod that passively stay forever on the weapon when you put them off ? If this is the idea, it would have 2 mains problems : Considering we have 2 base damges mods (+damage and +damage -accruacy), 6 physical damages (+90% and +120% mods), 4 elemental mods and 4 elemental/status mods this would means we get 16 free slots for damages, elemental and status and have 8 remainings slots for critical chance/damages, multishot, Rivens and QoL changes such as fire rate, reload speed, magazine size, etc... This would just make crit/status build mandatory and increase the already existing power creep. Even if we dont consider the elemental/status mods as "damages mods" because they give status chance, it would still be 12 free mods. The second issue is about the elemental mods themselves. When we put them on a weapon, the order count to know what combined element we will have on the weapon, so with the permanent upgrade event if we put off the mod, we will keep the element that we dont always want on our weapon, for exemple, if you're looking for a full slash proc build.
  15. First, we dont know if the Tennocon teaser will have any link with Umbras. People are just over-hyped about Umbra for no real reason since we dont know anything about thems, and says Umbra will come each time we get some half hidden informations. Before thinking about Umbra-ing other warframes, we should first, now what exactly is an Umbra warframe, how it is implemented in the lore and what are the differences between regular warframes, Primes and Umbra. From the little bit we know, Umbras will heavily impact the lore and we can suppose they are linked to the stalker since Shadow stalker share some parts with the chinese Excalibur Umbra Prime. Devs also confirmed some other warframes will be Umbra-ed but we dont really know how. To define their order, we may follow these (they are just suppositions) : Umbra will be released in the base warframe release order, so the order would be identical or really similar to primes. If Umbra are linked to the stalker, they may be released in the Stalker's Acolytes order (meaning more acolytes may come). They already broke the lore by releasing Valkyr prime with the sames powers as regular Valkyr, so I dont think it's necessary. About Nidus, when we see how Saryn prime look with many organic shapes and tentacles, I dont think Nidus prime would be a problem.