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  1. About the extures and the disc, this won't be fixed as it's due to compression and technical issues, but for the handle on axe type heavy blades, I will ask to see if they plan on fixing it.
  2. Heavy weapon class

    We already have powerful weapons that can cheese the strongest hordes without efforts. Adding this type of weapons in the game will lead to 2 possibilities : These weapons area ridiculously strong and outclass any AFK farm method, even if they have a debuff. These weapons have a particular debuff or ammo cost, but aren't strong enough to justify it. In both case, this is, sadly, a bad idea. I think the only way to give a specific utility to a unique weapon is to give it void damage to work against the Eidolon shield or something else with guaranteed usefulness over regular weapons or powers.
  3. Corpus kavat

    It look more like a dinosaure to me >.>
  4. Hey ! It's been about a month since I haven't posted stuff here, so that's time to explain some stuff and talk about my futur plans. First, I got some feedback on feedback on Volt Cerberus, his Tonfa and Titania Limpharis. To summarize, the change to do are : Reduce a bit the horn size to fit better the Volt aestetic. Give a more Tenno organic look to the Tonfa. Change the hair part of Titania to look less like hair. About Wukong, I haven't got more information after my last update but as the necessary changes were small, I doubt there is a lot of stuff to do. I want to talk about my recent Nova Pinou that mainly got negative comment, even if there are still some good comments and votes are mostly possitives. Here is the link if you want to check : From what I saw, most of negative comments come from 2 points : the easter related stuff that is seasonal and the playboy bunny that involve sexual stuff, and I specifically want to speak about this because this is by anyways, not related to these two at all. The fact it release around easter was a pure coincidence. About the "bunny girl outfit", I see it more as a cute thing and I made this skin on Nova because she don't have suggestive body shape at all, so she were the best frame to for this design. About the idea, it's a tribute to a friend that love rabbits and said for joking "if you make a rabbit skin, I'm instantly buying it !". From this, as it was a joke, decided to go really far in the design to also test how far can I go before DE says no. If you follow my work, you probably noticed that I'm constantly testing stuff and see how far I can push the Tennogen guideline limits without being too far to make really different stuff at the risk of being rejected. I also want to rapidely mention I started to work on Chroma and Mag, but won't give more informations as I don't have any WIP to share right now.
  5. I want a Valkyr rework, but definetly not this way. In my opinion, what suck in Valkyr set are : Ripline that is totally useless. Any other movement will be faster and it can't be used as CC because it's single target, have long cast time and lock movement during the animation. Hysteria that give you a bad exalted weapon resulting to an overall nerf while using the power on high level. So, what I would change are : Reduce Ripline cast speed and make it one handed action, increase grab speed when using on wall and allow to uncast in air for better control. Change her ult damages to scale better like other melee weapons.
  6. The Problem with Modding, or 8 Slots is a Myth

    No. No. No again. That's true, but as Rivens have multiple stats, it's basically like having multiple mods in one slots, so this decrease the number of differents mods you put in, but still increase the diversity of your build if you have the patience to reroll into specific stats that fit what you want. I agree that "Mandatory mods" are a thing, but only the 2 basic damages and multishot are mandatory (Serration, Split Chamber and their equivalent on other weapons), so "only" 2 slots are forced, but that's not always true, it depend on what you're looking for. Sometime, you're looking on pure status build, so "replacing" Serration by a firerate mod may allow for more status per second, or simply if you have a high disposition pure damage/multishot mod and you know using elemental instead pure damage will benefit mod as they are mutliplicative. Sure, mandatory mods are globaly a bad thing but they act as a damage mutliplier on your weapon that indirectly increase with your progression as they are expensive to level up and you still have choice on your builds with 6-7 slot on your build. Maybe an exilus for magazine, reload speed, flight speed and other QoL stats can be good, but that's already nice.
  7. Using forma to change riven polarities?

    I agree with this, especially when you have multiple Rivens on a same weapon.
  8. We Should be Able to Equip Weapon Arcanes to Weapons...

    I disagree. How arcanes currently work force to make choices, so separating arcanes for each weapon class would destroy this, especially considering most one weapon category only have 2 arcanes. If this get separated, arcane energize would become even more used as the few people who don't use it for weapon based arcane won't anymore on their warframe.
  9. I'm using a specific secondary weapon (with of course, a Riven) but I won't talk about here because it will fall into the Eidolon meta and be nerfed D: With it, I can destroy a limb in a few bullets (but look like a oneshot has is have high firerate) and can decently kill Hydrolyst in 5-10s without buffs.
  10. The bonus is additive to damages mods, so that's not worth anyways (especially considering sniper are far from being the best choice agaist Eidolons).
  11. [Lore] Arcanes are..?

    mods are orokin artefact modules used to enchance weapons and warframes.
  12. Damage behaviour above 300% Crit Chance

    the critical chance over 100% stack infinity but there is no visual difference. So, you can get 12900% critical chance but it still displayed as red numbers.
  13. Exodia Force

    It's not that strong because of many reasons : The explosion appear from you and not from the impact, meaning the explosion won't damage often if you have more than 6m range. Damages falloff with distance. Only affected by base damages mods and combo counter, so not by crit or elemental mods. Additionnaly to the previous stuff, condition overload (which generally make status build strong) won't affect the explosion. The explosion can't procude status or critical effect. Of course, this is additionnal damages, even if they are low, but I think it's better to use another Exodia, such as Contagion.
  14. Zordalyst Sentient

  15. So, you basically say Eidolon hunt is a bad thing because a decent team is required and you didn't found this decent team.