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  1. Can we please completely get rid of them ? If they are here to prevent blocking doors with decorations it's not working because you still can build a cage to completely block the door, and there are some case wher you can't build simple things need doors that don't cause any issues, like grasses for example.
  2. Yeah, it's most likely what they are refering to and it would definitely beneficial to the game flow. Melee are to reliable and easy to use right now and less impactful attack speed mods would make a much more interesting difference between weapons. Right now, you choose between "slow melee that become more than enough with mods" or "fast melee that become get overkill speed with mods but you still use them for all the benefits", and it's not a good thing. Another great solution would be to change attack speed mods to reduce your damage proportionally to your speed increase so your DPS rema
  3. I'm curious to see your build and see the "too big damage lol" you have to show.
  4. This is a generic build that would work on any weapon. Here I'm using Arcane Strike but if it didn't exist I would trade Primed Reach for Primed Fury. I'm playing mainly Saryn which is why I go toxin, so I would maybe use another elemental mod with other Warframes but I still wouldn't trade any of the other mods here for a second element. Also, a Riven with +Range +CritDMG and a good negative instead of Primed Reach would improve the build.
  5. Any sane player that know Berserker stack multiplicatively with normal attack speed mods and want more DPS, status, comfort, mobility and faster combo buildup (so everyone ?). The only reasion to not use 2 attack speed mods is you already get normal attack speed from Arcane Strike or Warframe powers that do the same.
  6. Totally agree, it's doesn't really look cool (this part is subjective), but it also don't fit Xaku theme at all. I really like your void cloud suggestion.
  7. If your issue is the one I think, you need to have the TennoGenExport.zip file of your item isnide the folder containing mesh and textures, otherwise it won't works. If you haven't generated one, you need to click the "Save" button on the bottom bar inside the TennoGen exporter, while your item is loaded in with right textures and final colors you want, select the right meshes to export and it will create the TennoGenExporter.zip of your item in the selected folder.
  8. Since they weren't tradable before the "non-arcane" version realase, I think the best solution would have been a platinum refund for every arcane helmet (even if they weren't obtained through platinum), so people could have the choice to rebuy the non-arcane version or keep the plats if they bought them for the stats at first. Sadly, this is something that had to happen at the very beginning because they are now unique tradable items with still growing value, so a 75 platinum refund is not enough anymore.
  9. That's exactly what I talk about when saying "exept it's not necessarily as obvious". For most of situations, you would think it's about freedom or choice and devs just take a choice away but it's not that easy. Let's take the example a weapon that is too strong and get nerfed : Some people might think it's a choice to use this weapon over another, and the nerf just take a away one choice and reduce freedom. But in reality, a weapon that is too strong just remove diversity for a simple reason : when devs balance content, they have to choose between : Balancing new content challe
  10. It just make sense and here is a simple example : Imagine there is a glitch that let people get infinite plats for free. From there "players go YES butr the devs go NO". Reason ? It just break the game economy and it dies. This a pretty simple example where it obviously wouldn't work, but that's exactly what happens in most of situations, exept it's not necessarily as obvious. Being a nerf of something overpowered, a bug that is being reverted or this case of Arcane helment unintentionnally returning, it's something that is not intended and break the game at some point, so it's s
  11. Maybe I miss something, but I've been playing Loki Prime a lost on release and the few month afters, so unless the uncentered armor was a change that happened much later and got reverted later, I'm pretty sure it has always been centered.
  12. All chest armors (at least the one are are supposed to be on other warframes) have always been centered on Loki Prime.
  13. Oh right I was refering to the picture, thanks you !
  14. Combo is already very easy to get and/or maintain and its only weakness is the difficulty to keep at long range from enemies (even if Contagion allow that) so I don't think a reliable way to get combo from ranged weapons would be a great addition to the game, especially if it works on AoE weapons. However, a welcome change to this mod would be to expand the effect from slash to all DoT effects to make it usable on more builds.
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