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  1. No, it's not infested at all. It look irregular like infestation but it's not infestation.
  2. Buying items by prime access bypass the Mastery requirement, so yes, you would be able to use them even if you are only Mastery 3.
  3. Do you max you 10 rank/primed mods and Rivens ?
  4. You get endo everywhere but you never have enough...
  5. And then, give another unique precept to Carrier and do this again untile all sentinels share the same precept ? Vacuum was a must have on sentinel (but not mendatory because some people include me still use pets) but Ammo case is totally not. Investigator is much more useful and some other unique precepts are too. I never run out of ammo and dont really see how this one should be aviable on all sentinels.
  6. I love the idea but it would feel bad to have some mission types locked behind syndicates D:
  7. Si tu joue par steam, essaye : "propriétées > fichiers locaux > verifier l'integralité des fichiers". La dernière fois que j'ai eu un soucis similaire, ça a suffit. Sinon, desinstalle et reinstalle le jeu. Ca peut parraitre long pour rien mais c'est probablement la solution la moins compliquée si tu as une bonne connexion.
  8. It look good, but I think you should totally resculpt the helmet.
  9. Let power scaling with enemi's HP/armor/damages is just a smart way to balance powers regardless of the level. It basically letting us dealing damages on high level enemies without OS low level enemis.
  10. I never see it in 4 years of playing O_o
  11. She will probably get her rework first and it would be better to wait it before discussing about her prime, but let do it anyways. First, for the design, I imagine something related to maya/indian totem and sculptures, with an imposant eyeless bird helmet and some extention of her tail, arm and legs feathers. For the stats, maybe increasing her armor to 65 and her energy pool to 200. About the weapons, the Panthera would be cool because it's considered as a weak weapon and it fit perfectly with the wind theme of Zephyr. Maybe with kunai prime since it's one the only mk1/starting stuff to not have a special variant (prime or wraith and also fit with the wind theme and would work well with "Jet Stream".
  12. She need a rework but not because she is weak. For now, Mirage is one of the strongest frames but most of her power are passive with a duration and make her gameplay very boring. So yes, she need a rework, but honestly, she work well compared to other frames that need a rework because they are too weak and unplayed by most of people (Hydroid, Zephyr, etc...).
  13. I would pay 100 platinums (more ?) to keep them all the year.
  14. You are on the french subforum. Here is the right section :