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  1. No rewards. By all means, multiple sentinels, but no rewards. It's supposed to be a fun little minigame you can play between missions or in your spare time. The instant there is ANY reward for it, unique or not, people who have trouble playing it will call balance issues. It's not worth the ensuing flame war.
  2. The obvious issue is motion sickness. Warframe is an extremely acrobatic game, and with all the backflipping and rolls we tend to do, I don't think you'd enjoy it as much after a few missions.
  3. For Survival, it's a high score measurement left over from the original Survival Weekend. It no longer serves a purpose directly, but the longer you survive, the higher you'll score. As far as I know you don't get anything from it. I have no idea why there would be one on Defense, unless it's counting Fusion Moa kills, since that was an event once.
  4. I'd recommend leveling at your own pace and getting a feel for the planets rather than rushing to Pluto. Mainly because you'll get your backside handed to you if you skip the actual leveling process.
  5. My Industrial Hullcutter flux rifle build. Yes, it's incredibly unsafe and technically illegal, but it can cut through six feet of steel in under ten seconds. Or six feet of Grineer. Whichever's closest.
  6. Do they? Do they really? Because I spent three months trying to get hold of a single Fang Prime blade from T3 defense, back when it was fifteen waves fixed, and didn't get a single one. I spent an equal amount of time trying to get a Dakra blade, which finally happened on christmas day last year. Do you think I felt a sense of accomplishment when I got them? Because the only thing I felt was relief that I didn't have to do that again. There is no privilege in wasting months failing to get a single part which is the only thing stopping you from building the weapon you want. There is only re
  7. He's Nef's son. Darvo is already an embarrassment to his father, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine the entire next generation of Corpus executives hate their parents.
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