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  1. XB1/PS4: Post U22.3.5 Crashes (December 7th Updates!)

    Tried after the update (hot fix a few minutes ago). Got through 2 waves of a tier 3 bounty and the game crashed on the way to the third waypoint. I think that's another step in the wrong direction. I don't believe anybody left the squad. I was the host.
  2. It's a bug. I've had it happen 4 times now. Amazingly all of the controls get rearranged (for instance you can be hitting B button and your third warframe power is triggered instead of melee). It seems to happen when you come out of transference and seems to resolve after you switch transference back and forth a few times.
  3. Client/Host Data Mismatch?

    Just ran a tier 5 mission, first of the day. We did it correctly, and three of us cruised back to the gates. The 4th player (who was apparently the host) left the squad and all of us ended up in orbit, then I got this client/host mismatch nonsense. I ended up back in Cetus with a screen indicating that my mission had failed. It's hard to believe that this system is very well tested. It is so incredibly fragile and this seems to be just one of many problems including regular crashes to the dashboard screen and LOTS of time spent waiting and waiting for missions to load and start. UPDATE: I'm an xbox user, sorry for cross-posting. This is the third time I've seen this error.
  4. XB1/PS4: Post U22.3.5 Crashes (December 7th Updates!)

    For me the hard reset improves the performance to the dreadful level before the recent update. Crashes to dashboard no longer occur before doing any bounties, but are still very likely to occur when I try to load a second bounty (after completing the first and grabbing a new one from Konzu). Always between the doors, after others appear in the squad, and at the point when the doors would open to release me into the plains. Seems to happen when I am not the host.
  5. Same, and it's happened 3 times for me. Crashing used to only happen after running a cetus bounty and attempting a second one, and not every time. Really wish stability had been more of a priority. UPDATE: My exact procedure was to select 'Cetus' in navigation, fast travel to Konzu and select a bounty. Waited between the doors for a few minutes and saw 3 others in my squad. Just as it is about to let you on to the plains to join the others in progress the screen goes black and you're at the xbox dashboard. This used to happen to me prior to the update but it was far less frequent, and only after running at least one bounty, running to Konzu and selecting another. After the recent update, these crashes cause the game to lose track of which bounties you've done. They aren't marked as completed at the selection screen, however you don't receive standing if you run one of these again.
  6. Furax Wraith Right Gauntlet

    As is often the case, the same bugs appear on console a month later, even when they've been fixed on the PC side. For what it's worth, I haven't seen the right gauntlet appear once in the possible rewards on xbox.
  7. World on fire... I've never been cursed out before.

    Seems like the Frost-hate in this game is worse. About a year ago I had a Guide of the Lotus tell me to remove my (single) bubble during a defense mission because he couldn't shoot through it from where he was perched. I never use Frost anymore and understand the disdain now, but it seems a poor player that can't adapt his play to the frames in the squad, especially those of much newer players.
  8. New player, really disappointed - Network Not Responding

    Have you tried this advice? Support refers people to the forums to report issues. They don't take bug reports or network reports in support tickets. The best you can get from them is running through all the cut/paste advice like reinstalling the game and your account, etc. I'm not missing certain items (a problem Support could indeed assist with), rather the whole game is unavailable including purchased items. To imply that this is my own problem seems absurd, since there this event clearly affected many people.
  9. New player, really disappointed - Network Not Responding

    I don't think it matters if it's a necessity or not. When I buy from the market I become a customer, and when the servers are down the item(s) for which I paid are not available. Occasional outages are understandable, but when they happen with more frequency it indicates a problem such as lack of hardware or some other inefficiency.
  10. New player, really disappointed - Network Not Responding

    None of this is a substitute for stable gaming. And in response to some other comments, the game stops being free as soon one spends money in the market and becomes a customer.
  11. Network not responding when trying to log in .

    You can get two free boosters at once? I'm talking about the two three-day resource boosters I bought with platinum. Support always seems to ask for some obscure piece of data I don't have (like screenshots of my purchase or exact purchase time).
  12. Will I lose my loot if I got disconnected from the plains?

    Eidolon's not on Xbox yet, but my experience is that you ALWAYS lose your loot in Warframe when there's a problem.
  13. Network not responding when trying to log in .

    And my boosters keep ticking away...
  14. New player, really disappointed - Network Not Responding

    Get used to it. Network not responding errors happen all the time, not just after updates. High speed connection, wired so I know it's rarely on my end. Focus seems to be on new features and fashion rather than on platform stability.
  15. Network Not Responding and unable to log in into the game

    Same. This happens frequently, and I'm on very fast connection, wired. And this is after all the server upgrades?