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  1. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Please please stop ignoring matchmaking

    It's easy to plug any USB keyboard into an xbox. But the new cursor-based UI is obviously designed for PC and has no place whatsoever on a console game. It's become 3 times as hard to do all simple things. Still hard to believe someone decided this was a good idea and still has a job.
  2. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Moa and K-drive Bugged Mastery XP

    How about testing code so that things actually work the first time on occasion.
  3. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    ESO is unplayable due to host migration CRAP!!

    What is wESO? Is the little 'W' supposed to stand for 'Warframe'? I've never heard a single player call it that before. Do we similarly need to add that to every Warframe acronym we use now, despite being on the Warframe forum? Perhaps we need to specify wPotatoes to distinguish forma from actual potatoes lest we accidentally bake and consume one?
  4. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Is it possible for tickets to never get a response?

    Yes, I've had a support ticket closed before without a single response.
  5. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Suggestion for improving mid-mission disconnect/rejoin squad reward

    Seems much easier and more reliable to do it the right way and buy some servers. At least 90% of my play time would be in squads but instead I play almost exclusively solo. Can't help new players if we can't stay connected to them. The game is really not playable in squads (the most fun arrangement) until these host change issues are resolved.
  6. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    K-Drive Mastery

    They eventually corrected things somewhat with zaws, but most of mine still show that I somehow mastered them with 0% usage. Only way to avoid these issues is to wait several months for the appropriate updates/hotfixes to be released before starting to master these items.
  7. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    K-Drive Mastery

    This happened with zaws when they were new, is likely happening with kit guns and MOAs as well. No idea how they keep making the same blunders when they release new types of items, but it certainly seems like something a proper code test suite would catch. I expect that Digital Extremes doesn't have a QA or Testing department.
  8. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Unable to connect, ensure that you have the latest update.

    Speaking as an xbox user, but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? Sometimes that works in xboxland.
  9. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Xbox live disconnect

    Warframe definitely has networking challenges, but this sounds like an xbox/Microsoft issue. When Warframe tells me it can't connect and is logging me out, sometimes it is actually xbox live that has crapped itself. I tend to blame Microsoft for those, and since xbox unbelievably can't detect that the network is now fine and that it should reconnect with xbox live, I get to chose between setting up the network again or rebooting the device. I've been on xbox for 5+ years and it really is a terrible, terrible product, and seems to get more so with each new hardware version.
  10. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    DE, Never Sellout Please

    I think the tricap lure bug is the one that really gets me. I was experiencing it at least 25% of the time (seemingly slightly lower when not originating from the Konzu mission), where at time of capture some or all of the lures are ignored and the beast is killed instead. I've had very few kills (almost entirely captures), yet my stats are trashed and I feel I've missed out on a lot of arcanes I rightfully earned, not to mention how difficult it makes earning the rare ones that only drop for hydrolysts. This is an end-game content bug, and I suspect that end-game users don't spend nearly as much on platinum as new users, since they likely are able to earn some when needed. I haven't run a tricap in many months because the frustration wasn't worth the rewards. I eventually stopped checking patch docs for the fix, so I suppose it may have been addressed by now, but I would bet money it hasn't. Support wouldn't even acknowledge the issue when I tried to discuss it, and directed me to a non-working link to submit a bug report. They certainly were unable to see the lost rewards in any log, and were therefore unable to reimburse players when this happened. No aggression detected. I'm probably oversensitive to those players that seem to jump in blindly to defend DE any time something negative is discussed. No game development to speak of here, but considerable experience in different styles of development and developer management. Successful development-driven companies almost always have a strong Director of Development, or a wise CTO, who are able to balance new development and bug fixes so that the codebase is relevant but also robust. From my experience, when Marketing or especially Sales departments start to drive the company, the wheels tend to fall off. Warframe is a very grindy game, with which I'm fine or I wouldn't be here. But I think it exacerbates the frustration when you've put your work in on the gridstone and then the game just fails to deliver. I agree that Digital Extremes needs to be able to make money on Warframe (or it disappears), and I actually think they are generally very close to the right formula here, but I wish they'd take a few extra days a month to squash important bugs.
  11. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Please add the ability to ride companion Moa in operator mode.

    I had squad of robo space raptors in game a few years back. It was during the old Exterminate when you could run out of enemies. I was one enemy short, and roamed around looking for a final enemy, all the while opening MOA closets. I never did find an enemy, but I soon had far too many MOAs to count (15-18?) all loyally following me around waiting for something exciting to happen.
  12. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Charamote Bait/Charamote is bugged/broken

    These aren't spawning for me. I catch one every so often, sometimes even during the cold cycle. But I've NEVER seen a Charamote once I put Charamote bait in the water. In fact I've never seen more than 2 in a pond (both cold cycle, no bait, 10 minutes apart). Seems like something is a little off here with the bait. Tried that spaceport cave yesterday and never saw one despite using Charamote bait in warm weather. UPDATE: Finally had a decent fishing day -- guessing I found a hotspot, though it didn't look different than what I had previously thought was a hotspot. Perhaps these hotspots need to be a bit easier to distinguish?
  13. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Appearance rates down to 1 in 10 attempts

    Ouch, I didn't realize that. Improper for me to hold them accountable for what's there, but wow they are really getting a gift from their fans. So as a company they must think that patch notes are enough. Aren't they trying to attract new players?
  14. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Appearance rates down to 1 in 10 attempts

    I'm always clear which patch notes I'm looking at. It's the wiki that seems to completely ignore the fact that many users (on consoles) do not have the content at the same time. My point though, was that I think that all information required in the game should be available in the game. Perhaps it's not feasible for some reason, but ideally it seems that it should be there. If not, having the wiki is a good solution, but essentially forcing people to read patch notes takes it a bit too far in my opinion.
  15. (XB1)DakVoidcloaker

    Inventory wheel problem

    Agree too. Going from 8 to 12 was amazing, and I like the idea behind the endless wheel, but I have always placed often-used items at 90 degree positions and this gets mucked up with more than 12 items.