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  1. Appreciate seeing immediately how many prime parts one owns when selecting a relic reward (rather than hovering for the info), but the gold relic rewards still look very bronze to me, making correct selection difficult (without memorizing every part's value). Never had this problem using the previous system.
  2. Xbox crashing is everywhere. Just killed my system trying to run a simple fissure mission, right after restarting (refreshing) my game. Really starting to worry about long-term damage to my xbox cnosole. How can zapping a Microsoft product repeatedly not have an lasting effect? At best it's corrupting game data or system files, but I'm concerned about what it could be doing to the hardware, which is much more expensive and time-consuming to replace.
  3. It truly is, especially the Ropalolyst. If it doesn't crash my xbox one s, it puts me in what I can only call prism-mode. Everything is faceted and golden and it's very hard to tell what's going on. Xbox crash is always soon to follow. Quitting the game puts it out of its misery, but the xbox is hosed thereafter, also stuck in prism-mode/broken-mode. Got hit with this after the end of the boss fight, but was somehow able to (blindly) navigate down to the platform and extract before the xbox lost the fight.
  4. Wow, never had Warframe crash my entire xbox before (or any other game for that matter). Was running first mission in Hostile Mergers solo. Nothing unusual happened in game, running along and it just froze up for a few seconds, then made a funny noise and my xbox was suddenly off. UPDATE: Second time through the first mission was fine.
  5. Decorating orbiter shows menu with funky placeholders/variables we're probably not supposed to see.
  6. Tried this a number of times, with both 2 and 4 canisters, and never saw one eximus. The jackal (if it shows up at all) spawns as soon as I load the first canister, so I'm not sure how that would ever turn into an eximus being that it's already present before any eximus burp. Heard some of those thermic raknoids getting scanned, but as usual the corresponding codex entry is not available yet.
  7. Ah thanks. Yes, I see it in my inventory. Definitely received zero ducats with my in-game message though.
  8. Created a mixer account and linked it, received confirmation. After watching, I got an in-game message saying I'd received orokin ducats but my total didn't go up at all. And were we supposed to get a syandana?
  9. Yes, and since ramping up server capacity is so easily automated, the only impediment seems to be unwillingness to spend money on it.
  10. I TOTALLY had that happen too! It's rather outrageous (though not surprising) that it's not the customer who decides whether a ticket is solved, but to not allow the follow-up is rude. They were actually auto-closing the follow-ups. They claimed it was a bug that was since resolved, but I guess that was untrue.
  11. Probably not, since DE doesn't even think it's broken anymore.
  12. Yep, xbox status page is (incorrectly) updated but it is definitely still not working.
  13. They have to confirm things in their logs and they apparently do not have much in the way of logs. They ask for an unreasonable amount of information (all players, precise times), and then still fail even when it's provided. And nowadays it takes 3 weeks to find out they're not able to assist.
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