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  1. Tried this a number of times, with both 2 and 4 canisters, and never saw one eximus. The jackal (if it shows up at all) spawns as soon as I load the first canister, so I'm not sure how that would ever turn into an eximus being that it's already present before any eximus burp. Heard some of those thermic raknoids getting scanned, but as usual the corresponding codex entry is not available yet.
  2. Just happened twice to me in two fissure missions, Meso Extermination at Carpo, which is 100% for those keeping score. First time I was the only one on the exit side of the stuck door, no way to finish mission. Second time another player was on the exit side, and I was one of three stuck behind it. I was not the host either time. But hey, let's watch Digital Extremes celebrate themselves at Tennocon while their game throws bugs seemingly every mission.
  3. Makes me dread having a Gara in my arbitration squad, which is too bad. Pretty sure this affects Arca Plasmor as well.
  4. All the loot I got up until that point is irrelevant to me, and rotation rewards are recovered when I extract after dying. I don't die often in arbitrations, so it's easy for me to say that I will absolutely be extracting every time I die from now on to avoid setting off an AFK warning. They may ultimately mean nothing but for sure they're being logged.
  5. If that is possible (programmatically/logistically) and removes the possibility of lost of rewards, it seems like a no-brainer. The current system recovers 1 in 10 times at best, so I'd much prefer to be force-extracted. But if the host quits the game, for instance, they are gone, and I'm not sure the system can recover the information needed to get everyone back to their landing craft (or similarly back to their mission) without a server storing the information. And I agree with you that this seems very unlikely.
  6. You may be right, but I'm almost positive that I wasn't down during a reward. Hard to say as I never saw any of the 3 reward notices during the game, which is sort of strange as well (at least I've not seen that before).
  7. Right, well that seems like a bug. I'm certainly not sticking around if I'm going to be triggering AFK warnings. I'm horrified to find out that this would be the cause of missing the reward as I consider myself far from that kind of player. Not to mention if these are logged somewhere to trigger a ban at some later date.
  8. Same for me. I never saw any reward screens during a 30 minute survival. I died once, and was down for several minutes as my squad first revived another player who died after me. I'm going to guess that they implemented arbitration revivals without considering the inactivity timer. So while one is sitting dead, the game thinks you are inactive and incorrectly penalizes you. There is no possible way I otherwise triggered the inactivity timer (which takes away your rewards) as I was moving around the entire time.
  9. I just finished 30 rounds of Survival and only got 2 vitus, and seemingly just two rewards of endo. There is NO WAY that I stood still for any part of the 30 minutes other than being dead for a while (teammates revived the other guy who died after me first). Guessing no one at Digital Extremes considered the inactivity timer when updating Arbitrations. Typical, and likely something that would have been caught by a decent code test suite. So yes, for sure Warframe is wasting tons of your time. And I'm not counting simply playing video games, which for some is their form of entertainment, and which I don't consider wasted time. I'm talking about all the lost rewards from bugs like this, countless other bugs that seemingly never get fixed (e.g. eidolon lure bug) and the great reward stealer: host migrations. It's hard to support people who seem to have absolutely no regard for your time and effort.
  10. So many kinds of reloading bugs, each more frustrating than the last.
  11. From what I know of it, it sounds like they will never fix host migration. The value of keeping players that leave in frustration doesn't seem to outweigh the cost of hosting their own servers. If it did, they'd have done it by now. I'm guessing that by the time a player has grown frustrated enough to leave the game, they've already spent plenty and Digital Extremes would rather the next paying customer step up. Did you really get kicked to a different mission? That is certainly an amazing new behavior for me.
  12. I don't think you'll get support for the paywall on this one. Most players have a lot of those blueprints and the parts. You'll get it soon -- hang in there.
  13. Was wondering the very same thing. Now I gotta fly all the way back to Leonov. 😉 UPDATE: Thanks for the quick fix. Also, WOW we got something before PC players. 😃
  14. Somebody forgot to put the number in I guess.
  15. Ah thanks. Yes, I see it in my inventory. Definitely received zero ducats with my in-game message though.
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