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  1. Or you can... Hear me out on this,.. Get your first favorite ability on your favorite frame and play the content without burning yourself out of existence?
  2. I am one of the people that roll their eyes when someone brings the ‘This is too much powercreep reeeee’, but today I’ll be one that say that phrase. That would be too broken because it is basically giving us 2 free mods slots.
  3. Watch how one of the confirmed 8 Helminth abilities is so broken that people will ignore everything else.
  4. Lol seems like adding why I would play it made people think I was asking for it and got the usual witty responses. That’s on me.
  5. I personally would. I loved Titanfall’s MP and am a big fan of the Mech gameplay shown so far. Rebalance the maps to be sections of the 3 current open worlds. The modding system changed to a perk like system where you can equip only 3 Mods to avoid being too complicated for the casual players.
  6. Or maybe is the other way around and they'll rework frames around that system. Like Inaros 1st ability is obviously the choice here, but imagine how powerful would be an instant finisher on Loki? They either rework Inaros or let it be OP. We'll see how it turns out.
  7. While you all are worried about X Warframe abilities being good on others.... I want to see how good the new exclusive helminth abilities will be. And going by that all abilities shown are either direct damage or utility buffs. Pretty sure Mesmer Skin is regarded as a signature skill along side Iron Skin. Have some faith and you know that if something is too broken there will be nerfs. So don't invest in the meta right away.
  8. They said right away that you might have to wait 1 week to get the code because they need to go through all the Emails. Come on, they are human and there were more than 300k people participating
  9. Seems like the Infested are getting some love. Looks like a derelict from Railjack. Also new free weapon if you watch from Twitch the Tennolive.
  10. They expanding on the current 2 is the better path to take in my opinion. Adding more will split the content too much and developer focus will be all over the place. Add towns, real bounties, weekly bounties and some sort of Destiny’s strikes with a boss fight in the end and you got a pretty beefy gameplay loop.
  11. Pfff. Play for fun and stop complaining. Read this, if DE ever ships ultra hard mode I hope they remove rewards. As long as I’m having F U N seeing those red crits with my melee and my 10k plat riven I don’t care about anything else. What happened with FUN FIRST? F U N U N /s They took too much time in developing what is basically a level increase, sortie modifier and copypasted rewards from Arbi (that only got there after the test cluster). I’m sure they will improve it futhermore but as of right now... Meh.
  12. The question is... Will new updates be balanced with Steel path in mind or it will become yet another separated activity like Open Worlds, Railjack, Arbi, Sorties, Kuva Liches and Void Fissures? Stay tuned to learn more.
  13. Expanding on the current systems instead of just adding new ones. More bounties, activities and rewards for the two open worlds New Railjack content and integration to the main game Lich rework without having to introduce the Corpus Liches. Void rework. Asking too much, I know.
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