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  1. Void Dash bypasses lasers. I believe that's why you can't in Void Mode.
  2. I feel like Revenant is one of the most rushed frames ever made. He could use some tweaks for sure.
  3. Or maybe they could just update how they look... Kitguns at least. I get that zaws are weapons made by a technologically inferior city. Kitguns not so much, no need to look like hair blowers.
  4. I'm enjoying the hell out of the new Wukong so I'll like to give my feedback on it's first ability. Give the ability a selection wheel like Ivara, Wisp and so on… What would the options be? Circle between Primary, Secundary and Melee. That would give the ability more flexibility and I don't think the way it Works now (You melee, he shoots and viceversa) is any good. But what happens to its marking ability? Make it a Sinergy with its Cloud Walker: Whatever enemy Wukong lands on after CW gets market for x2 damage.
  5. Endgame should be Arbitration but with unique enemies, drops and weekly challenges. Fighting the same enemies but tougher just gets old. Heavy units don't feel heavy at all, the game keeps spamming them like normal mobs. They need to learn how to handle their enemies before developing endgame content. There should be unique endgame minibosses or bosses between waves that have unique drops that the players benefit in running multiple times (Don't just slap Captain Vor and call it a day). If they establish that they will just need to keep updating with new bosses and drops to keep it fresh… But again, it looks like a simple task but it's not. I have faith in DE that they'll figure it out sometime in the future.
  6. Weren't they planning increasing the range of scythe weapons and enable the use of heavy Blade stances on them? What happened?
  7. Do I get more standing by fighting the Hemolyst?
  8. Profit Taker yields 250k not 25k (not affected by boosters tho 😢 ). Anyhow, as you can see, this game it's not for everyone. Some don't mind playing the same repetitive content over and over and get tons of credits by the end of the day and some don't have the time or the desire to do so. I'll recommend you to stop watching cool builds and min-maxed videos because that Will cause you to want to rush the process if you are relatively new to the game. If you do that, trust me, you won't enjoy the ride. I know it's a huge speculation on my part but I'm throwing that out just in case. Find your pace and post as Little as you can here. Posting your opinions/complains here won't solve any of your problems because the devs don't read GD and you'll just get yourself some rude posters and people telling you to stop whining. My advice is to watch and participate on the devstreams Q&A every 2 weeks, they do get your questions and sometimes they even give you a solution in future updates. Stay sane, Tenno!
  9. IMO they should keep expanding. The plains and Orb Vallis is a way for DE to keep getting us content without the need to abandon it all together. Yes, I know the plains remaster was just months ago but they didn't add much apart from visuals, new bosses and new economy… But what about new bounties, new caves, new NPC... Even a new hub camp. Same for Fortuna. Those bounties are getting old tbh. They could even implement fetch bounties involving more NPCs ala "The Fisher needs you to catch 5 Norg because a special festival is coming up. Here have 460 standing + another reward like credits or fish parts". "The Quills want you to infiltrate and assasinate this grineer comander without being seen because yadda yadda yadda". I don't know if the Planes of Duviri is another open world and I hope it's not. They should just work with the existing ones. If this Tennocon reveals that the Planes of Duviri is another zone for the plains I'll be very happy.
  10. I was a max VS Volt. I told them that they shouldn't have done that and left.
  11. But I don't know a way to fix this problem without taking out the timer entirely. Today a Trinity got bullied so hard because he wasn't doing his job because apparently he was learning the process (Yes, it was a full squad from recruit chat, it wasn't a public lobby). But how are we suppose to learn? I prefer playing than watching a YouTube video so I don't be yelled at... DE should at least make a simulacrum ver of the tricap.
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