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  1. Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved Direct VIA-PS4 PSN PM hardhouz
  2. Mithras Alliance Experienced professionals - supportive community - vibrant community -dedicated members - organized - focused on precision - 30 Clans - active -raids - eidolon hunts - Tournaments + Exclusive rewards & prizes - alliance logo Alliance - Quality - Respect - Honor Raids Events Sorties Quests Tournaments 2 tournaments per month exclusive rewards & prizes Trading Trading is allowed no more than 2 time spam consecutively. Trade within alliance is beneficial for everyone, while helping others at same time. Economy Endovelicus provides plenitude to our community due to its superior economy PS4-PSN Mithras Alliance Community Page Mithras Alliance Official Page - Details - Updates - Events Requirements Clan size - up to mountain class - max threshold size Adult warlord leadership - 18+ age min Events - focused on precision - D.E. events mandatory participation Activity - leadership & member presence - clan must maintain 80% active members - required screenshot end of each month Organized - organization skills a must Following credentials required - screenshot of clan offline page inactivity & warlord profile, required conversation over VIA-PSN for final decision to enter Alliance Details & Info - Contact hardhouz PS4 VIA-PSN Thank you for your Interest in Mithras Alliance Executive Leader - hardhouz
  3. Active - Intelligent - Organized - Trendy - Hip - Modern - Supportive We provide all the tools that is necessary to become successful Direct PSN PS4 PM hardhouz
  4. Everything you do now is for your future. Mithras Alliance Direct VIA-PS4 PSN PM hardhouz