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  1. Kills obtained from the AoE damage in the napalm do not count towards kills on the weapon. This can be seen in the profile stats; I did 2 missions totaling 5k kills with only the Ogris but I only have 3k kills on the weapon. This is only a cosmetic bug, however the kills do not reward XP in the same way as normal kills from the Ogris. When equipping the napalm mod, there is significantly less XP earned. The two aforementioned missions (Zambala on Eris) both increased the Kuva Ogris to 30 and 32 respectively, however it required less than 2000 kills on the first mission (without napalm), w
  2. IGN: -SG-DucatMaster MR: 27 Hours: 4500 steam, 2600 in-game Started Playing: 2016 Current clan: Strategy Gaming Clan Previous clan: Quasars Country: Australia Language: English Discord: MasterMods#0158 I'm back from an extended break of warframe. I've been inactive pretty much since I was banned in 2018 and I'm honestly surprised I only got removed from the clan this year. I started playing again about a month ago and I didn't realise how much I missed the warframe community. A lot of content has been released since I last played and I've got a lot more to play yet, I'm really looking for
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