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  1. i know that mindset, i too make that mistake on a regular basis. every time my code bloats up with the handling of special cases, i should get suspicious about my basics and assumptions. and when i am finished and go through my code once more, i find some errors which ultimately eliminate most of my code when fixed. well, at least now you know that there are giant sandpits under your castles.
  2. well, do you intent to fix that? or did you find an error in my deductions or tests?
  3. well, since WF servers utterly ignore your port setting and try to guess on which port you can be contacted, you might want to try my workaround. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195761-bug-matchmaking-nat-and-general-networking-bug-with-a-possible-workaround/?do=findComment&comment=11608874 that may force your router to use static ports for outgoing connections.
  4. true, randomizing ports is extremely rare, but it is a very good simulation of a busy router. i can do that. but testing uncommon nat edge cases by yourself, should be a lot easier and faster. well, here a test i just made. The Setup: here is an unusual but by no means impossible edge case: i have configured ports 4990&4995 in Warframe for incoming connections. my router has static port mapping/forwarding rules for UDP ports 4990&4995. another person on my network, already uses ports 4000 - 4999 for outgoing connections. Expected Be
  5. well, looking through the forum. most people who have problems trading, simply can not invite or be invited. which i can reliably reproduce by randomizing ports for outgoing connections. which in turn means most of your player base has this bug. that means both players are unable to connect, since WF seems to initiate connections both ways.
  6. well, if i had to guess, he probably means number 1. i mean, the game client already creates port mappings/forwardings via UPnP. i think, after more than seven years now, your systems should finally start using them, instead of wildly guessing ports for UDP punch-through. so, the question is: when will you change your infrastructure to honour the port setting on all levels? do we need to wait for the next big update? or can you do that even without a hotfix? PS.: after watching this forum for a few weeks, i am pretty confident that many of the other networking problems are cau
  7. yeah, currently WF servers try to wildly guess your port settings, which will randomly break. at least the WF client honours your port settings since Deadlock Protocol. if you know how to create port forwarding rules on your router, my workaround may help: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195761-bug-matchmaking-nat-and-general-networking-bug-with-a-possible-workaround/?do=findComment&comment=11608874 since most people use their router as dhcp server, your network devices are probably already tracked by their mac, which makes a fixed IP unnecessary. i have already seen ro
  8. glad i could help. since maciejs turned up here, i am confident this will be fixed someday. to elaborate even further i did some research. what i call nat penetration, the system you rely on for over seven years now, is more commonly called "NAT Punch-through" (link) or "UDP hole punching" (link). and as you can see that is more guesswork than certainty. and most manufacturer are lazy, so their consumer grade routers loosely adhere to the peculiarities of a "Full cone NAT". this is again guessing and no guarantee. since you use upnp and nat-pmp, you already have a way better m
  9. this is exactly the problem. your system relies on the penetration vulnerability of most routers. if the router changes the port of the outgoing connection for whatever reason (penetration hardening, already established connection, paranoid admin, etc.), incoming connections on that port might not get redirected to the player. this is the reason you set up port mapping/forwarding rules either manually or by using upnp. to have fixed ports which accept incoming connections. and these port mappings/forwardings can NOT be inferred by IP traffic, because the port of outgoing connections can devi
  10. thanks and good work. i can verify that the game client adheres to the port settings since Deadlock Protocol. up to five people can now play simultaneous on one LAN without port collisions. the other problems still persist: - which ports i have configured for port forwarding is still not transmitted to the login/matchmaking servers. - "Analyze Network" still only tests outgoing connections and does not check whether i can host via port forwarding or nat penetration. - the game client still initiates connections to unconfigured ports when joining a running game.
  11. does that fix at least the game client? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195761-bug-matchmaking-nat-and-general-networking-bug-with-a-possible-workaround/
  12. will this fix at least the port setting in the options menu of the game client? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1195761-bug-matchmaking-nat-and-general-networking-bug-with-a-possible-workaround/
  13. Since DEs bug fixing record is awful at best, you should wait for Deadlock Protocol. if DE doesn't manage to fix their game client till then, you may want to fiddle with your router. the game client should be easy to fix. i assume they simply forgot a variable assignment or something. since having this option in the settings menu doesn't make sense when your networking code does not support that.
  14. a co-worker had a brilliant idea and i already could verify his theory on a friend's Fritz!Box. his theory: a port forwarding rule shifting only a single UDP port may also trigger on outgoing connections. if you want to do this on your router, https://portforward.com/router.htm has good guides for almost any router. the only differences: - your "public" or "external" port needs to differ from your "internal" port (if this works you can try keeping the internal port number for the external port) - only UDP - only a single port (you need to create two rules per IP) for the exter
  15. bug description: the port you set in the settings menu is completely ignored by warframe (client AND SERVERS). the client will always send and receive on UDP port 4950&4955. [minor bug] the server tries to infer your forwarded ports from IP traffic, which is impossible. and succeeds only under special circumstances. [critical bug] does this even affect me? if you have frequent matchmaking/invite problems, the chances of you being affected are high. if warframe gives you the "Strict-NAT" message, but port forwarding works with all other programs, then you are definitely affected.
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