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  1. sure, DE will show some new stuff, but don't forget that we still do not received railjack and The New War from previous tennocon
  2. I don't know what is going on but Warframe lately brings me only disappointment, game became so disconnected from his player base and there isn't hope on horizon
  3. well, I would say for thematic reason her 4 should at least blind enemies
  4. When I started playing Warframe like in 2016 it was very unique and different, it has distinct style, not copy-pasted from other titles now we have very different situation, it's not darkish cyberpunk, steampunk, sci-fi post apocalyptic world, it's strange cocktail of anime+pop-culture substance, and honestly I can't justify it anymore, I do think warframe lose his path and on way to inevitable decline and it's very sad
  5. and new lighting in orbiter is just awful, it's better, I guess if you are using color correction, but way worse then it was before also anti aliasing looks wrong
  6. that suck, would be interesting alternative to rivens overvise
  7. So, how do they compare to each other? Do amalgam mods RNG based or predefined?
  8. yea, nightwave is bad, yes timegating is suck, but my main problem with it how soulless nightwave is, how chalennges are completly RNG, how despite having some "lore" misiions are complitly random and not tied to story at all it's so bad that DE decided to make it this way, if missions was thematically arranged and have some connection to Wolf's story backlash would be not that harsh
  9. maybe cos path of exile is a pile of unoptimized garbage? maybe most players quit not cos difficulty but from frustration of constant freezes, glitches, crushes, disconnects? maybe cos about 10% can run this game with satisfactory performance level?
  10. good melee with blood rush would make this fight rather short and easy
  11. cos, DE needs our tears to save us from content drought, and the best quality tears come from players who spend couple of thousands platinum on GODLY riven
  12. DE can at least better arrange challenges, make them more thematic, tied to planet, mission type, activity, or something like that anyway my expectation for s2 is very low
  13. That was fun for a while, but this week challenges did show us what true nature of nightwave is - couple of boring task randomly repeating, DE not even bother to make them unique and not repeat two times in a row, I will do them this and next week for armor set and it will be time to say to Nora "good night"
  14. it would be interesting how those numbers will change https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 honestly I would prefer better optimization, not higher requirements
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