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  1. does it? pls correct me english not my native language
  2. well, I would if they have endgame and content
  3. Here's a hot take: time not infinite resource
  4. so, october 1st is almost there... I would argue they don't prepared, I would argue DE underestimate threat from their the most powerful nemesis do tenno ready to meet guardians? what do you think? considering how fast it was moved to off topic DE is clearly feels some stress of this upcoming event
  5. I would vote for Frost, beacos his baubles are ultimate tool for trolls, way more valuable than Limbo's kit, and also he is confusing for noobs, beacos they do not understand why everybody screaming to take it off and also I would remove Ash, beacos nobody will notice it anyway
  6. I'm not even mad at this point, it's kind of anticipated "feature" of every big update
  7. it was chrome, turning it off solved most freezes and stuttering, so yeah, if you play on some potato turn off this memory sucker
  8. yes, "open worlds" indeed use a lot more RAM, but it was okay before, they just took a longer time to load and then run on steady 40 fps, rest of a game is running on 60 fps, except Earth
  9. Despite, that I do play on some sort of potato, previously my FPS was around 40, now it's around 5 fps for 30-60 seconds after loading in PoE or Orb, then game constantly freezes or FPS drop from 40 to 10, not sure when did that happen, because I did not play for a while
  10. I would say it takes them another year or so to finish, what they show us is not even close to a finished product
  11. sure, DE will show some new stuff, but don't forget that we still do not received railjack and The New War from previous tennocon
  12. I don't know what is going on but Warframe lately brings me only disappointment, game became so disconnected from his player base and there isn't hope on horizon
  13. cos, DE needs our tears to save us from content drought, and the best quality tears come from players who spend couple of thousands platinum on GODLY riven
  14. DE can at least better arrange challenges, make them more thematic, tied to planet, mission type, activity, or something like that anyway my expectation for s2 is very low
  15. That was fun for a while, but this week challenges did show us what true nature of nightwave is - couple of boring task randomly repeating, DE not even bother to make them unique and not repeat two times in a row, I will do them this and next week for armor set and it will be time to say to Nora "good night"
  16. it would be interesting how those numbers will change https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 honestly I would prefer better optimization, not higher requirements
  17. thank you for responding it's working now probably some problem on steam side
  18. can it be that this update broke tennogen app? I have this error: Failed to load URL file:///C:/Games/Steam/steamapps/common/WarframeTennoGen/newui/index.html with error (-6).
  19. changes to nyx seems to be good titania, well, not so much addition of vacuum, when in razorwing mode, is good addition, but it's still chaneling ability with no energy regen, when energy is gone you are kick of from your archwing, and almost certainly are dead good solution would be to make razorwing duration based ability, or, even better, innate part of her, like limbo's riftwalk, this change will make her very exiting to play
  20. please help! I did run into some problems first, when I do open original atlas.obj in tennogen program it load only helm next, when I did export obj from blender to preview a normal map, it shows like this, although in blender it's look fine:
  21. I just want to say - your works are incredible, I'll definitely buying your Equinox skin, and Loki Erebus is THE best skin in a whole game
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