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  1. well i do think it is a bug cause, the last time I bought from store is the 'exact' price when at checkout. (i wish i've prove but sadly i don't have saved screenshot I really want this is a bug rather than straight store scam 😸
  2. i mean, how hard to farm all the materials to craft 2x apotic? just scan everything, and build any apothic i do think building SiBear is harder than this one 😐
  3. as stated at above title, why there is differences in prices? i mean, really that 'FAR'? even with 'tax' would NOT be at that price . Paying Page . . . Main Vault Page . . . Other 'Packs"
  4. isn't this counter-intuitive towards absorb? i do like 'new damage type' for absorb, hope you guys didn't change the original Absorb much, i do like her as it is but need some buff this and there. Absorb ideas : 1. Agreed to @[DE]Rebecca as her ideas pretty straight forward. 2. Non-restrictive movement (with augment Assimilate applied) enable movement 'ONLY' bullet jump and sprint (other movement hovering, rip-line, and wall latch is disabled). 3. Removal of movement speed de-buff 'Assimilate' without changing original absorb 'Assimilate' range de-buff (i.e.: 50% de-buff radius). 4. Slight increase from original like 10m to 18m, without change 'energy per second' values from 'Old' Absorb. 5. Rearrange Absorb range center from Nyx's abdomen to Nyx's Feet (like Nullifier Bubble) so that increase range she could protect squad 6. Reduced Absorb SFX and animation (had to change to black energy colour so that could focus hitting enemies better, pretty distracting i would say) (Nullifier Bubble seems nice not too distracting with extra animation like 'Old' absorb did) Psychic Bolts Ideas : 1. Agreed to @[DE]Rebecca as her ideas pretty straight forward. 2. have two mode auto (auto seek enemy) and manual (seek enemy based on Tenno crosshair). 3. Adding timed de-buff around 5s to 8s (disappear at death) of bullet attraction with radius of 8m at any 'one' 'Random' Body Parts (RNGesus) attract any Bullet/Projectiles from friends or foes since Rebecca change Bolts theme from killing into de-buffer. 4. Do not add Charge to increase -Values- Mind Control Ideas : 1. Agreed to @[DE]Rebecca as her ideas pretty straight forward and it is damn good rework! Chaos Ideas : 1. Reduce chance effected enemy, targeting allies. 2. Adds forced enemy's red minimap like ' Sense Danger ' 2. Remove Nyx Astral Model or change into Radiation effect, increase Ally visibility.
  5. @[DE]Rebecca could you make so that Arbitration [Shade] self-destruct after 5s if no ally to be shielded, me and my clan encounter out of bound [Shade] which we unable to destroy in order to proced the level cause A. uneffected by warframe power B. can effected by melee due to blocked by out of bound wall C. punchthrough weapon unable to bore into wall, which blocked
  6. Thank you @[DE]Rebecca for removing all loot in except relics 👩‍❤️‍👨
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