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  1. DE lose Money, because they don't listen the right's players. They create new goods contents during months and after 1 week, they destroy all and more by nerfing... No player will stay in this game, if all is changing so fast....And old players leave the game destroyed and nerfed.... It s simple. "Metaphor : you buy a car, and 1 week later they removed 3 gear from the gearbox, so you have a slow car. After 1 month they removed all, so you have to walk". Since 2 years, Warframe is like that !!!! Thanks DE, you are smart !

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    • TYPE: [In-Game]
    • DESCRIPTION: [Exodia contagion don't crit in red in x12. It seems to don t add the bonus crit chance mods ]
    • VISUAL: [we get only some red and many orange on x12]
    • REPRODUCTION: [just play with a saw with 36% and add amalgame crit chance to get more than 100%, add blood rush use naramoon. On X12, the Exodia contagion don t red crit]
    • EXPECTED RESULT: [We want Red crit always and the crit chance should not calculate only on crit chance base... We want like the previous update]
    • OBSERVED RESULT: [orange crit(fews reds), it should always Red]
  2. Thanks for this nice update, it s fun to redo the travel all around the system. It s a pretty good hardmode and the decoration for the orbiter are really beautiful !

    And it s good to be hard to get Steel essences, so we have to take time. Some more rewards could be nice, like umbral forma 😄

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