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  1. It's a great idea overall, but requires a high level of squad cooperation - in an activity that you cannot queue up for specifically. Eidolon encounters have an associated bounty for queuing purposes (in addition to being doable without the bounty) Exploiter Orb encounters have an associated bounty for queuing purposes Ghoul encounters have an associated bounty (it seems like it is DE's intent for thermia fractures to be the Orb Vallis counterpart to ghoul invasions?) So why is there absolutely no way to queue up for matchmaking to do thermia fractures? Every time I've tried to do fracture runs since the first event, I've given up after 4-5 attempts because either: 1) No one else in the squad is doing thermia 2) I got dumped into a squad that just finished doing 4 fractures and is now disbanding. There seems to be some trigger in the matchmaking code such that if you load into a squad, and then the rest of the squad leaves, you will not have anyone matchmake into your session after the host migration.
  2. Also - When does the event end, and what is the deadline to finish farming for the Opticor Vandal? On PS4, there is no longer any countdown timer for this event. I don't know if it disappeared when the 6th anniversary event started or when Deck 12 unlocked, but it is definitely no longer there.
  3. "Eximus Stronghold" sortie? Or where did you find THAT many eximus?
  4. "Eximus Stronghold" sortie? Or where did you find THAT many eximus?
  5. As far as endurance challenges - 60 minutes is definitely getting to be a bit long, but I can also see how 20 might be too short, even something like 3x20 might be considered too easy - perhaps 40? However one exception is the "survival without using life support" - this has to be either eliminated or reduced to multiple 20 minute runs. Simply because, if you look on Reddit, there are NUMEROUS instances of trolling, where one griefer ruins a whole squad's run at 55 minutes. Or, as has happened to me multiple times - accidentally triggering a life support module when attempting to reload a weapon. It's way too easy to fail this particular challenge either via accident or via a griefer and have to do ANOTHER 60 minute run. Friend/clan challenges - how about making this friend/clan/alliance? For some this wouldn't be an improvement, but it definitely would for me. My clan warlord now works at a pharmacy so is frequently at work whenever I'm home/awake. Most of the rest of the clan is fairly inactive or also works weird schedules, but our alliance often has 5-6+ players online at any given time.
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