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  1. It's either your adult self's finger or someone's you meet in the furure. Listen to the voices at the engine. One says,"you couldn't do this without me". My guess is it's directly connected to the Divirie paradox. DE has a plan, but to tell anyone would spoil years of story telling. Steve did joke it was a middle finger.
  2. If there are people dumb enough to pay those obscene prices, thats thier choice. Nothing in warframe has any real value. I block all riven dealers and peddlers. I suggest you all do the same (there is a chat filter). It will keep your blood pressure down. The riven mafia has no power if you ignore them. So what if they have high end rivens. They'll never sell at reasonable prices, so ignore them and let them fade away. Warframe maket sellers have no real power, the power rests in the hands of the purchaser. Be smart not a sucker/whale. One more thing, stop chasing the perfect roll. 5 more damage or crit chance doesn't mean anything. Control your gambling urges, because that's what's at play here.
  3. Naming your operator won't enhace the experience in any way. At best it would be nothing but, another novelty with no real purpose. You and those that agree with you, fail to give a solid well thought out reason to add such a feature beyond your own selfish need. It has nothing to do with usage of said feature and everything to do with your ego. Just because it's minor and therefore something you think that should be added, doesn't mean it would be easy to implement. Doesn't mean it's hard either, just tedious and time consuming. Time better spent else where. Just name your operator what ever you want and refer to them as such. You don't need the naming mechanic to do that. Just a little imagination. You do have that at least? I hope. It's not that it's a bad idea, just a pointless one. I prefer DE work on more important things, like the metric ton of bugs Empyrean brought with it. A naming mechanic would take time and resources away from such things, all because you want it. I'm not being negetive, I'm being practical.
  4. That doesn't explain why it's needed. Name your operater what ever you want, why does it have to be displayed? In the context of the game we are tenno. Not Fred or Toby. However, Tenno names are largly irrelevant. Little duck and Onko are the only characters who require operater engagement and neither care about a personal relationship with the operator. Names don't matter. Nothing is stopping any of you from naming your operator spinach salad if you want. Just do it. It matters not in the grand sceme of the game. Do you really have to have it displayed?
  5. Does it really matter if you have a tag over the operator or you just make one up? Like others have tried to say, you are the operator. Not a fantasy character. You. Their name would be your name. Why would you need to even see it? Just name your operator what ever floats your boat. It's just for you anyways. Why even add such a pointless add-on? To brag to others about a silly name? Seems like a waste of time to me.
  6. I would say it's less about the Railjack and more about your intrinsics. Leveling up your intrinsics will net you new assets, guns, engines, shields, mods and such for your own ship and make you a stronger team asset on other's ships, in the process. Not preparing for the New War is your choice, but not a wise choice.
  7. What qualifies as winning? Who are you competing with in order to beat them? How can it be pay to win, when nothing you purchase gives you an advantage in beating another user? It's PVE...... Not PVP. If I trade for plat and buy a booster, what am I winning? Getting double anything doesn't give you any advantage. Just skips grind. And that isn't pay to win, it's impatience at it's worst. What if you buy a booster, but I out farm you, do I win? If so, what was my prize? Seriously, what did I win? You can't win back time you choose to spend. You spend that time the exact same way you would with or without boosters. Crying about boosters is about as petty as it gets, you get them in log in rewards. Is that pay to win? This "change my mind" BS sure does make you awfully selfish. You think it's pay to win and you want people to dance for your ego trying to prove to a nobody that they're wrong.
  8. I don't placate jerks. I point them out. Lucky you.
  9. Nope it was you... All you. And someone using a meat shield for fun is not doing it simply because their ship sucks. As you claim. No try about it.
  10. Weren't you the one talking about the right to fun? You sure do have a habit of negating others means for fun. Different tactics for fun doesn't mean it's a crutch. You would know that if you had any imagination. If anything is lacking it's you.
  11. Good grief, the entitlement of some of these players is simply amazing. It's a video game people. Not real life. No one cares if you get anything in warframe. It's not prestigious in any way to have rare or hard to get crap in a video game. You're not special. Just another entitled spoiled rotten crybaby, who uses weak threats to get their way......
  12. Not really, just enjoy the game a lot and the relics seem to just pile up when I run missions. I don't rush to get the newest stuff either. This game is a marathon not a sprint. Having that many relics means when I prime part hunt in public, I don't feel guilty not having the newest relics. Mine tend to be vaulted when I burn them. New players grab my stuff all the time. It a nice feeling.
  13. Correction, obtainable by drop. I have 56 different Lith relics. If I'm missing any it would have been when Rhino and mag were paired up a couple of years ago.
  14. Hahahaha. That's the limit for what is available to you. That number will increase every time there is a new prime and or unvaulted. It's not a static limit. If someone traded you old vaulted relics you're limit would reflect that.
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