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  1. Ty ty. There's still bugs for: - Liches not despawning after getting stabbed - operators not being able to ride K-drives - Yareli being too big to ride Marulina through most ship-tileset maps. - Yareli can't do tricks while holding her secondary weapon - unable to purchase universal exilus forma
  2. That's you gotta wait 30s-2min before trying again.
  3. It's annoying to constantly need to start the mish, and then quit just because I keep getting placed into someone else's game.
  4. If I start a mission from the helm of my railjack, then I don't want to be put into someone else's session. Instead, I would like to pilot my own railjack. Please let me host a public mission, if I'm starting it from within my railjack. If I wanted to join someone else's session, then I would picking a node from the orbiter's proxima map. (Meaning if I'm not inside my railjack)
  5. Ty ty; this will be awesome to be able to play glass maker, and the wolf of six (i think that's what he was called?)
  6. The status galvanized mods, feel extremely underwhelming. Please let them stack higher than x2 and/or make it multiplicative.
  7. It's absolutely ridiculous that you removed the Helios & Deconstruction synergy for melee weapons. That was absolutely unecessary for any semblance of "balance" or even less for BUFFING PRIMARIES. please undo this, and let Helios / deconstuctor also work for buffing melee weapons. On a Side-Note, "Oversight" my arse. Quit trying to tell small lies, it just makes you guys look bad. If you want to do something this bad, just own up to it.
  8. Yeah that's another thing... It would open up an entire crate of new cans of worms.
  9. Maybe have Yareli shrink a little, while she's riding Marulina. This might help with the maneuvering, plus she wouldn't be visually blocking the entire screen/hall. Also evasion might work better than DR, unless it's 85% DR
  10. Yareli is very underwhelming: > P. Sure Footed, needs to work while on Marulina. > Let me do K-Drive tricks while holding my secondary. That's the whole point of riding a skateboard for style points. I can't get style points while killing enemies, if I can't even hold my gun while doing tricks. > Have her 1 add more damage to Riptide, for better synergy and more damage scaling. > increase Riptide's damage, or it's range, or it's duration so we can shoot enemies while they're trapped. > Aquablades really needs a buff. - Either buff the damage like crazy, and give players a way to scale-up the damage while in a mission. (for comparison, Gara's glass has unlimited dmg scaling & short range) - Or let players add range, and have everything within the area get slash procs so that it works as CC and status primer > Marulina needs better handling > Let us use ANY sort of mod on Marulina. K-drive mods would be better than no mods. Idc how whiny players are about how much they hate K-drives; THEY AREN'T THE ONES WHO WOULD USE MARULINA ANYWAY, so please let us use K-drives mods--and/or companion mods. >It's very counter-intuitive and weird that she's restricted to only using her secondary. Meanwhile her kit isn't damage oriented whatsoever, and her survivability is horrible even on Marulina. Did you guys want her to be a meme, or useless or something? Were you TRYING to make her unappealing in every possible way, except for her cuteness? Is this some sort of social experiment? Or were you just making her bad, so then you could buff her without people complaining that she's too op? You guys aren't dumb at all, so... This almost seems intentional. > Kompressa doesn't synergize with her passive. What were you guys smoking? it's a super cool gun, but wtf?
  11. Pretty funny that I first noticed with Critical Delay.... But seriously, it's much appreciated.
  12. I didn't notice the melee changes (mostly because I don't use berserker, and I always use Sac Steel together with Blood Rush) other than maybe it took slightly longer to reach red crits. C.O. actually deals more damage now, with proper status setups (and warframes that also play into adding more status procs) I absolutely love the shotgun galvanized mods, and THANK YOU for critical delay.
  13. Yes and she looks lovely.... but she's not a floaty jellyfish (plus why not more? :u)
  14. OHHHH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! Yeah the color changing patterns as energy waves, pulsating through her dress.... this could be really good. I do think this is something DE could do, it's just up to the artists to see how well it can be done. I'm not sure tennogen artists could pull this one off. They can't change power aesthetics, or change too much of a warframe. They're also limited by what they're able to do with energy colors & materials/textures.
  15. Idk if i remember that one. It might've been by the same artist who designed the first Ember Deluxe that also didn't get released because of creative differences between them and DE
  16. lol IK IK, I'm not gonna deny that lmfao I mean tbh, I wasn't expecting Yareli's deluxe for a few years. Plus I'd want a Wisp deluxe before a Yareli deluxe. It's just that Jellyfish and Sharks sounded super cool lol
  17. This did happen to me on my mobile, but couldn't figure out why. It hasn't happened since the one time
  18. I know its probably not gonna happen anytime soon, but could we get a deluxe skin that makes her 1 look like jellyfish? The idea of glowing jellyfish always seemed so cool to me, and her 1st always reminds me of glowing jellyfish. I guess her glaives (3rd) could look like either sharks or jellyfish as well. Jellyfish is probably easier, but Gura fans might appreciate sharks swimming around Yareli. Plus it really would look so badass... Imagine sharks orbiting you!!!! It's so cool!!! I REALLY wanted her 4 to look like shark-nado, but the new ability is honestly so much better lol. I completely understand if this post isn't taken seriously lol. It's deffo way too early to be thinking about Yareli's Deluxe skin.
  19. I guess an alternative idea could be something like a focus tree, but for warframes & weapon types. Each warframe could have their own mini "focus tree" and rifles/shotguns/pistols/etc could as well. Both DE and players could still benefit from this, except it would take a lot more dev resources, brain storming, and time investment from DE's part. I didn't suggest it because people often complain that they don't want more things they need to grind for. :/ (and this has been suggested before, by someone else) There's also the argument that it would only make good weapons/warframes even better, thus increasing the gap between them. annnnnd it would also be a change for everyone; not just a tweak for Titania
  20. - You can't spam energy pizzas in steel path, enemies aren't always highly concentrated in every region of the map, and Titania isn't a good fit for the Rage mod. No, steel path doesn't offer as much energy (or more) unless there's also a Trinity/Limbo/Protea. It offers LESS total energy because enemies take longer to kill, which means you end up using more energy in the long run. - Oh and yes, let's not use the most fun aspect of her kit, which also happens to offer her the most survivability. Why would I NOT want to use that ability? Same reason why you would rather not limit the capacity of your own body/limbs/senses, is also why I would rather play Titania in razorwing. Dude, you even named the build you suggested "Fairy mode maximized" and put in the description "this is so you can stay in fairy mode 100% of the time for dex pixia" so it's not just me being unwilling to play without razorwing lol P.S. This suggestion is primarily about making razorflies more useful, while adding more options for creativity; not about Titania as a whole. This isn't a "rework titania" post, so I don't consider being outside of razorwing.... because razorflies only exist when using razorwing (sigh) Here's my reply to your personal attack towards me lol.
  21. --snip-- Eh a lot of what I previously said might not apply anymore, so removing that. Seems there's a lot I didn't entirely know/understand about Titania. I'm not suggesting for an entire rework, or ability buffs, because Titania is generally good--reworking her seems overkill. She struggles somewhat at higher levels, but she only needs a little push to do better. Modding razorwings seemed like a compromise which would be low-effort for both DE and players, while also helping to give that push which Titania could use. It also wouldn't punish players who invested in her, or force them to change their existing gameplay styles and/or builds. Something else about buffs tho/sidenote
  22. dude chill I did thoroughly discuss why the build you suggested doesn't still solve the razorfly issue. Just spawning more every 15s isn't really a solution, and neither is spamming abilities to add 3-8s to their survivability. Not when their survivability means that I can't kill enemies, and I also make myself more vulnerable Actually my bad dude, apparently there's a lot of things that I didn't know/understand about Titania beforehand. Like how her tributes last 120s regardless of duration. I still wouldn't want to cast spellbind every 10s, but I can better understand where you're coming from now. It was my own ignorance that caused this understanding though, so I apologize for that. secondly, this isn't a build discussion thread. Though even if it were a discussion thread it wouldn't make for a good discussion since you seem to have the attitude of "i'm right and you're in need of help, so if you don't do what I say/want then you're just not here in good faith" which isn't conducive towards a 2-way discussion in the first place. Maybe instead of assuming the other party is just flat out wrong, why don't you try to understand the points i'm bringing up?
  23. No that's actually not the only reason. I use preparation because energy isn't abundant in steel path. I also don't want to spam pizzas outside of steel path, because it gets old & expensive. With preparation + P. Flow + Energize, I can maintain above--worst case--35% energy through an entire mission without turning off pixie mode. I use primed surefooted, because it prevents the stagger from flying into objects. Getting staggered means being more vulnerable to traps, gunfire, melee attacks, grenades, simply because we can't just move out of the way. It's also just plain annoying to deal with constant collision stagger. Zenurik is too slow for me to bother with, because teammates deffo wouldn't just wait around for your energy to even reach 40%. We also can't regen energy from zenurik while in pixie mode. "non-dash" method would mean efficiency? I thought that was THE dash method (along with duration, it super minimizes any energy expense while maximizing the time the buffs & pixie mode can last with said low energy cost). Lovely for ayatan sculpture hunting, or gathering in OW Also using umbral forma has nothing to do with locking her in a corner in terms of modding. That's irrelevant, because I'd still want more HP and some power strength, regardless of the build. If I locked her into a corner, it was with all the other invested forma. To me they're BETTER than wucolne, if they manage to stay alive--strictly talking about their ability to distract enemies. Wuclone can deletus some enemies which means no need for CC. But in terms of actually distracting enemies, the razorflies are more effective. So if we're talking about enemies that wuclone struggles to kill, then razorflies are better. It's fine that they're not on the same level in terms of damage dealing, since they weren't meant to be a walking artillery platform double of Titania--like wuclone is lol. They're just an auxiliary aid of your pixie form, but they're still a pretty huge part of Titania's survivability. If lamp was better, then razorflies wouldn't be as big of a key asset for me.... but then if lamp was better, then it would be too OP of a CC ability. Putting 3-6 mods on razorflies, seemed like a better compromise to me than simply buffing an ability. I think it would be better to discuss the feedback ideas, rather than discussing builds, or giving build suggestions. I've already explained why I use my current build, and why I wouldn't use an efficiency oriented build--plus this isn't a place to discuss builds either. I do appreciate you trying to help though! ^^
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