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  1. +1 on this. Especially for open world missions, this makes them feel more immersive and interesting. Edit: Those short "single-objective" missions make sense for Star-Chart or certain events, because it's less friction for gameplay and players can go in and out easier. Though for open world, I think there needs to be more variety/options than just those fast-goal missions. They're still helpful there, but I think something like the vault runs and the 5* bounties were really fitting for an open-world experience. (Just like the eidolon hunts made PoE feel more relevant
  2. Dude I wasn't complaining about Ember's 4. My concern is that they're just gonna nerf her 3, just like they nerfed Ember's 4
  3. Btw @(XBOX)Skippy575 reason I didn't suggest things like "damage taken turns into energy" or "adaptation" for riven stats, is because that would make all of those RARE MODS obsolete. (Or make Lua puzzle runs obsolete) Meanwhile basic stat mods aren't rare, or expensive. So it's not like players would be sacrificing something valuable, for a new riven mod. (Other than maybe time) Edit: Also, we *really* need new/better options for efficiency. We only have streamline, or the corrupted mod.
  4. rather than saying no ENTIRELY to the basic power buff abilities, why not just say "reduced stat variations" of them? I.E. range, efficiency, and duration, could be capped at 50%, meanwhile vitality, armor, shields, and energy could be capped at 220% Re-edit: could also make it so that if you have one stat, you can't also run the normal basic version of said mod. I.E. if you get a range stat, you can't also run stretch, but you could still run overextended. This would make it so we can still use it to consolidate multiple mods into one, but people can't be like "y
  5. I'd heavily disagree here. There's a lot of exilus abilities that are useless, and others that could be too OP. Plus don't forget that power str, range, duration, efficiency, are all also part of exilus mods. (Which are the only useful stats, but also the ones you wouldn't want to see) And then there's ones like "reduced damage taken when airborne" which would make some warframes immortal
  6. (edit: fu-- i pushed my first comment to the other page x.x... please see the last comment on the first page, to see my thoughts about this) Idk why so many ppl are freaking out about this though. It's kinda funny tbh... Most reviews I've glanced through didn't even consider or discuss under what conditions it might be good, or what exactly could make it bad. Instead of just saying "oof" or "that's the worst idea" it would be better if constructive opinions/feedback was given. Especially since OP asked for thoughts as well... But also because simply saying "no" doesn't
  7. I think it would be a good idea IF: -The rivers only provide basic stat options (Str, efficiency, range, duration, vitality, armor, shields, cast speed) -Warframes don't have a "riven disposition" system. The riven stats are just pure RNG from a low limit, to a max limit. (This way there's less of an unbalanced pricing, or unbalanced Warframe usage because one or the other has higher disposition) -We can use the rivers to substitute for 2 mods. (One mod takes the space of two mods) If those three things were met, I would say it's something we could really use/need.
  8. In the clip of Rebecca using her, the Hydro-Blades almost covered the entire hallway. (They were in an orokin grand-hall) So to me they seemed at least 10m, from her towards the very edge of the ability. Though I could be wrong about my impression of it, and it might be much smaller. It might've seemed bigger, simply because Yareli was higher off the ground. Either way I'm sure many players will see if they can extend the range & power as much as possible, and enjoy the "true damage" slash procs from her ability. I know that's what I'd want to do, and that's also why I'm getting flas
  9. If they really are 4-8m, but STRONG (like garaa's 2) i probably wouldn't see too many players complain about it, so that would at least remove a potential reason for nerfing it. Idk about DE nerfing it due to overuse though... That's something they'd know internally. Or at least something they should consider it before her release. (Consider how balanced/useful all her abilities are, in regards to each-other)
  10. Yeah I know, I don't understand why WoF got nerfed either since it only killed low levels or provided CC at higher levels.... And yet it did get "changed" (DE didn't call it a nerf, but a lot of players hated it Post-Change) All I'm sayin' is that Yareli's 3 raises some concerns. I don't want it nerfed myself or changed entirely or anything. I just think DE should be careful of releasing something they'll just have to nerf quickly after release (like they did for Nidus, Saryn's buff, and Kuva Bramma)
  11. Granted, I do agree that it's probably less of a risk if the radius isn't very big. But how much would that impact the usability/practicality of it? For Garaa it also serves as her defense, along with offense. Yareli's won't have defense tho, just offense (though her K-Drive should give her some defense, based on what DE has said so far) But that's still not to say that it shouldn't raise a flag for concern, as we've seen so far.
  12. Equinox needs to be active, sarin's needs to be actively used, Octavia rarely gets used, and idk much about Hildryn but I rarely see her getting used. Equi and Saryn aren't "set and forget" abilities, like DE used to call Ember's WoF. (Also, idk why DE hates the idea of an ability we can just toggle on and keep it on, if we've specifically modded our warframes for that specific purpose... Isn't that part of player gameplay and creativity?) However none of those abilities work like WoF or like Yareli's 3. (You turn it on, and forget it). And sure all of those have large AoE, b
  13. Ember's WoF radius was originally about that big. We just modded it until it got about 30m+ because it was an easy way to knock down enemies, and get a ground finisher strike with a melee... Well that's what I did, and I did still need to move around to use it. (Yareli's 3 seems like 12-14m to me) What's to say that people won't add 200%+ range, 200+ power str, and just spam her 3 and 4 over and over? And then DE is gonna have to think about nerfing it, because it gets used too much/abused, or whatever
  14. Also about her K-Drive pet friend: A lot of the K-drive haters might enjoy her more, if the handling was better than normal k-drives. Like the drift/floating they normally have, should be minimized in Yareli unless they want to slide (Left Ctrl). Additionally, K-drives have VERY LIMITED movement while In the air. It would really help to improve the experience if Yareli has more freedom and fluidity while In the air/jumping while riding her exalted K-drive. It would make sense If her friend is a sentient creature that can float. Adding a way for her to move & steer while cr
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