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  1. Hey I just thought of something! (first time for everything) They could call this tool "The GM's Screen" or "GM's UI" like when playing pen & paper games xD (Like D&D)
  2. Blood rush stacking multiplicatively with a flat-crit additive mod, wouldn't be a bad thing if the mod wasn't adding something like 60% crit chance. Blood rush is working just fine like this. It's just that it's easy to abuse, and the bonus is insanely high that normally it's not practical to consider anything else for crit builds.
  3. First of all: No, that's why I said Secondly, just because they're the game's developers doesn't mean that they're all-knowing, perfect gods of game development (I mean... maybe SOME of them are, but I didn't think ALL of them were). There might always be Ideas they didn't think of, or new things that might seem obvious they hadn't previously considered... We're all human, and that's why the "feedback forums" exist. Simply put, you tell me which one would be faster... would it be faster to customize your warframe's colors by: a) writing, deleting, and verifying, and re-writing a new line of code every single time or B) move a slider, or click on a box? I'm saying that I don't know if they have an internal tool to customize things faster and more efficiently... but IF THEY DON'T, it would definitely help them to save time, if they did make some sort of dev interface for making fast changes to events/enemy difficulty
  4. Funny. (honestly, I genuinely appreciate and find that kind of sass funny.. i'm just laughing internally atm, because my brain is on "think mode") So let me see if I understood the heart of what you meant. What you're trying to say is that: 1) It provides a player power in-balance, where players without meme-strike won't feel like they're able to play the game... They just watch others kill everything. 2) It provides for a spmamable & repetitive dynamic that's easy to use, and removes all thought from the "challenge" equation of the game. 3) There isn't a way for the game to counter said mechanics, and it doesn't encourage diversity. 4) It lacks/removes excitement, fun, and creativity. It enables a stagnant gameplay strategy, since it's so repeatably easy to get the same bonus which easily applies to a larger amount of enemies than regular attacks would. If i understood those things correctly, what about changing it by giving the effect a cool-down, or only letting it apply on floating enemies? Or some sort of other "flat/additive crit buff" mods, like this suggestion below? Heavy attacks already require players to build their combo counter, and this type of mod would give an option to reward players to be more creative with their gameplay. It would also reward more heavy strikes. And what about the other suggestion for new corrupt mods, that offer additive crit at the expense of status or attack speed? I think your feedback is important because it also reflects a general concern that I believe many players share about mods like "meme strike. So i do appreciate the things you're saying and contributing to this post.
  5. My Gauss looks pretty cute with his pumpkin head.... Any chance we can get some for our companions/sentinels in the future? Just imagine a floating pumpkin shooting enemies down. >:D Btw, thanks again for Dethcube prime!... Wraith-box, and prisma-prism when? :v
  6. That's an awesome idea tbh; i'd love to see more corrupt mods similar to what you're suggesting. I up-voted your idea. I think it's still important to keep alternatives that don't have such extreme buffs or drawbacks though. Sometimes a small adjustment is all that's needed.
  7. Same tbh, but how would you distribute rewards for that? And what about solo players, or people with no friends? like me
  8. Hey, i'm not the one writing hate-love letters... but you're right, i'm sorry. And yeah that's my point about ember; they're returning her ORIGINAL identity. That's why "losing her identity" isn't constructive feedback. If a player wants ember to still have "gun buffing" abilities, they should say that and explain why that's beneficial. Or explain why her current changes aren't effective at accomplishing that, and what can be done to give ember the desired weapon buffs. You could even suggest for fireblast weaken enemies with an augment, or buff teammates like accelerant used to with its augment.
  9. On Quiet Shy's art stream last week, DE_Scott said that currently the Kuva Lich difficulty is too high atm. He said that QA wanted him to lower the difficulty scaling, and make the battle easier. I'm not sure if you guys already keep an internal change-log, but... It might be a good idea for DE to keep a change-log that's easy to switch in-between. A tool that stores what things are changed to make a Kuva Lich, or even an enemy/boss/encounter/mission to make them easier, or harder, and you can tab in between to change those settings (Like a difficulty setting that devs could use). This way if the player base finds them extremely easy--which we will probably find a way to cheese them, given enough time--the devs can upgrade the lich difficulty within a hotfix. This would work as a time-saving tool, and would also work as a reference tool to analyze & compare changes faster. Edit: You could also use this tool to help create events. You could periodically increase the difficulty of a faction/planet/mission type like this, for different events throughout the year.
  10. It's interesting to see so many varied & polarized sets of opinions around a single mod. @-Kittens- what makes you feel so strongly negative about the mod, that you'd prefer to outright remove it from the game? Would you consider a different type of "additive/flat crit" mod? I already have an idea of why you'd rather remove the mod, but i'd rather not assume. I think it helps the devs when we explain what are the things we don't like, and what are the things we do... the "why" behind our feedback.
  11. Yeah exactly, with another mod. It would still need another mod with "flat crit" to help the weapon perform better. So yeah, I am agreeing with you that those mods would work as "utility" mods of a sort. I'm just highlighting to the devs that without a source for an "additive crit buff" blood rush wouldn't work very effectively with weapons that have a low crit chance.
  12. But i'm not sure that it would work effectively for weapons with a lower crit%... at least not by itself.
  13. 1) This is a suggestion to keep maiming strike's crit bonus additive, but change it to only apply on "floating enemies" instead.... Or on a spin attack that hits floating enemies. 2) I'd also like to suggest to add a new mod that gives something like 20-30% additive crit% on "heavy strikes" (regardless of float status, since this would require players to build up their combo counter) *Reason why: Additive crit bonus allows us more flexibility when specializing on crit builds. It's also the only effective way to build crit chance, on weapons that have lower crit%. So Instead of removing it from mod selections alrogether, why not just lower the flat crit increase? I believe these suggestions would encourage more diverse gameplay outside of "spin-n-slide" to get the most damage & red crits, while preserving an additive crit bonus mod.
  14. You have a problem. Every time anyone disagrees with something you say, you attack and badger them so much that the conversation is barely even anymore about the original subject. You haven't even been talking about ember anymore lol... You've done this to me several times, and I've seen you do this to other players as well. So everything you've been saying, you should apply onto yourself. You clearly didn't read any of my posts. You clearly don't give any consideration to what I've been saying. You seem to have your own internal monologue of what you want to hear, meanwhile all I've been trying to do is get people to be more detailed with their feedback. You're just here trying to be a bully, because I'm telling you that saying "she's lost her identity" isn't an actual argument, or even constructive feedback. If you wanted them to keep accelerant, you should explain what you liked about it and why it's better than the suggested rework abilities. Not just make a vague statement like "she's losing her identity" And nah the only reason my posts didn't get "traction" is because I don't have a cronies constantly liking every single thing I post like you do... Go bully someone else. Let's keep this for actual feedback. For every One thing I say, you wasted 4 times the amount of space by trying to berate me... That's not ember, or "warframe feedback" related. It's honestly kinda creepy, almost like you're writing me angry love letters or you have a crush on me. Someone else might get the wrong impression that we're an old married couple or something.
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