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  1. Ty ty. There's still bugs for: - Liches not despawning after getting stabbed - operators not being able to ride K-drives - Yareli being too big to ride Marulina through most ship-tileset maps. - Yareli can't do tricks while holding her secondary weapon - unable to purchase universal exilus forma
  2. That's you gotta wait 30s-2min before trying again.
  3. It's annoying to constantly need to start the mish, and then quit just because I keep getting placed into someone else's game.
  4. If I start a mission from the helm of my railjack, then I don't want to be put into someone else's session. Instead, I would like to pilot my own railjack. Please let me host a public mission, if I'm starting it from within my railjack. If I wanted to join someone else's session, then I would picking a node from the orbiter's proxima map. (Meaning if I'm not inside my railjack)
  5. Ty ty; this will be awesome to be able to play glass maker, and the wolf of six (i think that's what he was called?)
  6. The status galvanized mods, feel extremely underwhelming. Please let them stack higher than x2 and/or make it multiplicative.
  7. It's absolutely ridiculous that you removed the Helios & Deconstruction synergy for melee weapons. That was absolutely unecessary for any semblance of "balance" or even less for BUFFING PRIMARIES. please undo this, and let Helios / deconstuctor also work for buffing melee weapons. On a Side-Note, "Oversight" my arse. Quit trying to tell small lies, it just makes you guys look bad. If you want to do something this bad, just own up to it.
  8. Yeah that's another thing... It would open up an entire crate of new cans of worms.
  9. Maybe have Yareli shrink a little, while she's riding Marulina. This might help with the maneuvering, plus she wouldn't be visually blocking the entire screen/hall. Also evasion might work better than DR, unless it's 85% DR
  10. Yareli is very underwhelming: > P. Sure Footed, needs to work while on Marulina. > Let me do K-Drive tricks while holding my secondary. That's the whole point of riding a skateboard for style points. I can't get style points while killing enemies, if I can't even hold my gun while doing tricks. > Have her 1 add more damage to Riptide, for better synergy and more damage scaling. > increase Riptide's damage, or it's range, or it's duration so we can shoot enemies while they're trapped. > Aquablades really needs a buff. - Either buff the damage like crazy, and give players a way to scale-up the damage while in a mission. (for comparison, Gara's glass has unlimited dmg scaling & short range) - Or let players add range, and have everything within the area get slash procs so that it works as CC and status primer > Marulina needs better handling > Let us use ANY sort of mod on Marulina. K-drive mods would be better than no mods. Idc how whiny players are about how much they hate K-drives; THEY AREN'T THE ONES WHO WOULD USE MARULINA ANYWAY, so please let us use K-drives mods--and/or companion mods. >It's very counter-intuitive and weird that she's restricted to only using her secondary. Meanwhile her kit isn't damage oriented whatsoever, and her survivability is horrible even on Marulina. Did you guys want her to be a meme, or useless or something? Were you TRYING to make her unappealing in every possible way, except for her cuteness? Is this some sort of social experiment? Or were you just making her bad, so then you could buff her without people complaining that she's too op? You guys aren't dumb at all, so... This almost seems intentional. > Kompressa doesn't synergize with her passive. What were you guys smoking? it's a super cool gun, but wtf?
  11. Pretty funny that I first noticed with Critical Delay.... But seriously, it's much appreciated.
  12. I didn't notice the melee changes (mostly because I don't use berserker, and I always use Sac Steel together with Blood Rush) other than maybe it took slightly longer to reach red crits. C.O. actually deals more damage now, with proper status setups (and warframes that also play into adding more status procs) I absolutely love the shotgun galvanized mods, and THANK YOU for critical delay.
  13. Yes and she looks lovely.... but she's not a floaty jellyfish (plus why not more? :u)
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