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  1. I actually have the opposite problem with Sol Gate atm, where I only use it when i'm overwhelmed because it gets to the point that it cleans the room too fast. (it gets boring). Her Sol Gate is a bit tricky, because it doesn't work like ordinary beam weapons. It has a damage ramp up, and you have to move it around to get the damage ticks to increase faster. Granted, Sol Gate does have this awkward spot where it's faster to just shoot some mid-level (lvls 60-80) enemies. But once you get more used to it, it's actually faster at killing lvl100+ heavy enemies, than the amprex. This post explains how it works pretty well. If you're using it correctly, it should kill High lvl elites, faster than an amprex. Also, you might be right when you said the performance may be more related to the mods available to you. Here's my build atm: I hope this was helpful to you!
  2. I'm just replying in here, so that OP makes a new video with the newly buffed sol gate (please :D) also, so that more people see this post and learn how sol gate works
  3. Yo.... Mesa, Ember, Banshee, Titania, saryn.... they're all self-buffers dude. Every single one of them have some buff that increases their damage, or attack/cast speed. So with that alone, your argument falls apart. The reason they're falling behind isn't because they don't have "self-buffs" it's because they lack more versatility, in how players use them. Players just see this one effective niche build, and only use the warframes in that specific way, instead of being creative and trying to play for the sake of fun. So when more diverse & versatile warframes come along that don't have one specific niche, the older DPS frames seem overshadowed, because players like you forgot they even had other uses/abilities/buffs. The issue older frames do have, is that they do lack more synergy, and diversity.... Or just plain out better numbers for their abilities *cough* (ember)
  4. Abstract/TLDR: Breach Surge sparks seem to have wonky trajectories/targeting, and sometimes don't do damage. The improvement to her 3 is awesome. I used t only rely on sol-gate to get any sparks, but now I see them happening pretty regularly when I'm getting kills with my other weapons. It's really cool! Though now that I can actually see the procs, I can tell that there's definitely something wonky about how they travel, or hit enemies. Sometimes It looks like they hit, but I don't see any damage done. Other times they do damage, when I wasn't expecting. Most of the time, they just collide on something.
  5. Not me. I've also been in a party with a limbo, and I was able to "glide" out of the rift. So I don't think that leaving the rift has anything to do with the physical representation of the animation; just with the action (dodging/dashing). It seems like it's more of a ping issue, or some sort of bug.
  6. @DE Why don't you guys add a "nozzle" function to Wisp's Sol Gate, controlled with the mouse wheel? Scroll up (zoom in) to decrease Sol Gate's diameter and damage, but increase tick-rate, and range. Scroll down (zoom out) to increase the diameter, AoE effect, and damage, but decrease the fire rate and range. This would keep the ability's base stats the same, but allow players to have that "faster" fire-rate they're looking for. It would also help us ramp up the tics without having to become a tenno-lightshow, and would make it more seamless to turn on, and off the ability at a "need" basis. (currently i prefer leaving it on, since i don't want to lose the ramped up damage. But with a this nozzle function, i could ramp it up faster as I need it, kill the enemy, then turn it off and not worry as much about losing the built-up damage since I'd have better control over it)
  7. These changes sound really fun. I'm really excited, and anxious to try the new rework!!! 😄
  8. @Teridax68Are you sure that you read, and understood what I said? @DE Devs/ Wisp Feedback: Since everyone keeps wanting/having different opinions about what they think the reservoirs should/shouldn't do, or look like.... Maybe DE should just make them into another form of "exalted pet" and let players color them differently, make them translucent, pick which buffs to take with them, combine them, or mod them with different augments for different effects. Also add a plain "open portal" as one of the usable abilities for her 1... Edit: and maybe make one "A" and one "B" so that we can move "portal a" without changing the destination of "B"
  9. If they gave ember the passive you suggested (or some sort of heat/ignite counters), the recovery ability you suggested, the 4th you suggested, and a charge similar to the vanguard's charge, her kit would be set. She would become one of the most fun-2-play warframes in the game.
  10. Yeah, that's exactly the one i'm talking about! lol. That's what I named "flash fire" cos I couldn't think of another appropriate "fire themed" name. Playing ember like a vanguard, would be SOOOOO SWEEEET. I might even enjoy it more than playing Wisp.
  11. Take a good look a wisp's kit lol A lot of commenters on my post kept suggesting to make it into a new warframe. My favorite ability was actually "flash-fire" or "caustic clash" where ember propels herself into enemies, and creates an explosion upon impact.
  12. Which ideas do you like though? And yeah, it's Quiet Shy's glyph 😄
  13. @(PS4)Derweanq described exactly how I feel, and exactly what I'm afraid of. Wisp is in a perfect spot right now. I fear that making her too much about "portals" or giving her corrosive, or making her easier to play... would potentially either make her too easy to play, or get her on the nerf radar. DE did well with wisp. I really hope that they continue to make similar dynamic concepts, with future warframes. I also really enjoy that her hp, shields, and armor are actually very weak--she's squishy AF--but they gave her strong skills/tools to compensate for her squishiness. She's already so fluid, dynamic and fun. She's squishy but powerful, she rewards an engaged and active gameplay, she supports teammates and does damage, she moves through the battlefield fast & gracefully. She can get killed so easily, but her kit gives her so many tools to circumvent enemy attacks or damage taken.... Adding more to her, might instead take away from her. I'm scared of that. Anyway, that's really my concern. I'm gonna take a break from the forums now, because I feel like i've taken up a lot of space. The devs probably already read plenty from me, and they would probably benefit from hearing what others want to say. It was fun though! Thank you for wisp, DE!!!! 😄❤️
  14. @Teridax68 since we're talking a lot, i'd like to suggest that we use the "spoilers" function, to keep our posts more concise. This way our posts won't be taking up so much visual space. @SwitchItOn her reservoirs only benefit ro energy conversion, while the buff is active. If it's not active, then the buffs revert to your lowered power stats.
  15. I tried to move my convo with teridax68 into PM because I didn't want to clutter the feedback thread. The conversation became constructive/productive for wisp ideas, so I wanted to post those parts on here. Disclaimer: It's a lot to read through, but there are some cool ideas.
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