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  1. Totally agree with this... I love your sound team, they're superb. I'd definitely watch other separate streams, but this might be inappropriate timing when considering all the other things that people are waiting for.
  2. DE, please stop launching hotfixes in the middle of, or right before sentient anomalies (or night time)
  3. I JUST WANT TO KNOW.... Who's booty are we seeing there?
  4. I actually liked that feature... gives my "W" finger some rest
  5. Are you *bleeping* crazy, or do you just not know how to build/use him? Or maybe you didn't understand/read his abilities...?
  6. I'm sorry for whining, but I still can't enjoy Railjack after the Cryo weapon nerfs. I can't enjoy raljack/space pew pew, with this slow AF current "time spent per kill... it might be fun for Pablo, but it sure as hell isn't fun for me. Please buff the railjack weapons. And if you guys want a slower/chill game mode, then you could accomplish that by ACTUALLY GIVING US A REAL & FUNCTIONAL CLOAK which would allow players to STAY invisible, and snipe enemies from far away... or to just cruise around, and take their time killing enemies. And Void hole/munitions vortex also exists btw. But that's not as fun for me, as efficient "space pew pew" and railjack dogfights P.S. ILY Pablo/RazorCupcake, I just like a different feel for fighter dogfights.
  7. Maiming Strike doesn't have to be the best mod by any means like the previous melee system. However, it is currently completely worthless and this should earn a removal like Stamina Mods at this point. There is absolutely no reason to touch Maiming Strike or Riven Mods with CC on Slide Attack stats currently as straight base Critical Chance with x2 Critical Chance on Heavy Attack is strictly better in every case. As always, thank you for the hotfix. they should make the slide CC additive again, just make it lower than before
  8. that's pretty sneaky & shi++y.... if you're gonna nerf them, please don't leave things out DE... leaving things out just leaves a bad tone, for the rest of the patch notes/hotfix... "what else do I have to look out for, that they conveniently forgot to mention?" Cryo already did oneshot things before, when they crit. It was the only way (and still is the only way) to kill self-healing enemies. I feel like you guys just wanted to use this as an excuse to nerf the fact that they were able to oneshot enemies on crit. Cryo didn't need the increased falloff range, and I definitely don't want to subscribe to your "intended time to kill" BS. I like cryo for the oneshots--not because they're pretty--so I'd be fine if they were the "catchmoon" of railjack, with their old falloff range. I just need things to die when I shoot them... not play "tickle tag" with them. Oh and btw, their heat is now jacked up. Used to be able to get 8 shots with a Zetki Polar Coil. Now I only get 4 shots with them, despite having polar coil equipped. P.S. If you guys want us to take longer times with the mission, then just give us more enemies to shoot... or make the missions more interesting. Having to overheat just to take out one enemy, isn't fun at all. That's pretty dull. Having to shoot enemies over and over to kill them, also isn't fun. If you want them to stay alive longer, make the enemies faster while also giving us more base speed. Make it a faster-paced fight, so that it actually feels like a real dogfight.
  9. If you guys don't want to increase the vacuum range, maybe give us "loot drone" gear.... like seeker drones that we can deploy to loot "x" number of items for us, within "x" amount of range. But as additional gear (separate to missiles)... not as an avionics. Edit: also thanks for the wisp animations!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. Redtext And tyvm for the hotfix ^^
  11. yeah, but i'm pretty sure they aren't gonna be the only crewmembers that we'll be able to pick from. They also mentioned being able to have crewmembers from other worlds, and each different ones having their own strengths/requirements. The main thing i'm trying to suggest with this post, is the resource trading/bartering. So that the OW resources are less isolated, and less of an "island" content.... because right now, we really don't need to go back to those places, once we get everything.... there's really not even a point of going back, EVEN IF they also tied everything together with empyrean/railjacks/squadlink. So yeah, we kinda need a larger/universal integration of resources/regions. ...and i'm also suggesting what would be an AWESOME name for the docking hub. >:D
  12. We also wouldn't have to keep loading into other people's dojo, and then heading back to orbiter or some other shiz.... we could all just go to a central hub for this. Sorta like maroo's bazaar, in terms of trading. Though it really would be great if we could just dock *anywhere*. Even to set our orbiters as a return destination, from a mish... SO we could go directly there, instead of having to go into the drydock (if we have no reason to return to the dojo). Resource trading/exchange could also be a thing, If we got an excess of something and need something else. (meaning with NPCs from different planets)
  13. I meant NPCs, because of the future "command" intrinsics--but probably players too.
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