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  1. C'est comme pour le premier vase, tu doit aller tuer un certain type d'enemi pour le remplir, pour le retourner a nouveau.
  2. Have you tried to level up new equipment? And not re-leveling old equipment let's say leveling up bo to rank 30 gives mastery once, but it wont give anymore even if you forma or sell it.
  3. The snail walking investigation scenes was the wosrt by far to me i was litterally getting headache from this. Then, add the fact that depending on the scene and clue locations, some of them looked like it was a part of decor.
  4. I have run into this bug a few times too. For me this bug seems to happend if I completed other objectives (e.g a gallion, sentinent abnormality) before going to the pulse turbine where that door would bug and not open, but if doing pulse turbine first it would not bug.
  5. Mods like viality and redirection always calculate with unranked values. In Voidrig case : base health is 1500, so the mods, maxed, will add 1800. (so voidrig at rank 30 you have 3000 + 1800) Same goes for shield , voidrig have base sheild of 500 so redirection will add 1100.
  6. There iare few enemies that are either resistant or immune to status like thumper, In thumper case its immunae to status, and weak vs radiation, so you will want a crti radiation build.
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