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  1. This whole thing makes me really sad. Like, REALLY sad. You know, years ago (until 2017), Warframe was an awesome Game. Pretty much one of the best games ever made. Then DE started fiddling around with stuff. The current topic of 'arsernal divide' is another good example for the reoccuring problems in the game. The game doesn't need these mods or the nerfs. I hope one day DE understands that they have to fix problems at the root. And while doing so, they can add new Quests, Cinematics and other Content that the community is asking for. You can't fix a moldy cake by adding tons of 'ok tasting' sprinkles on top of it. At some point the cake will break apart. Oh.. btw: the last emotional roller coaster I had was when the Lotus left. That is 3.5 years ago. In germany we say:"Customer is king" but all I feel is:"I have my vision and you are unimportant!". I hope you read this DE and take a second to thing about my statement.
  2. Is Dx12 still slower compared to Dx11? I get 30-40 fps less when I play with Dx12. I have a x5675 @4.2GHz, 12GB ram in triple channel and a Asus GTX 1080 ti STRIX OC.
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