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  1. Sad... I thought we go full Dark Souls mode.
  2. This is written as if it is a new problem?! Sorry, but this problematic is for years in the game! You don't want that we power creep? Then balance the game. Quick start: Play Vauban, Wukong, Nyx or Titania in ESO and reach Round 9 without breaking your fingers! Get it?
  3. The problem is because Warframe doesn't support raw input. Its a mouse dpi bug.
  4. I did a one hour long Arbitration mission with Hildryn and both Arcane Aegis (3) and Arcane Barrier (3) didn't triggered at all.
  5. I'm a veteran of the game and I had lots of fun with Nightwave so far! The challanges gave me the opportunity to improve my builds and to play missions that I have forgotten about that they exist. (Endurance runs, bounties and many other missions). Please don't change anything! It's finally a challange and it makes a lot fun! Love you DE and thank you for that!
  6. So, I spend my money on the Hildryn collection to find out that she is useless against a whole enemy faction: The Infested. No words to describe my anger.. It makes me speechless, every time I press 2 in an Infested mission. DE pls fix this. This is an absolut no go!
  7. The stuttering is caused by not enough ram.
  8. Pretty sure this bug is forever in the game; I play with a gaming mouse and can switch between dpi settings. I would like to play with 400 dpi but Warframe doesn't copy the windows mouse cursor speed to Warframe. Result is that at 400 dpi the mouse cursor in the ESC menus is suuuuper slow. In all other games the cursor speed is equal to the settings I made. Maybe they don't know that this bug exists because they play a shooter with office equipment.. lol sorry ❤ Edit: The solution is that Warframe needs to code a raw input reader and add a switch to the controls menu. Warframe is the only game (especially shooter) I know that has this weird "bug" / trivial feature missing.
  9. Thank you, Glen! Last stream was awesome. 😊
  10. When do we get new Raids and a Chroma rework?
  11. Guys, just calm down please. This is a common strategy from DE. The only reason why Nyx and Titania get some changes is because their deluxe packages coming out in the next weeks and DE wants to ensure that the sales are high. Same story with Vauban deluxe, or Mirage prime, Limbo prime and so on. I don't know why DE is doing this kind of strategy but it seems to work for them. Chroma Prime didn't got any changes because he is highly requested for Eidolon hunts. Mesa Prime also won't get any changes. Also: The tweaks for Titania and Nyx are not from Boss Pablo himself. So.. don't expect any awesome changes or that DE will take much of your feedback in consideration.
  12. For Titania: - Make her 1 and 3 as one ability. Make the ability so that enemies doesn't float! The fact that Titania is a fairy doesn't mean that enemies have to float all over the place! - Her 2 needs better buffs. Let her also insta get the buffs. Her allies can still collect the buffs. - Make her third ability like Garas Splinter Storm with butterflys that has a damage reduction and a slash damaging function that comes from the butterflys. Let her cast her 3 on allies. - Her 4 can stay the same + vacuum. Problem solved with Titania!
  13. Sorry to say that, but I think these changes are not really good. There are two things in Warframe that I've learned in all the years: 1. In Warframe you want to feel powerful and fast like a Space Ninja. 2. A dead enemy is the best enemy. Both things are not given with these rework attempts. I absolutely don't get the point of playing these two frames (even after the rework), when you can play Octavia instead to buff the whole team, regen energy for all and do a crap ton of damage at the same time. Same goes for Equinox: buff your team, heal and do also a crap ton of damage at the same time. Not to mention Gara with her insane CC, protection and damage abilities which are synergizing perfectly. You get my point here... Both Nyx and Titania are caster frames. And they are both bad at it. They are clunky and the team don't really benefit from the casts. This is why almost nobody plays these two frames. Who really wants to play a frame that is not beneficial to the team or feels clunky in a Game where speed and movement is everything? Name a person. I will wait. I think even Inaros as a non caster frame does better CC than these two frames together + he is almost unkillable. -- And please don't get me wrong: I really love Warframe! It is my favorite Game and I appreciate the work of the devs, but this is pure nonsense to me.
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