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  1. Yazeth

    Corrupt A Wish

    Alright, how about this: Granted, but it will never be recorded for your amusement. I wish for Poland to be invaded by an army of puppies.
  2. Yazeth

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you become colorblind and receive an additional 99 flags in varying colors. I wish for a new melee-centric warframe to be added to the game.
  3. Hot damn this thread is still going strong! I remember when we reached the 1000 page mark. Also glad to see you guys are as insane as before lol.
  4. Happy holidays to you all! I guess the only things I really want rn are cosmetics like Orbitor Decorations, something to liven up my ship every time i return.
  5. Nope, his ult does not proc the effect. I tested it on a level 100 Corrupt Gunner. It only went up when Ash attacked him with the ability, not with the Slash procs.
  6. Ash's BS's Slash procs don't count towards counter, so I'm still kinda sad. :(
  7. After testing Discharge for a bit, I found a flaw. If you have a large amount of range, you may be actually reducing the duration of the cc effect. This mainly applies when the tesla coils arc towards each other. By increasing the range, you increase the radius of the teslas' range. If more arcs make contact with each other, then they take more damage, which makes them reach the dmg cap faster and end the cc sooner. Of course, this only applies when the teslas are close enough to each other. When the enemies are alone, the ability is amazing at cc. But, if you want the cc to last as long as possible, negative range would be beneficial in that case, which is pretty much the opposite of every other cc abilities that I know of. Putting in Power Strength also does nothing really to extend the duration of the cc, since it increases both the dmg of the ability and it's dmg cap proportionally. I say either remove the dmg cap, or keep the dmg cap but make the stun duration based on Power Duration only. How about the ability deals diminishing dmg instead. After dealing about x amount of dmg, the ticks' dmg gets reduced by some sort of percentage, maybe like 50% or something. That way, the ability will still be able to have cc based on duration while also not dealing extreme amounts of dmg.
  8. Although Electric Shield synergies with Shock now, it's slow debuff and energy drain upon movement makes it counter-intuitive with Speed. I feel that the slow debuff should be removed and the energy drain decreased.
  9. Nerf trin and people will just spam pizzas.
  10. I doubt that you see more melee Ash's than BS Ash's these days, especially viable ones for endgame.
  11. Ok? Ash is still viable for endgame though. Just don't bring him to Defenses.Also, sometimes it's fun to break the meta. :p
  12. I really think that Nezha's pushing the grind too hard. I would much had preferred him to be a Tenno research rather than an Sortie reward. Time wall + RNG wall is not my kind of thing. It's kinda like Vauban; you can't grind for either of the two. Sorties' reward table is also a bit diluted though this can be fixed by only allowing players to receive one of each reward during a season so that way they can have a greater chance to get somethung they want the next time around.
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