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  1. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Again, Im arguing about the animation ending quicker. Not once did I say that you can kill an Ancient faster or as fast with the new BS. You certainly could with the old BS but it would have taken 15+ hits to do so at higher levels. The new BS definitely won't kill it in 3 hits, but because it only hits 3 times max it's not gonna get butt-raped as long, so you or your team can kill it with weapons instead. Also, I never said anything about the new BS being good. As an Ash main, I don't like it either. I just notice that there's a bit more to the rework than just adding a targeting system to it.
  2. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    The new BS is still as quick if not quicker to end than the old BS when the animation starts. With the old BS you can still target an Ancient by mistake as well. Everything sounds good in theory, but it isn't always practical in reality. Also... I merely argued against your previous statement this entire time.
  3. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I was talking about the animation, not about the marking. If you accidentally tagged an Ancient Disruptor, you are forced to attack it until you reach the cap of attacks (around 15-18). With the new BS, the Ancient gets attacked only 3 times max. Old BS: Attack enemy until it dies or you reach the cap of attacks (+15). New BS: Attack enemy once per mark (resulting up to 3 attacks max).
  4. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    You yourself are out of the animation before your clones finishes. Also, you won't get stuck humping an Ancient 15 times, only once. The current animation ends as quick if not quicker than old BS.
  5. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    The two clones also attack once only, so the Ancient will only get hit 3x in total.
  6. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    That actually doesn't happen anymore. If you place 3 makrs on one enemy, Ash will only teleport to that enemy once, while his clones deal the dmg for the other two marks. So, Ash exits out of BS quicker than before.
  7. The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    Nope, his ult does not proc the effect. I tested it on a level 100 Corrupt Gunner. It only went up when Ash attacked him with the ability, not with the Slash procs.
  8. The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    Ash's BS's Slash procs don't count towards counter, so I'm still kinda sad. :(
  9. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    As an Ash main, I would like to give my input on his recent rework. 1) Shuriken No changes were made, so there are no pros or cons here. I would have appreciated some crowd control capability to it though, but I admit that his augment for Shuriken is very strong and, for me, is not hard to slot in. 2) Smoke Screen The additional mobility added with the change boosts Ash's survival ability tremendously. Instead of locking you in place and having you risk taking shots from the enemies, you can dodge the shots while casting the skill. It is definitely a great addition for Ash who is a very combative frame. 3) Teleport The ability to teleport to essentially anything with a health bar adds more mobility to Ash's kit. Not much to comment here. 4) Bladestorm And finally, the main thing I want to talk about. For me, the rework makes the ability a bit tedious to use, but a lot more fun for me. Though, you still sit through an animation, it is a bit more interactive than before. Though, there are major differences in how Ash's Bladestorm can be used now. One of the changes is how players select enemies with the ability. Before, when you cast Bladestorm, you will also target enemies within 50 meters around the selected enemy at base). Now, it is changed to 50 meters around yourself. This means that Ash can no longer attack enemies that might be more than 50 meters away from him. Though, with the new ability, you are also able to pick certain targets to kill first, which is useful when you don't want to target an Ancient Disruptor, who will make your attacks very weak and will force you to stab at it 10+ times. Another change is how the player attack the enemies with Bladestorm. Before, if an enemy did not die by an attack, you would keep attacking it until it dies or you reached the cap of 18 or so attacks. Now, you don't have to sit through all of the attacks to finish the ability. For example, with a level 100 Gunner, the old Bladestorm would make you stab at the enemy around 5 times before it dies (with my build), thus ending the ability. Now, you can mark the Gunner 3 times and attack it only once while your clones do the last two hits, and as a result the new Bladestorm can be quicker than the old Bladestorm. The rework also changes how Bladestorm kills enemies. As mentioned before, the level 100 Gunner would get attacked 3 times with Bladestorm, but it dies in 5 hits, not 3, so the Gunner would still be alive after the clones did their work. In this case, the player could finish it off with abilities or weapons, or wait for the Slash proc to do its work. But, this means that for certain enemies, Arcane Trickery becomes less reliable. Arcane Trickery only procs on a Finisher Kill, so if none of the enemies die from the initial attack then Arcane Trickery won't proc (I am not sure if the clones could trigger the Arcane, but I sorta doubt it). Finally, the rework changes how Ash manages energy. Before, a single cast cost 100 energy (at base), regardless of the number of enemies. Now, it is 15 energy, or 10 while Smoke Screen is active, per enemy. Without smokescreen, you can mark enemies 6 times before reaching/passing the 100 energy mark. With Smoke Screen, you also mark enemies up to 6 times before reaching/passing the 100 energy mark as well. So, if you are only targeting 6 enemies or less, then the new Bladestorm can be more efficient than the old Bladestorm. But, because the game is set up as a horde shooter, you will generally be marking more than 6 times, therefore resulting in more energy loss in general. Though, a benefit with the new system is that Ash can obtain energy with Zenurik while channeling the ability, compared to other frames with channeling abilities. So, with Zenurik, the energy loss becomes very negligible. In the end, I have mixed feelings with the Bladestorm changes. One one hand, it makes Bladestorm more interactive, limits its outrageous killing potential and ends the boring animation quicker, but on another hand kills its synergy with Arcane Trickery, forces players to rely on Zenurik for effectiveness, and the ability still retains the boring animation that DE sought to change/remove in the first place. As a way to make Bladestorm more effective, I would like to see the enemy cap removed, or at least increased (for some reason I can't target past 18 enemies in the Simulacrum, so there might be a cap), and for the base range of the ability to increase to make it more effective at attacking enemies. I would also like to see Arcane Trickery changed so that it procs on Finishers, regardless if it kills or not. I also would also enjoy seeing the animation removed and have the clones perform the ability themselves, like many others have suggested. With these changes, I think Bladestorm would become an amazing ability.
  10. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    After testing Discharge for a bit, I found a flaw. If you have a large amount of range, you may be actually reducing the duration of the cc effect. This mainly applies when the tesla coils arc towards each other. By increasing the range, you increase the radius of the teslas' range. If more arcs make contact with each other, then they take more damage, which makes them reach the dmg cap faster and end the cc sooner. Of course, this only applies when the teslas are close enough to each other. When the enemies are alone, the ability is amazing at cc. But, if you want the cc to last as long as possible, negative range would be beneficial in that case, which is pretty much the opposite of every other cc abilities that I know of. Putting in Power Strength also does nothing really to extend the duration of the cc, since it increases both the dmg of the ability and it's dmg cap proportionally. I say either remove the dmg cap, or keep the dmg cap but make the stun duration based on Power Duration only. How about the ability deals diminishing dmg instead. After dealing about x amount of dmg, the ticks' dmg gets reduced by some sort of percentage, maybe like 50% or something. That way, the ability will still be able to have cc based on duration while also not dealing extreme amounts of dmg.
  11. Volt Rework Feedback [Post Update 18.13]

    Although Electric Shield synergies with Shock now, it's slow debuff and energy drain upon movement makes it counter-intuitive with Speed. I feel that the slow debuff should be removed and the energy drain decreased.
  12. Cheese Needs To Be Removed From The Game.

    Nerf trin and people will just spam pizzas.
  13. Ash Primes Endgame Viability

    I doubt that you see more melee Ash's than BS Ash's these days, especially viable ones for endgame.
  14. Ash Primes Endgame Viability

    Ok? Ash is still viable for endgame though. Just don't bring him to Defenses.Also, sometimes it's fun to break the meta. :p
  15. Ash Primes Endgame Viability