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  1. Over time, I have amassed a small collections of Rivens. Half of the collection will probably never be used at all, and the other halve I use extensively. My current favorite Rivens are the Lanka, Castanas, Vasto Prime, Convectrix, Arca Titron, and Hate. While the first two are highly sought after at the moment, the last four have gotten me into trying weapons that I would never have thought about using at all. The Vasto Prime is a nice all-round pistol, the Convectrix does have an interesting mechanics that helps clear enemies on the Plains, and although I'm a huge fan of melee I never really fiddled with Hammers or Scythes until I got those Rivens. So, overall, the Riven system does get my blood pumping just thinking about what sort of builds I could try with them. Heck, even after knowing about the whole Trinity-Abating Link-Sancti Castanas combo I never even considered getting myself the weapon until I got the Riven by chance, and even then it's more about "Hey, how can I make these good WITHOUT following the meta?". I have been a huge fan of Warframe's extensive and flexible modding system, and the Rivens have made me love it even more. But still, the way Rivens were implemented does not necessarily promote variety all that well, and it could be better. For one thing, it may be difficult to get a Riven you want, though this is both a pro and a con. On one hand, the randomness would let you end up with interesting Rivens for weapons you may never have tried on your own if you just followed the meta and aimed for certain Rivens only, but on the other hand the randomness also makes certain Rivens more sought after, increasing their market value. This raises the price of certain Rivens, making them cost more and in turn turning players away from obtaining those Rivens from other players. There's also the issue of Kuva farming, and how it seems to promote grinding for the best possible stats rather than experimenting with weapons. I feel like people spend more time grinding for this material than actually playing with their Rivens, which is not in line for DE's vision for these mods. The fact that all stats are randomized, with no way to ensure certain stats, leads people to grind more than test, and also drive prices up further since people who committed more time and Kuva into a mod would more likely sell the mod at a much higher price. I would like to propose some changes to the current system so that Rivens become more about playing with other weapons rather than just enhancing the meta. 1) Kuva farming should be more rewarding. I would start off with increasing average gains by about 25%, and see how things play out. I feel like this is a good increase that would ease Riven rolling while also keep players grinding. Kuva shouldn't be available in surplus because players would then stop engaging in the Riven system since they would not have to put in much effort. 2) There should be some insurance for Riven stats. Allow players to invest with some sort of special resource or condition so that preferred stats remain while rolling. This would encourage people to roll more often to get the Riven they want without becoming burnt out by the system. This is not necessarily a good change though, I admit, since it could further enforce the meta by having players roll purely for more damage, status, etc., so it's potentially a risky move to make. But, it would reduce the cost of Rivens as well since those stats would become easier to obtain, making people more inclined to try Rivens out as a result. I don't believe DE should completely agree with this post, as I'm not that deep into Rivens myself, but I do hope that my points come across well. Thank you.
  2. Eidolon Teralyst Way too weak.

    Well it's been 2 years so I don't remember much about them, but I found them to be terrifyingly fun. Though, I'm the kind of person who also enjoyed the Void at release where even invincibility Rhinos were going down (at the time I was using Ash w/ a Latron) and fighting Lv. 80+ Lephantis w/o cheese tactics. The MOAs were able to melt you within seconds with their lasers if you weren't careful, even at lower levels, so you had to keep an eye and ear out so that you can keep your distance. Also I wasn't there when LoR first came out, but yeah the player-created units were mostly suppose to be special units in my eyes, not spammed to all hell against the players. The Juggernaut was suppose to have its own arena and be like a mini boss, but the original concept has been dramatically changed like crazy. The Bursas seemed to have survived at least. But yeah, this is going off-topic now. Anyways, long story short, I am fine with content that punishes you hard. It just makes more skilled play and tactics more rewarding (though how DE can create something like that is another issue).
  3. Eidolon Teralyst Way too weak.

    Just wait for the new Eidolons to come, they should be a new challenge. My only fear is that DE will nerf them once they get released due to player complaint of difficulty. This has happened in the past, as with Corrupted MOAs and the Grineer Manic back in the day, which I thought were fair challenges since they only destroyed you once they got into melee range.
  4. After playing with Focus 2.0, I found it to be quite interesting. I haven't really gotten into any other trees besides Naramon, but after playing around with that tree only I can see it having some potential in the game. I was trying to solo farm Endo in the Arena and I wanted to try bringing a Nekros to increase my gains, but I was getting killed pretty often. Then, I remembered about Executing Dash and how it opens up Finishers, so I rebound my 5 to a button on my mouse and started playing around with it. I was getting some good results, usually resulting in just a handful of deaths at max compared to before when I was struggling to keep ahead. After that farming, transferring seemed like second nature now, compared to my previous opinion where I thought it was too clunky to use outside of PoE. Now, that isn't to say that Focus 2.0 is good and should not be improved upon. Many of the abilities in the trees seem underwhelming, and the usage of Void damage is limited to Eidolons and Sentients. Although transferring out feels responsive, transferring back in takes significantly longer in comparison, which makes the process still feeling off. There is still potential for Focus to be useful though, as for filling gaps that one's arsenal may be lacking whether it would be damage, healing, CC or energy regen. Things that I would change to improve the new Focus system is to: 1) Makes transferring back in quicker. 2) Give trees a more balanced kit, as in have all trees contain one or two CC-related nodes AT THE LEAST (nodes regarding healing, damage, etc. could also be implemented). 3) Give more uses to Amps Void damage outside of PoE and Sentient, in general. I think DE did a pretty decent job on this one, but it could still use some improvements in my eyes.
  5. Last Post Wins

    Hot damn this thread is still going strong! I remember when we reached the 1000 page mark. Also glad to see you guys are as insane as before lol.
  6. Tennobaum gifting center

    Happy holidays to you all! I guess the only things I really want rn are cosmetics like Orbitor Decorations, something to liven up my ship every time i return.
  7. Name: YazethMastery Rank: 16Country of residence: United StatesAbout yourself:After being gone for many months, I finally came back to the game. I have a new PC to play on and been having fun doing my own thing. Looking for a nice, sociable clan that I can run missions often with.
  8. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Again, Im arguing about the animation ending quicker. Not once did I say that you can kill an Ancient faster or as fast with the new BS. You certainly could with the old BS but it would have taken 15+ hits to do so at higher levels. The new BS definitely won't kill it in 3 hits, but because it only hits 3 times max it's not gonna get butt-raped as long, so you or your team can kill it with weapons instead. Also, I never said anything about the new BS being good. As an Ash main, I don't like it either. I just notice that there's a bit more to the rework than just adding a targeting system to it.
  9. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    The new BS is still as quick if not quicker to end than the old BS when the animation starts. With the old BS you can still target an Ancient by mistake as well. Everything sounds good in theory, but it isn't always practical in reality. Also... I merely argued against your previous statement this entire time.
  10. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I was talking about the animation, not about the marking. If you accidentally tagged an Ancient Disruptor, you are forced to attack it until you reach the cap of attacks (around 15-18). With the new BS, the Ancient gets attacked only 3 times max. Old BS: Attack enemy until it dies or you reach the cap of attacks (+15). New BS: Attack enemy once per mark (resulting up to 3 attacks max).
  11. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    You yourself are out of the animation before your clones finishes. Also, you won't get stuck humping an Ancient 15 times, only once. The current animation ends as quick if not quicker than old BS.
  12. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    The two clones also attack once only, so the Ancient will only get hit 3x in total.
  13. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    That actually doesn't happen anymore. If you place 3 makrs on one enemy, Ash will only teleport to that enemy once, while his clones deal the dmg for the other two marks. So, Ash exits out of BS quicker than before.
  14. The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    Nope, his ult does not proc the effect. I tested it on a level 100 Corrupt Gunner. It only went up when Ash attacked him with the ability, not with the Slash procs.
  15. The War Within: Update 19.2.0

    Ash's BS's Slash procs don't count towards counter, so I'm still kinda sad. :(