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  1. But it's just Loki's default helmet with additional energy effects? I'm guessing you want the effects as well? Or are you talking about IRL?
  2. Yazeth

    Picking between 2 good rolls (riven rolling)

    If you are minmaxing, then the Primed Bane mods will do better since they offer almost identical damage output as Heavy Calibur without the accuracy loss, as well as increasing Slash proc dmg (Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBSmngp0Wag&ab_channel=Darthmufin ). Also, after checking the wiki it appears that mods that improve Slash dmg do not affect Slash procs at all, just increase the likelihood of proccing it with your current Status Chance (does not apply to Hunters Munition since its based off of crit).
  3. Yazeth

    DE's Onslaught Cheese

    Simaris more than often blocks the 4 ability if its spammed often; I haven't got alerted for any other abilities as of yet. To answer your question, if you don't spam the abilities to refresh them each second, then no.
  4. Yazeth

    A little too much violence maybe?

    So add more activities in between killing grotesque clones and punching wild doggos in the face for downtime? Sounds fine to me, though until then its probably better to just play a different game in between sessions. Doubt we'll get anything like this until (maybe) Venus open world.
  5. It still sucks that the current reward system encourages more short sessions rather than long ones, since people would be more inclined to leave after receiving their first or second C reward and then finish the missions. Besides a small group of players who do endurance runs just to see how far they can go before they completely break, everyone else will probably just leave after 20 or 40 min, regardless if the mission was designed for endurance or not. Well, I doubt DE ever wants to encourage long sessions anyways, as I remember hearing them say years ago that they are aiming for "all game" updates, where content is made accessible to everyone as early as possible, rather than creating an endgame (and stop it with the whole 'but the game is never ending' argument, DE just need to give something satisfyingly difficult for players to tackle).
  6. Yazeth

    Best Zaw combination with Sepfahn

    If you are going for Condition Overload + Blood Rush then something like this would do: https://semlar.com/zawcalc/9212
  7. Yazeth

    Vectis Rivens

    Depends, if you can make full use of the fire rate, then the first. Otherwise, the 2nd might play well with getting Slash procs.
  8. Yes, Maiming Strike would help, though you still won't get guaranteed crit without any other mods, and it's pretty pricey if you are trying to buy from players.
  9. Yazeth

    Ivara build new player

    Any early build should have some survivability mods so that you don't get destroyed before ranking up your frames while you have no, or underleveled, powers. After that though, depends on how you wanna build her. Go for Strength if you want to focus on her 4 ability (the bow), or Duration and Efficiency if you want to stay invisible and up your survivability. For Valkyr, go kill Alad V (a boss) on Jupiter multiple times until you get her Helmet, Chassis, and System Blueprints. For Nova, kill the Raptors (also a Boss) on Europa, though that's a bit further on ahead. You can buy their respective blueprints in the Market for Credit.
  10. Yazeth

    Corrupt A Wish

    Alright, how about this: Granted, but it will never be recorded for your amusement. I wish for Poland to be invaded by an army of puppies.
  11. Yazeth

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you become colorblind and receive an additional 99 flags in varying colors. I wish for a new melee-centric warframe to be added to the game.
  12. Yazeth

    Slide Attack Meta balancing suggestion

    I think DE could scale Slide Attacks based on a "Momentum" system. Your first slide attack deals normal damage, but trying to connect multiple slide attacks consecutively leads to diminishing damage output. To compensate, implement a system where your slide damage increases based on how fast you are going before executing your maximum slide attack. Not sure how this would turn out in actuality, but I thought it was a cool idea.
  13. Over time, I have amassed a small collections of Rivens. Half of the collection will probably never be used at all, and the other halve I use extensively. My current favorite Rivens are the Lanka, Castanas, Vasto Prime, Convectrix, Arca Titron, and Hate. While the first two are highly sought after at the moment, the last four have gotten me into trying weapons that I would never have thought about using at all. The Vasto Prime is a nice all-round pistol, the Convectrix does have an interesting mechanics that helps clear enemies on the Plains, and although I'm a huge fan of melee I never really fiddled with Hammers or Scythes until I got those Rivens. So, overall, the Riven system does get my blood pumping just thinking about what sort of builds I could try with them. Heck, even after knowing about the whole Trinity-Abating Link-Sancti Castanas combo I never even considered getting myself the weapon until I got the Riven by chance, and even then it's more about "Hey, how can I make these good WITHOUT following the meta?". I have been a huge fan of Warframe's extensive and flexible modding system, and the Rivens have made me love it even more. But still, the way Rivens were implemented does not necessarily promote variety all that well, and it could be better. For one thing, it may be difficult to get a Riven you want, though this is both a pro and a con. On one hand, the randomness would let you end up with interesting Rivens for weapons you may never have tried on your own if you just followed the meta and aimed for certain Rivens only, but on the other hand the randomness also makes certain Rivens more sought after, increasing their market value. This raises the price of certain Rivens, making them cost more and in turn turning players away from obtaining those Rivens from other players. There's also the issue of Kuva farming, and how it seems to promote grinding for the best possible stats rather than experimenting with weapons. I feel like people spend more time grinding for this material than actually playing with their Rivens, which is not in line for DE's vision for these mods. The fact that all stats are randomized, with no way to ensure certain stats, leads people to grind more than test, and also drive prices up further since people who committed more time and Kuva into a mod would more likely sell the mod at a much higher price. I would like to propose some changes to the current system so that Rivens become more about playing with other weapons rather than just enhancing the meta. 1) Kuva farming should be more rewarding. I would start off with increasing average gains by about 25%, and see how things play out. I feel like this is a good increase that would ease Riven rolling while also keep players grinding. Kuva shouldn't be available in surplus because players would then stop engaging in the Riven system since they would not have to put in much effort. 2) There should be some insurance for Riven stats. Allow players to invest with some sort of special resource or condition so that preferred stats remain while rolling. This would encourage people to roll more often to get the Riven they want without becoming burnt out by the system. This is not necessarily a good change though, I admit, since it could further enforce the meta by having players roll purely for more damage, status, etc., so it's potentially a risky move to make. But, it would reduce the cost of Rivens as well since those stats would become easier to obtain, making people more inclined to try Rivens out as a result. I don't believe DE should completely agree with this post, as I'm not that deep into Rivens myself, but I do hope that my points come across well. Thank you.
  14. Yazeth

    Last Post Wins

    Hot damn this thread is still going strong! I remember when we reached the 1000 page mark. Also glad to see you guys are as insane as before lol.