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  1. It started off b/c people were able to snipe with the Hek at 40-50m back then (U8 I think?).
  2. The removal of the Longhorn Helmet is definitely justifiable, as everyone knew it was a glitch. It doesn't matter whether the price was too high or not, because you have made a purchase for the frame only; it does not specifically state that it comes with the alternate helmet. Refunds are never gonna happen. I've seen it happen from time to time when a free-to-play game shuts down, but never when a person regretted their choice. There is also the Open Beta Agreement (yes, DE still considers this as Open Beta): https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/28-open-beta-agreement-read-me/
  3. It was from the previous Devstream I think, not sure.
  4. Waiting to get some plat, I see. I'm more looking forward to getting the Sancti Castanas from someone.
  5. I would prefer the Telos Akbolto out of all of the weapons.
  6. I'm definitely enjoying the weapon now. I especially like how the fire mechanic has a chance to ragdoll and knock down enemies, where I can follow up with a finisher. It's super satisfying to use, especially w/ Ash and Smoke Screen. It's definitely my favorite melee weapon to date (even if it does not have that great of a melee attack).
  7. I got the set in about 6-8 runs, maybe?
  8. The new Infested are tough, but they are definitely doable with a good team and well-modded weapons, though I do see them being an issue for newer players. I definitely have to agree with how the Tethra mods are given out.
  9. Do you mean the swarms? You can always roll or melee. If you're complaining about how you weren't able to get rid of it, stay away from others who do have it.
  10. I guess it's the same reason why we don't have counterparts of Infested Impedence, Rejuvenation, Energy Siphon, Shield Disruption, (Weapon Type here) Scavenger, Dead Eye, Rifle Amp, and Steel Charge. But, a counterpart of Speed Holster would definitely be neat.
  11. I would prefer a penetration effect over an explosion for a weapon like the Opticor, but that's just me.
  12. It's either the proc or the special cosmetic effect of the Synoid Gammacor. The original has circles, while the Synoid has hexagons circling the arm.
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