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  1. Thanks for the update! However the changes to Titania are too small to make a significant difference. Lantern:- Lantern is "better tethered" yes but core of the problem was it would move from the position it was cast on when hit by bullets. Which still happens and that messes with the total CC since on the open world one enemy not being under cc is enough to kill her. It does return to original position but its slow and it would be preferred if the lantern did not interact with bullets at all or acted like nyx's mind control ability and absorb dmg into itself that will be dealt out on explosion. Tribute : One of the problems with tribute has always been that 90% of the time you only get Dust since those enemies spawn the most. In a controlled area like Hydron the difference is not as noticeable but in any other map it is. So the other buffs rarely get any use if at all. The second problem with tribute is it makes you venture into the middle of enemies to retrieve the buff which usually ends up killing titania especially if she had no other buffs prior or wasn't within lantern/any cc area. Suggested changes would be to tribute buffs/debuffs randomly BASED OFF of enemies and to make the tributes function more like Spellbind (aoe and buff spreads to allies as well) and instead of starting on max stack make it give half stack/cast since its aoe.
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