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  1. Kerberos-3

    Corpus on Ice

    Well, now it really sounds like P63 was working on something it shouldn't have, and was built in a way so as to keep all comers out. Well, pity it didn't work out as planned for our Corpus friends, but I have a feeling they are being tailed by someone. Possibly a spy drone for Donar, but possibly something a fair bit more dangerous than an overly pushy Corpus Executive.
  2. It isn't, but I'm not hopeful on that. Plus, there aren't going to be a whole lot of Umbras, maybe the first 16 frames if we are lucky.
  3. Not really. Even among Umbra frames, Excalibur would retain it's uniqueness due to being the subject of it's own major story quest, plus the fact that, in all likelihood, DE won't be giving future Umbras improved stats over the defaults as a way to differentiate them from the Primes. Primes get better stats, more polarities, and death orb passive, Umbras get altered moves, not a statue passive, and built-in Umbral Polarity.
  4. Well, my personal theory is that the pond Orb is actually an early Orb-Mother that didn't go to plan and ended up in the drink, and Nef Anyo decided it wasn't worth the hassle of recovering it.
  5. Depends on the Rifle. Some rifles have poor long rang accuracy and thus require you to get closer. One example I can think of is the Javlok. It's Primary fire isn't the most accurate thing in the world, and it's throw is subject to gravity, so it benefits from you being able to get in closer.
  6. Exept DE outright stated that there are going to be more Umbras beyond Excalibur and that not every Frame would get one(most likely the first 8 or maybe the first 16 if we are lucky). To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Umbras had the exact same stats as the defaults as a way to differentiate them from the Prime versions, with Excal being the exception because Excalibur Prime is not available to anyone who isn't a founder.
  7. Nope. They provide Condensed Thermia throughout the fight. The diluted Thermia is just to start it.
  8. I have one question. Do we need the Archgun Deployer to fight Exploiter? That might be a problem for players who haven't reached the Profit-Taker fight.
  9. It's not optimistic, if anything it's just the way the whole thing has been set up from both a lore setup and a practicality standpoint. Locking a frame behind an event that only occurs every few months is not great for DE's public relations, and the lore explanation for Thermia Fractures(pumping too much coolant into the ground too quickly) means that DE has full control over how frequent the event occurs. Even then, thats only for the fractures themselves. For all we know, we could access the Exploiter fight at any time provided we have Diluted Thermia on hand, and it's just the ability to farm it that is time locked.
  10. Well, there are a few moons and other celestial bodies that could be their own planet(such as Deimos, Charon, Vesta, ect.), it's just a matter of seeing whether or not DE feels up to implementing them, let alone making new tilesets.
  11. Well, seeing as Hildryn is locked behind Exploiter, I'd imagine that Thermia Fractures will be at least as common as Ghoul Purge, if not more common given the lore explanation for Thermia Fractures in the first place.
  12. A sub-section of Fortuna that previously served as Solaris United's headquarters. It was raided by Anyocorp forces in the past and destroyed with extreme casualties on the Solaris' side of things, including Zuud's sisters and Thursby's parents. You can actually see the ruins of the elevator tower itself in the storm near Harindi crater, and the entrance is in a cave nearby protected by a security lock.
  13. It still counts. Plus, there is the nondescript Tenno Operative who does supply raids while we are doing Survival missions.
  14. In a roundabout way, we do. Those little tips at the upper corners of loading screens that everyone ignore.
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