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  1. 105% CC with just a maxed Pistol Gambit as well as bonus Headshot damage when used by Sevagoth himself. The quickfire is nothing to scoff at either, being a fantastic Condition Overload enabler. It's just a shame that it's a Secondary and not a Primary otherwise it's be a perfect weapon for Hammer Shot.
  2. Pretty much every single one of Valkyr's abilties aside from her claws can be traced back to various Corpus tech. Ripline? Terra Shockwave Moas. Warcry? Guardian Eximus base but with a different effect. Paralysis? Experimental system based on Blitz Eximus. Hysteria is pretty much the only thing Valkyr has that is wholly her own, and we can't even be sure that was part of her original kit in the first place.
  3. They are. The problem is that they are locked at a fairly high rank in the Command Intristic, which means you are going to be spending a lot of points to unlock that feature. fortunately, the Dome Charge Artillery is no longer locked behind the Gunnery Intristic(but the Archwing Slingshot still is), so you don't need to spend too many points elsewhere.
  4. The one I finished dealing with before my current Lich was named "Ogg Sokk". Take that as you will.
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