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  1. Not exactly. Sure, some, like the Mutualist series, Lesion, Torrid, ect. But there are others, such as Embolist, Tysis, Phage, and Scoliac which look less like Infested versions of other weapons and more like modified Infested life-forms.
  2. How about we rework Oberon entirely instead so that people might actually play him in ways other than being a discount Trinity.
  3. Kinda. They could make a Frost skin that is a detail for detail copy of the unused Dark Sector boss he was visually based on.
  4. I haven't seen him recently either, but then again the last time he visited me he ended up with a Limbo Prime noggle in a very unfortunate place, and I can imagine that would be traumatizing to anyone.
  5. Oh yes, the most dangerous killsquad in all of Warframe. I took share your hatred of them.
  6. I never said it wasn't. To be fair, this could have been intended, but until DE says something, the best way to go about this is to treat it as a bug and move on.
  7. Well, there is the possibility of it being a bug, but not in the way your thinking. What if the Baro Relay was merely a "first look" at the next Pyrus Project, and nobody was paying attention to it because they just assumed that it was exclusively a Tennocon thing?
  8. It might just be a bug. Or, it might be an accidental leak of the next version of the Pyrus Project. Similar accidental leaks have occurred, such as when people accidentally discovered how to visit other people's Orbiters before that feature was properly released.
  9. You do realise the Vubjorn skins exist right? The Emissary gear would look great with any of those skins given some decent colors.
  10. Thats probably an understatement. I'd give them 30 mins tops to completely clear Kuva Fortress.
  11. Don't forget his derpy Ghoul cousin Glem.
  12. Kerberos-3

    Corpus on Ice

    Oh no, I actually did consider the possibility of Maxima helping, but then I reread the chapter and came to the conclusion that such an outcome is highly unlikely.
  13. Bundle Pricing needed to be fixed a long time ago. The most egregious example of this is the What Stalker? bundle. 800 plat for three weapons and a color pallet. Thats it. Problem is, DE seems adamant about not changing it, with the only available reason being that it would be unfair to those who already bought the bundle at full price. I'd imagine your issue runs into a similar dead end, as reducing the price based on how much of the bundle you've already purchased would be unfair to those who came before you and bought the bundle at full price despite already having parts of it.
  14. Problem is, the moment someone brings a nuke frame, all three other players effectively become "leeches". A properly built nuke frame can wipe the entire zone in ESO so quickly that no other frame can even get a chance to score damage, let alone a kill. Once you accept that, then you see that there is no shame in not doing anything, because the ability to do anything has been removed from your hands completely because someone else brought a nuke.
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