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  1. Someone did this a while ago in the fan concepts area. I can try to dig it up. However, I doubt there are any civilian colonists left on Mars after the Grineer Genocide.
  2. But who said it was Hunhow? We know that a Mimic was disguised as his friend Regus, and Natah was gone by then. It's more likely to have been Natah herself or Erra that blackmailed him into it than Hunhow himself. As for the Ropalolyst, based on Natah's voicelines during the fight, my guess is that it's a special puppet unit created specifically for Natah so she can participate in battle without the risk of getting recaptured.
  3. Or, it's possible that Hunhow was trying to protect her from Ballas. After what Ballas and the other Executors did to Natah so they could control the Tenno, I'm fairly certain Hunhow had his suspicions regarding his co-conspirator. With this in mind, it's actually possible that Hunhow's efforts during the Second Dream were him testing the waters with how deep Natah's brainwashing went.
  4. While I doubt that he is completely dead(Shadow Stalker, Occulysts on Uranus, ect.) I doubt he is the one behind Erra. After all, Hunhow was making a point of trying to prevent Natah from linking up to the other Sentients to avoid her being reclaimed, so it's likely he is aware of what was going on in their ranks and was trying to protect her.
  5. Truth be told, Frost is pretty much the sole Warframe in the entire game where one can give him a hood as part of an alt skin and it wouldn't feel forced. After all, Frost's design evokes the image of someone in a big winter coat, and where I come from, most of those have hoods.
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