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  1. The current roll on mine is +toxin, +crit damage, and +damage to grineer. Not terribly great, but not a garbage roll by any means. Certainly better than the last roll....
  2. Not even a single offer, and the Riven itself isn't bad either. The only downside on it is -fire rate, and even then at max rank the neg is so low that it is easily negated with Shred, which is a mod most weapons use anyways. Edit: scratch that. I rolled the thing and got a way better roll, yet I still can't sell the bloody thing.
  3. Dude I can't even sell an Amprex Riven on the PC market. Seriously, an Amprex Riven. You'd think a Riven for a weapon thats basically a Nuke Volt in gun form would sell lightning fast(pun absolutely intended), but nope.
  4. Well, generally, it depends on what you are going for. If you are going for the "regal king" look(which is what I went with) then you want one like the Repala or a derivative of the Izvara, such as the Bombyx or the Samia.
  5. Default Oberon Prime's Helmet is a crime against design standards. The rest rest of the skin is ok on it's own, pretty good with the Taurus Helm and a decent color scheme, but the default helm helm can burn in hell.
  6. My personal theory regarding Valkyr Prime(and any other Prime that doesn't make sense in the context of that frame's lore) is that it's the modern version rebuilt/redesigned with Orokin-grade materials, and is referred to as a Prime for simplicity's sake. As for why they turn up in relics, that's more of a symptom of the Gameplay vs Lore issue.
  7. One issue is that Archwing has almost no ways to increase Ability Strength aside from (Primed)Morphic Transformer, which hurts Elytron's viability quite a bit.
  8. I think Elytron is fine as far as it's intended role, which is to be the damage-oriented archwing, it's just that the guidance for it's abilities is incredibly bad and most of it's abilities deal next to no damage(rather ironic, don't you think).. If anything, I'd keep Warhead as is as far as mechanics go, just with a massive damage boost. It makes sense for that ability to be manually guided, it's a freaking nuke. However, I'd rework Thumper into a Macross-style missile massacre ability, basically just Odanata's 3(why does Odanata even have that ability anyways?), and I'd make it's current 3 into it's 1 with automatic guidance.
  9. I'd like that add to this that Elytron's 1 and 3 could do with replacement and Warhead severely needs a damage buff. At the very least, make Bloomer and Thumper self-guided rather than manually-guided. Manual Guidance makes both those abilities worthless outside of POE/Vallis, and even then I'd much rather use Warhead for immediate results as opposed to a flying C4 or a chain explosive.
  10. Unfortunately, if you want to get the most out of non-robotic companions, you are kinda forced to play Oberon.
  11. Er, I'd say there's more that needs to change with the core game than just a few reworks to weapons. A lot of the older tilesets need updates, Corpus Ship and Europa are especially problematic in this regard.
  12. How about Vetala? Seeing as Garuda's name is derived from Hindu mythos, Vetala is the name of a Hindu Vampire, most prominently appearing in the epic of King Vikramaditya.
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