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  1. The lack of axes in general in this game is kinda surprising. For example, the Cassowar and Serro are pretty much the only actual halberds or pole-axes we have in the entire pole weapon category, and what's especially strange is that we have no axes at all in the entire Thrown Secondary category. Also, and this is admittedly more of a quibble, I honestly think that giving the Scindo Hammer stance mods would make way more sense than giving it Heavy Blade stance mods.
  2. The mobility mod sets like Motus are hilarious on a Zephyr. They kinda break your ability to navigate a typical tilieset, but they're hilarious.
  3. Too many Nyx reworks try to make her a minion-flavored DPS machine, but this is honestly both fair enough and thematic enough in my opinion that I could easily see it becoming an Augment if not an actual tweak. My concern would be the potential need to revisit just how strong each bolt's debuff is. Not that there aren't even more powerful options for that sort of thing, but the base stats of Bolts are high enough that they still have respectable shred even on my "power strength is my dump stat" build.
  4. I give you a meme/10 for the concept, and a 2/10 for the execution. Compares quite poorly to many existing examples of both Rule 63 Warframe art and Bowsette art. But by all means, don't stop. I'd love to see you do better some day.
  5. Just be careful with her in Arbitrations if she's the frame of the day. Her Molt's scaling was definitely not designed with 300%+ Power Strength in mind.
  6. I can't speak for Gauss because I haven't farmed him, so I avoided using him as an example. Saryn's Molt gives a very sharp speed boost that scales with Power Strength but decays rapidly over its short duration. It's been that way for multiple updates now.
  7. Her mobility options generally put her above Nezha, who is kinda the bare minimum standard for "fast," but unless a frame can teleport or its name is Wukong, clear speed generally depends on how well you manage obstacles. I can personally complete an Ayatan room faster with my Ivara than I can with my Zephyr, thanks to A: being able to pretty much bypass entire sections with dash wires without slamming into terrain if I mis-click, and B: being able to fall at normal speed instead of floating downwards. Objective speed isn't exactly relevant to me since you can only go flat-out in the landscapes, which might actually fry my 6-year-old potato of a laptop. There's also the matter of sustained speed vs burst speed. Saryn and Zephyr have crazy good speed bursts, but I'm pretty sure Wisp's buff is way more economical in terms of up-time and energy expenditure, and Volt's really depends on how you build him.
  8. Ivara's Prowl is a toggled invisibility that lets you pickpocket living enemies for extra loot, and then you can kill them for regular loot. That gives you twice as many chances at getting an energy orb. The only real downside is the halved movement speed and the parkour restrictions, but that's what Dashwire Arrows and Noise Arrows are for. Artemis Bow is a strong contender for overall best exalted weapon in the game in terms of damage and AoE (700% base multishot in a fan which you can fire vertically for single targets or horizontally for multiple targets), and utility (it lets you alt-fire Quiver Arrows faster and more precisely than you can probably cast them), making the killing part quite easy. A typical versatility-oriented build for Ivara, with effort taken to ensure that no stats are negative (at the cost of said stats not being particularly high aside from Efficiency), will reduce the base cost of Prowl to less than 1 energy point per second, and the per shot cost of Artemis Bow to ~6 energy points while still dealing great damage, with the second largest base energy pool after Volt Prime, last I checked. Getting a better Small Energy Restore every time you pick up an orb, which is something you'll see twice as often thanks to pickpocketing if you're a little patient, lets you use this strategy basically forever up until the game starts spamming Eximus units faster than you can kill them, which won't happen for a while.
  9. It's a really niche pick, so it depends completely on the context. Normally it's meh at best, but with loot-frame builds (anything that causes extra loot drops) it's a bit better since you see energy orbs more often, and with Ivara in particular it's actually quite good because the bonus energy lets you use Prowl and Artemis Bow at the same time. Still not exactly the best, though.
  10. There is a very good reason why the "core" mods of any gun are "damage, appropriate elemental combo, multishot," and it's that this core is the most efficient means of stacking consistent damage while still leaving room for other mods that a given weapon might also make good use of, such as crit mods, ammo mutation mods, etc. Multishot boosts overall damage, # of status procs per ammo consumed, and # of crits per ammo consumed. As such, it can milk a lot out of supplementary stats like crit chance/damage and status chance provided you can boost it to the point of reliably adding another shot. This is incidentally why +110% multishot Rifle Rivens and +80% multishot Shotgun Rivens are awesome, whereas for Pistol Rivens multishot is a lot less important outside of particularly tight builds due to Lethal Torrent's existence. That being said, the more you invest in any given stat over others, the less value you'll get out of further investment, so you generally shouldn't have more than two mods of any same type on a single gun unless you're doing something specific like using one-and-a-half elemental combos to hit multiple enemy weaknesses.
  11. Awesome concept as far as mechanics are concerned. The silhouette and color palette make her look like the bastard child of Baruuk and Titania, though, and I think she deserves a more distinct aesthetic.
  12. Stinging Thorn stance gives daggers far better DPS compared to plenty of other weapon categories already, to the point that the trade-off in reach is really the only thing keeping the Rakta Dark Dagger and Zaw daggers from making nearly every other melee category irrelevant. Assuming Melee 3.0 does away with combos and their damage multipliers for a more utilitarian system, as shown on stream, Covert Lethality on top of Pressure Point still boosts Dagger damage to the low end of the Heavy Blade spectrum at the very least, which is still great. But honestly, how much do you want to have on top of that script-kill? Meanwhile Dual Daggers, Warfans, and probably a couple other melee categories, are lacking in a weapon worth using and/or a stance mod worth using.
  13. Banned for being the powerhouse of the cell.
  14. I'd like it if you could do something for Unfinished Business from Skullgirls, because it's the theme of Big Band's stage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58NKCwjz6e8 That being said, Skull Heart Arrhythmia, also from Skullgirls, might fit better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9HjQ8dQEVA Either is fine.
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