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  1. My list of candidates would be Nukor, Kulstar, Machete, Halikar. If they wanted one of the weapons to be brand new like the Shildeg or Chakkhurr, a Grineer bow sounds like it could be neat.
  2. That's actually a pretty interesting concept. Kinda like having Shattering Impact inbuilt on all weapons. However, by that same trait, I think it might be a bit much. We've actually got a lot of ways of either shredding or bypassing armor already with Corrosive Projection, Corrosive procs, Slash procs, and now Heat procs as well. If we added more, I think that Armor might become too trivial, especially if it's an innate feature of every weapon that can deal Puncture damage.
  3. This would probably make more sense if you posted it in Feedback. And also, it's gonna be an emphatic "NO." from me. If they let pre-patch Rivens keep their stats, it not only defeats the very purpose of Riven mods in boosting less popular weapons by more and more popular weapons by less as a means of encouraging loadout variety, but it also creates a new problem by causing the value of those pre-patch Rivens to skyrocket. If your idea were put into practice, one could simply pay x-thousand platinum for a pre-patch Riven to completely side-step the mechanics by which Rivens are balanced,
  4. The Ignis Wraith is one of the few guns that actually gets more and more efficient the more enemies you're shooting it at. Against single targets, it doesn't usually take too much ammo to kill since it almost always procs status and can regularly crit as well, but because it's an AoE weapon, it can melt an entire squad at once for the same cost in ammo. The only weapons I've seen do more with less ammo on a regular basis are all explosive. The only major downsides are that you have to hold the flame on your targets and it's exclusively a close-range weapon, so you need some manner of prot
  5. The +Crit Damage, +Damage, -Ammo Max Riven probably lets your Opticor peak higher when it crits, but it'll still only crit on every other shot or so. Also it takes 52 shots out of your reserve of 200, which means you get that many fewer chances to deal damage, and will load a half empty magazine if you fire it from full to empty. With the Opticor you have to make every shot count as best you can, and this Riven actually makes you more dependent on getting a lucky crit. The +Crit Chance, +Heat, +Crit Damage Riven might not make your crits quite so big, but it will still boost them, and if
  6. Adaptation is the kind of mod you use on top of existing Damage Reduction, like Shatter Shield, Splinter Storm, Vex Armor, or plain old Armor. It takes a few hits to ramp up, and then decreases over time unless you take fairly regular damage. Because of that, it will become more and more dangerous to rely entirely on it as levels get higher and higher and enemies deal more and more damage. If you want additional protection for a squishy frame that can't normally afford to be taking those hits, I'd advise using Rolling Guard instead. This is all assuming you're using a conventional He
  7. What I meant when by "AI module" would be an attachment that determines what sort of special abilities/equipment it might have access to. For example, one might allow it to use a shockwave stomp if you slotted said precept in, while another might let it equip a deploy-able drone, and so on. Basically something to differentiate them from one another, like how other companions have their own sub-divisions with exclusive precepts.
  8. I think in all likelihood there'd still be three main components: A chassis which would determine the MOA's health, armor, and speed, a weapon module which would determine how the MOA attacks normally, and an AI module which would determine what special abilities the MOA might have. It'll be interesting to see how it plays with existing Companion systems. If they aren't going to give us a whole new suite of mods for them, then my bet would be that they end up sharing the basic Sentinel mods and having a few exclusive precepts, like how basic Kubrow mods work on Kavats. I don't think
  9. The Rubico actually does have a scope. It just runs the length or the barrel, because it's fun to point and laugh at the people who didn't pay enough attention to realize that. You know what doesn't have a scope? The Vectis family. Which is also functionally bolt action. Another thing you haven't noticed.
  10. If you want a dagger for Covert Lethality shenanigans but can't build a Zaw, then the Rakta Dark Dagger is the best non-Zaw dagger in the game. You can also use Gleaming Blight on it. If you want a bow, the Rakta Cernos is honestly on the same "tier" as every other high-end bow, not head and shoulders above them as elitists might have you think, but it is the best of the three Red Veil weapons as far as raw performance. And the Rakta Ballistica is kinda obsolete now that the Ballistica Prime sacrifices the Viral AoE to be objectively better in basically every other way. If you don't
  11. That's a somewhat pointless, but interesting, question. Much like whether Toxin procs scale off of Covert Lethality's instant kill. The answer to that last I checked is that since it's a script kill, no actual damage is dealt, so you can't actually use it with Saryn to spread massive Toxin procs. The answer to this question, I'd guess, is that the warframe is still on the ground for practical purposes, so it doesn't become active. Titania's Razorwing is another thing it doesn't work with, albeit for balance reasons rather than mechanics. 40% damage reduction on top of at least 50% evasion
  12. There's flat HP, which is increased by a Waybound node in Vazarin and a Magus Arcane last I checked, and Effective HP, in which Armor is a factor, which can be increased by an Unairu Waybound node and another Magus Arcane. Effective HP is the better value to go by, as it indicates the maximum damage a frame, enemy, or Operator can take based on its HP and Armor values. Using only the HP Waybound and one HP Magus, you get an HP value of 1125, which is about the same in Effective HP since the Operator's base armor values are that low. Using both the Health and Armor Waybounds, and one
  13. Neon, Metallic, and Prisma palettes probably won't ever happen because you'd have to override a surface's existing texture to do it. The only difference between copper and light brown, for example, is that copper has a metallic texture, and textures are tied to a frame/skin, so it would probably be a pain in the *** to override. We do need some more palettes, though, because there are some colors for which we just don't have enough variations that look good on a frame as opposed to energy. Green, for example, for which pleasant shades exist almost exclusively in the Grineer, Storm, and Tw
  14. Quick melee for Blade and Whip is especially terrible. If you want an attack with long range for fleeing enemies, equip it properly and use the pause combo, Heart of the Naga. If you want a lot of wide swings for crowds, use the block combo, Soul of the Leviathan.
  15. Back when I still had it, my Zhuge had a faster TTK (time to kill) than my fully built Dread whenever armor values were relevant. Then again, crossbows are less like the other bows and more like silent Boltors with better supplementary stats, but I digress. It's not that the Dread is especially good compared to every other bow, so much as it is that the vanilla Paris and Cernos are especially bad compared to every other bow. Also, the Dread is much easier to acquire and build compared to all the other good bows, which are behind various walls, so everyone who needs a good bow but doesn't
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