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  1. I know you wanted to make it so that we need constant care for our kubrows but buying DNA stabilizers at 100000 per pack of six isn't exactly a good way to make us log in. If anything, I'm gonna go broke and my kubrow will die because I only have enough credits for one pack of stabilizers. Just because they should be taken care of daily doesn't mean you have to spend half a million credits per month to keep it healthy.
  2. I don't know what he's saying still. Here's what I can make out: "Tenno. I just received a very explicit message from you. Wow. Why didn't you say sssssssssssssso? *walks* *rule 34*"
  3. I know you do art. That's why I know you. But audio splicing is unique in the community. Keep doing it. Also, I meant you do explicit audio of Darvo as Yui does her fanfictions of Vor.
  4. I thought it wasn't samantha who posted it but then, oh well. Typical Samantha.
  5. Connecting to a host leaving the dojo will result in appearing on top of the host's liset.
  6. DellSalami

    Harley Quinn

    Too bad U14 just missed doppleganger contest.
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