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  1. [Marie - Beta Team] After getting into her Liset, Marie had travelled to the rendezvous point alongside the rest of the various teams. Her eyes widened as she looked down towards the dreadnaught-like Grineer Galleon. So that is the 'ghost ship'. It is very large, it makes you wonder how they can hide such a big object. Marie thought. She checked through her equipment, making sure that her Archwing and weapons were ready. Once she was sure that all her weaponry was prepared, Marie got onto her Comms. The one named Volt-Edge is already on Comms? He is very talkative. She thought. "Are all of us in Beta Squad here, on Comms? If we are to await for Gamma and Delta's infiltration, we should determine a battle plan in the meantime. Which entrance into the Grineer ship should we take?" Marie said over the Beta Squad Comms.
  2. [Marie - Beta Team] After learning of the squad assignments and her new team of the assassination-focused Beta Squad, Marie had returned to the docking area where her Liset was. So, I am teamed up with that 'Morgan' from earlier. I see. 'Vold-Edge' and 'Naradin' are my other two teammates. The former has a strange name. Is it an alias? I must ask them. She thought as she walked through the docking area. While Marie walked, she spotted Morgan nearby near a Liset, alongside a Human who she was talking to. I wonder if that Human is 'Volt-Edge' or 'Naradin'. Marie thought. She turned, and began walking towards Morgan and the Human. "Hello. It seems like we are on the same team, Morgan. Who is that there?" Marie asked Morgan, glancing over towards the direction of the Human who had just called to Morgan.
  3. Marie tilted her head. This sounds like a strange mission. But I find no reason to decline. She thought. She glanced down at herself, checking that she had her own weapons. Akzani dual pistols? Check. Fang Prime dual daggers? Check. She had her weapons with her, and there was no other gear she needed to take into the mission. "There is nothing else I need here. I am going to head to the hangar, then." Marie said, turning towards The Imago. Morgan had already left to go to the hangar. "Goodbye." She said, and then Marie then stood up, before walking away from the table and in the direction of the hangar.
  4. That’s...not how this RP works. This isn’t the actual game, there’s no levels.
  5. I think Beta would work best for Marie, but if that's not possible than either Gamma or Delta.
  6. Banned for quoting when the person you're banning is already directly above you.
  7. Marie shook her head. "I am a Symbiote Tenno - I was not present on the Zariman 10-0 during the Void Jump Incident." She responded. "I was instead brought up as a soldier and made to fight during the Old War, after undergoing the experiments of the Orokin's Symbiote Tenno Program. My name is Marie Langley. I do not have any currently living blood relatives." Marie said, speaking as if she was reciting her own biography in a rather robotic fashion.
  8. Marie was curious about the Tenno who had suddenly sat down next to her, asked a question, and then started speaking about poison before she could even answer. Such interactions were what fuelled Marie's lack of understanding regarding how people converse with eachother. He had just asked her a question, was he not supposed to wait for Marie's answer? Strange. Marie thought. And then, suddenly, another Tenno, this time using an Excalibur Prime rather than the first Tenno's Excalibur Umbra, had also sat down alongside them. And now, the Imago was asking Morgan about why she was here. Curious about Morgan's answer, Marie stayed quiet and waited to hear the response.
  9. Marie had decided. She was definitely going to join and follow the Children of the Flower. That speech had convinced her - she had wondered on how they would respond to that rather brazen Tenno's aggressive questions, and they indeed answered in the best way possible. Marie was at a loss when the Lotus had gone, and was hoping that whoever appeared to replace her as a leader figure was decent at the least. The Children of the Flower definitely fit that description. After hesitating for a moment, Marie was one of the first who walked into the newly opened room full of food, drink and tables. She wasn't really a party person - she didn't even understand the concept after all - but Marie recognised that interacting with the other Tenno around her and learning of their personalities, capabilities and mannerisms would improve her own usefulness on the battlefield. After all, it was not that long ago where she had spoken with the Tenno named Andrea for that very same reason. After walking in, Marie went straight to a nearby table and sat down without getting any food. Needless to say, she wasn't really hungry. So, Marie sat a table practically immediately, not really attempting to do anything else.
  10. Marie had no such questions. The Children of the Flower's offer seemed perfect for her, after all. Somebody directing and giving a level of leadership to the various cells of Tenno was a perfect superior for the basically walking weapon Marie. Therefore, unlike some others in the room, she was perfectly ready to accept their offer. There was no one else to fill the hole the Lotus left, after all. Marie glanced over towards the Tenno who announced her questions. While many of the questions she posed were perfectly natural, Marie tilted her head in confusion as she heard the last one. Honour...? She thought. Marie didn't understand the concept. What did that mean? Was that some kind of mannerism, or a code some Tenno took? She just didn't understand - why would Tenno have such ideas? They were meant to be weapons, used for a cause and then thrown away when finished. Worrying about such things as "honour" didn't make sense. Perhaps she should ask that Tenno about what honour meant, if she got the chance. Marie listened in closely as she heard the question. Definitely, it did make sense - why, of all people, should they follow the Children of the Flower? Why should they replace the Lotus? Her search for a new leader rested on how they answered this question. After all, while Marie had little individual initiative herself, she still wanted to make sure that she was fighting for the right people.
  11. "I see." Marie responded. "My name is Marie Langley. I was invited here as well. If you indeed end up taking part in this, then I hope we work together well if the chance ever presents itself." She said. Once again, Marie seemed to take no notice of Andrea's response - not intentionally, mind you, she just didn't really understand the concept of anger to begin with. Marie's second response was shorter than her previous one - not because Marie noticed Andrea's anger, but because she recognised that Andrea preferred that Marie would speak a bit less. Marie looked up as she heard the voice inside her head. "Telepathy? I see, so we must go to the stage. Well, I am already here and waiting. It is fortunate that I don't need to move from my current location." She remarked.
  12. Despite Andrea's rather rude response, Marie appeared to have no reaction. Incidentally, this was because Marie herself didn't look at sentences in terms of 'is it nice' or 'is it rude'. She, instead, prioritised facts and cold, hard logic. Was it useful? Was it useless? From Marie's point of view, Andrea's question about why Marie would care certainly made sense in a scenario like this - hence her lack of a reaction. "I asked my question for several reasons. Firstly, I wanted to determine if you were involved with the Children of the Flower or not. We might encounter each-other once again in the future if that were the case. Secondly, if you indeed were here because of the Children of the Flower, I would want to learn about your personality, mannerisms and capabilities to some extent. That knowledge would be very useful in the event that we fight alongside each-other in the future. I would not want to fail at some kind of mission because we failed to work together well." Marie responded, going way too much into detail about why she asked the question in the first place. Though, she didn't know any better, of course.
  13. Silence. That is all Marie Langley was known for, personality-wise. To her Orokin superiors in the Old War, she was a weapon and a tool to be used and then thrown away. That was all Symbiote Tenno were seen as back then, after all. To the Lotus, she was one of her children who needed direction. And to her fellow Tenno, she was known as the silent, practically emotionless soldier who did what she was told and nothing else. Marie wasn't emotionless in the context of not caring about others - she was emotionless in the context of not understanding emotion itself. Happiness. Sadness. Bliss. Joy. Anger. Rage. Grief. She couldn't understand any of it, not could she express any emotions on her own face. So, Marie simply didn't bother to. Weapons didn't need to have emotions, after all. As Andrea walked through the relay and past the crowd without even sparing them a glance, she would end up standing directly in front of a tall Tenno. This Tenno was wearing a Gauss Warframe - and yet was female; something rare for Gauss users. From the Tenno's size, she was most likely a Symbiote Tenno. The Gauss turned towards Andrea - wearing a Mag helmet as her Warframe was coloured blue and white with brown details and dark blue highlights. She tilted her head as she looked towards Andrea. "...are you here because of the Children of the Flower's message as well?"
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