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  1. I don't want the infestation get outside his Helminth room in my orbiter. It should remain contained in his room. So i'm writing this post, hoping other people will like it and DE could remove (or add an option for hyde) the infested decoration outside the Helminth infirmary room...
  2. can't escape from them x.x they are fater than me
  3. In 100% of the raijack mission i play, the archwing dash at some point simply stop to work, and i can't use it anymore. Since this is the only way you can travel faster than missiles and fighter, this means you surely die. At the beginning i tought it was a bug, but the same thing happened in 100% of mission i do, so i think i missed something about the "arch dash" and how it work.... it is limited for x number per mission? it should be recharged? Don't work near some object? Is just a bug ultra common? Plz someone that know more explain 😃 😃 😃
  4. I suggest you to continue doing what you like, and when the host scream to you, just continue your task but of course after write in chat a "ahahahhahahhahahhahah do it yourself", if it scream more, you could start to enter the main gun and shot all dome charge of course without forgetting to write more "ahahahahahahahhah it's so funny" in chat. When it start to be really triggred, is time for you to use all the missiles and the energy. This time writing in chat something like "wow using *tether/voidhole/other skill* is so funny.... plz craft more flux!" At this point probably the ho
  5. I open the forum tooday just for say exactly the same thing. I will work during the tennocon time and can't take any of the reward... +1 for this post
  6. Mobile defence should be more rewarding, for example rot A B C for the 3 terminal or a relic for each terminal. or something like this.
  7. You forgot about LUA: The open zone could bea giantic ruined orokin city, the one you see in the skybox of this planet.
  8. Was like 3 day since las "raid when" post.... welll... never more useless and ugly raid!!!
  9. First: the bonus pearl shud not be given for personal kill but should be given by total kill divided by number of player; this cause i've seen there are a lot of people that just wait you fight an eemies and then they steal your kill with some shot on a the low hp enemies. Second: The nakak reward should be a little bit more than the past year. Reward are axactly the same and for who lready took everything one year ago, this is extremely unrewarding. I suggest to add some more thing like the lifesaver orbiter decoration or something related to the event in addition to the old reward.
  10. I want to share my opinion about Steel Path: the base idea was not too bad, but this was again a failure idea. The proof? Well, the update is from a week ago, and are 3 days that i can't find a single player to play with in onlinemode. On 4 mission of 5 i'm alone; when i find a team usually is complosed by me and another guys or very rare by 3 people. I think this is unacceptable in a game mode created just seven day ago. Note: since my work start at different time every day, i've played in morning and afternoon and evening and night. No matter when; is always the same. So since i like t
  11. Wow! The version with more space is perfect s space dockyard!
  12. Ok, maybe the title is a little bit dark, but i dont know how to explain well this concept. I've notice this: ther's no difference form regular map and steel path map in term of enemies spawn. You make the first Earth map and you kill houndred of lvl 1 butcher and in Steel Path you kill houndred of lvl 101 butcher. My question is: why? The difference between Reguar and Steel path should be also in term of enemies type and not only enemies level. Example: -)in low level map should spawn more regular unit, less heavy unit, less elite and less eximus unit. -)In Steel Path
  13. I've start play the new steel path and for now is fine, but i also have thinked about this update and i don't think it will be a good idea on the long time cause after a people finish all the star chart again, the whole Steel path will be a dead content for him, except for the 3 or 4 map that ususally people do. let's think how the game is structured: there are more or less 200 nodes in the various planet and very few of them were played by the player; some of them got played just one time for unlock the map and never again. With this "steel path" DE has doubled the number of nodes, but w
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