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  1. As the title say... for you, what's the worst warframe and why? Which one you don't like? What frame, when you see one in your team make you say <<oh no!>>? So... i start the question, so here is my answer. Usually i like every frame and i randomly play every one, but i think the annoying one is Limbo. If people use some build "troll" could be very unfunny. The rift block enemy and you have to continue enter and exit for kill every one; the mechanics for can't shot inside or outside limbo is one of more annoying in game. Ok, now is your time... what's your unfavourite warframe?
  2. Will we ever have a "Orbiter tileset" for build our personal orbiter, with decorative room, hallaway and new interactive room and a spaceport where our liset and other landing craft got docked? I want to build a real spaceship 😃
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