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  1. Yes it is, but the problem is not the mode itself, but that people want to play a co-op, relaxing farm game and not go in a unbalanced boring pvp. Spam 4 with voidrig. Spam void dash with operator. Before someone try to add something to the idea, i just tell that also railjack pvp will not work.
  2. ok... this is better than nothing, but honestly this build is like an "uncomplete despoil build" and also without despoil. If i may suggest, i say this: Remove dragon key On the "robot" use: Animal instinct mod (very useful and show enemies and farm on the map) this means fast to find enemies --> fast to kill --> more drop and if you are lucky some ayatan & secret space that is always good to know. Phisique as aura: OK for now remove: equilibrium and rage and add: continuity. Other point maybe flow or some commodities (like sure footed) or natural talent
  3. Well... is real that in fact everything is just "place to run around and kill things", but each room on each tyleset has a logic explanation. Of course if you look at the single decoration anything is witohut sense, but you should look at the room as one thing, so you can imagine what's the purpose of that room. Using as example only the "corpus ship" tyleset, you can find drydock, storage area, transport system, room with gun, fighter hangar, laboratories, machinery room, amenities etc... etc... Each room, from the smaller to the bigger, has a logic explanation that you can u
  4. Hei... is just 8 hours since the last "I want cross save/play" post! I think we have a new record!
  5. "Rare bug" XD Rng and grind also for have the best bug x.x
  6. Bla bla bla blaissimo.... If you are a decent company, you don't give platinum if you don't have money in your hand. Since you allow payment method with "yes don't worry, in the future i will surely give you the money", of course we have this problem. If they can't avoid this type of payment, they could still avoid the use of platinum since they payment is not confirmed.
  7. Guys... i don't understand the people that justify how DE manage this system. 1) Why i spent plat just after i have traded for it? Cause i take the plat and i use as i want, in any universe and time, if something is mine, is mine. When you guys take your salary, you waith some day just to be sure the money are real? Of course NO. If i have money i spent as i prefere. 2) Leave platinum in the account to be sure your balance will be positive. Why? if i have 100 plat, i want to spent 100 plat. If having 100 plat means i can spent 50 is a fraud. 3) If the payment system has problem
  8. Hi, ive seen this room a lot of time, and each time i just passing away without make any question, but now i want to ask: What is this room? What's the purpose, what are they doing here and how? Any idea?
  9. Hei... this is absolutely a new and original idea! Thx for have created this post! <--- Super Ironic
  10. Hi... i'm the creator of the post and i think there is a little confusion in this post... i've read all of your answers and now i want to say something. First of all i want to say this about me: i really like play online; when i try to play solo i got bored in 5 minutes and i usually do "solo" only the few mission wher is really needed (like conservation, or fish/mine for NW). I play online also syndicate, simaris, spy, railjack and every other mission. So the problem i talk about in my post are not about "a people that play in solo mode" but what i think are the reasons for player to pla
  11. The fact is that codex was created to add some lore in the game. Is also a fact that they have totally NOT USED the codex potential, and than they created leverian for add lore in the game. And now they have also seen that Levarian take al ot of time to be created so probably now is "a bad idea", and that's why this frame is without that "musem". And as i say: i think Leverian is useless, cause each entry in Codex could already show the lore of that warframe (if we talk of warframe) but also for weapons, object and enemies. Some have a little story with them (ember, stalker etc...) If DE
  12. nothing is useless except Lverian and mosquitos
  13. never i think... also the card is given with the quest. And if i should say my opinion, Leverian is really useless. If they want to provide some lore for the new object/warframe, they could simply use the codex instead of lose time to create a complete useless museum.
  14. Hi. Since ther's not too much left to do for me in game, i spent a lot of time here on the forum, and i have notice that more, and more problem have this as solution: "Play Solo". Since wearframe is a "co-op game" evrything is supposed to be created around the "4 tenno team", but is the opposite. Nowdays play with more people have really a lot of more malus than play the game alone. DE, instead of aknowledge that something is wrong with the "online" and try to fix it, continue to boost the "solo mode", instead of making it a little bit difficult. So i'm curious to know what you guys
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