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  1. For me the problem was not about bug or boring, but was about the reward sold by vendor. If Plague star give you forma, so also if you have taken everything else you have something to do there, in this last event there was absolutely nothing to do for me. Once you have finish Lavos and the weapons (and we are talking about 4 or max 5 "36-run") doing more point is complete useless. Since a veteran player already have all the arcanes, the only thing you are forced to do is buy more arcanes, and sold them wich is really a boring process. If i should say mine about the next event, will
  2. The glorious Grineer Empire will eradicate the Stentient Scoom, conquer the galay and "All will be Grineer Dominiooooon!". No really, if you want to survive, submit for mercy!
  3. I have this idea about Nav coordinates: -) Each mission you enter inside will request 1, 2, 3 or more coordinates to get inside; that's beacause they are coordinate, and they are made for be used as "map or part of map" to reach interesting place in the solar system (in this case the various node and mission) -) There will be some map accessible wihout the "nav coordinates", so at low level you have a place to find them or if you finish them you can search for more -) In tutorial a decent ammount is granted to the player, so he could easy continue the game, but with this new min
  4. The thing DE want to insert for dojo are really interesting, but the most important one is still not mentioned: IMPROVEMENT TO EDITOR: give player the ability to do some simple things. The most important things: -) Move a room: take a room and move to another place in dojo (of ocurse all the other room should remain connected) & the ability to rotate a room. -) Store a room: take a room, and instead of destroy it, and lose all decoration you store it with all his decoration (you can count in the number of total room as it is constructed, but at least you can place agai
  5. Really a nice idea. I don't understand the people that don't like this, probably they have not read well the post. About the multi-forma in same slot i totally agree, this will be helpful to create different build and configuration in the same weapon, and for me there will be a psicologic advantage in a particular situation: the weapon with "D" polarities and no status chance. When a weapon comes with a "D" polarities and no status chance (since all "D" mod are +90% status and +cold dmg),that polarities is really troll, and that's nothing i hate more in this game, than remove an exis
  6. Well.. i know exactly how to decorate a dojo. I own my dojo with some friend inside, and i have completely decorated it, i also think my decoration are better of a lot of other decoration in "featured dojo", but that's just personal thinking, I like to see other people dojo, the "featured dojo" and also the one of people i ask to invite me in case of trading. Decorating a dojo or a orbiter, and all this aspect of the game is also for me one of the most important part of the game. Some people like farm tridolon, other like roll riven, i like this aspect, and i usually write on the forum id
  7. I was playing my 10 mission on RJ and i've thinked about this: what if also in regular map the resources will be shared from player? OK in the title i say 2 things, so here the two different point of this idea: 1) Resources, mod, endo, exp, and everything you collect in railjack, is shared from all player in the session. I propose to make the same also in regular mission. This will help especially low level player, cause a high rank tenno surely don't need that 1000 more nano spores, but a low level could be happy to find them 2) Auto-ping of item: for now is just limited to vit
  8. Ok, this is not properly a feedback, but i was taking my shower thinking about how could be interesting my orbiter if someone hear my idea. Assumption: We are in a future when our Orbiter is not the ugly little Orbiter, but is totally customizable, with the possibility of insert new hallways, room, hall, laboratories etc... etc... and of course, decorate them, like it is our personal dojo. Idea: create some "buildable decoration pack" for our orbiter wich unlock the ability to build some decoration infinite time (like in dojo, where you should just put them wheth the editor, and then
  9. yes, we live really modestly =) Enought credit, resource and power to conquer the entire sol-system, and we live in our little "space wolkswagen T1 pulman" Well... dojo is another type of concept. First of all is not personal. Ther's a leader and maybe an architetc, and they build the place. You can exit from your clan and build your personal dojo, but play with a clan, and have a team is one of the most important part of this game. Then, dojo has really a bad design. There are 3 sized room, and all the room are exactly one a copy of each other. All is copy and paste the same shaped ro
  10. Ok here another idea for you... All of us, we have an Orbiter, and it is our shelter. But what if we could choose from different shelter? Actual Lore: Some years ago we have started to be awaken from our millenary dream. The galaxy we have found is totally different from what we have left behind when we enter in cryopod. No more orokin, no more Tenno, but old relic, old ruins, are still there. Towers, cities, ships, weapons, technology and a lot of more thing from orokin era are still here, and a lot just waith to be discovered. My idea is to give a player the choice to change from o
  11. I don't know how you could have done a "share" of this. I tried for weeks to ask in recruit chat if someone was interested in a share of beacon; i tried in different time during the day, and not a single tenno that wrote to me. Not a single one in weeks, month. If i could have also find one, and is not the case, how to find a complete team of 4? You say is commond thing, but i think is absolutely not the case. I ended up using all my beacon in random low level online mission, hope for a little luck. I agree that since the mask is a cosmetic it need to be a challenge, but this is jus
  12. Hi, here my problem: i hadn't take the wolf mask when the NW was out and now i'm trying to make wolf spawn. This is actually a nightmare: the only way is use NW credit (50) for a single spawn. Useless to say: if i'm writing this is cause the the 3rd season is coming to end, and i've spent almost 2 season and 2 intermission NW credit for gain absolutely nothing. So my feedback is this: -) Wolf beacon cost in term of NW credit should be drastically decresed. 50 NW credit that are really limited for a single use item is extremely too much. -) Make wolf beacon available in some othe
  13. Wait a minute. Wolf beacon are NOT available on BARO. Wolf beacon are available only using all my Nightwave credit for take the beacon. Since you have a DE in front of your name, could you please hear me. Make what you have just write true. Make Wolf beacon available from BARO instead of only be available using NW credit. Is too stupid that i should use all my NW credit to take something of old NW. Since now are passed 2 intermission and 2 regular NW season, and i have spent almost 95% of al my credit on "wolf beacon" for drop absolutely nothing of what i need! This is not true, since wh
  14. I like this idea. Cause some mod simply are impossible to be replaced. For eample I think 99% of build have multishot and the 1% is a bad build. More variant, allowed just for single use, could be a solution.
  15. I've done =) Hope it will help you with the info and the suggestion i wrote for you at the end! =)
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