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  1. Some mission ago i found a guy using really a bad language against me using the "push to talk" voice chat in game. DE have the registration of voice chat or is useless to report him?
  2. and then of course make a sadistic execution of all the survivor
  3. As title... why have them capped to 20? Could be funny to be able of spawn 6574563363653783763878938 mob... imagine create a mega battle 10 heavy gunner eximus vs 400 crawler or 1000 crewman vs 1000 grineer marines XD
  4. Hi, when this event went out they say: "2 day of stress test and we will put all th arcane in the Little duck reward list"... so, where are them? The event is going on, everyone is making a lot of point, but i talk for myself (and i hopei'm not the only one), i want to know how much i have to grind for take theother acane. My question: 1) There will be ALL the arcane(including the white ultra-rare)? Else the whole arcane reward are useless. 2) What are supposed to be theyr price (For the rare and the white)? I have 3 theories: 2/3 or 2.5/5 or 5/10 (i hope not the last one) 3) When we are suppposed to be able to take those arcanes?
  5. No promotional codes with scarlet spear operation/update?
  6. Ok, i just have a problem... i'm trying to take the 3rd glyph for earth and on the main post it is written that i need 5k point... ok no problem, i make 2 run with 17 murex (over 2k point each run) and other 2 run (one over 600 point and one over 500). The total ammount of this point should be over 5k so i am supposed to have the 3rd emblem. But on the relay console it is shown that i have just a little over 1k point, and on my head now i have the 1st emblem. So.... how this work?
  7. As title say: i can't join or be joined in any online RJ mission; so i'm forced to play earth. Also, i can't host cause i have a bad connection, and every time i press the RJ console he lead me on my personal railjack. I want to play RJ not earth. Help plz!
  8. Hi, i'm here for write my Mega-critics about the new event! Fell free to add more critic here for a thread rich of criticism! 1) The point you gain: after lvl 8 earth mission you gain more or less 650 point... (maniacal laugh) if you think they are a lot of point, just know you need 57574576754756349563475637456743679356 point to buy all the offer! But don't worry, if you play 24/24 7/7 sice the event end, you could have something! 2) You want to play the Earth mission? Change of plans tenno! Go railjack, there you gain the double of the point in half of the time! Oh well... it's not realy true, cause everyone play RJ and no one play Earth, so you are stuck in mission!!! /unstuck tenno! I don't say more.... for now..... cmon tel your critics!!!
  9. Yeah, the balance is the worst ever seen.... the price the higher; grind this event is just time lost!
  10. Your focus is on the WRONG ESO PROBLEM. The real patch we need on ESO is: change the rotation from: Nothing - A - Nothing - A - Nothing - B - Nothing - C to AABBCCCC......CC or AAAABBCCCCCCCCCCC....CCCC
  11. I've just arrived to this point: i have all warframes, weapons, companions etc... I have everything, and all my object have one thing shared, or is more correct to say that they have five things shared. Those five things are five colour. Four of them are: black, dark grey, light grey, white; but ther's one colour taht is the most important of my personal palette: RED. With the red colour used mostly for energy and accents i give to my object an interesting contrast to everithing i have in my arsenal. If you check the other people arsenal, you could notice that a lot of people share a configuration that is more or less similar to mine (4 colour for the base and one for accents and/or energy). Usually this last colour is a bright colour (blue, green, red, yellow, pink, violet and his various tonalities and dark/light form). So... i've arrived to a problem: what if i want to change one of my colour? In this case of course i want to focus on my red color, cause i want to change in one click my favourite red, with a new blue colour. I know that in every "colour slot" of any of my object that now is red, also the blue will work well, so why i have to change the colour of every weapon and warframe, one by one? Here my proposal: When you color a thing now you have a 5x5 tab called "favourite" where you can select the colors you like the most. Under that tab, ADD one more tab called maybe "Used" where you can drag any of the colors you own. So, when you color your weapon you can choose if use a regular color (from the favorite tab or maybe fron any of the palette you own) and everything will be like now; or use a color from this new tab. If you take the colors of the new tab, your weapon will be coloured exactly like now, but if you change the colour in that position in the tab, every object you own with that colour, will also change. I hope i've explained nice my idea, sry for my bad english.
  12. I have put a lot of effort on my RJ. I have almost every mod and well equipped, one weapon of each type with more than 59% bonus, and everything inside is the top. Just my conection is bad, so i have to enter in other RJ instead of host a game
  13. Ok this is a little strange idea, but it coud be useul if we can rate other player railjack and then set a matchmaking option where we could decide from wich rate start to find a team. I had this idea cause i noticed that there are a lot of people that play railjack with totlly useless railjack. I know, that when you have spent a lot of time making your rj you want tio play with it, but i don't understand why people with 1000 hp, no void hole or other useful mod, MKI weapon, or no mod at all, are supposed to host a game oh the higher veil map. I'm bored of finding RJ where i should go outside killing fighter with arhchgun cause the host has only mk1 weapon unmodded and no vod hole or similar. So... at the end of a RJ game put an option to rate the host Rj, so, the player with bad RJ could have bad rate, they start to find no one in their game, and start to enter in other player RJ istead of hot game with their useless RJ I hope you understnd my bad english
  14. Is only me that is disappointed to not see a "double booster" wekend? When the "warframe birthday" start, 2 week ago, they put 2 alert and a double booster: experience at first, resource then; this is the 3rd weekend of warframe, they started the alert, but no booster for the community =( With half of Europe locked in quarantine and the other half that also don't work during weekend, having a booster could have been funny... i was hoping for credit this weekend. =/ =/ =/
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