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  1. When I talk about the Helminth abilities I'm talking about the ones given by Helminth, not Subsuming. Stealing other Frame abilities are great, don't include subpar choices in the mix. Most of them can be emulated with a Mod or a Subsumed ability that's better. What's the point of designing them if there's a Mod that can do the same thing without wasting energy? I can think of better stuff. like... The Rebuild Shields should detonate the remaining Sheilds in an AoE before restoring them. Perspicacity should be Duration based instead of "next hack". Energized should give up to 10
  2. When the Helminth system came out Marked for Death was the only ability Warframe partners were talking about. When I saw it, it became the answer to Ash's failed Blade Storm update/nerf. Before that his 4th was a oh crap button to nuke the enemies around him. Now we have to wiggle our mouse/controller around to make his 4th usable. He was as good as Ember and Banshee. they were all nerfed for balance. but the truth is that they were pushed aside for new nukes to shine. I hoped that the Helminth System would be the great equalizer. A way to balance the Nukes Frames and the others. But the
  3. RB has always been my Melee before and after PoE. I may have changed the layout, but it has never stopped me from accessing the fishing gear wheel. So my choice in button layout was not the problem.
  4. FYI Not equiping a Melee weapon does't work. Also I have a better idea. Move fishing and mining equipment to a new Gear Wheel created on the Left (Fishing < Gear > Emotes). This way updates and Hotfixes wouldn't mess up future coding. It's just 3 gear wheels.
  5. Just tried to fish for Seram Beetle Shells again on PoE and the same problems are there. Whenever I try to change my bait (Hold RB) my frame melee attacks. Canjt change it. I don't know want Update changed it. But it stops me from making my Amp and possible other things in the future. Why can't Fishing have its own layout like Railjack or the mini games? It shouldn't be tied down to the combat layout. If you need to quickly get out, just switch weapons. Please fix this
  6. I was fine with the 360 sphere but I understand the hatred for it. which is why I say have it as a charge like Hydroid's 1. quick tap hits a small AoE, holding it grows the radius. It''s the Old Ash but not.
  7. There is setup time but far less than the current BS. The added joke is that DE included synergy with Teleport and BS, but only as a node to an older, better BS. The investment in Range can also benefit Ash's Smoke making all 4 abilities usabile.
  8. I've been leveling Hydroid Prime and was thinking of the charge in Tempest Barrage.
  9. I've watched two Marked for Death Ash builds now and it's gotten me thinking about how this should have been how Blade Srorm should have been handled. I strated playing Warframe around the Second Dream update. so I remember the dizzy animations of Blade Storm and how other hated Ash mains for using it. The Nerf forced Ash mains to target enemies not once but 3x to be effective. The "fix" only forced us to wiggle our controller/mouse for a few seconds until we marked everyone 3x. In other words, the "oh crap" button was gone but the dizziness remained. Meanwhile newer warframes were given their
  10. Yes!!! All of this. I don't own a railjack yet, but I've noticed the permanent map bind to by Back button happen about 2 weeks ago when trying to throw the thermo canister. I had to reset my controller to default and use B for secondary fire. Which brings up a strange question: On default X button is both Interact and Reload, but why can't you customize a button for two actions? I noticed the problem with fishing last night. I even tried using my keyboard attachment and nothing helps. One Amp item is bond to one fish that I can't get now because I can't change my bait. All you have
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