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  1. This happens on my Xbox and PC accounts. Whenever I change frames the sheath stays. In missions, the sheath vanishes.
  2. New thought. If Stalker was primed, then his weapons could be primed too. But it wouldn't be parts just Relics with only prime Dread, Hate and Dispear parts. This way DE can update the Stalker's weapons without having to add a Hotfix.
  3. I was thinking about this and had an idea Alpha Call: On howl/cast, X number of enemy beast ally with the werewolf. Beast effected: Grineer Drahk and Hyekka, Infested Chargers, Kubrow dens. Thanks. I got a lot of great advice from that post.
  4. The more I think of Rallying Howl and Tireless, the more I think it should be switched. Rally should be an area trait the moment everyone is running with you. It's like when Volt is in the party and he casts Speed. Everyone's happy. Make it a permanent buff for all the run with the pack and you don't have to waste energy. Tireless could be throttled on healing as it drains energy with a life steal effect. I love the idea of werewolves that I made a concept myself. As I can see, yours focused on the wolf aspect of buffing the pack. I went with a Native American agro spirit theme. And tails are a must.
  5. Didn't like the shoulder guard the first time I sketched it. I wanted a more gothic church look for the "Father" persona I had in mind.
  6. It was an Alad V trailer that gave me the Disconnected Operator idea. I remember watching it a long time ago and was reminded when OriginalWickfun did a video about being captured by a Zanuka. Never knew it was a thing in the game. This was before the Second Dream, by this point we didn't know about transference. So I was thinking about a Stalker ninja army, watching a Second Dream reaction video, when Hunhow said "but asking yourself... was I one of these wretched things?" And it hit me. What about his Operator? What about a Operator ninja army? Then Alad V and etc. I would love to see Stalker peruse dark questions like this. Alad V is more of a mcguffin to move the story along. Plus I want to see DE write a split personally, something like Batman's Scarface. LOL! I didn't want to say it, but I'm happy you feel the same about the change attack.
  7. PSO's Canabine drones started by dropping down from the ceiling to a hover. Once down, they zipped in a zigzag motion until was close enough or behind you to zap. Killing it would trigger a kamikaze/self-destruct mode. They would spawn in 3s and accompany other enemy types. A variant of the Canadians would discharge a ranged electric shock that chained to other player. The Canane was a hive mind variant that spawned with 8 follower Canadines circling its leader. The leader would immediately sound an alarm, sending the 8 drones into kamikaze mode. To stop the massive explosion, you have to stop the leader. Sinow Beat are the robot ninjas of PSO. They hang upside down from the ceiling until you approach them. Once on the ground they aggressively attack, dashing forward with a 4 hit combo, followed by a leap back before it repeats the combo. The two variants includes a shadow clone jutsu and a self-healing ninja. The Stalker Reborn: Father Stalker “Hunhow silenced, Tenno awoken. Lost.” Stalker Voice inside his head. “Then find me to be whole and become the Father of the dreamer.” Lore and Mission: The Stalker’s hesitation had cost him an ally. The Tenno had found themselves and with every encounter, they confirmed they’re new found strength. Questions and doubts swirled his mind, until the voice in his head called to him. The events of Second Dream had caused the Stalker’s Operator to reject that they are one in the same, creating a split personally. The mission/content the Tenno racing to save the captured Alad V as the Stalker retraces our steps through key content: Second Dream, the War Within and the Sacrifice before creating his cult of operator disciples “The Disconnected Flock”, the lost Operators who failed to transference after Alad V’s old experiments. Years in the dark has made them crazy. Problem with the Stalker: The Stalker was the coolest surprise to me when I first started WF. I have kids, so the only time I get to play is late at night with the lights out. So you can imagine my heart rate jumping as the screen flickers and a ghastly voice says he’s coming to get me. I played solo when I started, so it took me a few tries before I learned to beat him. Things have changed. Year after year we gain better weapons and abilities. Stalker has changed too for the worse. Trading his bow, dagger and scythe for a heavy sword and cool armor only reduced his range. And there is a vast time between The Second Dream with him not keeping up the pace. When Stalker spawns, he's often greeted by full parties giving Tenno a 4:1 advantage. I have never tried this but I hear Operators can take down the Stalker too. The Acolytes should not be stronger than their teacher. Changes: This Stalker rework is not designed to change the current 2 versions of the Stalker. This is a third evolution. Against Solo: Stalker appears like normal. His encounter is now broken into stages. After his first weapon resistance is triggered, he gains a short Shield gating to vanish, only to reappear with the hooded Operator fighting alongside him (like Umbra). Defeat the Stalker to finish the fight. The moment another player joins the party, Stalker brings his disciples for party encounter. Against parties: First I would fix the ratio problem. When Stalker appears he will be accompanied by 8 “Disconnected” disciples. Stalker will be surrounded by a high, spinning glass wall, similar to Gara’s wall, and seated watching on as 4 of his disciples aggressively attacks with melee Prism Amps and powers. The other 4 are hidden throughout the room chanting healing prayers. A ninth hooded Operator stands with him inside the shield wall, watching. Defeating a disciple shatters a wall. After defeating 4 disciples, Stalker joins the fight similar to the Solo encounter. Stopping Stalker at any time stops the assassination, causing any remaining disciples to vanish in smoke. Weapons and Drops: Stalker's Despair makes a return with a much need buff to its stats. (Why are Hate and Despair higher drops than Dread, when Dread is far better?) Paired with it is a new two-handed Nikana forged from his half of Broken War. I suck at stats so add your suggestions below. Along with the Stalker drops, Tenno will gain standing to buy the melee Prism parts, Nikana blueprint, his Shoulder Guard and others from the Stalker Syndicate preaching in the Relay.
  8. Here is my idea for a werewolf warframe called Timber
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